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Tenchi souzou/Terranigma Walkthrough                           ver 1.0
Creation of Heaven and Earth

Story line and alot of names are from the european version on the game.
I have both japanese and european versions but don't know alot of
japanese,so some of the story might be a little off,as with the names.
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This File is                            Created July 31,1997                     Last Updated September 11,1997    
                                        Corrections made March 29, 1999

(Sorry for holding out on releasing this FAQ/Walkthrough for so long, I 
 lost it when I bought a new computer, and found it recently).     


Part 1 : Important Stuff

1A-Inside Yomi's box

Inside Center Door

Weapons door         Items door         Armor door

Battle HandBook      Jeweled box,       Jouney guide book

mirror               settings           Map


Grass Medal-Heals damage.
Wind Medal-Cures status.
Bone Medal-
Water Medal-Protects with bubles.
Dragon Medal-


Cry Spear-Yomi hands this over when you revive him.
??-Bought in crysta.
Lar Spear-In the Lar Tree,or the shop outside of it.
Roc Spear-In Great Cliff.
Sticker-Found in Zoo after the first altar.
Neo's Fang-Neo gives it to you after you save Lem.
FirePike-In the Elkemata Moutains.
Bronze Pike-Sold in louran,or other towns.
LightRod-In Louran's East side after the true form is revialed.
SilverPike-Sold in Lorie
Ice Pick-In Sylvain castle
Earth Staff-In the Great Lakes cave.
ThunderPike-Sold in towns.
DragonPike-Sold in Yunkou.
EnbuPikw-Found in Mu.
3PartRod-In Dragoon Castle.
BlockRod-In a cave by the Great Mosque.
Fauchard-Neo Tokyo's sewers.
Hero Spear-In Storkolm,Given to you by the surface world's Yomi. 


Clothes-Start with these.
Elle's Cape-Give Cystal Thred With Elle for this.
Leaves Suit-Inside the Ra Tree,or the shop outside of it.
Lar Armor-At the shop outside of the Ra Tree.
Bird Suit-At the shop near the King Birds nest.
Ice Suit-In the Elkemata Moutains.
Monk's suit-Sold in Lhasa.
Rags-In Louran's supply room after the true form is revialed.
Ring Mail-Sold in Lorie
Vest Armor-In Sylvain castle.
Dragon Armor-In the Great Lakes Cave.
Posh Suit-Sold in towns.
Kung-Fu-Dogi-Sold in towns.
Sea Mail-In a cave by the South Pole.
Red Armor-Sold in the Great Mosque.
Soul Armor-In the Lab.
Holy Suit-In Astarica.
Hero Armor-In Storkolm,Given to you by the surface world's Yomi.

1E-Primebell-I'm missing many of these.
(These are the blue stones used for magic, and I forgot what they are
 called in the European version).

-Tower 1
  *Floor 2
  *Floor 4
  *Floor 5

-Tower 2
  *Floor 1
  *Floor 2
  *Floor 4

-Tower 3
  *Basement 1
  *Floor 4

-Tower 4
  *Basement 1
  *Floor 2
  *Floor 3

-Area south of the Lar Tree.
-Area in the Lar Tree where you get the Giant Leaves(in a corner).

-Great Cliff
  *Before the Roc Spear.
  *After the first vine shaft(stay in the middle).
  *Cave with the fire shooting rocks that jump out of holes.
  *After the second shaft.
  *After the claws,and the third shaft(stay to the right).

  *Left of the second altar.
  *Right before where the boss is(ONLY before you set of the 3rd altar).
  *Left of the 3rd altar.

  *Left of the begining.
  *After the Yeti throws you across the lake.
  *Same as above,in a cave though.
  *A little bit before the boss.

  *In Meirin's house.
  *Behind a fence(After true form is revialed).
  *In a house on the east side.
  *In a house on the north side.
  *In the same house.Crawl under a table agasint a wall.
  *In a diffrent north side house.

-Forest east of louran behind a tree.
-Safarium(In chap 3)after scoring 30 or more on the monster game.
-Balkin Moutains near the begining.
-Neo Tokyo
  *In a building near the entrance.
  *After the noodle eating contest.

-Loire Castle
  *In the Pantry.
  *In the secret tower by the king's bedroom.

-Norfest Forest
  *One screen after Meirin follows you.
  *Near the other side of the bridge.
  *Very close to Storkolm.

