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Tips for playing each Character


    * Go to the church. Choose to look for a husband.
    * Go to the building left of the church to find shelter. Choose to stay.
    * Beg for food.
    * Go two squares to the left and one square down.
    * Tell the women you have no needle and thread.
    * Tell her your jewelry is worth more than she is offering.
    * Accept her second offer of needles, thread, 500 beads and 1 Spanish dollar.
    * Go back to the shelter to do the mending.
    * Return to the lady's house immediately.
    * To earn extra money from mending, go back to the shelter.
    * Repeatedly move one square away and then back to the shelter until no more mending has been dropped off for several moves.
    * Beg for food once more.
    * Buy vegetables by trading with the natives outside the town.
    * Buy some winter clothing.
    * Go back into town, buy a musket and at least 20 musketballs from the store.
    * Convert Spanish dollars into beads for you will need them later to trade with the natives.
    * Leave Boston and head soth to Rhode Island.
    * You will want to hunt for meat along the way. Try to shoot only the largest mammals because this will give you more meat while conserving musketballs.
    * Walk around Rhode Island area until you find a place suitable to build a farm.
    * Go to Providence and ask for approval to build there.
    * Leave Providence, and return there soon after. You will be accepted.
    * Buy tools for your land. You may need to return Boston.
    * Build your house.
    * Wait out the winter using the Wait command. 



    * Choose to give Andrew $40 to $60.
    * Go to Middle Plantation.
    * You will need to buy 2 sets of tools, 1 plow, 5 cotton, 5 wool, pots/pans, a cart and dishes. If possible buy pigs and chickens now.
    * Leave the town and trade with the natives.
    * Also buy vegetables and hunt for meat.
    * Travel northwest to your land grant.
    * Accept the neighbor's offer for help.
    * Invite the neighbors to an evening of celebration.
    * If you don't already have pigs and chickens then go to middle Plantation to buy some and then quickly return home.
    * Accept to be spokesperson to go see the governor about native attacks.
    * Visit the governor. He tells you to go to the pub.
    * Meet the burgess, organize a militia. Go get servants (pay a good price for them).
    * Meet militia edge of town and go home.
    * Have people over for another dinner.
    * Go and get slaves in Middle Plantation.
    * Go see the burgess at the pub.
    * Go to the slave trader at the far middle right side of the town map.
    * Return the token to the burgess at the pub.
    * Go back home.
    * At election time go to Middle Plantation and choose to run for election.
    * Return home and wait out the rest of the simulation. 



    * Join Perry.
    * Get your ship to the right of Detroit.
    * Sail south and follow the coast to the east.
    * Choose to stay off shore when you encounter the wreck. Send men in to recover the cannons.
    * Sail on to Fort Erie.
    * Meet Perry, then stop for need supplies. If you have already recovered the cannon then don't go looking for more.
    * Go back to see Perry.
    * Wait out the winter in your ship.
    * Go see Perry when prompted.
    * Wait in your ship until ready to set sail.
    * When leaving the harbor choose to unload equipment to get over the sand bar.
    * Sail directly towards Detroit. Save before you get there.
    * Defeat the British, then deliver message south of Detroit.
    * Sail back to fort Erie.
    * Go to the bar.
    * Buy supplies before heading by foot to Lake Champlain.
    * Meet MacDonough.
    * Get your ship. Wait in the middle of the lake.
    * Fight the British and win. 



    * Enter Boston and go to Faneuil Hall.
    * Volunteer to help the cause.
    * Return home. Take in the defecting British soldier.
    * Leave home and return.
    * Leave home again, and when prompted, go to Faneuil Hall.
    * Choose the option to dress as natives and dump British tea.
    * Explore the town and go to the Old North Church when prompted.
    * Agree to join the party.
    * Go to Charles Wharf in the northwest side of town.
    * Return home immediately after you have completed the task.
    * Go for a short walk and return home.
    * Agree to tend Paul Revere's horse immediately.
    * Go for a walk and return home when prompted.
    * Tell Revere he cannot ride his horse to Lexington.
    * Leave Boston and go to Plymouth when prompted.
    * Return home after going to Plymouth.
    * Walk around and go to Philadelphia when prompted.
    * When you reach the Hudson river, use the wait command.
    * Pay the boat man his money and cross the river.
    * In Philadelphia go to Carpenters' Hall.
    * Go to Bunker Hill north of Boston when prompted (about 1/4 inch directly north of the town dot). Hunt for meat along the way.
    * Save the game. Wait there without moving until June 15 (use the wait command).
    * Choose to move to Breed's Hill.
    * Retreat immediately when the battle starts. If you don't survive, restore your saved game.
    * Return home. Leave for Philadelphia when prompted.
    * In Philadelphia go to Independence Hall (same square as Carpenter's Hall).
    * Choose the Pursuit of Happiness option for the declaration of independence.
    * When asked, agree to train new milita recruits in Philadelphia.
    * Move about 1/4 inch directly west of Philadelphia to reach the training field. Wait here until further orders.
    * Go deliver the papers to George Washington on Long Island when ordered.
    * When you get to Long Island enter the New York sub-map. George Washington will be waiting in Central Park on manhattan Island.
    * Return to Philadelphia and go to Independence Hall.
    * Go back to the training field and wait for further orders. Trade with the natives for vegetables.
    * Choose to join George Washington's army along the Delaware River when prompted.
    * Go to the bend in the river. Save the game. Wait.
    * If you lose the battle then restore your saved game until you defeat the British. 


Strategies for American Revolution and Founding of America


    * Save your games frequently. By doing so you will be able to reverse decisions or change strategies. It is quite easy for your character to die in this simulation!
    * Keep your health (strength) up at all times. Do this by always having a good supply of food, particularly fruits and vegetables. (Note: natives will have a more abundant supply of vegetables at a lower price.)
    * Avoid travelling during the winter. Storms and cold weather will often cause problems. If you do have to travel, make sure you have winter clothing.
    * When there is a lot of time to pass before your next commitment, or if you have to wait out the winter, you should use the Wait command under the Actions menu.
    * When you need to cross a body of water select the Follow Coast button on the Explore panel, then choose the Wait command. After a time you will be offered a boat to rent. Pay the man and deselect the Follow Coast button before crossing the water. 


    * If you consistently insult a trader by offering him to little, you may not get as good a price as you would by making a reasonable offer. Consult the Supplies chart found in the on-line manual for help.
    * Keep an inventory of beads on hand is essential if you are going to be doing extensive trading with natives. 

Finding Food

    * Depending on the time of year you may be able to supplement your fruit and vegetables with what the wild can offer.
    * Some animals are larger than others. It is a good idea to maximize the amount of food you get for each musketball you use. 


    * The optimum cannon angle is 45 degrees. Increase the distance of your shot by increasing the amount of gunpowder used. If you are fighting in close range, reduce your cannon angle to around 35 degrees and continue to adjust your power. 


    * As well as using latitude and longitude to locate your caches, you can make a cache on an easily identifiable landmark, such as the largest of the Azores Islands, or the most westerly of the Canary Islands. Other good locations are the tip of the Horn of Africa, and the southern tips of Nova Scotia or Florida.
    * If you cache on open seas, it will be counted as a discard. Do not just throw your possessions overboard unless you really want to. 
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