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ORIGINAL FAQ DATE: Sunday, January 25th, 2004

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		               [ FAQ/Walkthrough ]

Author       : JPaterson
Platform     : Microsoft Xbox
Last Updated : September 7th, 2004
Version      : Final
E-Mail       : == See "[A] Contact Information" ==
Website      :

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Jul. 13th, 2005
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Feb. 7th, 2004
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  the two pilots.

Feb. 4th, 2004
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Jan. 27th, 2004 (v0.3)
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  endings, in case you want to see what happens.  Ran a spell check; fixed
  some slight errors.

Jan. 26th, 2004 (v0.2)
- Finished off more sections.  Started walkthrough up to Club Vox.  Feel free
  to submit hints and strategies.

Jan. 25th, 2004 (v0.1)
- Just started.  Nothing to update.


Table of Contents

[1] The Basics
    [1.1] Difficulty Levels
    [1.2] Controlling Alex D
[2] The World
    [2.1] Organizations
    [2.2] Locations
    [2.3] Characters
[3] Weapons, Biomods, and Equipment
    [3.1] Weapons
    [3.2] Grenades & Mines
    [3.3] Biomods
    [3.4] Miscellaneous Items
[4] NPCs and Enemies
    [4.1] NPCS
    [4.2] Enemies
    [4.3] Robotics
[5] Walkthrough
    [5.1] Seattle, Washington
           [5.1.1] Tarsus Academy
           [5.1.2] Upper Seattle
           [5.1.3] Inclinator
           [5.1.4] Lower Seattle
           [5.1.5] Inclinator Pt. 2
           [5.1.6] WTO Hangar
           [5.1.7] Mako Ballistics
    [5.2] Cairo, Egypt
           [5.2.1] Medina
           [5.2.2] Acrology
    [5.3] Trier, Germany
           [5.3.1] Streets
           [5.3.2] The Black Gate
           [5.3.3] Templar Compound
    [5.4] Antarctica
           [5.4.1] The Sanctuary of J.C. Denton
           [5.4.2] Versalife Base
    [5.5] Cairo Revisited
           [5.5.1] Medina
           [5.5.2] Acrology
    [5.6] New York, New York
           [5.6.1] Liberty Island
           [5.6.2] UNATCO Base
[6] The Four Endings
[7] Secrets
[8] Bugs/Glitches
[9] Questions & Answers
[10] Cheat Codes
[11] Tips and Tricks
[12] Miscellaneous
     [12.1] Loading Screen Messages
[13] System Requirements

[A] Contact Information
[B] Webmaster Information
[C] Where This FAQ May be Found
[D] Other FAQs Written
[E] Deus Ex: Invisible War Copyright Information


| [1] The Basics                                                              |

This section will cover the basics of the game, from controlling your character
to managing your inventory to combat techniques.

| [1.1] Difficulty Levels                                                     |

There are four difficulty levels you can choose from, each available from the
start of the game.

Easy      - Your enemies take more damage than normal, and you take much less
            damage from enemy attacks.  Picking up a full ammo clip gives you
	    30 "units" of fire.  Your accuracy is greatly increased, while your
	    enemy's accuracy is greatly lowered.  You have a greater chance of
            hitting your enemy while moving, and they have a greater chance of
            missing you.

Normal    - Your enemies take the same amount of damage as you, depending on
            the weapon used.  You hit your enemies with the same accuracy as
            they hit you.  You hit them the same amount of times as they hit
            you, depending on range and weapon used.  Picking up a full ammo
            clip gives you 30 "units" of fire.

Hard      - Your enemies take more damage than you before falling.  You hit
            your enemies sometimes, depending on range and weapon used, and
            they hit you almost always.   Picking up a full ammo clip gives you
            28 "units" of fire.

Realistic - You can damage your enemies twice as normal, while they do the
            same, resulting in more kills.  Your enemies can hit you more often
            than you hit them, and have better accuracy while moving.  If you
            move while firing, your accuracy is greatly lowered.  Picking up a
            full ammo clip gives you 22 "units" of fire.

| [1.2] Controlling Alex D                                                    |

Here are the basic controls (taken from manual).

=== Xbox ===

Right Trigger: Fire Weapon/Throw Object
Left Trigger : Alternate Fire
Y            : Jump/Mantle
X            : Open Inventory
B            : Switch Toolbet Item
A            : Use Item/Object, Select Item/Object, Speak to Character/Activate
Black        : Open Biomod Screen
White        : Open Datavault

=== PC ===

Gameplay Commands

Shift              : Walk/Run toggle
C                  : Crouch/Stand toggle
Spacebar           : Jump/Mantle
Right Mouse Button : Use Item/Object, Select Item/Object, Speak/Activate
Left Mouse Button  : Fire Weapon/Throw Object
F                  : Alternate Fire
Tab                : Open Mod Installation Interface
F1-F6              : Toggle Corresponding Biomod On/Off
1-6                : Equip Corresponding Toolbelt Item
B                  : Biomod Interface
V                  : Inventory Interface
N                  : Datavault Interface
Keypad 3           : Biomod HUD Display
Keypad 1           : Toolbelt HUD Display
ESC                : Return to Main Menu from Game
Up arrow/W         : Move Forward
Left arrow/A       : Strafe Left
Right Arrow/D      : Strafe Right
Back arrow/S       : Move Backwards

Menu Direction Commands

Up    : Up Arrow, W, or number pad 5
Down  : Down Arrow, D, or number pad 2
Left  : Left Arrow, A, or number pad 1
Right : Right Arrow, S, or number pad 3
TAB   : Delete Savegame

Thanks to Emil for sending in the default PC control scheme.


| [2] The World                                                               |

The world of DX2 is a vast and open-ended place, filled with a unique brand of
characters and organizations.  Some of these people are out to help you, some
are out to hurt you, and some don't yet know what to do with you.  Throughout
the course of the game, more and more information will become available to you
regarding these various people, and what their true motives are.

Below are short descriptions of organizations and characters in the game.  More
information will be revealed to you about these parties as you progress through
the game.

| [2.1] Organizations                                                         |

WTO                 : Roughly based on the World Trade Organization, the WTO
                      believe in economic progress and materialism over all
                      else.  The WTO believe that the key to keeping everyone
                      happy is to have a healthy economy with plenty of
                      possessions.  Their immediate focus is economic recovery.
                      The WTO works with governments to ensure growth and
                      stability between cities and nations.

The Order           : An exact opposite of the WTO, the Order believes that
                      materialism and the quest for owning stuff is what caused
                      the collapse to happen in the first place.  They strive
                      to preserve the state of nature and to fulfill happiness
                      without the need of owning material items.  The Order is
                      led by Her Holiness, who directly opposes the WTO's

Tarsus Academy      : The Tarsus Academy chain of schools specializes in the
                      education of nanoenhanced humans.  They specialize in
                      weapons, psychological, technological, physical, and nano
                      training, to ensure the students are at their peak when
                      they graduate and join a sponsoring corporation.

The Templar         : The Knights Templar believe that nanoenhanced humans are
                      against God and the natural order of things, and that the
                      human body is a sacred thing that should not be messed
                      with.  They believe human biotechnology should be
                      completely wiped from the face off the Earth.  They
                      loosely base their ideals from The Knights Templar, a
                      group who existed during the Crusade.

The Omar            : The Omar are a group of people who have had so much bio-
                      engineering done that they no longer look human.  They
                      are dedicated to seeing human limitations be removed
                      through extensive use of technology.  As such, the Omar
                      are considered direct enemies of the Templar.

The Illuminati      : An organization that's been around since the 1700s, the
                      Illuminati was founded to bring peace to mankind by
                      secretly controlling the world's governments.

SSC                 : The SSC, or Standard Security Corporation, is a law
                      enforcement agency that provides security to anybody, be
                      it a person or a corporation, who hires them.

Mako Ballistics     : Mako Ballistics is the largest firearms manufacturer in
                      the world.  They build everything from conventional
                      weaponry, such as pistols, to the high-tech, ultra-secret
                      weaponry, such as the Mag Rail.

VersaLife           : VersaLife, which is no longer around, was a genetic
                      engineering company before the collapse.  They were
                      responsible for the Gray Death virus, and also the

ApostleCorp         : Unbeknownst to most, ApostleCorp was founded by J.C.
                      Denton's close friends to continue his work.

| [2.2] Locations                                                             |

Seattle    : Seattle is where the game begins, and where you first learn about
             the corporations and organizations vying for your help.

Cairo      : Cairo is where you head to when your job in Seattle is done.
             You'll help a variety of people, and you'll come here more than

Trier      : Located in Germany, Trier is the site of the WTO-Order summit.
             This is where you will find the Black Gate, the location to J.C.
	     Denton's sanctuary.

Antarctica : The location of J.C. Denton's sanctuary and the abandoned
             VersaLife base, your visit here will be a short, but memorable,

New York   : The final location of the game, New York is the home of Liberty
             Island, the spot in which J.C. has built his machine.

| [2.3] Characters                                                            |

J.C. Denton    : The hero of the first game, J.C. Denton has taken sanctuary at
                 his secret base in Antarctica, accessible only by those who
                 share Denton blood through a special portal.  Some believe he
                 single handedly caused the collapse, while others believe he
                 will soon return to pull the world out of it's depression.

Paul Denton    : J.C.'s brother, Paul believes that society's problems were
                 caused by people, not technology.

Her Holiness   : She is the leader of The Order, and no one knows who she truly
                 is, or if a physical form even exists.  Some people believe
                 she was made up to give people false hope.

Chad Dumier    : The leader of the WTO who rose through the ranks.  He was a
                 French revolutionary.

Leila Nassif   : She is the head scientist at the Tarsus Academy, and is very
                 quiet when confronted with questions about the attack.

NG Resonance   : NG Resonance is a pop singer who is enjoyed by both teenagers
                 and the elderly.  She has A.I. constructs of herself
                 situated throughout the world, where she talks with fans and
                 can give, or receive, important information.  She also isn't
                 wearing any underwear.

Tracer Tong    : Tracer Tong was a good friend of J.C. Denton's in the first
                 game, and to this day, remains loyal to both J.C. and Paul.
                 He is an expert hacker who believes that society would be much
                 better off with the open exchange of technology.

Silas Archer   : Currently the Headmaster of the Tarsus Academy in Cairo, some
                 people believe he has an alternate agenda, one which does not
                 put the safety of the students first.  He is careful to hide
                 his tracks, though, and nobody can prove anything.

Sid Black      : Sid Black is a military jet pilot whose Harrier jet has been
                 grounded by the WTO.  His smuggling business is on the line.

Ava Johnson    : Ava is a mysterious helicopter pilot.  She has been contacted
                 by a company to seek out a man, and as such, will take you to
                 places and transport you until she finds her target.  She is
                 mysterious to all, as nobody knows who she is.  Is she a
                 woman, or an A.I. construct?

Donna Morgan   : Miss Morgan is a security force commander for the WTO, who
                 believes that The Order's ideals threaten the WTO's ability to
                 rebuild society.

Vera Maxwell   : Vera Maxwell is in charge of the SSC, Standard Security
                 Corporation.  She has created such an amazing force, that the
                 SSC is used by corporations, businesses, and people throughout
                 the world.

Maskini Nassif : Currently living in Cairo, Maskini is the uncle of Leila, and
                 is proud of his daughter for living through the harsh
                 conditions of Cairo, yet still managing to secure such a high
                 position with the Tarsus Academy.

Saman          : Saman is one of the first people to be converted by Her
                 Holiness.  Lately, he has come to the belief that Her Holiness
                 no longer represents the true ideals that The Order once stood
                 for, and has taken it upon himself to correct this.

