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Alligator Snapping TurtleVideo
American AlligatorSound (MP3)
American BisonSound (MP3)
American GoshawkSound (MP3)
American RobinSound (MP3)
Atlantic GannetSound (MP3)
BaboonSound (MP3)
BadgerSound (MP3)
Baltimore OrioleSound (MP3)
Barn OwlSound (MP3)
Barn SwallowSound (MP3)
BearSound (MP3)
BeaverSound (MP3)
Bee SwarmSound (MP3)
Birds of ParadiseVideo
Black Lemur: Narcotic AddictionVideo
BlackbirdSound (MP3)
Blue JaySound (MP3)
Blue-Footed BoobySound (MP3)
BobcatSound (MP3)
BobwhiteSound (MP3)
Brown CreeperSound (MP3)
BuffleheadSound (MP3)
BullfrogSound (MP3)
BushtitSound (MP3)
CamelSound (MP3)
Camel SpiderVideo
CanvasbackSound (MP3)
CaracaraSound (MP3)
CardinalSound (MP3)
ChaffinchSound (MP3)
ChickadeeSound (MP3)
ChickenSound (MP3)
ChimpanzeeSound (MP3)
ChimpanzeeSound (MP3)
Chimpanzee: Group HuntingVideo
ChinchillaSound (MP3)
CicadaSound (MP3)
Cliff SwallowSound (MP3)
Cock of the RockSound (MP3)
CougarSound (MP3)
CrossbillSound (MP3)
CrowSound (MP3)
CuckooSound (MP3)
DeguSound (MP3)
Dolphin (Clicking)Sound (MP3)
Domestic CatSound (MP3)
Domestic DogSound (MP3)
Domestic GoatSound (MP3)
Domestic PigSound (MP3)
Domestic SheepSound (MP3)
DonkeySound (MP3)
EagleSound (MP3)
Eastern CowbirdSound (MP3)
ElephantSound (MP3)
ErmineSound (MP3)
European BullfinchSound (MP3)
European GreenfinchSound (MP3)
European StarlingSound (MP3)
FlamingoSound (MP3)
Foxface RabbitfishImage
Funnel Web SpiderVideo
GeckoSound (MP3)
Giant AnteaterSound (MP3)
Giant AnteaterSound (MP3)
Giant Centipede: HuntingVideo
Giant PandaSound (MP3)
GibbonSound (MP3)
Golden OrioleSound (MP3)
GorillaSound (MP3)
Great Blue HeronSound (MP3)
Great Horned OwlSound (MP3)
Grey SquirrelSound (MP3)
Hamster (Syrian)Image
HarrierSound (MP3)
HippopotamusSound (MP3)
Honey BadgerVideo
House SparrowSound (MP3)
Indigo BuntingSound (MP3)
JaguarSound (MP3)
KilldeerSound (MP3)
Killer WhaleSound (MP3)
KookaburraSound (MP3)
LambSound (MP3)
LeopardSound (MP3)
Leopard Slug: MatingVideo
LionSound (MP3)
LlamaSound (MP3)
Loggerhead ShrikeSound (MP3)
Long-Billed CurlewSound (MP3)
MallardSound (MP3)
MarmosetSound (MP3)
MockingbirdSound (MP3)
MoorhenSound (MP3)
MooseSound (MP3)
Mynah BirdSound (MP3)
Naked Mole RatVideo
NightingaleSound (MP3)
North American DipperSound (MP3)
OrangutanSound (MP3)
OspreySound (MP3)
PantherSound (MP3)
PeacockSound (MP3)
Peregrine FalconSound (MP3)
Prairie DogSound (MP3)
Praying Mantis: Mating and CannibalismVideo
PuffinSound (MP3)
RaccoonSound (MP3)
RattlesnakeSound (MP3)
RavenSound (MP3)
Red Bird of ParadiseSound (MP3)
Red Howler MonkeySound (MP3)
Red-Tailed HawkSound (MP3)
Rhesus MonkeySound (MP3)
RoadrunnerSound (MP3)
Roseate SpoonbillSound (MP3)
Ruffed GrouseSound (MP3)
Scarlet MacawSound (MP3)
Scarlet TanagerSound (MP3)
Sedge WarblerSound (MP3)
SkylarkSound (MP3)
Snowy OwlSound (MP3)
Spotted FlycatcherSound (MP3)
Spotted HyenaSound (MP3)
Sulfur-Crested CockatooSound (MP3)
TigerSound (MP3)
Trumpeter SwanSound (MP3)
TurkeySound (MP3)
WaspSound (MP3)
Water BuffaloSound (MP3)
Whooping CraneSound (MP3)
Wood DuckSound (MP3)
Yellow TangImage
Yellow WarblerSound (MP3)