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13 Inch Mortar on a Rail Car (1864)ImageCivil War (US)
15 inch Rodman Gun in Battery RodgersImageCivil War (US)
1989 Tiananmen Square ProtestsVideo
50th Pennsylvania Infantry (1862)ImageCivil War (US)
Aaron, Hank: Address to CongressSound (MP3)
Adams, SamuelImage
Adonis, Joe: MugshotImageMugshots
Afrika Korps Defense of El-Alamein (German)VideoWorld War II
Agassi, Andre: Farewell to TennisSound (MP3)
Agnew, SpiroImage
Agnew, Spiro: HippiesSound (MP3)
Agnew, Spiro: Resignation SpeechSound (MP3)
Agnew, Spiro: TV News CoverageSound (MP3)
Al Sadat, Muhammad AnwarImage
Al Sadat, Muhammad Anwar: AssassinationImage
al-Sadat, Anwar: PeaceSound (MP3)
Alcatraz Escape Newsreel (1962)Video
Aldrin, BuzzImage
Aldrin, BuzzImage
Aldrin, Buzz: Punching Out Conspiracy NutVideo
Aldrin, Buzz: TributeVideo
Allies Liberate France NewsreelVideoWorld War II
American Troops Marching in LondonImageWorld War I
Anastasia, Albert: CorpseImage
Anastasia, Albert: MugshotImageMugshots
Anastasia, Albert: Wearing FedoraImage
Andropov, Yuri: Modern LeninismSound (MP3)
Angelou, Maya: Presidential Inauguration PoemSound (MP3)
Annan, Kofi: 2006 Human Rights DaySound (MP3)
Annan, Kofi: Final Speech to UN General AssemblySound (MP3)
Annan, Kofi: Truman Library AddressSound (MP3)
Apollo 11 Moon Landing (1969)Video
Apollo 13 Problem AnnouncementVideo
Apollo 13: Houston, We've Had A ProblemSound (MP3)
Armstrong, EdwinImage
Armstrong, EdwinImage
Armstrong, Lance: 2005 Tour De France Victory SpeechSound (MP3)
Armstrong, Neil: One Small Step For ManSound (MP3)
Armstrong, Neil: The Eagle Has LandedSound (MP3)
Assassination of Muhammad Anwar Al SadatVideo
Astronaut Monkeys Launched Into Space (1959)Video
Atomic Bomb NewsreelVideoWorld War II
Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima NewsreelVideoWorld War II
Australian Troops Charging a Turkish TrenchImageWorld War I
Austrian Troops Defending a TrenchImageWorld War I
Bacall, LaurenImage
Bacall, LaurenImage
Bacall, LaurenImage
Bacall, Lauren: With President Harry TrumanImage
Baker, Newton: At The FrontSound (MP3)World War I
Baniszewski, GertrudeImage
Banting, FrederickImage
Bardeen, JohnImage
Barker, BobImage
Barnum, P.T.: 1890 CommercialSound (MP3)
Barr, Bob: Announcing CandidacySound (MP3)
Barrett, SydImage
Barrett, SydImage
Barrett, SydImage
Barton, ClaraImage
Battle Against Allied Bombers Newsreel (German)VideoWorld War II
Battle for Manila NewsreelVideoWorld War II
Battle for Stalingrad Newsreel (German)VideoWorld War II
Battle of Chancellorsville: Union Troops in Trenches (1863)ImageCivil War (US)
Battle of Fort SumterImage
Battle of Gettysburg: Union and Confederate Dead (1863)ImageCivil War (US)
Battle of Iwo JimaImageWorld War II
Battle of Iwo Jima: Flag RaisingImageWorld War II
Battle of Midway: Eyewitness AccountSound (MP3)World War II
Battle of Rorke's DriftImage
Battle of Rorke's DriftImage
Battle of the Bulge NewsreelVideoWorld War II
Battle of the Somme: BattlefieldImageWorld War I
Battle of the Somme: British C-15 TankImageWorld War I
Battle of the Somme: British Troops AdvancingImageWorld War I
Battle of the Somme: Destroyed ForestImageWorld War I
Battle of the Somme: Soldier Carrying CasualtyImageWorld War I
Battle of the Somme: Trench WarfareImageWorld War I
Battle of the Somme: Troops Taking A BreakImageWorld War I
Battle of the Somme: Video TributeVideoWorld War I
Battle of Verdun: DocumentaryVideoWorld War I
Battle of Verdun: Fort Douaumont After The Battle (Aerial)ImageWorld War I
Battle of Verdun: Fort Vaux After The BattleImageWorld War I
Battle of Verdun: TrenchesImageWorld War I
Battle of Verdun: Troops Advancing Under FireImageWorld War I
Battle of Verdun: Typical Terrain After BombardmentImageWorld War I
Baum, Lyman FrankImage
Baum, Lyman FrankImage
Beauregard, PierreImageCivil War (US)
Benito Mussolini - Execution NewsreelVideo
Berkowitz, DavidImage
Berkowitz, David: Escorted by PoliceImage
Berkowitz, David: MugshotImageMugshots
Berkowitz, David: MugshotImageMugshots
Biden, Joe: 2008 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