Lin May Chen   : Lin May Chen is Her Holiness' right hand person.  She holds
                 the title of High Auger, the highest a person can reach in
                 The Order.  Lin May Chen is the daughter of Hong Kong reporter
                 Maggie Chow, who you encountered in the first game.


| [3] Weapons, Biomods, and Equipment                                         |

This section will deal with the various weapons, biomods, and equipment that
you will encounter throughout the game.

| [3.1] Weapons                                                               |

This is a list of all the weapons in the game.  Some info is taken from the

* Melee *

Combat Knife
  Damage Type: Edged

  Damage Type: Blunt

Energy Blade
  Damage Type: Edged

Riot Baton
  Damage Type: Blunt

Stun Prod
  Damage Type: Stun

* Conventional Guns *

  Damage Type: Bullet
  Alt. Fire  : Flashlight

  Damage Type: Gas
  Alt. Fire  : Scope

Mag Rail
  Damage Type: Electrical/EMP
  Alt. Fire  : EMP

  Damage Type: Bullet/Flash
  Alt. Fire  : Smoke Grenade

  Damage Type: Bullet/Flash
  Alt. Fire  : Smoke Grenade

Sniper Rifle
  Damage Type: Bullet
  Alt. Fire  : Scope

* Heavy Guns *

Flame Thrower
  Damage Type: Flame
  Alt. Fire  : Napalm Bomb

Rocket Launcher
  Damage Type: Explosive
  Alt. Fire  : Guided Rocket

* Special Weaponry *

Assassin Pistol
  Location   : Shop above Trier bar.
  Damage Type: Bullet
  Alt. Fire  : Scope

Dragon Tooth Sword
  Location   : J.C. Sanctuary, room similar to Hong Kong apartment from DX1.
  Damage Type: Edged

Hellfire Boltcaster
  Location   : Balcony of main courtyard of Greenhouse area.
  Damage Type: Flame
  Alt. Fire  : Scope

Red Greasel Hunter
  Location   : Lower Seattle sewer system.
  Damage Type: Bullet
  Alt. Fire  : Red Flashlight

Toxin Blade
  Location   : Under pillow in apartment next to Leila Nassif's.
  Damage Type: Edged/Poison

Widowmaker SMG
  Location   : In tunnel in Acrology levels 107-108.
  Damage Type: Bullet
  Alt. Fire  : Spider-Bot

* Weapon Mods *

The following are modifications you can find that will enhance your weapons.

Ammo Scavenger     - Uses less ammo.
EMP Converter      - Charges shots with an EMP attack.
Fragmentary Round  - Charges shots with an explosive attack.
Glass Destabilizer - Breaks glass with minimal sound.
Increased Damage   - More damage per round.
Increased Range    - Further range without losing accuracy.
Refire Rate        - Fire faster.
Silencer           - Minimal sound when firing.

| [3.2] Grenades & Mines                                                      |

This is a list of all the grenades and mines in the game.  Some info is taken
from the manual.

* Grenades *

All grenades have an alternate fire that will cause the grenade to detonate
immediately without a delay.

Concussion Grenade
  Damage Type: Blunt

EMP Grenade
  Damage Type: EMP

Flash Bomb Grenade
  Damage Type: Flash

Gas Grenade
  Damage Type: Gas

Noisemaker Grenade
  Damage Type: Loud Noise (distracts enemies)

Phosphorus Flare Grenade
  Damage Type: Bright Light (illuminates area)

Scrambler Grenade
  Damage Type: EMP Scramble

Spiderbomb Grenade
  Damage Type: Spider-Bot (releases a small bot)

* Mines *

All mines have an alternate fire that will immediately detonate after a fifteen
second delay.

Concussion Mine
  Damage Type: Blunt

EMP Mine
  Damage Type: EMP

Scrambler Mine
  Damage Type: Scramble

| [3.3] Biomods                                                               |

This is a list of all the biomods in the game.  Some info is taken from the

* Arm Biomods *

Biotox Attack Drone
     Level 1 - Fires non-lethal darts at hostile targets.
     Level 2 - Decreased energy drain.
     Level 3 - Decreased energy drain (more).

Strength Enhancement
     Level 1 - Increases carrying capacity, melee damage, throwing distance.
     Level 2 - Increases carrying capacity, melee damage, throwing distance.
     Level 3 - Maximum increases.

Bot Domination (Black Market)
     Level 1 - First person control of small bots, cameras and turrets.
     Level 2 - Control medium bots, increased time, decreased energy drain.
     Level 3 - Control all bots, increased time, decreased energy drain.

* Cranial Biomods *

     Level 1 - Invisibility to human enemies.  Firing weapon disables.
     Level 2 - Decreased energy drain.
     Level 3 - Decreased energy drain (more).

Hazard Drone
     Level 1 - Protection from radiation, toxins, other environmental hazards.
     Level 2 - More protection, decreased energy drain.
     Level 3 - Maximum protection, decreased energy drain.  Converts hazards
               into energy.

Neural Interface (Black Market)
     Level 1 - Access basic functions on any terminal.  Turn cameras on/off, and
               view through them.
     Level 2 - Ability to turn turrets on and off.
     Level 3 - Ability to control turrets, or change their alliance.

* Eye Biomods *

     Level 1 - Heals slowly, consumes lots of energy.
     Level 2 - Faster healing, decreased energy drain.
     Level 3 - Fastest healing, low energy drain.

Vision Enhancement
     Level 1 - Nightvision, shows medkits, food, etc..
     Level 2 - Human targets visible through walls, lower energy drain.
     Level 3 - Shows enemies and targets through walls, lowest energy drain.

Spy Drone (Black Market)
     Level 1 - Remote camera with EMP attack.
     Level 2 - Adds audio, increases distance and damage, lower energy drain.
     Level 3 - Maximum distance and damage, stuns organic targets, even lower
               energy drain.

* Leg Biomods *

Move Silent
     Level 1 - Allows you to walk quietly, decreases damage from high falls.
     Level 2 - Allows you to walk and run quietly, further decreased damage
               from high falls.
     Level 3 - Quiets all movement, maximum decreased damage from high falls.

Speed Enhancement
     Level 1 - Increases move rate, jump distance, and fall height.
     Level 2 - Increases further, decreased energy drain.
     Level 3 - Maximum increase, decreased energy drain.

Health Leech Drone (Black Market)
     Level 1 - Breaks down dead bodies for healing.  More points from
               unconscious enemies.
     Level 2 - More, faster healing.
     Level 3 - Maximum healing, can break down certain living creatures.

* Skeletal Biomods *

Aggressive Defense Drone
     Level 1 - Stops incoming rockets and grenades through detonation.
     Level 2 - Stops at further distance.
     Level 3 - Stops close to enemy, causing damage.

Thermal Masking
     Level 1 - Invisibility to robotic enemies.  Firing a weapon disables.
     Level 2 - Decreased energy drain.
     Level 3 - Decreased energy drain (more).

Electrostatic Discharge (Black Market)
     Level 1 - Charges melee attacks with EMP damage.  No energy drain.
     Level 2 - Increased EMP damage, small energy drain.
     Level 3 - Maximum EMP damage and short-term scrambling.

| [3.4] Miscellaneous Items                                                   |

The following are miscellaneous items that can't really be described in any of
the above sections.  Some info is taken from the manual.

Bad Food & Drink
  Purpose: Takes away 4 health points per item.
  Stack  : Up to 50.
  Type   : Beer, Cigarettes, Wine

Energy Cell
  Purpose: Replenishes bioelectric energy.
  Stack  : Up to 10.

Fire Extinguisher
  Purpose: Extinguish fires, extinguish yourself, blind enemies.
  Stack  : Up to 3.

  Purpose: Replenishes 8 points of health.
  Stack  : Up to 50.
  Type   : Bread, Candy, Chicken, Soda, Soy

  Purpose: Replenishes 25 points of health.
  Stack  : Up to 10.


| [4] NPCs and Enemies                                                        |

These are the various NPCs and important characters you'll encounter and have
the chance to fight.  Threat level determines how hard that character is to
defeat in a fight.

Minimal   - Very easy.
Medium    - A fair fight.
Dangerous - Quite tough; save first.
Extreme   - Very difficult; may take multiple tries.

| [4.1] NPCs                                                                  |

Billie Adams
  Threat: Dangerous.

Chad Dumier
  Threat: Medium.

  Threat: Minimal.

Elite Illuminati
  Threat: Extreme.

J.C. Denton
  Threat: Extreme.

Klara Sparks
  Threat: Dangerous.

Leo Jankowski
  Threat: Dangerous.

Nicolette DuClare
  Threat: Medium.

Omar Protector
  Threat: Medium.

Omar Trader
  Threat: Minimal.

Order Seeker
  Threat: Medium.

Paul Denton
  Threat: Dangerous.

Silas Archer
  Threat: Minimal.

SSC Officer
  Threat: Dangerous.

Templar, Normal
  Threat: Dangerous.

Templar, Explosive Soldier
  Threat: Extreme.

  Threat: Minimal.

Tracer Tong
  Threat: Medium.

WTO Officer
  Threat: Medium.

| [4.2] Enemies                                                               |

These enemies are non-human, such as creatures.

  Threat: Minimal to Medium (depending on attack used).

  Threat: Minimal.

  Threat: Medium

| [4.3] Robotics                                                              |

The following are robotics, split into two categories; Fighters and Passive.
Fighter bots will attack you or others, while Passive bots will help you, like
the Medical Bot, or the Cleaner.

* Fighters *

Aero Security Bot
  Threat: Medium.

Hunter Seeker Bot
  Threat: Medium.

Military Bot
  Threat: Dangerous.

Spider Bot
  Threat: Minimal.

* Passive *

Automated Turret
  Purpose: Fires at all enemies.  Can be used to your advantage through
           hacking.  Comes in three variations; SMG (bullets), Flame Thrower
           (Flame), and Rocket Launcher (Explosive).

Cleaner Bot
  Purpose: Nothing.  It just roams around.

Medical Bot
  Purpose: Heals you fully.

Nano Former Bot
  Purpose: No purpose, other than you're objective in a mission.

Repair Bot
  Purpose: Fully replenishes bioelectric energy.

Security Camera
  Purpose: Track enemies.  Can be used to your advantage through hacking.


| [5] Walkthrough                                                             |

This is the walkthrough for the entire game.  You will be guided in the same
way I played the game, so if I take on a mission with guns instead of stealth,
the walkthrough will tell you to do the same.  But don't worry; I have also
provided strategies for the other ways of completing missions from when I went
through the game a second time.

Before reading the walkthrough, keep the following in mind:

- The way I play the game is by using Ava to fly me around.  She doesn't charge
  you anything, but she drops you a bit from your objective.  Sid Black charges
  you money, but he'll drop you right on or immediately close to your
  objective.  If you choose Sid as your pilot, that's fine, but this guide
  plays out if you choose Ava each time.

- If there is an item, be it an ammo clip or medkit, lying in plain sight of
  your character, I won't say to pick it up, as this should be natural.  The
  only time I'll mention an item you can clearly see is if you shouldn't pick
  it up for some reason.

- I will not tell you to explore things like dumpsters or behind garbage cans.
  Most dumpsters contain at least one item, and searching them should, again,
  be a natural instinct.  The only time I'll mention a dumpster or other area
  is if it contains something that'll be extremely useful to you, or is a
  unique weapon.

- For the most part, I will not say "turn left, head down, turn right, climb
  ladder, turn right, open door".  Most of the game is pretty straightforward,
  and there are always signs that point you in the right direction.  The only
  time I will tell you exactly where to go is if you can bypass an area that
  has no purpose, or if I'm leading you to an item you'll want to get.

- I will not tell you when to use a medkit or energy cell, as this is dependent
  on how you play.  I could lose health at one fight, while you could win that
  fight perfectly, so it's a good idea to monitor your health and energy, and
  to replenish either when they get low.

- I will not tell you when to save your game, unless it's something important.
  Out of habit, you should save every fifteen to twenty minutes, for a variety
  of reasons; power failure, frozen game, your pet knocks a cord loose, or if
  you've just completed a large portion of the game.

