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Tips for Quests

      Quest 1

      The sapphire can be found by hunting in southern Africa (it is in the grass to the left). Click on the Hand tool, then click on the sapphire. To get 50 gems, offer about 600 blankets.

      Quest 2

      Sail to North America and trade 3-4 glass beads per fur. For the soapstone carving, sail around Newfoundland and north to the Artic (any yellow region) and trade 10-20 gold coins for the carving.

      Quest 3

      Sail around the southern tip of Africa and then directly northeast to India. Choose Trade. Silks are worth 2-3 gold pieces each and jewellery is worth about 10-15 gold pieces.

      Quest 4

      To get the parrot, sail to South America and follow the coast to the mouth of the Amazon. A message will tell you to travel inland. Stop immediately and cache all your belongings except for 100-150 gold pieces, a bow and a few arrows (to hunt in case you are starving- but be careful that you can carry what you catch), and 200 vegetables. Choose the Walk button in the Explore Panel. Do not walk to far from your cache (less than half an inch), but walk northeast, then south. The trader will appear automatically. Buy a parrot for 20-25 gold pieces and then return to your cache. Go back and buy another parrot. You will need two parrots - one for this quest and one for a later quest. Never trade or discard your parrot. Trade 20-23 gold pieces for a figurine anywhere in South America. Remember to turn off Follow Coast before sailing home.

      Quest 5

      For porcelain, sail around Africa, eastward through Oceania, and north to China. Each piece will cost approximately 3-5 gold pieces. While you are in the neighbourhood, trade for a few hundred jars of spice and sell it at the gem shop back in Lisbon for a profit.

      Quest 6

      To complete this quest, go directly to Australia and save your game. Then proceed to Tasmania and select Hunt from the Actions menu. If you do not hit all of the lower point flags plus either the 25 or 50 point flags, you cannot complete your quest. Should this happen, close your game without saving, then select Restore from the File menu to resume the game at the beginning of the quest.

      Quest 7

      The Maori mask can be found on the northern tip of the north island in New Zealand. Follow the coast back and forth around the island until the Trader appears. Buy the mask for approximately 35 knives, 25 hatchets or 40 blankets. Click off the Follow Coast button to resume sailing.

      Quest 8

      Save your game upon your return to Lisbon. Go directly to Greenland and choose Hunt. You must hit either the first or second polar bear three times in quick succession. If you miss both these bears you will not complete the quest and you will not be able to move the ship and hunt again later. If you miss, close your game without saving and then select Restore from the File menu to resume.

      Quest 9

      Mace is found in Indonesia, on Flores, the island directly southeast of Java. The trader will appear automatically. Offer him 100-150 gold coins for 50 jars of mace.

      Quest 10

      To defeat the Madagascar pirate you will need at least 12 cannons and 150 cannonballs. You will also need to be in pretty good shape before leaving so purchase repairs in Lisbon to bring your ship to maximum strength. Save your game at the Cape of Good Hope before encountering the pirate in case you are unsuccessful in defeating him. Do not bother giving him a chance to surrender, just keep firing as often as you can.

      Quest 11

      The Falkland Islands are off of the southeast tip South America. Port Stanley is on the east of these two islands. Sail there and follow the coast until you find the outpost. Take the barrels and return to Lisbon - but be careful not to get caught in the doldrums.

      Quest 12

      There is no easy way to reach Hawaii from Portugal. It is probably easier to sail southwest around South America and then sail sharply northwest to Hawaii. Once there pay 5-10 gold coins for 5 crates of pineapples. Buy more fruit and vegetables to keep yourself from getting scurvy. Then sail west through Oceania, around Africa, and then home.

      Quest 13

      Sail to Haiti and save your game. Sail to Cuba and select Hunt from the Actions menu. If you do not hit all the lower point flags plus either the 25 or 50 point flags you cannot complete the quest. Close the game without saving and then select Restore from the File menu to resume the game at the beginning of this quest.

      Quest 14

      Follow the coast south from Lisbon until you reach Sagres. Pay 800-950 gold coins for the statue and proceed to the colony on Long Island, New York. Once you arrive a message will appear offering assistance in return for your food and trade goods. Give them what they ask for and sail to the mainland immediately to hunt for meat and trade for vegetables and fruit.