-Sylvain castle
  *Room with the ropes.
  *In the room with the kings bed.
  *In the right tower.

-Fredom port,in a building.
-Colorado River,on bridge after its build.
-South of Liotto,After finishing race fast enough.
  *After Cream-a-cat Game.
  *In the back og a building.

-NewZeland,on one of the islands.
-Great Lakes Cave,after flooding the lower floor from above.
-Cave by North Pole.
-In a corner of Yunkou.

-Dragoon Castle
  *Far right door.
  *Far right door,in basement type room with water.
  *Dungeon like area behind middle door.

-A house in the Great Mosque.
-Astarica's 3rd room.
-House in SunCoast.

-Neo Tokyo 
  *Pond area of the sewers.
  *After the Pond area of the sewers.

-Lab Tower
  *After the first meeting with Fyda.


Part 2 : Walkthrough

2A-Chapter 1:The Outset

   You start off in the town of crysta.Elle Wakes you up and you find 
out Blue crystal is in the air today.Goto the Elder 1 room south,1 west,
1 north.He says to goto Elle's house and apologize for causing trouble
the other day.Goto her house,its to the north.Apologize and head back.
When you get back to the eldars house,your friends will be trying to
break down the blue door.Say no to helping.After they get sucked in,
throw a couple pots at the door and it breaks.

   Get to the bottom and Free Yomi from his box.You get the box and
Yomi will tell you about the box after you free him.

   Then Elle comes down and freezes up.Go upstairs and find everyone in
the town frozen but the eldar and you.He says you havta goto the towers.
Goto the first tower.

2AB-The Towers

     The first tower is west of the village.Beat all of the monsters in
each room and talk to the glowing spheres.Remember to check for broken
windows to exit through.At the top you fight 4 red rolly polly type
monsters.Then you free
the continent eurasia.
     Next stop is tower 2.Look for the statues with diffrent colored
jewels here,and push them.On floor 4,push the one on the right site
right and the one of the left side left one space each.If monsters
fall down you did it wrong.No bss here,just get to the top and free
South America.
     After this you can go straight to tower out for blue sprits
comming from the walls.They can stun you and warp you back to the 
entrance of the tower.At the top you havta fight the high wizard.There
are 2 fakes and a real.After this you free Africa.
     At tower 4,most of the holes take you 1 floor down.At the begining
you havta fight 3 wizards.On a floor with 4 holes go in the south east
one.Don't forget the crystal yarn on floor 3.At the top you havta
fight a worm like boss.Hit the orange section to remove it then kill it
until the whole worm is gone.Then you free North America.
     This time you havta go back to town before tower 5.Give the yarn to
Elle and she will Make a cape for you.
     Goto tower 5 and the cape will deflect the guardian's blast.At the 
top you fight the shadow master boss.First kill
his hands,then head,then he will be defenseless.Finally kill his body.
Here you free Austrailia.
     On the way back to town,watch out for a green building north of
tower 5.Here you can free Polynese after you beat tower 5 and all
the monsters.
     Go north of tower 4 to find another place.Push the rock out of the
way and free the Void Mu here.
     Now go back to town and talk to the eldar.Say goodbye to Elle and 
folow the eldar to the hole south east of town.He tells about how the
earth is now only a waste land and you need to revive life.Jump down
and move onto...

2B-Chapter 2:Ressurection of the world

2BA-The Plants

     You Start at the Portal North of the Amazons here.Go south to what
Looks like a lake.This is EverGreen.Go up and climb in the Raa Tree.
In this cavern,you can throw red plants,and open grayish plants as if
they are treasure chests.You find healing items and Stat increasing 
items in these.Also one holds a Raa Spear,and one Holds the Leaves suit.
You can't go into the water without the giant leaves.Also watch out
for pinkish flower-like monsters that shoot green poison.Eventually you
Will end up at a vine leading down.Here you will get the giant leaves.
Backtrack to places with rivers you couldn't cross before until you 
find some flowers.One will give you Raa's Teardrops.Now you can fight 
the boss.He is near the begining.Use the teardrops before entering his
room.This boss is Parasite.At first hit the brown things that come out
of holes on the side and avoid the worm in the middle.Then hit the eye
in the middle when it comes out and avoid the worm from the sides.
After this,you ressurect the plants.Talk to the Raa Tree to get the
Grass Metal.Before you leave,You can buy Raa Armor from the Glowing
Spirit On the upper-left.