- Any time you see text enclosed in asterisks, this means that that part was
  contributed by someone who sent me an e-mail, and may show an alternate way
  to get through an area, or point out something I missed.

| [5.1] Seattle, Washington                                                   |

The first part of the game.  Here, you will find out some dirty secrets about
the Tarsus Academy, you'll meet some pilots, find out more information about
the WTO and The Order, and you'll help a variety of people, as well as bet on a
greasel fight.

| [5.1.1] Tarsus Academy                                                      |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Tarsus Apartments - Tarsus Recreation Complex - Tarsus Laboratory -       +

After choosing your gender, you wake up in your bedroom.  You awaken to the
sounds of explosions.  You don't know where they are coming from.  You try to
open the door, but it's locked.  If you look at your desk, you will see a
Holocomm unit.  Walk up to it, and activate it.  You will receive a message
from Dr. Nassif, the director of the Tarsus facility.  She tells you that she
had a map made, and that it is in your footlocker.  Look down and open your
footlocker.  Grab the contents, and your door is unlocked.  Dr. Nassif sends
you another message, telling you to visit Billie Adams, another student.
Before you leave, take the candy bar on the desk and the soy from the fridge.
You can take the binoculars if you want, but I didn't use them at all during
the game, so it's a strictly personal choice.  Leave your bedroom.

As you exit the apartment, you'll see an explosion occur from a vent shaft,
killing a security guard.  Approach the guard's corpse, and take his ammo clip.
If you don't see an ammo clip, pick up the body and toss it, and it should be
visible.  Continue down the hall and talk to the janitor.  He doesn't really
have anything important to say, but it's a good idea to talk to everybody you
can.  Continue walking down the hall until you find Billie's apartment.  When
you do, use the intercom.  Billie will chat with you a moment, then she'll let
you in.

After talking with Billie, talk with her again.  You can chat with her a few
times to get more information.  After you've talked with her, Dr. Nassif will
contact you again, telling you to see her.  Before you leave Billie's room,
go to the kitchen and take everything you can.  Leave her room.

At the end of the hall, you will see a news terminal.  You can activate it to
get information on current events.  There is a snack machine and soda machine
in the hallway, but ignore them.  You'll get plenty of food throughout the
course of the game, for free.  Approach the elevator.  Talk with the guard if
you like.  He'll be abrupt with you, almost downright rude.  After speaking
with him, take the elevator down.

After exiting the elevator, start walking down the hall.  To your left, you'll
see Dr. Nassif behind a glass door.  She'll automatically speak with you.  She
tells you you should meet Leo Jankowski and Klara Sparks, other students, who
are in the recreation complex.  After speaking with the good doctor, continue
through the hallway.  You'll see Klara standing by a water cooler.  Speak with
her about three times.  After introducing yourself, head left out the door to
the track.  Leo will be somewhere in this room, doing laps.  Introduce yourself
to him as well, and you'll get to know him as a real arrogant egomaniac.  If
you choose to play along with knowing him, he'll be more friendly, but it
doesn't have any important impact on the game.

After speaking with Leo, more explosions occur.  Dr. Nassif sends you a
message, telling you to get to your equipment locker in the locker room.  Go
across the basketball court and enter the locker room.  Each locker has a name
above it, so open the one labeled Alex D and take all the equipment.  You now
have a pistol, and you're going to need it soon. You have one multitool, so
look at both Klara and Billie's lockers.  Choose the one you want to open, and
take the items.  Open Leo's locker (it's already unlocked), and snag the ammo
clips.  After you've raided the lockers, the lights will go out, so use your
flashlight's pistol to guide your way back to the entrance of the locker room.

An SSC guard will tell you that an Order Seeker is approaching.  You can either
help the guard kill the Seeker, or sneak by and let the guard handle it
herself.  I chose to sneak by.  Whichever you do, continue down the hall, and
you'll see Billie enter the door Dr. Nassif was behind.  She'll tell you to go
to your apartment, where she will give you proof that the Academy has been
spying on you.  Go back to the elevator and return to the apartments.

Once the elevator doors open, you'll see an SSC guard.  He'll ask you to act as
backup while he kills a Seeker.  You can choose to help him or evade the Seeker
altogether.  I chose to evade.  After the Seeker has been dealt with, search
all the rooms for useful items.  When you've collected everything, return to
your apartment.  Billie will send you a message telling you to look at the
ceiling.  The ceiling disappears, revealing scientists spying on you.  If you
go into the bathroom, you'll see that there's a hole behind the shower.  Go
through the hole, follow the corridors, and you'll wind up at the entrance to a
secret laboratory.

Enter the door, and approach the holocomm unit.  Dr. Nassif tells you to
install a biomod.  Choose whichever you feel is the best for you; this is a
personal decision.  If you'd prefer stealth, choose some stealthy mods.  If you
like combat, choose ones related to that.  After you've installed at least one
of the mods, leave the lab.  You'll soon run into a technician who tells you
that the Seekers have taken over the defense system.  Don't bother destroying
or disabling the camera; just sneak past it, and go up the stairs.

Once past the camera and up the stairs, you'll see two scientists.  Talk to
them.  During your conversation, some Seekers will barge in.  You now have your
first objective that can go either way.  Head back to the hallway, crouch with
your pistol drawn, and aim at the stairs.  Kill the Seekers as they come up.
If they retreat down the stairs, follow them, but be mindful of the camera and
turret.  Once the Seekers are dead, return to the scientists and they'll give
you a reward in the form of a silencer.  If you fail the objective, and the
scientists guy, you receive nothing.

After speaking with the scientists, head to the next lab.  Search around, and
you will see a black market biomod canister.  You have two ways of getting it;
use a multitool, or use the explosive crate.  I suggest using the crate, so you
can conserve your multitools.  When installing this crate, go for the Neural
Interface; it'll serve you well soon, and throughout the whole game.  To exit
the lab, you have to get past some beams that'll kill you if you touch them.
If you still have the crate (you didn't use it to get the biomod), then push
the crate into the beams.  This will cause them to cut off, so you can crouch
underneath them.  If you used the crate, then you can get through by going into
the nearby vent shaft, which will take you to the other side.

In the next area, you can use a Medical Bot to heal any damage from the battle
with the Seekers.  In the next lab, you will see another vent you can take.  Be
careful, though, because a spiderbot guards the vent.  This leads to a room
with two Seekers, but entering the vent gives you an advantage.  If you'd
prefer a head-on confrontation, go through the door by following the halls.  I
went through the vent.  When you come out of the vent, you'll be on some beams
on the ceiling.  Looking down, you'll see two Seekers, a camera and a turret.
If you installed the Neural Interface, hack the nearby terminal to disable the
camera, thereby disabling the turret.  You are now free to kill the two Seekers
without having to worry about the turret.  You can also choose to release a
spiderbot to fight on your side, but it's not really worth it at this point.

After the Seekers have been killed, walk out the other side of the lab.  You'll
see a holocomm.  Approach it, and you will be contacted by Lin May Chen, a high
ranking member of The Order.  She'll talk to you about The Order and why you
should trust them.  She suggests you stop at The Church.  Go through the door
here, and you'll leave the Tarsus Academy.  You're now in Upper Seattle.

| [5.1.2] Upper Seattle                                                       |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - City Center - WTO Air Terminal - Club Vox - Emerald Suites -              +

As soon as you're in Upper Seattle, you'll see two WTO officers.  They'll
talk to you and inform you that Donna Morgan, chief of WTO, wants to speak with
you.  After chatting with the guards, Billie will contact you, telling you to
ignore the WTO and to search Dr. Nassif's apartment.  After your message, head
to the right, and you'll see a holocomm unit of Chad Dumier giving speeches.
You can stand here and listen to his speeches if you like.

Turn around from the holocomm, go straight, and turn right.  Follow the hall,
and you'll eventually end up at Pequod's Coffee Shop.  The owner and a man will
be talking.  Talk to the owner, and he'll offer to pay you if you destroy a
competing coffee franchise's bean supply.  After getting the mission, continue
past the coffee shop to a long hall, and you'll come across three tough guys.
They are blocking your path, and will let you pass if you give them money.  You
can pay them, if you like, or you can choose to start a fight.  You may not be
prepared to fight three people at once, but don't worry.  Choose to fight, then
run away and head to where the security guards were.  The thugs will chase you,
and the guards, as well as a security bot, will open fire on the thugs.  Once
they are all dead, search them for goodies, then open the containers for the
items.  You're finished at this area for now, so turn around, and head back the
way you came.

Work your way around, and you'll come upon a staircase.  Head up to the
observation deck.  You'll see a female Seeker roaming around.  Talk to her, and
she'll invite you to the church.  In the observation gallery, you'll see an ATM
machine and a security camera.  Use a multitool to disable the camera, and then
hack the ATM machine for some credits.  You'll also see a glass pane here.  Use
your glass destabilizer mod (which you picked up in the thugs crate), and take
the goodies from behind it.  We're now going to head to the WTO Air Terminal to
speak with Ms. Morgan.

Follow the signs that lead to the WTO Air Terminal.  You'll see that gangsters
have taken over the terminal, and are charging an increased amount.  You have
two choices; pay the fee, or kill them.  You should try to conserve credits, so
if you're feeling in the mood for a fight, head into the air vent, which leads
you behind the office.  There will be three gangsters to kill, in total.  One
may be outside of the office.  Once they are all dead, flick the switch to
disable the beams.  Before leaving, search the entire office, including the
lockers, for items.  Once you're ready, head back out through the air vent.
Head up the stairs under the METRO sign, and board it to the WTO Air Terminal.

* To get by the laser beams without using any items, biomods, or cash, push   *
* the garbage bin into the yellow beams.  This will block them off, allowing  *
* you to get through by crouching underneath them.  When on the other side,   *
* switch off the lasers with the panel, and you can now freely move back and  *
* forth.                                                                      *
*                                                                             *
* The above strategy was submitted by MikeDSampson                            *

* There are two other ways you can get to the air terminal.  You can use an   *
* EMP Grenade to disable the lasers protecting the doorway, or you can use a  *
* combination of CLOAK and SILENT FEET (biomods) to enter the airshaft, turn  *
* off the lasers and get through without spending credits or fighting.        *
*                                                                             *
* The above strategy was submitted by Emile.                                  *

When you arrive, you'll see an ATM machine.  DO NOT HACK IT!  You aren't fast
enough, and you'll have more than armed guard on your ass.  Behind the glass,
you'll see an old friend, Klara, who has recently gotten a job with the WTO.
After speaking with Klara, head to Donna Morgan's office.  Approach her
holocomm, and she'll speak with you from a different country.  She tells you
that the WTO Culture Minister is being suspected of smuggling goods, and wants
you to investigate.  She tells you that he lives in the penthouse at Emerald
Suites.  What a coincidence, as that's where Dr. Nassif's apartment is.

When Morgan has finished speaking, leave her office, and go to the one directly
opposite hers.  This is the Civic Manager's office.  Listen to his chat with a
person you'll meet later, and wait for him to come out of the office.  He'll
ask you to investigate Club Vox's finances, and offers you a reward.  Head into
the manager's office and collect the goodies.

Leave his office, and leave the WTO Terminal completely.  Once off the Metro,
follow the signs and make your way to Club Vox.  To get inside, you'll need to
pay a one hundred credit fee.  This fee is one time only, and will allow you
unlimited access to the club, so go ahead and fork over the credits.  Once
you've paid the woman will let you into the club.

Once inside the club, head to the bar area.  You'll see the culture minister;
it's not hard to tell who he is, because he has bodyguards.  As a male
character, you'll be able to take part in a mini-mission here.  There is
another NPC in the same area whose name is Lionel.  He is a musician who is
trying to speak with the culture minister.  If you're male, both the culture
minister and Lionel will send you back and forth with messages.  Eventually,
the culture minister will give you the option of being his "chamber boy", and
if you accept, he'll give you the keycode to his penthouse.  This eliminates
some work on your part later on.  If you are a female character, you won't be
able to be the "chamber boy", and you'll have to buy the keycode off Lionel, or
find an alternate way in to the minister's penthouse.

After speaking with the minister and Lionel, head back to the entrance, and go
up the stairs.  You'll find the owner nearby; he is wearing glasses.  Talk to
him, and he'll give you a job; he wants you to kill a lawyer.  If you accept
his mission, you'll get some credits, as well as membership to the VIP lounge,
which is needed for an upcoming mission.  After speaking with the man, continue
down the hall until you find a large simulation device.  This is NG Resonance.
Talk to her, multiple times, until she offers you a job to find out what the
VIP lounge is all about.  Once she's given you this mission, head back to
where you came in, and leave the club.

