Files in Media/History/Sound (MP3)

Aaron, Hank: Address to CongressSound (MP3)
Agassi, Andre: Farewell to TennisSound (MP3)
Agnew, Spiro: HippiesSound (MP3)
Agnew, Spiro: Resignation SpeechSound (MP3)
Agnew, Spiro: TV News CoverageSound (MP3)
al-Sadat, Anwar: PeaceSound (MP3)
Andropov, Yuri: Modern LeninismSound (MP3)
Angelou, Maya: Presidential Inauguration PoemSound (MP3)
Annan, Kofi: 2006 Human Rights DaySound (MP3)
Annan, Kofi: Final Speech to UN General AssemblySound (MP3)
Annan, Kofi: Truman Library AddressSound (MP3)
Apollo 13: Houston, We've Had A ProblemSound (MP3)
Armstrong, Lance: 2005 Tour De France Victory SpeechSound (MP3)
Armstrong, Neil: One Small Step For ManSound (MP3)
Armstrong, Neil: The Eagle Has LandedSound (MP3)
Baker, Newton: At The FrontSound (MP3)
Barnum, P.T.: 1890 CommercialSound (MP3)
Barr, Bob: Announcing CandidacySound (MP3)
Battle of Midway: Eyewitness AccountSound (MP3)
Biden, Joe: 2008 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Borman, Frank: Christmas Greeting From SpaceSound (MP3)
Brokaw, Tom: Emory University CommencementSound (MP3)
Bryan, William Jennings: ImmortalitySound (MP3)
Bryan, William Jennings: Swollen FortunesSound (MP3)
Bryan, William Jennings: The RepublicSound (MP3)
Buchanan, Pat: 1992 RNC Speech (Culture Wars)Sound (MP3)
Bush, George H. W.: Panama InvasionSound (MP3)
Bush, George H. W.: Reagan EulogySound (MP3)
Bush, George H.W.: Commencement of Iraq BombingSound (MP3)
Bush, George H.W.: Death of CommunismSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: 2000 Victory SpeechSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: 2004 Victory SpeechSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: 9-11 AddressSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: First InauguralSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: Space Shuttle Columbia DisasterSound (MP3)
Byrd, Robert: Arrogance of PowerSound (MP3)
Carmichael, Stokely: Black PowerSound (MP3)
Carter, Jimmy: 1976 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Carter, Jimmy: Crisis of ConfidenceSound (MP3)
Carter, Jimmy: NominationSound (MP3)
Castro, Fidel: AmbitionSound (MP3)
Castro, Fidel: Cuban RevolutionSound (MP3)
Castro, Fidel: We Have The PowerSound (MP3)
Chamberlain, Neville: Declaration of War on GermanySound (MP3)
Chamberlain, Neville: Meeting With HitlerSound (MP3)
Chamberlain, Neville: ResignationSound (MP3)
Chambers, Whittaker: Concealed EnemySound (MP3)
Chavez, Cesar: Commonwealth Club SpeechSound (MP3)
Chavez, Hugo: Speech Before UNSound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: Blood, Toil, Tears, and SweatSound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: First Address as Prime MinisterSound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: Iron CurtainSound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: Our Finest HourSound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: The FewSound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: The Threat of Nazi GermanySound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: We Shall Fight On The BeachesSound (MP3)
Cleveland, Grover: Political IndependenceSound (MP3)
Clinton, Bill: 1992 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Clinton, Bill: 2004 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Clinton, Bill: 2008 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Clinton, Bill: Farewell SpeechSound (MP3)