2BB-The Birds

     Go Noth and through the area called Giunia.Then contine north west
to find the area Colorado.Here is the Santuary/Bird Paradise and the
GreenCliff.Also in the small patch of forest to the south,you can get
some jems and an item.
     Goto Great cliff.The weird looking walls can be climbed with some
Claws found here.Also,Black boulders can be broken with a Roc Spear
which is here as well.Watch out for falling rock monsters and rocks
that turn into monsters.Once you get the sharp claws you can make your
way to the boss at the top.You find the sharp claws in a nest.Check out
the shiny spot.This is after the room with the stone bridges.The boss
here is the Dark Twins(european name).Hit it when it swoops down,but
don't fall off or you havta start over.When it calls for help,just 
dodge what the help drops and ignore it.This boss shoul die after 5-10
hits only.Now all the birds which are turned into monsters were restored
to normal.
     Goto the Santuary and climb the wall in the upper-left.Talk to
the king bird at the top.He will tell you WindVale's yearly wind hasn't
come yet.Talk to the left of the 3 birds below.It will take you to
WindVale.Throw a rock at the shiny spot in the hole here and the wind
will wake up after the long winter.It will thank you.Now go back to the
king bird and get the wind medal.
2BC-The Animals/Mammals

     Talk to the migrators below the king again.the middle one goes to
kyomito and the left one to Safarium.First goto Safarium,as kyomito
isn't there yet.Go south to the savanah and into Zoo.Here the weather
will change everyone once in a while.You havta beat every monster you
see here,beacuse they will release the sould of the rain shaman of the
past.For every 4 souls you can set off an altar that will rise water
and increase greeny in a certin area.Look for the Sticker spear after
the first altar.When you come across an odd looking wall,let one of
the frog monsters called douma exhale a blast at you that will push
you into the wall.After the second altar there are tree stumps that can
be pushed into the water to make bridges.In the end,you havta fight the
Pegan God/Storm Master.Not a very hard fight,avoid scythes and fire and
strike when he isnt blocking with scythes.In the second part,avoid fire
and strike when he swoops down.After this,Mammals which were changed
into monsters shall regain their true forms.
     Now there will be many animals at the safarium.Go to the Cave in
the back and talk to the lions.The kings wife tells about her son Lime
who hasta pass a ritual test to become the king in the canyon.Go south
of Zoo and the Savanah,and into the canyon.Save Lime from the vultures
attacking him and folow him,killing monsters that attack him.When you
get to the stone bridge,you havta walk equil to,or slower than he does
so it dosen't fall.At the end you havta fight the boss,Mud Doll.Throw
the rock on the screen at him and Lime will go get this until
he is dead.After some trickery,Lime will havta fight on his own.when
he wins,he will get a Star Stone,which will fall into the story a bit
later,you go back to the Safarium.Goto the Lions Den and get help from 
Neo,along with the weapon,Neo's Fang.Go past Zoo,Past the Savanah,and 
you should find a river.There is an entrance at the 2 trees on the map.
This is the Indus River.Now that you asked Neo's help,there will be
rhinos in the can cross them as if they were a bridge.
2BD-The Humans

     Not too far after the river,you should find the Elkamata moutains.
Go in them.After a while you should se a yeti soaking.Go in the cave
below.You can break walls here by slideing down from the ledge above.
The left wall has Ice Suit armor.The right wall leads to the flower that
gives you SnowGrass Leaves to heal the yeti.Also check the pit near
the entrance of the cave by climbing down the vine on the ledge above.
Here you get the FirePike weapon.Heal the yeti,and he will help you by
throwing you across the river so you can continue.After a while,you
will side down a long drop and hit a wall causeing an avalanche.When 
you come to,you are in a dave with a moutain goat and her dead husband.
After some scenes here,you can continue.Go to the lake where the yetis can now walk in the empty lake.go through the saves here,and
you will eventually find the boss,master morph.Avoid the rocks when he
is in yeti form.When he changes to a Cadet,hit the spells back at him.
Then when he is a shadow,use Neo's Fang instead of the FirePike at
this time.Avoid the bats and strike when you can.After you beat him the
humans will come back.Then you see a scene showing the food chain and
the end of chapter 2 occurs.

