Files in Media/History/Civil War (US)

13 Inch Mortar on a Rail Car (1864)Image
15 inch Rodman Gun in Battery RodgersImage
50th Pennsylvania Infantry (1862)Image
Battle of Chancellorsville: Union Troops in Trenches (1863)Image
Battle of Gettysburg: Union and Confederate Dead (1863)Image
Beauregard, PierreImage
Burnside, AmbroseImage
Burnside, AmbroseImage
Butler, Benjamin F.Image
Chamberlain, JoshuaImage
Chamberlain, JoshuaImage
Confederate Dead in Battle of Chancellorsville (1863)Image
Confederate Ram Atlanta After Being CapturedImage
Crew of the USS Choctaw (1862)Image
Custer, GeorgeImage
Custer, GeorgeImage
Custer, GeorgeImage
Custer, George: With Wife, ElizabethImage
Damaged Locomotives - Richmond, VA (1865)Image
Detachment of 3rd Indiana Cavalry (1864)Image
Embalming Surgeon at WorkImage
Engineers of the 8th New York State Militia (1861)Image
Execution of the Four Persons Condemned as Conspirators (1865)Image
Federal Artillery Park - Yorktown, VAImage
Federal Prisoner of WarImage
General Ambrose E. Burnside and Staff (1862)Image
General George G. Meade and Staff (1863)Image
General Napoleon B. McLaughlinImage
General Rufus IngallsImage
General Rufus Ingalls and OfficersImage
General William Gamble and StaffImage
Grant, Ulysses S.Image
Grant, Ulysses S.Image
Gun Crew on the U.S. Gunboat Mendota (1864)Image
Hancock, Winfield S.Image
Hancock, Winfield S.Image
Hood, John B.Image
Hooker, JosephImage
Hooker, JosephImage
Johnston, Joseph E.Image
Johnston, Joseph E.Image
Kimball, NathanImage
Lee, Robert E.Image
Lee, Robert E.Image
Lincoln, AbrahamImage
Lincoln, AbrahamImage
Longstreet, JamesImage
McClellan, George B.Image
Meade, GeorgeImage
Men Collecting Bones of Soldiers (1865)Image
Pope, JohnImage
President Lincoln with General George B. McClellan (1862)Image
Regimental Fife and Drum CorpsImage
Sailors and Marines on the U.S. Gunboat Mendota (1864)Image
Scouts and Guides of the Army of the PotomacImage
Sherman, William TecumsehImage
Steam Frigate Pensacola (1861)Image
Teams Constructing Telegraph Lines (1864)Image
U.S.S. CascoImage
U.S.S. St. LouisImage
View of Ruined Buildings in Charleston, SC (1865)Image
Washington, D.C. Company M, 9th New York Heavy ArtilleryImage