Clinton, Bill: I Have SinnedSound (MP3)
Clinton, Bill: RenewalSound (MP3)
Clinton, Hillary: 2008 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Clooney, George: Statement to UN Security Council on DarfurSound (MP3)
Coolidge, Calvin: America and the WarSound (MP3)
Coolidge, Calvin: Duty of GovernmentSound (MP3)
Coolidge, Calvin: Inaugural AddressSound (MP3)
Coolidge, Calvin: Law and OrderSound (MP3)
Cosby, Bill: 50th Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of EducationSound (MP3)
Coughlin, Charles: Criticizing The New DealSound (MP3)
Creation of NATOSound (MP3)
Cuomo, Mario: Keynote Speech at 1984 DNCSound (MP3)
Daley, Richard: DNC ProtestsSound (MP3)
Daniels, Josephus: The Navy Is ReadySound (MP3)
Death of Adolf Hitler AnnouncementSound (MP3)
Death of John F. Kennedy AnnouncementSound (MP3)
Delay, Tom: Farewell AddressSound (MP3)
Dewey, Thomas: Conceding ElectionSound (MP3)
Dodd, Chris: FISA SpeechSound (MP3)
Dulles, John: Free People Will Never Remain FreeSound (MP3)
Earhart, Amelia: AviationSound (MP3)
Earhart, Amelia: WomenSound (MP3)
Edison, Thomas: Electricity and ProgressSound (MP3)
Edison, Thomas: Message to the American PeopleSound (MP3)
Edison, Thomas: Talk to Mr. BlaineSound (MP3)
Edward VIII: Abdication AddressSound (MP3)
Einstein, Albert: E=mc^2Sound (MP3)
Einstein, Albert: Non-ViolenceSound (MP3)
Einstein, Albert: Nuclear WeaponsSound (MP3)
Einstein, Albert: World PeaceSound (MP3)
Eisenhower, Dwight: Atoms For PeaceSound (MP3)
Eisenhower, Dwight: Farewell AddressSound (MP3)
Eisenhower, Dwight: First Inaugural SpeechSound (MP3)
Eisenhower, Dwight: War BondsSound (MP3)
Faulkner, William: Nobel PrizeSound (MP3)
Ford, Gerald: Nixon PardonSound (MP3)
Ford, Gerald: Taking OfficeSound (MP3)
Frost, Robert: Fire and IceSound (MP3)
Gandhi, Mahatma: Soldier of PeaceSound (MP3)
Gates, Bill: Microsoft's VisionSound (MP3)
Gehrig, Lou: Luckiest ManSound (MP3)
Gingrich, Newt: House Speaker Inaugural SpeechSound (MP3)
Glenn, John: First American In Earth OrbitSound (MP3)
Goebbels, Joseph: New Year's Eve SpeechSound (MP3)
Goebbels, Joseph: Total WarSound (MP3)
Goering, Hermann: DimitrovSound (MP3)
Goering, Hermann: Prussian State CouncilSound (MP3)
Goering, Hermann: StalingradSound (MP3)
Goldwater, Barry: Presidential Campaign AddressSound (MP3)
Gompers, Samuel: Labor's Service To FreedomSound (MP3)
Gompers, Samuel: On WarSound (MP3)
Gore, Al: 2000 Concession SpeechSound (MP3)
Gore, Al: The InternetSound (MP3)
Guevara, Che: UN General Assembly AddressSound (MP3)
Hanks, Tom: Vassar College CommencementSound (MP3)
Harding, Warren: America's Present NeedSound (MP3)
Harding, Warren: AmericanismSound (MP3)
Harding, Warren: An Association of NationsSound (MP3)
Harding, Warren: Nationalism and AmericanismSound (MP3)
Harding, Warren: ReadjustmentSound (MP3)
Harding, Warren: The American SoldierSound (MP3)
Harrison, Benjamin: Early RecordingSound (MP3)
Hauptmann, Bruno: Denying Lindbergh KillingSound (MP3)
Hemingway, Ernest: 1954 Nobel PrizeSound (MP3)
Hess, Rudolf: On the Olympics and the German PeopleSound (MP3)
Heston, Charlton: Winning The Cultural WarSound (MP3)
Hitler, Adolf: Appeal to the NationSound (MP3)
Hitler, Adolf: Baptism of the Battleship BismarckSound (MP3)
Hitler, Adolf: Declaring War On PolandSound (MP3)
Hitler, Adolf: Eradicate the JewsSound (MP3)
Hitler, Adolf: On German Claims to SudetenlandSound (MP3)