2CA-Chapter 3:Resurrection of the Genius

     You start 3 years later in Lhasa.You are just waking up.Talk to
Lord Kumari and get the Bone Medal.Go to the entrance of town and talk
to meihou.Then folow him back to Lord kumari.You learn about the ruined
town of Louban in the desert to the NothEast.Go past the land Yangtze
and to the desert Gobi.Look for a secret entrance here.Folow the girl
you see exactly to enter the town.
     Talk to everyone here,they are nice.You can buy a BronzePike in the
shop if you want,but you havta do it now.Talk to everyone more than
once.Keep ralking until they repeat messages.Remember where the guy 
that says he is instaling a new door is,you will need to know later.
Goto Meirin's house.she seems mad and wants you to leave.Goto the 
Inn and rest.You should wake up,and find the town in wrecks and zombies
all over the place.This is the true form of Lourain!First get the Red
Scarf from Meirin's room.Next,Goto the west side and get the LightRod
weapon and the Holy Seal.Goto the place where a man was installing a 
door and try to walk down as if there was a door.Equip the Holy Seal
here so ghosts dont get you.If they do,you havta start back at the
Square.Keep folowing the path.Houses have Items and Mahou Rocks,but
otherwise,they aren't important right now.When you get to the grave
yard,show the red scarf to Meirin's dog,Turbo.Then folow him to Meirin.
After a sence with Meirin,Meihou comes and tells you to Ask the nomads
in the town to the north for help crossing the desert to the west.

2CO-*Optional for now*

     Go back to the Bird's Santuary and talk to the middle migrator.He
will fly you to Neo Tokyo.There are some magic rocks,and a place
where you can meet Enix/Quintet programers here.Check the trash can
By the empty lot to find someone calling for help.Help this person.
You havta fight a ghost haunting people that have bad habits and are
messy.He isn't too hard.When he is spinning,run.when he pops up,shlash
him before he can spin.Soon he will go down.The victim,a chicken who 
claims to work for Quintet appears.He thanks you and says he will make
a game staring you and call it Illusion of Gaia 2(whoopie).Now the
Quintet building appears where the grass lot and the sign were.

2CB-The Princess

     Go to the town of Loire in the west.Talk to everyone here and get
information.Goto the INN.after a sceen with Fyda,A female warrior of
the castle,and a selfish inn keeper named Bounty,get some rest and
goto the castle.Before hand,if you have the money,buy the Ring mail and
the SilverPike from the shop.
     Explore the castle.When you are ready,goto the waiting room and 
talk to Froid(Blue Haired guy).When called in,goto the room.You are in
a contest to make the princess speak(she is muted).talk to the butler,
then the king,Then the Princess...Princess Elle.Ark thinks she is the
Elle he knows.The butler tells you to try and find a cure for her now.
     Start by going north to the mushroom forest west of Molly's house.
Find a Mushroom hiding in the shades of the trees.Bring this to the
chemist at Bounty's to get Sleep Potion.Goto the castle kitchen and
after the cooks are done talking,slip the potion into the pot on the
right.You get kicked out,but when you return,everyone is asleep.Free
White Wind from the jail and Loot the kings treasury.To get to his bed
room,push the guard out of your way like as if he was a statue.then
goto the statue on the right side of the kings bed and push it.You get
the Protect Bell and a magic rock.Now you can goto Norfest Forest in 
the north by Scandia,Molly's,and the Mush Forest.
     When in Norfest Forest,have the Bell equiped.If you hear a sound
when you enter a new screen,you are going the right way.If not,go back
and try again.When you get to the bridge,you dont need the Bell anymore.
If you want to kill the flame throwing ghost-type monsters,hit them 
once,then wait for them to pop back up.Then they die from another hit.
Eventually you should get to a point where Meirin pops up behind you.
Kill the bats here and save her.She will follow you.At this point,
back track and go one screen to the right to find the important item,
the Dog Wistle.Now continue.When you get to the town of Storkolm,you
find out it looks just like Crysta with minor diffrences.After some
talking with meirin,wolves attack!don't move at all.Push select and
select the Dog Wistle from the item screen.If you don't have it,retreat
or move and let the wolves kick you out.If you use it,the wolbes will
just start wandering the town and stop attacking you.Go into Elle's
house(It's where the Eldar's was in Crysta)to get a healing bulb,and
the Portrait of Elle's family.Meirin sees this and says she can create
a mirage for the king and Elle.Go back to the castle,and to the king.
After a scene,Elle speaks.The king gets mad and throws you out.
     You get a dream scene now,staring the Eldar of Crysta.He says
you need to find the geniuses for the infant world of humans to walk
and grow.He also tells you to go south.
     When you wake up and walk out of your inn room,the desk lady tells
you the king died!Some say it was an illness,some say he was killed by
     They will have an election.Vote for the top guy Jean,then head
south to Litz and the Sylvain Castle.