You're now back in Upper Seattle.  Make your way to the main city area, and
head down the path that leads to the Emerald Suites apartment complex.  Speak
with the janitor.  After some talking, he'll offer to sell you a master key
opens all the lower level apartments, or the code to the penthouse.  You won't
need either.  Let's start off by going to the penthouse.  Run down the hall to
the end, and enter the Penthouse Suite stairs.  The keycode you got from the
culture minister will unlock the door.


* Without the keycode, you'll need one multitool.  Climb into the shaft of    *
* the broken elevator, and use the multitool to disable the electric box.     *
* This will cause the electricity to stop, allowing you to climb up to the    *
* penthouse floor.                                                            *

Once in the penthouse, head toward the kitchen.  This area is safe, but beyond
it, you'll have to contend with laser wires and spider bots.  You should kill
the bot, and to get over the lasers, you have two choices; disable the security
system with a multitool, or just jump over them until you get to the staircase.
Before heading upstairs, look at the bar.  There is a wine bottle sitting on
the counter.  Behind the bottle is a datacube that contains the keycode to the
vault on the upper floor.  Once you've got it, head upstairs.

Once upstairs, watch the camera, and slip by it when it's panned the other way.
Using a multitool is a waste, and if the camera sees you, it only sends out a
spider bot.  Head to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, search for a hidden security system in an armoire.  Hack
into it (or if you got the code, you'll use it automatically).  Disable the
security camera in the previous room, and unlock the vault.  Enter the vault,
and search around.  You'll find a datacube on the desk.  This is what the WTO
wants, and once you get it, you'll receive a message.  There is an energy sword
you can grab, as well as an EMP modification.  Once you've got what you need,
leave the penthouse and head back to the stairs.

On the middle level of the staircase, you'll see a grate.  Enter it and kill
the spider bot.  Crawl through the shaft until you reach the third grate.  Drop
down into the apartment below.  There is a man here.  Kill him.  Search his
apartment and you'll find some stuff.  Be sure to check under the pillow for a
Toxin Blade, one of the "unique" weapons.  Leave the man's apartment.

Depending on how quiet you were, the guards may not have noticed anything, so
you're safe to travel the hallway.  Return to the penthouse stairs, go back
through the gate, crawl through the shaft again, and drop down into the second
grate.  This leads to Dr. Nassif's apartment.

Once in the apartment, approach the holocomm, and you'll get a message from
Billie.  She'll give you some info about her conversion to The Order.  Once she
is done, search around the apartment for a lot of stuff, including a biomod
canister.  Go into the bedroom, and read the datacube on the desk.  This is the
information that Billie wanted.  Leave her apartment.  Let's go take care of
that lawyer.

Go to the end of the hall, and walk to the lawyer's door.  Activate the
intercom, and tell the lawyer's bodyguard that you are there about the guns.
He'll let you in.  Once inside, talk to the lawyer.  Tell him that his "old
contact is dead".  He'll believe you and give you some credits.  Now tell him
that you've been offered credits to kill him.  Not liking that news, he gives
you a counter offer; kill an Omar trader.  Take him up on that offer.  Don't
worry; we're still going to kill the lawyer.  Leave his apartment.

Outside the apartment, you'll see some stairs.  Take them to the roof, through
a door labeled Maintenance.  You'll have to contend with a bot, so toss an EMP
grenade at him, or just unload on him until it's destroyed.  Use a multitool
on the security box to disable it, then destroy the glass.  You have a bit of
an advantage here, so kill both the bodyguard and the lawyer.  Concentrate on
the bodyguard first, than the lawyer.  Once they're dead, drop into the
apartment and collect everything you want.  Use another multitool on the keypad
to gain access to a room with a lot of stuff, including a sniper rifle.  Leave
the apartment, head to the exit of Emerald Suites, and make your way back to
Club Vox.

Once back at the club, head immediately upstairs and talk to the owner.  He'll
be happy that the lawyer is dead, and he'll give you your reward.  You now have
access to the VIP lounge.  Return to the first floor and go through the VIP
door.  You will see an Omar trader in here.  You can choose to kill him (what
the lawyer wanted you to do), or not.  It's your choice.  Either way, talk to
him first, and he'll offer to give you a discount on his products if you
perform a service.  Leave the VIP lounge, and go back to where NG Resonance
was.  Tell her what's going on in the VIP lounge, and she'll give you a reward.
Now, we're going to make our way to the owner's office.

See the speakers that are above the dance floor?  Mantle yourself up on the
right side one, and you'll see a grate you can enter.  Crawl through it and
you'll wind up in a storage area.  Search it, and then cross the hall, mindful
of the patrolling guard, to the grate on the opposite side.  Crawling through
this vent drops you right into the man's office.  Crack open the safe, and take
the contents.  The datacube is what the civic manager wants, and the key will
allow you access to the basement for the Omar's mission.  If you check under
the garbage can, you'll get some extra credits.  Head all the way back to the
speaker platform, and jump down to the floor.

Return to the entrance of the club, and go down the stairs leading to the
basement.  Your newfound key will open the door.  Hack the computer system
to turn off the camera and the lasers.  In the basement you'll come across a
black crate, which is holding some kind of creature.  Use the datacube on the
side of the crate, and the Omar mission is completed.  Return to the trader
and speak with him.  You can now receive a discount on all wares from any Omar
trader, and he'll give you a black market biomod, free.  If you choose to kill
the Omar AFTER completing this task, the discount will be revoked.  Also, once
you've told NG Resonance about the trader, without killing the Omar, you cannot
come back to Club Vox, otherwise the Omar will know it was you, and you're
discount will be revoked.  The Omar trader will also be murdered, presumably by
WTO officials.  Leave the club, and head all the way back to the metro station;
it's time to return to the WTO Air Terminal.

Once back at the terminal, return to Chief Morgan's office, and speak with her
via the holocomm.  She'll congratulate you, and will give you your next
mission; she wants you to investigate Mako Ballistics.  You're off to Lower
Seattle.  Before you head there, though, return to the Civic Manager's office,
and claim your reward.  Leave the Air Terminal, take the metro back to Upper
Seattle, and return to the area where you "killed" those three thugs.  Head
through the large door to the Inclinator.

| [5.1.3] Inclinator                                                          |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Inclinator                                                                +

Once you're inside, you won't be able to access the Inclinator just yet, due to
a toxic chemical spill.  Listen to the group of people talking, then talk to
the woman.  She is in charge of the Inclinator, and will offer you a reward if
you can clean up the spill.  Unfortunately, you'll have to contend with some
bots.  Walk past the group of people, turn right, and make your way to the
director's office; you can't miss it.  Once inside, enter the vent shaft and
make your way through the ducts on the ceiling.  When you emerge, you'll be on
a beam high above the toxic waste.  Slowly and carefully crawl along the beams
until you get to another vent on the right hand side.  Enter the vent and drop
down to the floor.  Here you will see a repair bot.  Approach it, and it'll
automatically repair the nano transformer, which in turn cleans up the spill
and brings the Inclinator back online.  After the air is clear, speak to the
man standing in the corner, and tell him that he can now leave and is no longer
trapped by the chemicals.  Before heading down to Lower Seattle, return to
where the group of people was and speak with the woman again.  She'll thank you
and give you your reward.  Head to the opposite end of the facility, and take
the now working Inclinator down to Lower Seattle.

| [5.1.4] Lower Seattle                                                       |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Slums - The Church - The Greasel Pit - Heron's Loft - Sophia's Hangar -   +
+ - WTO Hangar                                                                +

There's quite a big difference between Upper and Lower Seattle.  Upper Seattle
was a nice, clean place, while Lower Seattle is slummy and dirty; definitely
not a friendly place to be.

Walk straight across from the entrance point and notice the sewer grate.  Open
it and head down.  The grate will lead to a tunnel, which has two karikans
roaming around.  Kill them, then search for the body of an Omar trader.  Take
his goodies, and then pick up the body and toss it.  You'll see that he was
lying on a Red Greasel Pistol, which is another "unique" weapon.  Grab it if
you want it.  Return to the sewer grate and get back to the surface.

Run down the long walkway and when you get to the fork, turn right.  You will
see an Omar trader here.  You can purchase items from him, and if you still
have your discount from what you did in Upper Seattle, it'll be good here.  Buy
something if you like.  Turn around from the trader, head straight to the wider
area, and turn right.  On the right side, you'll see QueeQueg's Coffee, the
store the man from Pequod's wants you to bomb.  You have two choices of getting
inside; you can destroy the glass and jump in, or you can jump on the dumpster
and use the vent in the wall.  I went through the vent.  Once inside, approach
the counter; you'll see the beans stacked behind it.  Grab the key from the
counter (this opens the door), and toss a grenade or mine at the beans,
destroying the supply.  You can now collect your reward, but since that's all
the way back in Upper Seattle, we'll get it later.  Leave the coffee shop.
Right across from QueeQueg's are large, metal doors.  These lead you to the

* An alternate way of destroying the beans is to enter the coffee shop through*
* the vent, and destroying it with your energy blade.  This saves you from    *
* using a grenade.                                                            *
*                                                                             *
* Submitted by Xela Namyt                                                     *

* An alternate way of destroying the coffee supplies is to pick up each box,  *
* leave the shop, and place it on top of the fire.  This will allow you to    *
* complete the objective, and you'll save a grenade.                          *
*                                                                             *
* Submitted by Alexi.                                                         *

Once inside the church, you'll see a holocomm to your right, and you'll receive
a message from Billie.  Enter the first door on your right, and you'll be in an
office.  Using the holocomm unit, Lin May Chen will contact you, and asks you
to kill a rogue Seeker.  Leave the office and head to the podium on your right,
where you'll see a hologram of Her Holiness.  Speak to her.  After you've
chatted, head to the basement.  There are some spiderbots down here, and a
circuit that's been shorted out, but you can claim some items, including a mod
that increases weapon damage.

* In the basement of the church, there is a control panel that you can hack.  *
* If you take control of the turret by hacking, you'll see a multitool on top *
* of the light above the drilling machine.  You can't grab it normally, so use*
* the turret to shoot the multitool to the ground.  It usually lands on the   *
* gantry below.                                                               *
*                                                                             *
* Submitted by Xela Namyt.                                                    *

Leave the church and head all the way back to the entrance to the Inclinator.
Facing the Inclinator door, turn right, and you'll see a narrow staircase going
down.  Go down these stairs, and you'll enter The Greasel Pit.

Before entering, the person behind the door will tell you that you need to have
all your weapons locked before entering.  This means you cannot fire while
you're inside the bar.  Agree to it and go through the door.

Once inside, follow the small hallway to the main bar area.  You'll find a man
in this area named Sid Black, who is a pilot.  He tells you that if you can get
his vehicle out of lockup, he'll fly you around, for a price.  You can opt to
do this if you want, but there's a way to get free flights.  After speaking
with Sid, find Leo.  He'll tell you that he's now doing freelance work for the
Omar, and is waiting to be sent to Cairo.  When you're done talking, head
around to a small office near the back of the bar.  Inside is a holocomm unit.
Approach it and you'll get a message from Ava Johnson, another pilot.  She says
her ship is grounded by the WTO, and if you get it, she'll fly you for free.
This is a much better way of getting around, as you don't have to pay Sid.  If
you want, you can unlock both of their vehicles, and choose which one to take,
but we'll deal with that later.

Leave the office and get to the narrow ramp which heads downstairs.  At the
bottom, you'll find an illegal fighting ring, where greasels, also called
"gobs", fight each other.  Talk to the man near the back corner of the room,
and he'll offer you a reward if you kill a rivals greasel, who is the current
champion.  You can also bet on a match with the man by the entrance.  Save your
game first, because if you lose, you can reload and try again, or reload and
ignore it.  This way, you won't lose any credits.  Leave the pit, leave the
bar, and get back to the street.  We're on the way to an apartment complex.

Once on the street, head back to the coffee shop.  Before you get there (at the
fork where the Omar trader is), head left, and open the doors.  This will lead
you to Heron's Loft, which is like the Emerald Suites of Lower Seattle.  In the
courtyard, there is an ATM machine.  If you want to attempt to hack it, do so
while the guard is looking the other way, otherwise you'll be attacked.  Lin
May Chen asks that you kill Sophia Sak and her security force.  You won't get
a reward, but you can grab a bunch of loot if they're all dead.

