Files in Media/Sound (MP3)

7th Cavalry MarchMusic
A Corpse There WasClassic Radio Shows
A Glimpse of EternityClassic Radio Shows
A Short Wave GoodbyeClassic Radio Shows
Aaron, Hank: Address to CongressHistory
Agassi, Andre: Farewell to TennisHistory
Agnew, Spiro: HippiesHistory
Agnew, Spiro: Resignation SpeechHistory
Agnew, Spiro: TV News CoverageHistory
AK-47Sound Effects
al-Sadat, Anwar: PeaceHistory
Albert SchweitzerClassic Radio Shows
Am Adolf Hitler PlatzMusic
American AlligatorAnimals
American BisonAnimals
American GoshawkAnimals
American RobinAnimals
Anchors AweighMusic
Andropov, Yuri: Modern LeninismHistory
Angel of DeathClassic Radio Shows
Angelou, Maya: Presidential Inauguration PoemHistory
Annan, Kofi: 2006 Human Rights DayHistory
Annan, Kofi: Final Speech to UN General AssemblyHistory
Annan, Kofi: Truman Library AddressHistory
Apollo 13: Houston, We've Had A ProblemHistory
ApplauseSound Effects
Armstrong, Lance: 2005 Tour De France Victory SpeechHistory
Armstrong, Neil: One Small Step For ManHistory
Armstrong, Neil: The Eagle Has LandedHistory
Atlantic GannetAnimals
Babe RuthClassic Radio Shows
Baby DollClassic Radio Shows
Baker, Newton: At The FrontHistory
Baltimore OrioleAnimals
Barn OwlAnimals
Barn SwallowAnimals
Barnum, P.T.: 1890 CommercialHistory
Barr, Bob: Announcing CandidacyHistory
Battle Hymn of the RepublicMusic
Battle of Midway: Eyewitness AccountHistory
Bee SwarmAnimals
Biden, Joe: 2008 DNC SpeechHistory
Biography in RhythmClassic Radio Shows
Blood Countess Part 1Classic Radio Shows
Blood Countess Part 2Classic Radio Shows
Blue JayAnimals
Blue MoonClassic Radio Shows
Blue-Footed BoobyAnimals
Bogart, Humphrey: Here's Looking At You KidMovie and Television Clips
Bomben Auf EngelandMusic
Borman, Frank: Christmas Greeting From SpaceHistory
Brando, Marlon: An Offer He Can't RefuseMovie and Television Clips
Breaking PointClassic Radio Shows
Brokaw, Tom: Emory University CommencementHistory
Brown CreeperAnimals
Bryan, William Jennings: ImmortalityHistory
Bryan, William Jennings: Swollen FortunesHistory
Bryan, William Jennings: The RepublicHistory
Buchanan, Pat: 1992 RNC Speech (Culture Wars)History
Buried AliveClassic Radio Shows
BurpSound Effects
Bush, George H. W.: Panama InvasionHistory
Bush, George H. W.: Reagan EulogyHistory
Bush, George H.W.: Commencement of Iraq BombingHistory
Bush, George H.W.: Death of CommunismHistory
Bush, George W.: 2000 Victory SpeechHistory
Bush, George W.: 2004 Victory SpeechHistory
Bush, George W.: 9-11 AddressHistory
Bush, George W.: First InauguralHistory
Bush, George W.: Space Shuttle Columbia DisasterHistory
BuzzingSound Effects
Byrd, Robert: Arrogance of PowerHistory
Carmichael, Stokely: Black PowerHistory
CarmillaClassic Radio Shows
Carter, Jimmy: 1976 DNC SpeechHistory
Carter, Jimmy: Crisis of ConfidenceHistory
Carter, Jimmy: NominationHistory
Case of Alice FaulknerClassic Radio Shows
Castro, Fidel: AmbitionHistory
Castro, Fidel: Cuban RevolutionHistory
Castro, Fidel: We Have The PowerHistory
Cemetery StopClassic Radio Shows
Chain SawSound Effects
Chamberlain, Neville: Declaration of War on GermanyHistory
Chamberlain, Neville: Meeting With HitlerHistory
Chamberlain, Neville: ResignationHistory
Chambers, Whittaker: Concealed EnemyHistory
Chavez, Cesar: Commonwealth Club SpeechHistory
Chavez, Hugo: Speech Before UNHistory
Child's PlayClassic Radio Shows
Churchill, Winston: Blood, Toil, Tears, and SweatHistory
Churchill, Winston: First Address as Prime MinisterHistory
Churchill, Winston: Iron CurtainHistory
Churchill, Winston: Our Finest HourHistory
Churchill, Winston: The FewHistory
Churchill, Winston: The Threat of Nazi GermanyHistory
