Files in Media/History/World War I

American Troops Marching in LondonImage
Australian Troops Charging a Turkish TrenchImage
Austrian Troops Defending a TrenchImage
Baker, Newton: At The FrontSound (MP3)
Battle of the Somme: BattlefieldImage
Battle of the Somme: British C-15 TankImage
Battle of the Somme: British Troops AdvancingImage
Battle of the Somme: Destroyed ForestImage
Battle of the Somme: Soldier Carrying CasualtyImage
Battle of the Somme: Trench WarfareImage
Battle of the Somme: Troops Taking A BreakImage
Battle of the Somme: Video TributeVideo
Battle of Verdun: DocumentaryVideo
Battle of Verdun: Fort Douaumont After The Battle (Aerial)Image
Battle of Verdun: Fort Vaux After The BattleImage
Battle of Verdun: TrenchesImage
Battle of Verdun: Troops Advancing Under FireImage
Battle of Verdun: Typical Terrain After BombardmentImage
British Troops Entering BaghdadImage
Crew of German Submarine U-53Image
Daniels, Josephus: The Navy Is ReadySound (MP3)
French 37 in Firing PositionImage
French Infantry Firing from TrenchImage
German Soldier SurrenderingImage
German Submarine U-155, SurrenderedImage
German Troops on the Belgian FrontierImage
Indian Troops in FormationImage
Italian troops on a Transport for GallipoliImage
Joffre, Joseph: Welcoming US Soldiers to FranceSound (MP3)
Line of US BattleshipsImage
Pershing, John: Fighting For YouSound (MP3)
Pershing, John: From the Battlefields of FranceSound (MP3)
Richthofen, Manfred vonImage
Richthofen, Manfred vonImage
Richthofen, Manfred vonImage
Richthofen, Manfred vonImage
Richthofen, Manfred vonImage
Richthofen, Manfred von: Australian Soldiers with his WreckageImage
Richthofen, Manfred von: Funeral ProcessionImage
Richthofen, Manfred von: In his Fokker Dr.IImage
Richthofen, Manfred von: Posing with SquadronImage
Rockefeller, John D.: FundraisingSound (MP3)
Russian Infantry UnitImage
Russian Troops Defending a TrenchImage
SMS KaiserImage
The LusitaniaImage
Turkish InfantryImage
USS DelawareImage
Venizelos, Eleutherios: The British Empire Fighting GermanySound (MP3)
von Tirpitz, Alfred: German GovernmentSound (MP3)
von Tirpitz, Alfred: U-Boat WarfareSound (MP3)
Watson, James Gerard: LoyaltySound (MP3)