Make your way to the apartment with a man inside.  You'll know you're in the
right place when you see a guy wearing a white apron.  This is the manager of
QueeQueg's, the coffee place you set ablaze.  Don't worry; he doesn't know you
did it.  Talk to him, and he'll offer you a reward if you can get his zoning
application processed.  We'll do this later, as it's all the way back at the
WTO Air Terminal.  Head toward the elevator, but unfortunately, it's broken.
Not that big a deal, so just climb the ladder to Sophia's floor.  Walk to the
end of the hall and enter Sophia's office.

Speak with the woman behind the desk; this is Sophia.  Tell her why you're
there.  If you choose to kill her, you'll have to contend with her, as well as
four or five SSC guards.  Once you've killed everybody, the Church will be
happy, and you can hack the control panel to release Sid's jet.  If you aren't
in the mood for a fight, and don't feel like which is guarded by multiple
security forces and bots, then don't kill Sophia.  Offer to get Sid's jet by
paying her some credits.  If you do this, you'll avoid a large fight, but won't
be able to collect the goodies.  Whatever option you choose (I paid off the
loan), go back to the broken elevator.

Once at the elevator, crouch down and crawl underneath it, and you'll reach a
vent.  Enter the vent, and you'll come out in a small room.  You'll see a
greasel in a cage.  This is what the man at The Greasel Pit wants you to kill.
Be sure to attack him from a fair distance, and keep moving side-to-side,
otherwise his toxic spit will get you, and it can be damaging.  You may also
have to contend with the trainer in the apartment, but he never came after me,
so it depends on how quickly you do in the greasel.  Once he's dead, jump
outside, and make your way down to the street via the ladders and walkways.

Return to The Greasel Pit, have your weapons locked, and speak with Sid.  Tell
him his jet is free, and he'll now be your pilot.  Since he charges money,
we'll never speak with him again, although he will show up later.  Go back
downstairs to the ring, and speak with the trainer.  He'll be happy that you
killed the greasel and will give you a reward.  Go to the bookie, and bet on
the new match.  You can win or lose a lot here, so save first.  Once you're
done, return to the Inclinator facility all the way at the beginning of the

| [5.1.5] Inclinator Pt. 2                                                    |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Inclinator Pt. 2 - The Church Pt. 2 - Upper Seattle Pt. 2 -               +
+ - WTO Air Terminal Pt. 2 -                                                  +

The Inclinator is pretty much the same as it was before, except there are now
some hostile Templars here.  Make sure you kill them all, and collect their
equipment.  There is a sniper on the platform above you, so be careful of him.
After you've killed the Templars, look up, and you'll see two men talking
behind a pane of glass.  Make your way to the office and listen to the
conversation.  Afterwards, you have two choices; you can start shooting at them
from the open doorway, or you can go in and talk.  Choosing to talk with have
the Commander insult you, then attack.  Either way, focus on the Commander
first, because he has a flamethrower which can tear you up.  You can attempt to
circle around them, and the Commander will possibly kill his friend, and him-
self, as he steps into the flame of his own weapon.  Once the Commander is
dead, pick up the datacube on the desk, and Lin May Chen will ask you to come
back to the church, so do that.

Once back at the church (in Lower Seattle, remember), and speak with Lin May
Chen in the same office as before.  The next ten minutes or so will involve
some backtracking.

Leave the church, return to the inclinator and take it up to Upper Seattle.
From Upper Seattle, head back to Pequod's coffee shop, and speak with the
owner.  He'll give you the reward he promised because of what you did back in
Lower Seattle.  Make your way to the metro station, and take the metro to the
WTO Air Terminal.  Once in the terminal, approach the large elevator.  When Ava
contacted you at the bar, she gave you a keycode.  This will unlock the
elevator.  Go inside, and ride it to the hangar.

(thanks to Emil for reminding me about the Pequod's reward in Upper Seattle)

| [5.1.6] WTO Hangar                                                          |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - WTO Hangar - WTO Air Terminal - Inclinator Pt. 3 - Lower Seattle Pt. 2 -  +

The hangar is guarded by both security guards and bots, be careful.  First off,
we need to disable the missile turrets that prevent ships from leaving or
docking.  You'll find this out when Ava contacts you.  Head directly in front
of you to the chopper, and go down either the left or right side.  You'll soon
see a doorway that leads you to a small room.  In this room, you can get a
black market biomod canister.  There's also a repair bot here, should you need
it.  Leave the room.

Once back in the main area, look for the staircase in the wall.  There is a
sign next to it labeled 'Control Room'.  Go up the stairs, and you'll be in the
control room.  There is a vent her, so open it and crawl through.  At the other
end, you'll emerge in a storage room.  There is a key in this room that unlocks
another storage room, as well as a security panel.  Hack the panel, and you can
disable the one of the turrets.  Leave the storage room, and get back to the
main hangar.

Once there, head to the opposite side of the hangar.  You'll see a security
camera.  Sneak by it, and unlock the nearby door with the key you just got from
the storage room.  This accesses the second storage room.  Inside is a computer
panel for you to hack.  Do so, and disable both the camera and the second
turret.  Ava will contact you again.  You now need to enable the navigational

Leave the storage room, and head all the way back to the control room.  There
is a small panel here to activate.  Do so, and the navigation beacon will come
online.  You're now finished, and Ava will fly you where you need to go, but
don't do it yet, as you won't be coming back to Seattle.  Return to the large
elevator, and take it back to the Air Terminal.  Return to the civic manager's
office (the man who you reported to about Club Vox), and hack into his
computer.  If you don't have Neural Interface, you can find his password in the
nearby wall safe.  Either way, use the computer to approve the QueeQueg owner's

Once you've done this, leave the Air Terminal, and take the metro back to Upper
Seattle.  Return to the Inclinator.  Run through the facility (killing any
Templars you left alive the first time around), and go back to Lower Seattle.
Once in Lower Seattle, return to the Heron's Loft complex, and go to the
QueeQueg manager's apartment.  Tell him his application has been approved.

We are now officially done in Seattle.  Run all the way back to the Inclinator,
back through to Upper Seattle, take the metro to the Air Terminal, and take the
large elevator back to the WTO hangar.  Approach the chopper, and activate it.
Tell Ava you're ready to go, and she takes off.  You're now on your way to the
Mako Ballisitics facility.

| [5.1.7] Mako Ballistics                                                     |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Complex Exterior - Complex Interior - Mako Biolab                         +

Once Ava drops you off, look around your immediate area for a vent, and go
through it.  Kill the spiderbot, and then follow it all the way to the
janitor's office.  Speak with him, and he'll offer to sell you the code to the
front door.  Don't buy it, though.  There's a repair bot in this area if you
need to recharge your energy.  Otherwise, leave the office and return outside.

The facility is guarded by SSC personnel and a hunter seeker bot.  In the lower
area, the part that looks like it's sunk in the ground, there is a flame turret
you'll want to avoid.  Head to the part of the building that reads CARGO BAY 2.

There will be a guard here, so either take him out quietly (silenced weapon and
a few quick head shots), or sneak by him.  Hack the ATM terminal for some
credits.  Return up the staircase, leave the cargo bay, head up, left, and go
into the room with the ladder.  There are security beams guarding the ladder,
so disable them and head up.  You'll now be on the roof.

Jump over the wall of the roof and you'll land on an awning.  Be careful of the
security camera, and make your way across the awning to a large antenna.  Once
at the antenna, look at the back corner and you'll see a vent.  Hop in it and
crawl through to the end.

When you drop from the other end, you'll be in a conference room.  There are a
couple guards outside, as well as a camera and turret, so watch yourself.  Read
the datacube on the desk to get a keycode.  Soon, you'll get a message from
both Donna Morgan (WTO) and Lin May Chen (Order).  You'll have to pick one or
the other, as you can't complete both objectives.  Once you're done in this
conference room, make your way to the storage room which is near the basement.
You will find a datacube which contains a keycode for the for the weapons lab,
your next destination.  Return to the conference room, go past it, and follow
the hallway around.  When you see a door with the label ADVANCED WEAPON
DEVELOPMENT, go through it.

Looking through the window, you can see the Mag Rail.  Follow the hall around
and you'll wind up in that room.  The scientist in here will let you look at
the prototype all you want.  You have two choices; you can follow the WTO's
orders and upload the specifications of the gun to Donna Morgan, or you can
follow the Church's orders and kill the scientist.  Since I'm playing mostly
for the WTO, I chose to upload the specs to the WTO.  Once you've done this,
grab the weapon (if you want it), then leave the way you came in.

Once back in the main hall, make your way to the biolab at the other end of the
complex.  When you come to a door labeled 2-BIOLAB, enter it.  Walk forward,
and you'll see two scientists talking.  Interrupt them, and they'll tell you
more about your background and who you are.  Search around the lab and you'll
find a datacube on a shelf which gives you the keycode to an office.  Work your
way to the end of the biolab and enter the director's office, where you'll get
a message from Dr. Nassif via a holocomm.  When she's done, grab the biomod
canister, then leave the biolab.  Head all the way back outside.

Once outside, be careful; more guards have showed up.  Return to the ladder
that you used to get to the roof, and you're ride will be waiting.  Activate
the chopper, and Ava will take you to Cairo.

| [5.2] Cairo, Egypt                                                          |

The second mission of the game.  In Cairo, you will help various people, you
will enable a machine that clears up the air, you'll find out some more
information about Dr. Nassif as well as meet her uncle, and you'll visit the
Order's mosque.  You'll also explore a large acrology made up of several levels
and offices, as well as find out information on a high ranking Academy member.

| [5.2.1] Medina                                                              |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Medina, South - Medina, North - The Mosque - Greenhouse - Medina Pt. 2    +

When you arrive in Cairo, you'll be in the South Medina, which is the market
area.  You'll be on a rooftop.  If you go upstairs, you can break open a locker
for some items.  Otherwise, head down the ladder to the main floor.  You'll be
contacted by both the WTO and The Order, with two new objectives.  Once on the
floor, you'll see a QueeQueg's coffee shop.  Talk to the owner, and he'll have
a job for you.  Talk to some of the other people at the coffee shop, and you'll
learn that Dr. Nassif's parents have been killed.

Head down the street, and you'll come upon a couple of people.  They'll
threaten you.  You have two choices; pay them some credits to leave you alone,
or fight them.  I don't like being intimidated, so I chose to fight them.  If a
guard should see you fighting, don't worry; they'll usually attack the resident
and not you.  Go through the gate to the North section of the Medina.

Once the area's loaded, follow the streets until you come to an Omar trader.
You'll also find your friend Leo, who is protecting him.  Speak with Leo, and
he asks you to keep your ears open regarding a Templar attack.  Speak with the
Omar, and you can purchase some items.  If you killed the Omar back at Club
Vox, or if you went into the club after the WTO had him killed, you won't be
able to use your discount.  The Omar will also offer you a job.  If you do the
job, your discount will be reinstated.  If you accept, he'll give you a pass
which will get you into the Acrology.  After speaking with the Omar, the
objective to speak with Billie is removed from your datavault, but don't worry;
you can still speak with her.  The Omar will also tell you that the WTO has a
cure for the plague that's currently harassing Cairo, but they won't release
it, and he wants you to find out why.  After speaking with the Omar, head to
the apartment area.

Once at the apartments, look for a big gate that's closed.  Behind it is a man.
Speak with him, and he has a mission for you, in which you must kill a security
chief.  Head up the stairs behind you.

In one of the upper apartments, you'll come across Maskini Nassif, Dr. Nassif's
uncle.  Speak with him, and you'll find out he's worried about his daughter at
the Tarsus Academy.  He gives you his keycode so you can get into the academy,
which is located at the Acrology.  Leave the apartment, and keep going up.
You'll find a vent in the wall.  Open it and go through.  Kill the spiderbot.
You'll wind up in an apartment with a couple of Templars.  Kill them, either
from the vent or drop into the apartment first, and then activate the holocomm
unit, and you'll find out that the Templars are planning an attack.  Leave the
apartment, and go all the way back to ground level.  Head back to the Omar and
Leo, and you'll see a large door.  Enter it to get into the Mosque.