      NOTE: If the message does not appear you may have an old version that has a small bug in it. You can download the fix for this problem by clicking on this link (Mac FAQs) if you are a Macintosh user or this link (Win FAQs) if you are a Windows user

      Quest 15

      Sail south around South America buying fruit and vegetables along the way with breaks to hunt for meat. Sail north to Vancouver Island but beware of the omnipotent Ron, the most ferocious pirate in the world. It is best to leave as soon as you can if he attacks. The governor is on the southern tip of the island. Click the Zoom button to see a sub map of this area. Wander around Victoria and buy software from Entrex for extra points.

      Quest 16

      Sail west from Vancouver Island to Hawaii then southwest to the Malay Peninsula. Choose Hunt from the Actions menu and use the Hand tool to gather breadfruit. Leave, then sail along the coast briefly and hunt again. You will need to do this three or four times before you have gathered enough breadfruit. Sail west around Africa, accross the Atlantic to South America, and north to Jamaica. A message will appear telling you that your quest has been completed.

      Quest 17

      The most important part of this quest is to wait until March before you begin. Time only advances when you are sailing. Follow the coast along North America, trading for food as you go until you are off of the coast of Newfoundland in March. Remember to Save the game every few seconds as you will undoutedly hit iceburgs several times before you are successful. Return to Lisbon.

      Quest 18

      Zoom into Lisbon sub map and go to the chapel. If you have not visited this chapel before you will have go there twice. Leave and sail around Africa and north into the Red Sea. Aqaba is at the end of the eastern inlet. Save your game. Click the Zoom button and walk to the dock master who will inform you (indirectly) that you must have a parrot to complete this quest. Stay along the path and go right. The riddle directs you to pick the small chalice on the right on the main table. Once you have the chalice, leave and return to the Chapel in Lisbon.

      Quest 19

      Wait until March of April before attempting the North East Passage. Save every few seconds and do not land your ship in enemy territory. Once you have completed the passage sail south and west back to Lisbon.

      Quest 20

      Click the Zoom button in Lisbon and go to the Inn. Play cards for extra points then play darts and aim for the triple twenty spot. Buy your partner a soda and take the ring. Walk to Zen park north of the Inn. The answer to the riddle is "sapphire". Leave and sail to the Galapagos Islands on the west coast of South America near Ecuador. Save your game. Click the Zoom button and go two squares east and one square north. When you see the second sub map, go two squares north and then one square east to the skull and look death in the eyes. Walk two squares diagonally northwest to the tree and move on. Move two squares diagonally southwest to the back of the boat. Dig there to find the treasure. Leave and check your Inventory and Status report to see what you have found and how many points you have earned.




    * While there are no sub maps inland, you will be required to walk inland in order to trade for certain goods.
    * Repair your ship whenever possible, Go to the shipwright in Lisbon and give him 500 gold pieces - it is well worth the expense.
    * When sailing north, beware of iceburgs. These will move further south in winter months, so it is important while trading in the artic or seeking a North
      West passage to watch the date. 


    * Remember that the worth of an item is ultimately what it is worth to you. If a trader requests a large number of glass beads for a few hundred furs, remember that back in Lisbon, glass beads are cheap, and the rewards for completing your quest are plentiful.
    * If you consistently insult the trader by playing lowball, you may not get as good a price as you would by making a reasonable offer. 


    * Some animals are faster than others. Often it appears as though you have hit the animal when you have actually missed. When hunting gazelles, giraffes or impalas, aim for the shoulder instead of the hind parts.
    * The sapphire for your first quest can only be found (gathered) by hunting in southern Africa. 


    * The optimum cannon angle is 45 degrees. The most effective way to battle is to adjust your power very slightly, as this is the most sensitive control. If you are fighting in close range, reduce your cannon angle to around 35 degrees and continue to adjust your power.
    * The biggest difference you can make is by buying more cannons (at Son's Armoury in Lisbon, around 400 gold pieces each). This gives you more firepower, and you will need at least 10 cannons to defeat Bluebeard or the Omnipotent Ron. 


    * As well as using latitude and longitude to locate your caches, you can make a cache on an easily identifiable landmark, such as the largest of the Azores Islands, or the most westerly of the Canary Islands. Other good locations are the tip of the Horn of Africa, and the southern tips of Nova Scotia or Florida.
    * If you cache on open seas, it will be counted as a discard. Do not just throw your possessions overboard unless you really want to. 
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