Holder, Eric: Black History MonthSound (MP3)
Hoover, Herbert: Urging US NeutralitySound (MP3)
Hughes, Howard: Senate InvestigationSound (MP3)
Hughes, Howard: Spruce GooseSound (MP3)
Humphrey, Hubert: Cambodia BombingSound (MP3)
Ickes, Harold: Hoover Dam DedicationSound (MP3)
Investigation of Hughes Airplane ContractSound (MP3)
Jindal, Bobby: Gubernatorial Victory SpeechSound (MP3)
Jobs, Steve: Stanford CommencementSound (MP3)
Joffre, Joseph: Welcoming US Soldiers to FranceSound (MP3)
Johnson, Lyndon: All Men Are EqualSound (MP3)
Johnson, Lyndon: Inaugural AddressSound (MP3)
Johnson, Lyndon: The Great SocietySound (MP3)
Johnson, Lyndon: We Shall OvercomeSound (MP3)
Jordan, Barbara: 1976 DNC Keynote SpeechSound (MP3)
Kennedy, John F.: Responding to Soviet Nuclear TestSound (MP3)
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: Berlin AddressSound (MP3)
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: Civil Rights AddressSound (MP3)
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: Cuban Missile CrisisSound (MP3)
Kennedy, Robert: 1964 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Kennedy, Robert: Cape Town University AddressSound (MP3)
Kennedy, Robert: Death of Martin Luther KingSound (MP3)
Kennedy, Robert: What We NeedSound (MP3)
Kennedy, Ted: 1980 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Kennedy, Ted: 2008 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Kennedy, Ted: Eulogy For JackieSound (MP3)
Kennedy, Ted: Eulogy For RobertSound (MP3)
Kennedy, Ted: Truth and ToleranceSound (MP3)
Khrushchev, Nikita: InterviewSound (MP3)
Khrushchev, Nikita: UN General Assembly AddressSound (MP3)
King, Martin Luther: A Time To Break SilenceSound (MP3)
King, Martin Luther: I Have A DreamSound (MP3)
Kissinger, Henry: Peace Is At HandSound (MP3)
Leary, Timothy: Think For YourselfSound (MP3)
Leary, Timothy: Tune in, Drop OutSound (MP3)
Lenin, Vladimir: 1918 SpeechSound (MP3)
Lenin, Vladimir: Anti-SemitismSound (MP3)
Lennon, John: Jesus CommentSound (MP3)
Lindbergh, Charles: No InterventionSound (MP3)
Lindbergh, Charles: Seeing EuropeSound (MP3)
Long, Huey: Share The WealthSound (MP3)
Macarthur, Douglas: Fade AwaySound (MP3)
Macarthur, Douglas: Farewell to CongressSound (MP3)
Malcolm X: American NightmareSound (MP3)
Malcolm X: By Any MeansSound (MP3)
Malcolm X: Conditions in the GhettoSound (MP3)
Malcolm X: FBI and Black MuslimsSound (MP3)
Malcolm X: No UnitySound (MP3)
Malcolm X: Open RevoltSound (MP3)
Malcolm X: Put Them To BedSound (MP3)
Malcolm X: White Man is the EnemySound (MP3)
Mandela, Nelson: Freedom For AllSound (MP3)
Mansfield, Michael: Opposition to VietnamSound (MP3)
Marshall, George: European Recovery ProgramSound (MP3)
McCain, John: 2008 RNC SpeechSound (MP3)
McCain, John: Concession SpeechSound (MP3)
McCarthy, Joseph: JackalsSound (MP3)
McCarthy, Joseph: One and the SameSound (MP3)
McCarthy, Joseph: Traitors Are Not GentlemenSound (MP3)
Mead, Margaret: Women's WorkSound (MP3)
Medvedev, Dmitry: Inaugural AddressSound (MP3)
Molotov, Vyacheslav: June 22, 1941 SpeechSound (MP3)
Morse, Wayne: Gulf of TonkinSound (MP3)
Murrow, Edward: Description of BuchenwaldSound (MP3)
Murrow, Edward: Response to McCarthySound (MP3)
Nixon and Khrushchev: The Kitchen DebateSound (MP3)
Nixon, Richard: 1971 State of the Union AddressSound (MP3)
Nixon, Richard: Cambodian IncursionSound (MP3)
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