Once inside, head toward the prayer room through one of the many doors.  You'll
see Billie and Saman talking.  Approach Billie and speak with her.  After
chatting with her, you'll see Saman walk away.  Follow him all the way to his
office, and speak with him.  He'll tell you all about the Order as well as some
of his personal beliefs.  After he's done, search his office and collect any of
the items you want.  Leave his office, and head to the basement by following
the signs.

You'll see that the Order has set up some sort of clinic.  Go into the room
that has a doctor, a woman and a child, and speak to the woman.  She'll tell
you that her daughter has applied for enrollment at the Tarsus Academy, but
nobody wants to let her in.  You'll do that for her later.  Leave the basement,
leave the Mosque, and head toward the greenhouse by following the signs.

This greenhouse is the personal greenhouse of the Nassif family.  The first
room is guarded by a camera and a turret, and an aero bot beyond.  Sneak
beneath the camera's view, or if your Neural Interface is high enough, hack the
terminal to control the turret, fire to get the bot's attention, and then
destroy it.

You have two ways of destroying the greenhouse; you can activate a terminal,
which will cause the hydroponics to shut down, or you can destroy a machine in
the basement.  Since we want to conserve ammo, we'll use the terminal.  Follow
the hallway until you get to a fork and turn right.  You'll see a ladder.
Climb it and you'll be in the office.  Activate the holcomm unit to receive a
pre-recorded message by Maskini, then search the cot for a datacube which will
give you a code to login to the system.  Head out onto the catwalk and approach
the security terminal.  Login, disable the turret, and destroy the greenhouse.
Once you've done that, return to the Medina.

Lin May Chen is mad at you for destroying the greenhouse, and she sends two
Seekers to kill you.  Just take them out; they aren't that difficult.  After
you've eliminated them, follow the signs leading to the Acrology, and use your
pass to enter the elevator.  You're on your way to the Acrology.

| [5.2.2] Acrology                                                            |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Levels 107, 108 - Tarsus Academy - Apostle Corp Office Complex -          +
+ - Apostle Corp Laboratory - Air Terminal - Hangar 24                        +

As you step out of the elevator, you'll be in a maintenance area.  Walk forward
a little, then turn right.  Follow the halls until you wind up in a larger
lobby area.  You'll see a desk against the wall labeled TEMPLAR RECRUITING.
These are the people you have to spy on.  You can talk to the guy behind the
desk if you like, but it's not necessary.  Make your way to the Tarsus Academy,
and turn left before the entrance.  You'll see a vent.  Go in it.  Follow it,
and you'll wind up behind that Templar desk.  Make sure to disable the beams,
or kill the spiderbot that breaking the beams will release.  Once you see the
Templars, get close enough to hear them talk, but don't open the grate.  You'll
get all you need to know from their conversation.  Once your objective has been
fulfilled, leave the vent.  You can either go back the way you came and exit by
the academy, or open the vent and sneak out.

Once back in the main lobby, approach Pequod's and talk to the manager to get
another mission.  Look for the NG Resonance simulator in the corner near by
Pequod's, and talk to her.  She'll ask you to get some information, as well as
give you some information about students at the academy.

Go back to the academy, and this time, go in.  The woman at the door will check
your pass (the one Maskini gave you), and will let you in.  You'll soon receive
a message from Morgan asking you to locate the mission students.  Once inside,
head toward the headmaster's office.  Speak with him.  If your Neural Interface
is at level three, make sure the SSC guard nearby isn't looking, and hack the
security terminal.  You can disable the turret, as well as open the man's wall
safe.  Nearby, you'll see a small desk.  Search it and you'll find a datacube.
This datacube gives you the login information necessary to approve the girl's
application (remember from the Mosque?).  Head toward the reception office and
login to the computer using your newly acquired info.  Approve the girl's
enrollment application, and that'll be another completed objective.

Leave the headmaster's office and head to the laboratory, with an SSC officer
out front.  There are a couple of escaped greasels inside, and the guard will
reward you if you kill them.  Go inside the lab and kill all the greasels.
They spit acid at you, but otherwise, they're not too dangerous.  After killing
the greasels, go back out and collect your reward, then go back into the lab.
You will find a biomod canister.  After grabbing it, head through the vent in
the wall.  Follow the vent, and you'll get to a secret room, where some of the
students are hiding.  One of these girl's is Maskini's daughter, Eeva.  Talk to
her to complete an objective, and she'll also tell you that she's suspicious
about the headmaster, and will show you to his secret office.

Heading to the secret office, you have two choices; you can take a path that'll
lead you through spiderbots, or a path that'll lead you through extremely hot
gas vents.  Whichever way you choose, avoid the vents/kill the spiderbots, and
you'll arrive at the secret office.  There is a camera and turret here, so
either avoid or disable the camera.  Activate the holocomm unit and you'll find
out the truth about the headmaster and the Templars.  After the message, Morgan
contacts you and asks you to confront Dr. Nassif.  Head into the room next to
the secret office and use the repair bot, if needed.  There is a ladder heading
down.  Take it and kill the Templar squad to collect their things.  Head back
upstairs, and use the vent to return to the academy floor.

Since we don't want to fight all these SSC guards, do not tell the headmaster
you found out the truth about him.  Leave the academy, and head to the security
station on level 108, and report this information to the SSC commander.  You'll
get a reward, and he'll have the headmaster arrested.  After reporting the
information, head to the elevator on the same level labeled CORPORATE SUITES.
We're on our way to the Apostle Corp. office complex.

Once you step out of the elevator, you'll meet up with Klara, who tells you
that the Templars have taken over the complex.  You may want to save here, as
you're about to fight a lot of people.  If you didn't kill the scientist back
at the Mako Ballistics lab, Klara will give you a biomod canister.  If you did
kill him, she gives you nothing.  Head into the first office, and Klara will
help you take out the Templars.  Once the room is clear, she'll stay behind to
"guard" the entrance.  Make your way through the various rooms, killing the
Templars, until you run into a man who has barricaded himself in an office.
This is the security chief.  Remember him?  If you kill him for the Harvester,
you can go back and collect your reward, but there's something much better.
Tell him why you're there, and he'll offer to give you the keycode to the nano-
former room (back in the maintenance tunnel).  Take the offer.  He'll give you
the code once you're in the maintenance area (don't worry, he will).  Keep
going until you reach the lab, which is guarded by a turret and some bots.  Get
the biomod canister, then approach Dr. Nassif by the glass.  Lin May Chen
should've contacted you by now, and she wants you to kill Dr. Nassif.  Do not
kill her; save it for your next go through the game.  Talk to her, and Klara
will show up.  After speaking with her, you're done here.  Make your way back
to the elevator, and take it back to the Acrology.  We're heading to the Air

The elevator to the Air Terminal is near the Apostle Corp. facility, so take it
up.  When you arrive, look for the blond haired woman.  This is NG Resonance's
manager.  Give her the money she wants, and choose to endorse Pequod's.  Head
downstairs, and you'll meet another woman, who is a tax collector.  Speak with
her, and she wants you to find out some info about what the Templars are doing
in Hangar 24.  Talk to the woman behind the terminal counter, and she'll give
you the keycode to get into Hangar 24 because of your assistance with the Omar.
Before we head to Hangar 24, we'll check out the overlook of Hangar 23.  Head
to Pequod's, and search around the area for some crates.  You will find a vent
hidden behind them.  Go through it, and it'll take you to the overlook.  Open
the locker and read the datacube to get the code to a safe in Hangar 24.  Go
back to the vent, all the way back to the Air Terminal, and find Hangar 24.  I
recommend saving before going in, because you'll not only be contending with
several Templar Paladins, but also a military bot.

After entering the hangar, the Omar will contact you again about the armor.
Inside the hangar, look for a single footlocker sitting next to some silver
crates.  This contains a datacube with information the Omar wants, as well as
the information the tax collector needs.  Once you've got that info, head
upstairs to the observation area.  There is a paladin and a turret up here, so
be careful.  Activate the holocomm unit on the desk for information on the cure
and the Acrology chariman's activities.  Head down into the cargo area to find
the wall safe.  The place is loaded with radiation, so move quickly.  Unlock
the safe, read the datacube, and leave.  Now, leave Hangar 24 and return to the
overlook in Hangar 23.  You'll see the chairman here.  Bribe him for a reward,
and leave him alone.  You can kill him if you want, but the fight isn't worth
it.  Leave the hangar, and return to the terminal.

Back in the Air Terminal, report to the Tax Collector, and she'll give you your
reward for finding out about the Templars.  Head back to Pequod's, and you'll
see Sid.  Again, we're not going to use him, since he will charge you.  Talk to
the Pequod's manager, and tell him that NG Resonance will endorse him.  He'll
give you your reward.  Go back to where NG Resonance was, and tell her what she
needs to know.  After she gives you your reward, talk to her again, and inform
her that her manager accepts bribes.  This brings out the best bit of dialogue
in the game:

* Tra la la la la la, I think I'll fire the bitch. *

Now, go all the way back to the maintenance shaft, the area where you first got
off the elevator from the Medina.  Go to the door the two SSC guards are
protecting, and the security chief will send you the keycode.  Unlock the door
and go in.  Approach the nanoformer and use the keycode to activate it.  This
machine cleans up the hazy fog in the city, and you'll have saved everyone.
After the machine is activated, return to the Medina.

Once on the ground floor, return to Leo and tell him that the Templar raid will
be coming any moment.  When you've informed Leo, talk to the Omar, and he'll
tell you about a flaw in the Templar armor.  Head back to the apartment area,
and go talk to Maskini.  He'll be upset that you destroyed his greenhouse, but
he'll give you a reward for finding out about his daughter, Eeva.  Leave the
apartments, and return to the Mosque.  Head back to the basement, where the
mother, daughter and doctor were.  Tell the mother that her daughter's
application has been approved, and she'll give you a reward, if you consider
five credits a reward.  Exit the mosque, and head back to where Leo and the
Omar are.  If nothing's happened, then leave the North Medina entirely, and
return.  If you told Leo the truth (which you should've, if you're following
this walkthrough), the Omar will be alive and he'll give you some of his
bonus.  If your customer discount was revoked, you'll get it back.  If you lied
about the attack, the Omar will be dead, and Leo will give you nothing.  If you
still had your discount from Club Vox, you'll lose it.  If you didn't have it,
then you're not losing much.  Return to the Medina, and head to the helipad, by
going up the ladder (where you first arrived in Cairo).  Activate the chopper,
and Ava will take off.  You're now en route to Trier, Germany.

| [5.3] Trier, Germany                                                        |

It's off to Germany, the location of the WTO-Order summit.  You'll do more
coffee missions, as well as find out a very surprising bit of information about
Pequod's and QueeQueg's.  You'll visit a tavern, and you'll make your way
through The Black Gate, believed to contain a portal which leads to J.C.
Denton's sanctuary.

| [5.3.1] Streets                                                             |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Streets - QueeQueg's Coffee Shop - Nine World's Tavern - SSC Offices -    +
+ - Sewers -                                                                  +

Ava will drop you off near the SSC station of Trier.  Walk down the alleyway to
the left of the SSC office, and you'll see a Seeker being harassed by a couple
employees of the Panzerwerks bot factory.  If you don't help the Seeker, there
will be some violence.  After helping her (or not), head to QueeQueg's, at the
other end of the city.  Walk in the door.

Once the coffee shop has loaded, speak with the manager, and you'll learn that
he's suing to stop Pequod's from advertising.  You can talk to everybody in the
tavern for some background information, but make sure you speak with a man in a
dark gray suit; his name is David Kurczec.  He's the man you said was dead when
you talked to the lawyer at the Emerald Suites near the beginning of the game.
If you talk to him, he'll offer to set up a meeting with local Omar trader.
While you're here, chat with the NG Resonance simulator.  Walk back to the
storeroom, and you'll see a greasel guarding some supplies.  Kill it, then raid
the storeroom, and collect what you want.  When you're done, exit QueeQueg's.