     First thing here,find a soul that will follow you,then take it to
the silver statue.Kill it and a bridge will appear.Go the the room with
the pulleys and enter the combination 286.Now the chandeliers will be
lowered for you to get the first jewel.Explore a bit and find the Vest
Armor,Ice Pick,and Prison Key.Check the fire place around where the 
pulley room was,and get the next jewel.Then goto the right tower and
pull the switch in the cobras mouth to drain the acid in the pond at 
the foot of the castle to get another gem.Get to the top of the left
tower and jump to the right one for the last jewel.Goto the Hall where
the 4 paintings are and the jewels will fill in.Now you can go down the
secret pit to the dengeon.4 Ladys will be circling around you.Wait till
they stop and hit the one you think is real.When you beat these,examine
the man at the top and you will be warped to another room.You havta
run and strike the doll at the other end before the other dolls finish
talking or they take you back to the start.
     Now you fight the boss,Bloody Marry.She can do major dmaage..about
20-50 a hit.Use the dash attack with the silver pike or LightRod.They
do about 5 damage when the ice pick does 1 or 2.If you dash from below,
you might get 2 hits in with one dash.After you beat her,talk to the
man in the Prison,Columbus.He tells the story about the queen's sons
dying on his voyage to the new world.He will tell the sailors of Litz
all his navigating skills,so you can sail too.Sleep in Litz,and Fyda
will ask for you help.
2CD-The Pursuit

     Fyda will tell you to take Princess Elle to the new world with you.
Go on the ship,and sleep in the cabin.At night,you wake up from Elle's
scream.You fight the Ship Ghosts here.Not a very hard fight,just hit
the ghost that you think is real right when it appears before it can
spin around.Talk to Elle afterwards and always answer the bottom choice.
Go back to sleep,and when you wake up everyone has already gone ashore.
The sailor gives you a note from Elle.The not explain how Elle ran away
and that she was the one who killed the king.The king had the groom 
hunt as a scam to get Elle to speak,so he could get the secret out of
her that her family has had for a while.But after the king died,other
people interested in the secret came to the castle too.So fyda escaped
with Elle.
     Talk to the people in the town,and if you want you can go through
some side quests.Go north of the village,past Nirake and west of the
great lakes cave to a secret forest Guminu.Kill the tree monsters here
and get 2 logs on the forest floor,Then re-enter and repeat until you
have 9.Now goto the Colorado River and have the bridge built.On the
other side you notice you are back near the begining by Great Cliff.
But no go back to Evergreen and across a bridge to the north east.
     You will be at the carnival town Liotto.Look for Meirin here.Go
to the north end of the town where there is a rock.She says that lovers
who declare their love here at night will be happy.She also says she
loves Ark and wants you to come back at night.Goto the inn and come at
night.A vision of Elle will appear and talk,then Meirin will come and 
get mad and run away.
     Goto the port to the south and talk to the captain.He will tell 
you to beat the monsters in Mirmaid Tower to the east that are killing
sailors and destroying fishing industries.There is an easy boss here to
beat and some fish.After you beat them you can get a Sea Spear,and talk
to Nana who says on the way to seeing Servas at the Great Lakes,her
ship sunk.She gives you the Engagement Ring to give to Servas.When you
leave here,you also get the Water Metal.
     You can explore the world now in the ship before going on if you
want to.There are places like Mu and the cave in the south pole with
Weapons/Armor and other little islands with Potions and free gems.
     When you are ready you can goto the Great Lakes cave north of 
Freedom and Nirake and give the ring to Servas to pass.In the room to
the left of the Begining,you get an Air Herb so you can go under water.
Go to the bubles and submerge to another place.In the place with the
shadow under the water,fall of the fall on the very far left to land
on a ledge and get the Magic Anchor.When you see a place with a hole
and a bit of water coming from the wall,throw a rock at the wall 
where the water is coming out to flood a level continue.At
the end you fight a dragon type thing and some star fish...Hitoderon
and Gossie.The dragon isnt the real boss,the star fish are.When it
goes above your head and drops,move out of the way then strike.When
you win you will get the Dragon Medal.Then talk to Will and go back to
the village.Will says airplane parts in Yunkou went up and or are hard
to find so he can't finish his airplane.
2CE-The Abductors