bin Laden, OsamaImage
bin Laden, OsamaImage
Bohr, NielsImage
Bohr, NielsImage
Bonnie and Clyde Death SceneVideo
Booth, John WilkesImage
Borman, Frank: Christmas Greeting From SpaceSound (MP3)
Bradbury, RayImage
Brando, MarlonImage
Brando, MarlonImage
Brando, MarlonImage
Brando, MarlonImage
British Troops Entering BaghdadImageWorld War I
Brokaw, Tom: Emory University CommencementSound (MP3)
Bruce, LennyImageMugshots
Bruce, LennyImage
Bryan, William Jennings: ImmortalitySound (MP3)
Bryan, William Jennings: Swollen FortunesSound (MP3)
Bryan, William Jennings: The RepublicSound (MP3)
Buchanan, JamesImage
Buchanan, Pat: 1992 RNC Speech (Culture Wars)Sound (MP3)
Buffett, WarrenImage
Buffett, WarrenImage
Buffett, WarrenImage
Bundy, TedImage
Bundy, Ted: InterviewVideo
Burke, JamesImage
Burke, JamesImage
Burke, JamesImage
Burke, James: MugshotImageMugshots
Burnside, AmbroseImageCivil War (US)
Burnside, AmbroseImageCivil War (US)
Bush, George H. W.: Panama InvasionSound (MP3)
Bush, George H. W.: Reagan EulogySound (MP3)
Bush, George H.W.: Commencement of Iraq BombingSound (MP3)
Bush, George H.W.: Death of CommunismSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: 2000 Victory SpeechSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: 2004 Victory SpeechSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: 9-11 AddressSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: First InauguralSound (MP3)
Bush, George W.: Space Shuttle Columbia DisasterSound (MP3)
Butler, Benjamin F.ImageCivil War (US)
Byck, SamuelImage
Byrd, Robert: Arrogance of PowerSound (MP3)
Cagney, JamesImage
Cagney, JamesImage
Capone, Al: At Baseball GameImage
Capone, Al: MugshotImageMugshots
Capone, Al: Smoking CigarImage
Capone, Al: Wearing FedoraImage
Capone, Al: With His MotherImage
Capone, Al: YoungImage
Cardinale, ClaudiaImage
Cardinale, ClaudiaImage
Carmichael, Stokely: Black PowerSound (MP3)
Carter, Howard: Examining Tutankhamun's SarcophagusImage
Carter, Howard: Standing Outside of TrainImage
Carter, Howard: Standing with Lord Carnarvon (R)Image
Carter, Jimmy: 1976 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Carter, Jimmy: Crisis of ConfidenceSound (MP3)
Carter, Jimmy: NominationSound (MP3)
Carver, George WashingtonImage
Carver, George WashingtonImage
Castellano, PaulImage
Castellano, PaulImage
Castellano, Paul: CorpseImage
Castellano, Paul: MugshotImageMugshots
Castellano, Paul: MugshotImageMugshots
Castro, FidelImage
Castro, FidelImage
Castro, Fidel: AmbitionSound (MP3)
Castro, Fidel: Cuban RevolutionSound (MP3)
Castro, Fidel: MugshotImageMugshots
Castro, Fidel: We Have The PowerSound (MP3)
Castro, Fidel: With FamilyImage
Castro, Fidel: Yearbook PhotoImage
Castro, Fidel: YoungImage
Castro, Fidel: YoungImage
Cazale, JohnImage
Challenger Space Shuttle DisasterVideo
Chamberlain, JoshuaImageCivil War (US)
Chamberlain, JoshuaImageCivil War (US)
Chamberlain, Neville: Declaration of War on GermanySound (MP3)World War II
Chamberlain, Neville: Meeting With HitlerSound (MP3)
Chamberlain, Neville: ResignationSound (MP3)
Chambers, Whittaker: Concealed EnemySound (MP3)
Chavez, Cesar: Commonwealth Club SpeechSound (MP3)
Chavez, Hugo: Speech Before UNSound (MP3)
Chikatilo, AndreiImage
Chikatilo, AndreiImage
Chikatilo, Andrei: Court AppearanceVideo
Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt meet in YaltaVideo
Churchill, Winston: Blood, Toil, Tears, and SweatSound (MP3)World War II
Churchill, Winston: First Address as Prime MinisterSound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: Iron CurtainSound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: Our Finest HourSound (MP3)World War II
Churchill, Winston: The FewSound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: The Threat of Nazi GermanySound (MP3)
Churchill, Winston: We Shall Fight On The BeachesSound (MP3)
Cimino, MichaelImage
Cleveland, Grover: Political IndependenceSound (MP3)
Clift, MontgomeryImage
Clift, MontgomeryImage
Clinton, Bill: 1992 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)
Clinton, Bill: 2004 DNC SpeechSound (MP3)