Head to the Nine Worlds Tavern, which is pretty much a straight run from the
coffee shop.  Go inside.

Upstairs, you will find the Omar trader.  If you choose to buy his biomod
canister, you'll have to get it yourself, as it's hidden in a separate area of
the city.  Under the fallen display case are some items if you want them.  Go
back downstairs and enter the tavern.

You'll meet Sid, but ignore him.  Over at one of the tables, two customers are
having a conversation.  If you listen, you'll find out that some stolen weapon
mods are being stored in a window display nearby.  Once you've got that handy
bit of information, head to the large dining room, and approach the man
standing at the back of the room.  This is Tracer Tong.  You'll remember him
from the first game.  As you talk to him, you'll fulfill an objective.  He'll
give you lots of information about your history, the WTO, the Order, and J.C.
Denton.  He'll also give you a biomod canister.  After the conversation,
approach the holocomm to receive a message from Ava.  Leave the tavern, and
head to the left, back the way you came.  Chad Dumier of the WTO will send you
a message, requesting you meet him at the SSC office.  You'll pass a window
with the mods inside.  If you've installed a glass destabilizer, use it, and
you'll be able to loot the display without triggering the alarm.  Just be
careful of the SSC guard patrolling the area.  Head back to where Ava dropped
you off, and enter the SSC office.

As the area loads, look for the woman standing by the door.  This is Vera
Maxwell, who is the commander of the SSC.  She was the one talking to the Civic
Manager at the WTO Air Terminal, remember?  Go through the door behind Vera.
Walk straight, pass the door on your right, and follow the hall, which leads to
the evidence lockup.  Using a combination of Neural Interface (or multitools)
and a glass destablizer, you can break into the evidence lockup.  Inside, the
information the QueeQueg's manager wants will become yours.  There's a surprise
for you; QueeQueg's and Pequod's are owned by the same unknown company!  Leave
the lockup, head to the other room, and use the staircase to get to the upper

Head to the detention area, and speak with the man behind the locked door, who
was arrested for participating in anti-Order riots.  Head straight across the
hallway directly opposite the man in lockup, turn right, and enter the only
door on your left.  You'll see Chad Dumier and Saman chatting in another room.
Leave this room, return to the hallway, and enter the middle door on the right,
almost right across from the staircase.  Chad Dumier will meet you, and the two
of you will talk behind some bulletproof glass.  He gives you a keycode which
will give you access to The Black Gate.  We won't go that way, though.  Leave
the SSC station.

Return to QueeQueg's, and collect your reward.  Leave the coffee shop, and
approach the ATM.  You'll see a large grate on the ground.  Open it and enter
the sewers.

In the sewer, try to avoid the mess left by some greasels, and watch out for
them.  Try to kill them from a distance, so you don't get hit by their acid
spit.  The only reason you're coming through the sewer is to collect items, so
grab the stuff you want as you work your way across.  At the other end, exit
the sewers, and you'll be near The Black Gate.

| [5.3.2] The Black Gate                                                      |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Ruins - Laboratory -                                                      +

As you emerge in the ruins, hide behind the large crate.  There are several
Templar Paladins in this area who you'll want to pick off.  Once they're dead,
you still have to fight a military bot.  If you have Thermal Masking and Bot
Domination, activate the masking, run up to the bot, activate it, return to the
large crate, and then wait for the domination to take effect.  When it does,
let go of control, and the bot will be disabled.  If you can't do this, find a
way to destroy the bot, preferably using a combination of EMPs and explosives.
Either way, when the bot is destroyed, head to the left side of the area, and
you'll see a makeshift storage room.  This is where you'll find the Omar's bio-
mod canister.  Once you've picked it up (if you bought it), head directly
across to the other side, and enter the door to get into the Black Gate

You're now in the secret lab.  Directly in front of you is the control room,
which has a vent.  Enter the vent, and you'll be able to get some goodies.
Emerge on the other side, and you'll see that the teleporter system is offline.
Well, how about that?  If you have a glass destablizer, then use it to get into
Tracer's office.  If not, use the vents.  Once inside, activate the holocomm
for a message from Dr. Nassif, and search the office for items.  You'll find
three biomod canisters.  There's a datacube in the office that'll give you a
computer passcode you'll need later.

Leave the office and head toward the containment facilities.  You'll see both
Donna Morgan and another woman locked up.  The other woman is Her Holiness, who
is actually a woman named Nicolette Duclare.  If you want, you can hack the
security terminal and release radiation into the chamber, killing both of them,
but it's not recommended.  Let them out, and Nicolette DuClare will reveal some
information about her and Chad Dumier.  She'll also tell you that Saman, the
Seeker you saw talking to Dumeir, is a traitor.  Not surprisingly, Dumier sends
you a message, wanting you to investigate the nearby Order church, which has
been turned into a Templar barracks by Saman.  Head to the next containment
chamber, and release the alien.  He'll tell you about his relationship with
J.C., and how the aliens and him have been working together.  Leave the
containment area.

You'll notice that Illuminati troopers have taken command of the lab.  Don't
worry; as long as you don't attack them, they won't attack you.  Leave the lab,
and head back to the streets.  You'll get a message from Dumier and Tong, and
you should check in on both of them.  Head to the SSC office and speak with
Dumier.  He'll give you a map of the church.  Return to the Nine Worlds Tavern,
and head to the dining room with Tracer.  Talk to him, and he'll explain some
more about J.C.  While in the tavern, contact Ava, and tell her you're ready to
fly to the Templar Compound.  Leave the tavern, head to the roof of the tavern,
and activate the chopper to get going.

| [5.3.3] Templar Compound                                                    |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - The Compound - Church - Return to Trier - Return to The Black Gate Lab -  +

Ahh, the Templar Compound.  Head straight from the drop off, and you'll run
into a kid.  If you give him some credits, he'll mark the location of Templar
guards on your map.  Go ahead; it's worth it.  See the dumpster near the kid?
Jump on it, then jump onto the ledge above it.  Jump on the crate, and kill the
two enemies beyond, being mindful of the turret.  You'll come across a locker
that has two black market biomods inside.  Grab them, use them, then jump back
down to where the kid was.

Back on the streets, turn right, head straight as if you were going to where
you arrived, but turn right again.  Follow the street, and you'll come to a
drainage canal.  Jump down.  You'll end up in a makeshift barracks area, where
you can grab a lot of items.  Once you've got everything, and killed the
possible Templar (I killed him once, but he wasn't there the second time I went
through the game), and head to the elevator.  Take it.

You arrive in the old church.  There will be a couple of Paladin guards here,
and there is a rocket turret in the center of the room.  Approach the altar,
and Saman will contact you via the holocomm.  Read the datacube for a keycode.
You now have to access a security computer, but it's hidden.  You can head to
the balcony of the church to get a key, or you can use explosives.  Either way,
login to the system and download the module.  Activate the holocomm in this
room, and you'll receive pre-recorded messages from Templar agents, reporting
with information on Klara Sparks, Leo Jankowski, and Alex D -- you.  There is a
repairbot just across from this room if you need it.  Leave the church, and get
back to the street.  Return to the chopper (where Ava dropped you off), and
you'll run in to Klara.  After speaking with her, take the chopper back to

Once you arrive, you'll see Lin May Chen outside the SSC office.  You can tell
her one of two things; her entire faith in the Order is a lie, or that she
should continue on believing.  Choose whatever you want.  Either way, Dumier
will contact you, asking you to repair the teleporter.  Return to The Black
Gate, going through the door that Dumier gave you access to.

As you load the area, you'll see a fight between SSC guards and Templars.
Ignore it or join in, your choice.  Whatever you pick, head back to the lab.

Once inside the lab, you'll see that the generator is offline, and arcs of
electricity block your path.  Use the vents to get by, or use your multitool to
disable the box.  Once past the arcs, you'll have to bring the other generator
online, and it's just past the broken one.  Once activating it, Dumier contacts
you, telling you to upload the module.  Head back to the control room, and use
the computer to upload the module.  You can find the login code back at Tong's
office, if you don't already have it.  Choose the option BEGIN SEQUENCING to
get the teleporter started.

Return to the teleporter, because now, it's working.  You'll see large beams of
green energy focused in a big ball.  Jump through it.

| [5.4] Antarctica                                                            |

Besides freezing your ass off, you'll find J.C.'s secret area, an abandoned
base, and you'll meet some old enemies.

| [5.4.1] The Sanctuary of J.C. Denton                                        |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Ice Shelf - J.C.'s Sanctuary -                                            +

You'll arrive in Antarctica in a small room encased by ice.  An alien gray will
talk to you about J.C., and asks if you'll free one of his people.  After
speaking with the alien, search for any items you want, then follow the halls
until you get outside.  Approach the middle structure, and Billie will send you
a message.  You can get in two ways, both of which deal with fighting some
Templars; walk in through the front door and kill them right away, or you can
climb the ladder and drop in through the roof, where you have to kill them to
get out.  Once inside, whatever way you choose, walk to the holocomm unit at
the back, and Billie will talk with you.  After speaking, search the room for
some items, including a biomod canister, then leave.

Head to the area nearby where you see some cages.  There is an alien trapped
here.  Release the gray, and tell him to either guard the area or run home.  If
you like, you can return to the gray who welcomed you, and he'll now tell you
more about his race, J.C., and J.C.'s sanctuary.  Head left from the cages (as
if you were going back to the tent), but turn left and head toward the tunnel
built into the ice wall.  Follow it, kill the Templar, and you'll be outside
again, facing a large structure.

Work your way down the ramps to the floor, killing the Templars and avoiding
the turrets.  If you have Bot Domination, you can dominate a turret, fire to
get the Templar's attention, and then kill them with the turret.  Once you're
at ground level, you'll receive a message from J.C. himself (if you haven't
already).  Walk into the structure, and approach the podium that has a pink
glowing sphere.  Walk into.

You're now inside the sanctuary.  Walk straight and turn right, and you'll see
J.C. Denton in some sort of chamber.  Directly across from J.C. you'll see a
holocomm unit, so head towards it, and Ava will contact you.  She'll tell you
the truth about her and her mysterious passenger, and will tell you how to wake
J.C. up.  Return to where J.C. was, and enter the glowing sphere.  Before you
do that, you can head to the floor of the cave for a bunch of goodies, but you
will have to fight greasels and karikans.

The first portal takes you to Maggie Chow's apartment, which will be familiar
to those who played the first game.  Each room, including this one, has an
alien who will help guide you.  Before going through the second teleporter,
check the top of one of the bookshelves for a Dragon Tooth Sword.  Go through
the next teleporter.

You're in an office, which looks a lot like Joseph Manderlay's office from the
first Deus Ex.  Once you've looked around, go through the next teleporter.

You'll now be in a conference room.  You can read the book on the desk, but
there's nothing else here.  Go through the next teleporter.

You're in the fourth, second-to-last room, and Billie is here.  You'll now have
to fight her.  You have two choices; kill her or let her live.  I chose to kill
her, so she won't bug me later.  Once you've dealt with her, head to the last
teleporter.  Don't go into the pit, as there are only turrets and nothing you
need.  Jump through the last teleporter.

You're now back where you started from, but this time, J.C. Denton is awake,
and he'll talk to you, at length, about a lot of things before telling you to
visit the abandoned VersaLife base.

Leave the sanctuary, and Saman will contact you, asking you to meet him at the
same tent where Billie contacted you over the holocomm.  Do so.  You'll have to
contend with some new Templars, but you can avoid them if you like, because the
fight will take a lot of ammo, and possibly most of your health.  Your best bet
would be to sneak by all of them, and then use the ladder to get to the roof of
the tent, then drop in.

Once inside, approach the holocomm, and Saman will contact you.  Its not really
a message as much as bragging, but whatever; he'll get his.  Leave the tent,
and head to the other tunnel, above the tent.  This will lead you to the
VersaLife base that J.C. wants you to check out.

| [5.4.2] Versalife Base                                                      |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Complex Exterior - Complex Interior -                                     +

You're going to have a tough fight ahead of you, as the Templars have taken
control of the base.  Luckily, they are normal Templars, so you won't have to
contend with any of the power armors.

