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World (1633 AD)Maps2008-06-28
Eurasia (1650 AD)Maps2008-06-28
Eurasia (1758 AD)Maps2008-06-28
Americas (1758 AD)Maps2008-06-28
Florida (1763 AD)Maps2008-06-28
Picking Up PerleBooks2008-06-28
United States ConstitutioneBooks2008-06-28
Hand-to-Hand CombateBooks2008-06-28
Military Combat StresseBooks2008-06-28
Visual Aircraft RecognitioneBooks2008-06-28
MIL-STD-1553B SpecificationeBooks2008-06-28
Basic Human PhysiologyeBooks2008-06-28
Basic Human AnatomyeBooks2008-06-28
Drug Dosage and TherapyeBooks2008-06-28
Nursing Fundamentals IeBooks2008-06-28
The Lie Behind The Lie DetectoreBooks2008-06-28
Pharmaceutical CalculationseBooks2008-06-28
Pharmacology IIIeBooks2008-06-28
Pharmacology IIeBooks2008-06-28
Pharmacology IeBooks2008-06-28
Basic Medical TerminologyeBooks2008-06-28
Silk: Its Production and ManufactureeBooks2008-06-28
Weaving For BeginnerseBooks2008-06-28
TargetComputer Icons2008-06-28
SpeakerComputer Icons2008-06-28
Rose in a VaseComputer Icons2008-06-28
Sony Playstation 2Computer Icons2008-06-28
JoystickComputer Icons2008-06-28
Fender Guitar AmplifierComputer Icons2008-06-28
Blue Floppy DiskComputer Icons2008-06-28
Alkaline BatteriesComputer Icons2008-06-28
AquariumComputer Icons2008-06-28
PistolComputer Icons2008-06-28
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: 1940 DNC SpeechHistory2008-06-28
Lenin, Vladimir: 1918 SpeechHistory2008-06-28
Castro, Fidel: AmbitionHistory2008-06-28
Battle of Midway: Eyewitness AccountHistory2008-06-28
Hitman: Where Can I GoVideo Game Quotes2008-06-28
Hitman: That Girl Has A Lot Of TalentVideo Game Quotes2008-06-28
Hitman: On My AccountVideo Game Quotes2008-06-28
Hitman: I Need To Use The BathroomVideo Game Quotes2008-06-28
Hitman: Exchange in SaunaVideo Game Quotes2008-06-28
Hitman: Exchange with ProstituteVideo Game Quotes2008-06-28
Hitman: Den of IniquityVideo Game Quotes2008-06-28
Steger, Charles: Virginia Tech ShootingsHistory2008-06-28
Roswell Incident AnnouncementHistory2008-06-28
Rockefeller Jr., John D.: AddressHistory2008-06-28
Death of John F. Kennedy AnnouncementHistory2008-06-28
Death of Adolf Hitler AnnouncementHistory2008-06-28
Pearl Harbor Attack: NBC AnnouncementHistory2008-06-28
Pearl Harbor Attack: CBS AnnouncementHistory2008-06-28
Pearl Harbor Attack: BBC AnnouncementHistory2008-06-28
Welles, Orson: War of the Worlds Radio BroadcastHistory2008-06-28
Terrified Turkey CaperClassic Radio Shows2008-06-28
Stopped Watch CaperClassic Radio Shows2008-06-28
Over My Dead Body CaperClassic Radio Shows2008-06-28
Missing Newshawk CaperClassic Radio Shows2008-06-28
Blue MoonClassic Radio Shows2008-06-28
Challenger Space Shuttle DisasterHistory2008-06-27
Hydrogen Bomb TestHistory2008-06-27
Life Alert Commercial: Help I've FallenMovie and Television Clips2008-06-27
Eisenhower, Dwight: Atoms For PeaceHistory2008-06-27
Ickes, Harold: Hoover Dam DedicationHistory2008-06-27
Carter, Jimmy: Crisis of ConfidenceHistory2008-06-27
Delay, Tom: Farewell AddressHistory2008-06-27
Molotov, Vyacheslav: June 22, 1941 SpeechHistory2008-06-27
Lenin, Vladimir: Anti-SemitismHistory2008-06-27
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Right of the People to RuleHistory2008-06-27
Reagan, Ronald: Brandenburg Gate RemarksHistory2008-06-27
Reagan, Ronald: D-DayHistory2008-06-27
Reagan, Ronald: Evil EmpireHistory2008-06-27
Reagan, Ronald: A Time For ChoosingHistory2008-06-27
Nixon, Richard: 1971 State of the Union AddressHistory2008-06-27
Cuomo, Mario: Keynote Speech at 1984 DNCHistory2008-06-27