     Goto Yunkou in your boat.Be sure to stop at an island near it on 
the way to get the Speed Shoes.Goto the inn and find Fyda sick.Goto the
doctor of the town and he will tell you to ask Lon trading for Ginseng.
Go to Lon and learn about Lon and Wong.Lon will give you Ginseng,but
afterwards he wants you to goto Dragoon Castle and check on Wong.Take
the Ginseng to the doctor,then to Fyda and see the dream sequence.
You have to choose the second choice when you are given a choice in the
dream or Fyda won't get better.After this she tells you Elle is at 
Dragoon castle.Talk to Perel who is in the town now.He will distract 
the guard at Dragon castle for you.First go in the middle door.When you
get to a door that wont open,bash into it with the speed shoes.You will
get double crossed by Meirin and her fake Elle mirage.Fyda will
eventually free you from prison.Now go in the right door.After another
Meirin mirage and other stuff,Meirin gets double crossed by Mr.Wong.
Perel comes and frees you from that room.Meirin tells you to look for
an unpaired statue.Goto the Left door and put out the candles with the
water go on and look for the unpaired statue right near the
entrance of the new room.Check the wall that the statue is looking at
and a door will open.Now go in and save Elle.Royd will come to stop you,
but Fyda will come to stop Him.Take Elle and follow Meirin to a secret
pasage to get out.Elle wil stay and wait for Fyda who Royd will let 
leave with no fight after some talking.Royd then turns on Wong saying
his best friends were killed by Wong in one of his preperation phases.
You also hear the name Beluga in the town of Great Mosque mentioned by
Wong.When you are almost out of the castle,it will crumble.Perel and
Meirin return to where they should be.
     Goto Will in Nirake and get an airplane.Fly north/west until you
see the only other landing strip right now.Land at Great Mosque and  
talk in the town.When you are ready,goto the Lab south of Great Mosque
and hit the switches on each floor,then take the elevator down one 
more.The data base computer has information about the world before 
this.Beluga used to create cures for diseases in the past world,But one
time an airborne virus called Asmodeous,that has a 90 % mortality rate
struck.He made a vaccine for it but it was too late,and not enough was
made.After that,life on earth ended from lack of food and the virus.But
Beluga froze himself in time.On the final floor,a big robot will pop
down.This boss is very easy if you get to a high level like 26 and use
the 3PartRod.Otherwise he is very hard and annoying.Hit the 3 things
connected to him at the bottom while avoiding the missles,whiplash 
attacks,and shock waves.When he rockets up,stand back so you dont get
hurt.After you destroy the 3 hit areas,a bunch of little robots will 
come out.Kill them and go north.You see Beluga coming out of his
"Long Sleep".He shows you something in the other room.Zombies that he
brough back from the dead.He says the important people will live not
fearing death and the unimportant will die so the earth doesnt fill up.
Then attack him and some robots will protect him.After a talk with the
eldar that actually sounds like a fake eldar,and a scene where Neo
Tokyo is getting erased by the Star of drakness,you wake up in Lhasa.
Goto Lord Kumari for instructions.

2CF-5 Star Stones

     Kumari will tell you to seek out the 5 Star Stones.Talk to Meihou
and he will tell you something about the locations.First goto astarica.
Drink from the goblet and you will have a dream sequence with people
that look like Meirin,Peral,Royd,Fyda,and Elle,but they have diffrent 
names.When you wake up,one of the Star Stones is in a chest.
     Now goto Airs Rock by SunCoast in Austrilia.The scientist will say
he is gonna watch the world end from here and give you a Star Stone.
     Now goto Loire.The results from the ellection come in.Leave the 
town and goto the square in the middle when you re-enter.Buy some 
flowers from the girl.Then take the gull by Liotto to Green Land and
Penguin Land.Equip the flower(s) and talk to a penguin on the right
side by one of the igloos.You lose a flower and get a Star Stone.
     Now sail south of Litz and get off at the nearest port.Go in the
big Sahara desert and search for a secret place in the North East.Here
you find a dead guy who has the Star Stone Lime got.
     The final Star Stone won't be as easy to get.Goto Neo Tokyo to 
find everyone wiped out my the bio virus "Asmodeus".Goto the police
station and get the transistor from the drawer.A girl is in the sewers.
Go to the sewers and first find the prison key.Then go through the door
back near the begining of the sewers.Near the end,you find the girl 
being followed by a lion.After observation,the lion turns out to be 
a grown up Lime.The girl gives you a Star Stone and a rescue crew is
comming for Lime and the girl.
     Goto Dry Vale in antarctica and Put a Star Stone in each of the
skulls.The voice of the Light Side of Ark says you are the Dark Side
and the world is becoming unbalenced as if there was a 13th hour on the
clock,and this has to be fixed.Then he merges with you.

