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Nixon, Richard: End of Vietnam WarSound (MP3)
Nixon, Richard: Inaugural AddressSound (MP3)
Nixon, Richard: Resignation SpeechSound (MP3)
North, Oliver: Iran-Contra Scandal TestimonySound (MP3)
Obama, Barack: 2004 DNC Keynote SpeechSound (MP3)
Obama, Barack: 2008 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Obama, Barack: 2008 Victory SpeechSound (MP3)
Obama, Barack: Berlin SpeechSound (MP3)
Obama, Barack: More Perfect Union (Race Speech)Sound (MP3)
Obama, Barack: Presidential Candidacy AnnouncementSound (MP3)
Obama, Michelle: 2008 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Obama, Michelle: Honoring Women in the MilitarySound (MP3)
Olson, Culbert: On Japanese AmericansSound (MP3)
Oppenheimer, J. Robert: I Am Become DeathSound (MP3)
Pearl Harbor Attack: BBC AnnouncementSound (MP3)
Pearl Harbor Attack: CBS AnnouncementSound (MP3)
Pearl Harbor Attack: NBC AnnouncementSound (MP3)
Peary, Robert Edwin: North PoleSound (MP3)
Pershing, John: Fighting For YouSound (MP3)
Pershing, John: From the Battlefields of FranceSound (MP3)
Poindexter, Miles: Criminal Enemies of Social OrderSound (MP3)
Powell, Colin: Speaking at UN Security Council About IraqSound (MP3)
Quayle, Dan: RepresentativeSound (MP3)
Queen Elizabeth: Fortitude of WomenSound (MP3)
Rather, Dan: CBS Evening News FarewellSound (MP3)
Reagan, Ronald: A Time For ChoosingSound (MP3)
Reagan, Ronald: Brandenburg Gate RemarksSound (MP3)
Reagan, Ronald: Challenger DisasterSound (MP3)
Reagan, Ronald: D-DaySound (MP3)
Reagan, Ronald: Evil EmpireSound (MP3)
Reagan, Ronald: Farewell SpeechSound (MP3)
Reagan, Ronald: First InauguralSound (MP3)
Reagan, Ronald: Government is the ProblemSound (MP3)
Reagan, Ronald: Second InauguralSound (MP3)
Reeve, Christopher: 1996 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Richards, Ann: 1988 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Robinson, Jackie: Baseball Hall of Fame InductionSound (MP3)
Rockefeller Jr., John D.: AddressSound (MP3)
Rockefeller, John D.: FundraisingSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Eleanor: Freedom and JusticeSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Franklin D.: 50th Anniversary of Statue of LibertySound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Franklin D.: Fireside Chat After Pearl HarborSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: 1940 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Beginning of World War 2Sound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Inaugural AddressSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Requesting War on JapanSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Theodore: Social and Industrial JusticeSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Farmer and the BusinessmanSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Liberty of the PeopleSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Progressive Covenant with the PeopleSound (MP3)
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Right of the People to RuleSound (MP3)
Roswell Incident AnnouncementSound (MP3)
Rove, Karl: Federalist Society AddressSound (MP3)
Rubin, Jerry: Address to the Yippie ConventionSound (MP3)
Ruth, Babe: Farewell to BaseballSound (MP3)
Savio, Mario: Sproul Hall Sit-In AddressSound (MP3)
Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Gubernatorial Victory SpeechSound (MP3)
Shackleton, Ernest: My South Polar ExpeditionSound (MP3)
Shostakovich, Dmitri: Propaganda Radio Speech in 1941Sound (MP3)
Skelton, Red: Commentary on the Pledge of AllegianceSound (MP3)
Sotomayor, Sonia: Statement to Senate Judiciary CommitteeSound (MP3)
Springsteen, Bruce: Vote for ChangeSound (MP3)
Stalin, Josef: Fight FascistsSound (MP3)
Stalin, Josef: GermanySound (MP3)
Stallman, Richard: GNUSound (MP3)
Stallman, Richard: HackingSound (MP3)
Stallman, Richard: Proprietary SoftwareSound (MP3)
Stallman, Richard: The RealizationSound (MP3)
Steger, Charles: Virginia Tech ShootingsSound (MP3)
Steinem, Gloria: HumanismSound (MP3)
Stengel, Casey: Address to CongressSound (MP3)
Stewart, Jon: Commencement at William and MarySound (MP3)
Taft, William Howard: The Rights of LaborSound (MP3)
Thatcher, Margaret: Falkland IslandsSound (MP3)
Thomas, Clarence: Statement to the Senate Judiciary CommitteeSound (MP3)
Thomas, Clarence: The New IntoleranceSound (MP3)
Thompson, Hunter S.: Fear and LoathingSound (MP3)
Torvalds, Linus: Operating SystemsSound (MP3)
Trotsky, Leon: Show TrialsSound (MP3)
Trotsky, Leon: Soviet Unity in 1919Sound (MP3)
Truman, Harry: Atomic Bombing of JapanSound (MP3)
Truman, Harry: Farewell SpeechSound (MP3)
Truman, Harry: Inaugural AddressSound (MP3)
Truman, Harry: The Truman DoctrineSound (MP3)
Truman, Harry: Threatening JapanSound (MP3)
Venizelos, Eleutherios: The British Empire Fighting GermanySound (MP3)
von Tirpitz, Alfred: German GovernmentSound (MP3)
von Tirpitz, Alfred: U-Boat WarfareSound (MP3)
Warren, Earl: Eulogy for JFKSound (MP3)
Washington, Booker T.: Atlanta Exposition AddressSound (MP3)
Watson, James Gerard: LoyaltySound (MP3)
Welch, Joseph: DecencySound (MP3)
Welles, Orson: War of the Worlds Radio BroadcastSound (MP3)
Wiesel, Elie: Dedication of Holocaust History Museum RemarksSound (MP3)
Wiesel, Elie: Speech at BuchenwaldSound (MP3)
Willkie, Wendell: American IsolationismSound (MP3)
Wilson, Woodrow: 1915 Speech to IndiansSound (MP3)
Wilson, Woodrow: Address to the FarmersSound (MP3)
Wilson, Woodrow: The Third PartySound (MP3)
Zhukov, Georgi: Speech at 1945 Victory ParadeSound (MP3)
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