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: Civil Rights AddressHistory2008-06-27
Heston, Charlton: Winning The Cultural WarHistory2008-06-27
Macarthur, Douglas: Farewell to CongressHistory2008-06-27
Churchill, Winston: We Shall Fight On The BeachesHistory2008-06-27
Churchill, Winston: The FewHistory2008-06-27
Faulkner, William: Nobel PrizeHistory2008-06-27
Leary, Timothy: Think For YourselfHistory2008-06-27
Carmichael, Stokely: Black PowerHistory2008-06-27
Agnew, Spiro: TV News CoverageHistory2008-06-27
Kennedy, Robert: Death of Martin Luther KingHistory2008-06-27
Stallman, Richard: HackingHistory2008-06-27
Nixon, Richard: Resignation SpeechHistory2008-06-27
Nixon, Richard: Cambodian IncursionHistory2008-06-27
King, Martin Luther: A Time To Break SilenceHistory2008-06-27
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: Berlin AddressHistory2008-06-27
Thompson, Hunter S.: Fear and LoathingHistory2008-06-27
Truman, Harry: The Truman DoctrineHistory2008-06-27
Zhukov, Georgi: Speech at 1945 Victory ParadeHistory2008-06-27
Shackleton, Ernest: My South Polar ExpeditionHistory2008-06-27
Eisenhower, Dwight: Farewell AddressHistory2008-06-27
Lindbergh, Charles: No InterventionHistory2008-06-27
Ruth, Babe: Farewell to BaseballHistory2008-06-27
Apollo 13: Houston, We've Had A ProblemHistory2008-06-27
Carter, Jimmy: NominationHistory2008-06-27
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Inaugural AddressHistory2008-06-27
Goering, Hermann: DimitrovHistory2008-06-27
Castro, Fidel: Cuban RevolutionHistory2008-06-27
Trotsky, Leon: Soviet Unity in 1919History2008-06-27
Hitler, Adolf: Declaring War On PolandHistory2008-06-27
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Requesting War on JapanHistory2008-06-27
Churchill, Winston: Blood, Toil, Tears, and SweatHistory2008-06-27
Malcolm X: White Man is the EnemyHistory2008-06-27
Leary, Timothy: Tune in, Drop OutHistory2008-06-27
Goering, Hermann: Prussian State CouncilHistory2008-06-27
Einstein, Albert: World PeaceHistory2008-06-27
Stalin, Josef: Fight FascistsHistory2008-06-27
Washington, Booker T.: Atlanta Exposition AddressHistory2008-06-27
Malcolm X: Conditions in the GhettoHistory2008-06-27
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Beginning of World War 2History2008-06-27
Shostakovich, Dmitri: Propaganda Radio Speech in 1941History2008-06-27
Malcolm X: No UnityHistory2008-06-27
Malcolm X: By Any MeansHistory2008-06-27
Malcolm X: Open RevoltHistory2008-06-27
Einstein, Albert: Nuclear WeaponsHistory2008-06-27
Khrushchev, Nikita: InterviewHistory2008-06-27
Wilson, Woodrow: 1915 Speech to IndiansHistory2008-06-27
Churchill, Winston: Our Finest HourHistory2008-06-27
Goering, Hermann: StalingradHistory2008-06-27
Truman, Harry: Threatening JapanHistory2008-06-27
Earhart, Amelia: WomenHistory2008-06-27
Earhart, Amelia: AviationHistory2008-06-27
Stalin, Josef: GermanyHistory2008-06-27
Peary, Robert Edwin: North PoleHistory2008-06-27
McCarthy, Joseph: One and the SameHistory2008-06-27
McCarthy, Joseph: JackalsHistory2008-06-27
Wilson, Woodrow: Address to the FarmersHistory2008-06-27
Harding, Warren: Nationalism and AmericanismHistory2008-06-27
Welch, Joseph: DecencyHistory2008-06-27
Castro, Fidel: We Have The PowerHistory2008-06-27
Macarthur, Douglas: Fade AwayHistory2008-06-27
Quayle, Dan: RepresentativeHistory2008-06-27
Coolidge, Calvin: Law and OrderHistory2008-06-27
Coolidge, Calvin: Inaugural AddressHistory2008-06-27
Coolidge, Calvin: Duty of GovernmentHistory2008-06-27
Coolidge, Calvin: America and the WarHistory2008-06-27