2DA-Chapter 4:Resurrection of the Hero

     You wake up in Storkolm as a baby with Elle naming you Ark.Then she
goes to get food,and the real Elle from Ark's town ,Crysta.The voice of
the eldar echos down and tells Elle to kill the baby.She takes him to 
the basement,Then the Elle of the surface world and Crysta meet.The
eldar tells the Crysta Elle to kill the surface world Elle and Ark.But
the voice of Kumari,Raa,Lime,and the Birdking tell Ark they need him to
save the world.Then the baby turns into the full grown legendary hero 
Ark.Then Yomi comes out and tells the Elle of Crysta to kill Ark,and
explains how they used Ark to revive Buruga,and dark Gaia,or what the
humans call the devel.Yomi tries to kill Ark himself with an earth
quake,but the Elle of Crysta sacrifices herself and saves him.Then
after a talk with the surface world Elle,open the Pandora's Box that is
there.The surface world Yomi comes out and acts as a replacement for
the evil one.He also gives you a Hero Armor,and a Hero Spear.On the way
out,a gull has a letter from Meihou that says him and the whole gang of
other suporting characters have formed a Carvan at the Lab Tower of 
Beluga in east Siberia.Once you get there,Meirin distracts security 
cameras so you can get in.Then Peral will pull you over a gap with a 
crane and destroy the laser cannons in the coridor so you can pass.
Next,Fyda and you will push switches at the same time to open the way.
Then Royd will break the shutters with a cannon for you to go through.
Finally,Meihou,Meirin,Peral,and Ark push 4 switchs at the same time to
open a pitfall and shut of Beluga's escape route.Jump down the big hole
from the back side and you will land on Beluga's airship.Fyda and Royd
will tell about the 7 computers that control the ship and give you 7
Time bombs to destroy the computers with.Find all 7 and arm them up,
then goto the back of the ship where Beluga is.He says that even though
the ship is going down,He has rocket shoes to fly away,and that by 
destroying the computers,Ark,Fyda,and Royd have no escape.But right 
before Beluga... can leave,he gets choped up by the propeller that is 
spining.Then a gull comes and Ark is able to escape to Airs Rock.The
scientist says that he sees a light of some sort falling towards South
America and he thinks the last day of Earth has come.

2DB-Chapter 4:End Game

     Go back to the portal...where you first landed when jumping down 
to the surface world.Columbus is there.Talk to him then jump in and you
will be back at the upper world.Go into crysta...but make sure you have
a full stock of healing items and about 32 levels of EXP.Talk to some
people,then they wil turn into a little blueish flying soul.Talk to the
elder.He will say that all humans are made out of crystal blue,and when
they are destoryed,it returns to the sky.Then he takes you to Gaia Stone.
Here you hear Dark Gaia...who is gonna fight you for the birth of the new
     The first form isnt to the crystal he shoots by 
standing on the side.Use the dash attack when he shoots the red beam 2 
times,and when the 4 red lasers fire,just run around in circles.When he
is geting ready to do the big sphere,go as far to the side as you can and
push the attack button rapidly.When he shoots it,it will break in half 
and hopefully strike him.Then his head flys at you.Dodge it while it 
flickers,but when its solid,attack it as much as you can.When you beat
him,the true form comes.
     This is really annoying.Be on level 31 or 32,if you aren't,your 
attacks might only do 1-10 damage a hit.You want 10-100 a hit.Dodge all
the circular beams he tosses...the blue ones make Ark frozen and the 
dark red ones toast him.Also watch out for the laser he will shoot.when
he powers up for the grayish beam and lightining,Block with L and R.You
will take 1-6 damage each 1/2 second or so for about 8 seconds.If you 
don't block,it will HALF your HP each time it hits.When he gets close
enough,hit him.It's hard to tell at first when he gets close so always
try to hit him with a dash attack if you aren't sure.

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