Churchill, Winston: We Shall Fight On The BeachesHistory
Clearing ThroatSound Effects
Cleveland, Grover: Political IndependenceHistory
Cliff SwallowAnimals
Clinton, Bill: 1992 DNC SpeechHistory
Clinton, Bill: 2004 DNC SpeechHistory
Clinton, Bill: 2008 DNC SpeechHistory
Clinton, Bill: Farewell SpeechHistory
Clinton, Bill: I Have SinnedHistory
Clinton, Bill: RenewalHistory
Clinton, Hillary: 2008 DNC SpeechHistory
Clooney, George: Statement to UN Security Council on DarfurHistory
Cock of the RockAnimals
Cohan, George M.: Over ThereMusic
Coolidge, Calvin: America and the WarHistory
Coolidge, Calvin: Duty of GovernmentHistory
Coolidge, Calvin: Inaugural AddressHistory
Coolidge, Calvin: Law and OrderHistory
Cosby, Bill: 50th Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of EducationHistory
Coughlin, Charles: Criticizing The New DealHistory
Creation of NATOHistory
Crowd CheeringSound Effects
Cuomo, Mario: Keynote Speech at 1984 DNCHistory
Daley, Richard: DNC ProtestsHistory
Daniels, Jeff: Gettysburg SpeechMovie and Television Clips
Daniels, Josephus: The Navy Is ReadyHistory
Danny KayeClassic Radio Shows
Darth Vader BreathSound Effects
Deadly DevelopmentsClassic Radio Shows
Dean, James: Tearing Me ApartMovie and Television Clips
Death of Adolf Hitler AnnouncementHistory
Death of John F. Kennedy AnnouncementHistory
Delay, Tom: Farewell AddressHistory
Deus Ex: Gunther - Get Me A WeaponVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Gunther - I Do Not Make MistakesVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Gunther - I Do Not RetreatVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Gunther - I Wanted OrangeVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Gunther - Leave Me AloneVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Gunther - Maintenance ManVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Gunther - Open The DoorVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Gunther - They'll Wish They Had Killed MeVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Gunther - Your AugmentationsVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: JC Denton - BodybagVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: JC Denton - Clean The Place OutVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: JC Denton - Didn't Like His AnswersVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: JC Denton - I Am PreparedVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Lady - Expecting A Show?Video Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Lady - How UnprofessionalVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Manderley - Grow Up JCVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Manderley - Ladies RestroomVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Manderley - Who Do You Think You AreVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Manderley - You Will BehaveVideo Game Quotes
Deus Ex: Paul Denton - JackassVideo Game Quotes
Dewey, Thomas: Conceding ElectionHistory
Die Fahne HochMusic
Die Wacht Am RheinMusic
Dodd, Chris: FISA SpeechHistory
Dog BarkingSound Effects
Dolphin (Clicking)Animals
Domestic CatAnimals
Domestic DogAnimals
Domestic GoatAnimals
Domestic PigAnimals
Domestic SheepAnimals
DoorbellSound Effects
DripSound Effects
Dulles, John: Free People Will Never Remain FreeHistory
Earhart, Amelia: AviationHistory
Earhart, Amelia: WomenHistory
Eastern CowbirdAnimals
Eddie RickenbackerClassic Radio Shows
Edison, Thomas: Electricity and ProgressHistory
Edison, Thomas: Message to the American PeopleHistory
Edison, Thomas: Talk to Mr. BlaineHistory
Edward VIII: Abdication AddressHistory
Ein PrositMusic