Harrison, Benjamin: Early RecordingHistory2008-06-27
Wilson, Woodrow: The Third PartyHistory2008-06-27
Harding, Warren: ReadjustmentHistory2008-06-27
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: Cuban Missile CrisisHistory2008-06-27
Dean, James: Tearing Me ApartMovie and Television Clips2008-06-27
Bogart, Humphrey: Here's Looking At You KidMovie and Television Clips2008-06-27
Humphrey, Hubert: Cambodia BombingHistory2008-06-27
Cleveland, Grover: Political IndependenceHistory2008-06-27
Steinem, Gloria: HumanismHistory2008-06-27
Marshall, George: European Recovery ProgramHistory2008-06-27
Bush, George H.W.: Death of CommunismHistory2008-06-27
Bush, George W.: 9-11 AddressHistory2008-06-27
Hemingway, Ernest: 1954 Nobel PrizeHistory2008-06-27
Roosevelt, Eleanor: Freedom and JusticeHistory2008-06-27
Kennedy, Ted: Eulogy For RobertHistory2008-06-27
Eisenhower, Dwight: War BondsHistory2008-06-27
Bryan, William Jennings: The RepublicHistory2008-06-27
Bryan, William Jennings: Swollen FortunesHistory2008-06-27
Taft, William Howard: The Rights of LaborHistory2008-06-27
Chambers, Whittaker: Concealed EnemyHistory2008-06-27
Willkie, Wendell: American IsolationismHistory2008-06-27
Morse, Wayne: Gulf of TonkinHistory2008-06-27
Harding, Warren: The American SoldierHistory2008-06-27
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Progressive Covenant with the PeopleHistory2008-06-27
Edison, Thomas: Electricity and ProgressHistory2008-06-27
Roosevelt, Theodore: Social and Industrial JusticeHistory2008-06-27
Reagan, Ronald: Challenger DisasterHistory2008-06-27
Stallman, Richard: The RealizationHistory2008-06-27
Wells, Orson: RosebudMovie and Television Clips2008-06-27
Poindexter, Miles: Criminal Enemies of Social OrderHistory2008-06-27
Mansfield, Michael: Opposition to VietnamHistory2008-06-27
Mead, Margaret: Women's WorkHistory2008-06-27
Trotsky, Leon: Show TrialsHistory2008-06-27
McCarthy, Joseph: Traitors Are Not GentlemenHistory2008-06-27
Dulles, John: Free People Will Never Remain FreeHistory2008-06-27
Johnson, Lyndon: All Men Are EqualHistory2008-06-27
King, Martin Luther: I Have A DreamHistory2008-06-27
Pershing, John: From the Battlefields of FranceHistory2008-06-27
Reubens, Paul: Take a PictureMovie and Television Clips2008-06-27
Stallman, Richard: Proprietary SoftwareHistory2008-06-27
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Farmer and the BusinessmanHistory2008-06-27
Dewey, Thomas: Conceding ElectionHistory2008-06-27
Edison, Thomas: Message to the American PeopleHistory2008-06-27
Harding, Warren: An Association of NationsHistory2008-06-27
Hal 9000: I'm Sorry DaveMovie and Television Clips2008-06-27
Hughes, Howard: Spruce GooseHistory2008-06-27
Hughes, Howard: Senate InvestigationHistory2008-06-27
Kissinger, Henry: Peace Is At HandHistory2008-06-27
Long, Huey: Share The WealthHistory2008-06-27
Torvalds, Linus: Operating SystemsHistory2008-06-27
Gandhi, Mahatma: Soldier of PeaceHistory2008-06-27
Thatcher, Margaret: Falkland IslandsHistory2008-06-27
Brando, Marlon: An Offer He Can't RefuseMovie and Television Clips2008-06-27
Bryan, William Jennings: ImmortalityHistory2008-06-27
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Liberty of the PeopleHistory2008-06-27
Gompers, Samuel: On WarHistory2008-06-27
Gompers, Samuel: Labor's Service To FreedomHistory2008-06-27
Reagan, Ronald: Government is the ProblemHistory2008-06-27
Frost, Robert: Fire and IceHistory2008-06-27
Kennedy, Robert: What We NeedHistory2008-06-27
Barnum, P.T.: 1890 CommercialHistory2008-06-27