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    Note: If you want to walk on land you will have to cache all of your ships, cannons, cannonballs, bread, clothing, knives and pots and pans. You can only carry 400 pieces of fruit, 400 vegetables, 250 pieces of meat and 100 blankets.

    Remember to always buy lots of fruit and vegetables to help fight off scurvy.

Novice Level

    * The sapphire can be found by hunting in southern Africa (it is in the grass to the left). Click on the Hand tool, then click on the sapphire. You have to pick up the sapphire the first time you go there because it will not be available later. If you miss it the first time then end the game and start over again.
    * Spice can be found in Oceania, north of Australia on the long skinny islands. To get the 100 tins of spice offer one of the traders about 230 gold coins.
    * Boomerangs can be found in Australia. To get 5 boomerangs offer one of the traders about 10 knives or 8 hatchets.
    * For the statuette, sail to the northern part of South America and trade 5 knives for it.
    * For the 10 soapstone carvings, sail to northern Newfoundland and trade 100-200 gold coins for them. 


    Note: Not all of the tips for this level have been completed. You are on your own for a couple of them.

    * The Maori mask can be found on the northern tip of the north island in New Zealand which is located southeast of Australia. Buy the mask for approximately 35 knives, 25 hatchets or 40 blankets.
    * To find your pineapples you will have to sail to Hawaii. Once there pay 15-25 gold coins or 50 to 60 pieces of clothing for 10 crates of pineapples. 

    Note: Remember to buy as much fruit and vegetables as you can to keep yourself from getting scurvy.

    * To find a chunk of iceburg you have to sail to Antartica. Before getting there make sure that you save your game incase you hit one of the floating iceburgs as they can easily sink your ship. Make sure that you have lots of fruit and vegetables before attempting this quest.
    * To find your 200 furs, sail to the east coast of Canada and offer one of the traders 200 to 300 blankets for them.
    * To get 10 barrels of ale, sail to Ireland and offer 70 to 80 silver coins.
    * To get the camel you have to travel to the city of Tobruk which is in the Mediterranean Sea. The city is located just below Italy on the otherside of the Mediterranean. When you arrive there click on the sub map button and head left to the palace. You will be asked a riddle upon arrival and the answer is ARROW.
    * To find the chalice sail up the Red Sea to the northern end. Visit the city of Aqaba which is at the end of the eastern inlet. Save your game. Click the Zoom button and stay along the path and go right. The riddle directs you to pick the small chalice on the right on the main table.
    * To retrieve the samurai sword sail to Japan which is located just off of the coast of eastern Asia. Pay one of the traders 70 to 80 gold coins for the sword.
    * To get the 10 jars of caviar sail to the northeast side of the Black Sea which is located north of the Mediterranean Sea. Once there offer one of the traders between 20 and 40 blankets for the 10 jars of caviar.
    * To get a parrot sail to the Falkland Islands which are located off of the southeast tip of South America. Offer one of the traders no more than 30 hatchets for a parrot.
    * Tips for the pirates treasure quest has not been completed yet. Check out the location 20 degrees South latitude 60 degrees East Longitude for buried treasure.
    * Tips for the stranded explorer quest has not been completed yet. Check some of the islands north of Sweden (Northern Europe). If you are going to check out these islands make sure that you travel there in the summer or you may run into icebergs.
    * To find a live turtle you will have to visit the Galapagos Islands. They are located at Longitude 93 degrees west, about 650 miles west of Ecuador which is located on the northwest side of South America. Once you get there click on the sub map and travel around the largest island until you catch a turtle. If you are asked what you will feed this turtle answer with apples, carrots, etc.. 
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