Walk forward and head up the small ramp.  You'll see a device here, which is
the pilot beacon.  Activate it, and it won't work.  You now have a new mission,
to restore power.  Go down the stairs on the opposite side of the ramp, and
enter the base.  When you're in the A WING, it's mostly offices and sleeping
quarters, but you can find some good items.  If you head to the attic, you can
get into the locked rooms through vent shafts, but you'll have to contend with
greasels and piles of greasel goo.  You will also find many datacubes which
give a backstory to the VersaLife base and why they were here.

We're now going to B WING.  To get there, you can either use a multitool to
bypass the door lock, or go through the vents.  Either way, you'll find a large
room with a repairbot.  Use him if needbe, then head to the doorway at the end
of the downward sloping ramp to get to the labs.

Once in the labs, you'll notice a lot of greasels and karkians.  You can fight
them if you like, or you can use a combination of vents and pipes to sneak by
unnoticed.  Work your way around the labs until you come to a holding cell.
You'll see a Templar is locked inside.  Don't let him out, otherwise he'll find
out what you are and will open fire.  He's a waste of ammo, so don't bother.
Keep walking, and you'll find a biomod canister, black market, in a corner.
Grab it, and make your way to the infirmary.  There is a medbot here if you
need him, as well as tons of items.  Take what you need, but don't overstock
yourself.  Head to the generators, and look for the power box; it has a symbol
of a lightning bolt.  Activate it, and you've just brought the generators back
to life.  Use the vents nearby to get back outside and to avoid the deadly
camera/turret combo.

Return to the pilot beacon (near where you came from the ice shelf), and use it
once again.  It activates, and Ava lands.  Now, head back to Cairo, where
things have changed -- drastically.

| [5.5] Cairo Revisited                                                       |

Back to Cairo, where the air is cleaner, and most people seem happier.  You'll
go through the familiar locations, including the Medina and the Acrology, and
then you'll be off to the final location.

| [5.5.1] Medina                                                              |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Medina, South - Medina, North - Mosque -                                  +

Ava will drop you off at the same spot as before; the helipad above the Medina.
You'll get two messages; one from Ava, who asks you to revive Paul Denton, and
one from Chad Dumier, who asks you to kill Paul Denton.  Head down the ladder
to the Medina floor, and talk with the coffee manager.  He'll ask you to do a
job for him.  You'll run into a man wearing black armor with red glasses.  This
guy is an elite commando for the Illuminati, and he's been sent to help you
kill Paul Denton.  When chatting, DO NOT tell him you're not going to kill
Denton.  If you do, he'll attack you, and he's a good fight.  He'll also come
in handy later if you play along.

Return to the area where the Omar was (remember with Leo?).  Leo is nowhere to
be found, so DuClare will send you a message.  Go back to the Mosque, and you
will see Leo standing outside in one of the Omar's suits.  Give him the money
he needs for a pilot (you should have more than enough), and you'll now be able
to meet up with him in New York.  If you head to the chapel, you'll see Lin May
Chen speaking with people.  Talk to her, and return to the apartment complex.
Head back to Maskini's apartment, and he'll have a job for you.  Continue
heading upstairs, and you'll run into a couple of Templars who are preparing to
kill Maskini.  The squad is led by Silas Archer, if you left him alive all that
time ago at the academy.  Kill them, collect the items, and return to Maskini
for a reward.

Return to the Mosque, and you'll see it's been taken over by the Templar.  If
you head to the staircase leading to the infirmary, you'll see a little girl
hiding underneath it.  Return to the main room of the Mosque, and you'll spot a
Military Bot roaming the center area.  Besides that, there are plenty of guards
around.  To destroy the bot, I recommend enabling Thermal Masking, run up to
the bot, enable Bot Domination, then run away.  Once you have control, let go
of the bot and it'll be disabled.  Once you do this, you'll get a new mission.
Head back downstairs to the infirmary, and talk to the doctor.  He'll give you
a small reward.  Now, talk to the mother, and she'll give you the keycode to
the lockers in the SSC station at the acrology.  To get to the acrology, use
the elevator in the Mosque.

| [5.5.2] Acrology                                                            |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Levels 107, 108 - Air Terminal -                                          +

You'll see the Pequod's in front of you, but the whole room is guarded by not
only Templar Paladins, but commandos and turrets.  You might want to save just
before you fight, because you will have to kill these people.  Once you have,
go to the coffee shop and open the safe, completing the QueeQueg's objective.
Head over to the NG Resonance sim, and keep talking until she tells you that
she landed at the Acrology fourteen hours ago.

You'll soon get a message from Chad Dumier, and it's not a nice one; he's got
Klara Sparks hostage, and will kill her, unless you do what he wants.  Remember
the area you went to to clean the air?  She's being held there.  You'll have to
fight a couple of WTO guards, as well as Donna Morgan herself.  Once you've
done that, use the ladder by Klara to get to the actual bay, and collect a load
of items.  Return up the ladder, and head back to the acrology.

Return to the SSC station, where you reported Silas Archer's activities, and
you'll find it's been overrun by Templar.  Kill them all, then open the locker
using the code the woman in the Mosque gave you.  Once you've collected the
items, run to the elevator which leads to the Air Terminal.

The commando you met in the Medina, if he's still alive, will meet you here.
Head down the ramp to the lower level of the Air Terminal, and approach the
holocomm to get a message from Saman.  He wants you to join the Templars by
giving a blood sample.  Head down the ramps and follow the signs to Hangar 23.

Inside, you'll find Dr. Nassif and some SSC security.  Talk to them if you
want, and then head to the storage room, where you'll find NG Resonance and her
entourage.  She's a real bitch, but at least you've completed an objective.
Just for the hell of it, I killed her my second time through, because she was
annoying.  Leave the Hangar and head to Hangar 24.

Just before going in, save your game.  Trust me.  Once in Hangar 24, a
scientist will talk to you, asking for your blood sample.  Tell him to "go to
hell", and now you'll be fighting the entire hangar.  That's Paladins, Power
Armor, commandos, and a military bot.  It might take you more than one try.
Once everyone is dead, approach the tube holding Paul.  Choose to release him
by telling him to "take off".  We don't want to kill him.  If the Illuminati
commando is still with you when you rescue Paul, be careful, as he'll attack
Paul, and you'll need to defend him.  Head to the overlook, and you can grab
Paul's items.  Return all the way to the Hangar 23 overlook, and activate the
pilot beacon to summon Ava.  Now what's left is to return to the helipad to
get in the chopper, and you're off to the final area of the game, New York.

| [5.6] New York, New York                                                    |

Back to New York, the starting point of the first game.  You'll work your way
around a familiar island, and you'll dig through the ruins of the former
UNATCO base.  You'll finally choose your true allegiance here, and will be able
to see one of four endings.

| [5.6.1] Liberty Island                                                      |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - West Island -                                                             +

As you arrive in New York, you'll receive a message from all the different
factions, each wanting you to do as they say.  Later on in this level, you'll
have a very important choice to make, which will determine what ending you see.
If you've followed this walkthrough, all the main characters should still be
alive (except for Billie), so you should have no problem choosing what ending
you want.  The best part about New York is everybody is here, from Templars and
WTO to the Illuminati.  It's possibly to draw two opposing crowds into one
another, allowing them to kill each other off while you watch.

Run straight ahead and turn right.  You'll see a communications area nearby.
Inside, you'll find Leo, who suggests that you kill everybody, and let the
people decide their own fate.  Leave the comm. room, and head toward the north
docks.  Kill the Illuminati, and make your way to Tracer Tong.  He'll ask you
to repair some bots he brought.  Head to the power boxes (again symbolized with
a lightning bolt).  There are three boxes, requiring two multitools each.  If
you don't have at least six, scour around for some.  There are plenty on the
island.  Once you've activated the bots, talk to Tracer again, and he'll ask
you who you want the bots to attack.  You can go after the Illuminati or the
Templar, or you can use them to defend J.C.  Pick whatever you want, because
they'll help for you one ending, but will be in your way for another.

After repairing the bots, head back to where you found Leo, because we're about
to enter the UNATCO base.  Or what's left of it.

| [5.6.2] UNATCO Base                                                         |

+ This section covers the following areas:                                    +
+ - Ruined UNATCO Complex -                                                   +

When you emerge from the tunnels, you'll be in the first real room.  You'll see
a U.N. flag here.  If you want to access a secret level, scroll down to the
secrets section.  Otherwise, ignore the flag, and keep moving through the base.
Follow the signs until you reach the holding cells, which contain a lot of
supplies.  You'll need most, if not all of them, depending on which ending you
want to go after.  Head to the computer room (where you met the guy who
controlled your biomods in the first game), and head to the bottom floor.  You
will see a computer terminal.  As you approach it, you'll get another message
from all your "friends", as well as from Saman, who uses the holocomm unit.

************* SAVE YOUR GAME *************

The choice you make now will affect your ending.  Activate the terminal.  Check
the section right underneath this, "The Four Endings", to see what ending you
want, and what to do to get that ending.  Keep in mind:

- J.C., Paul, and J.C.'s machine is located at the ruined Statue of Liberty
- Chad and Nicolette are at the Illuminati base
- Saman is at a loading dock that's been changed into a bunker

So, decide what you want by reading the next section, and do so.  You've now
completed Deus Ex 2: Invisible War!  Reload your save game (where I just told
you to), and go for the other three endings now.


| [6] The Four Endings                                                        |

There are four different endings you receive, and the most important factor
that determines what ending you see is done within the last twenty minutes of
the game, so saving when I tell you will let you view the different endings
without having to replay the entire game.

Ending 1 - The Apostle Corporation's Great Advance
  To get this ending, make sure you do the following:
     - Upload Aquinas spec to J.C. Denton at the UNATCO base
     - Step into the machine at the statue
     - Make sure J.C. survives

What Happens?
  J.C.'s vision of universal biomodification becomes reality, and through a
  group consciousness, the world becomes the perfect democracy.


Ending 2 - The Illuminati Light
  To get this ending, make sure you do the following:
     - Upload Aquinas spec to Illuminati at the UNATCO base
     - Kill both J.C. Denton and Paul Denton
     - Destroy the machine at the statue
     - Make sure either Chad Dumier or Nicolette DuClare survive

What Happens?
  The Earth is forever cleansed of evil, and the future is bright and clean.
  The Illuminati continue to control governments in a way that's positive for
  the people.


Ending 3 - The Flooding
  To get this ending, make sure you do the following:
     - Upload Aquinas spec to Templars at the UNATCO base
     - Kill both J.C. Denton and Paul Denton
     - Step into the machine at the statue
     - Make sure Saman (the Order Seeker) survives

What Happens?
  Luminous Saman and the rest of the Templars seize control of the world while
  everyone is in panic over the flood.  The Templars rule the earth with a
  religious totalitarianism regime.


Ending 4 - The Ruined Earth
  To get this ending, make sure you do the following:
     - Kill both J.C. Denton and Paul Denton, as well as Chad Dumier, Nicolette
       DuClare, and Saman
     - Destroy the machine at the statue
     - You can upload the Aquinas spec to anybody; it doesn't matter

What Happens?
  The Omar take over.  They begin to eliminate all other groups and proceed to
  enforce their militaristic capitalistic ideals on everyone.  They ensure that
  everybody is biomodded with a group consciousness.


| [7] Secrets                                                                 |

* Party Level *

Near the end of the game, there is a secret level where every character in the
game is having a "party".  It's a cool way to check out all the models and
stuff.  To access this level, you must get to Liberty Island (the last area of
the game).  Enter the ruined UNATCO building, and grab the American flag you
see it.  Take it into the bathroom in Manderly's office (from the first game).
Drop it somewhere in the bathroom, and flush the toilet.  You will be
transported to the party level.

Be sure to save your game first, as you can't get out of the party level.


| [8] Bugs/Glitches                                                           |

Please note that none of these bugs or glitches have been tried by me.  Some of
you may get them to work (or is that "un"work, considering they're bugs?), some
of you may not.  It may also take several tries to recreate a bug.

* Teleport *

On level 107 in Cairo (during your second visit), go in the vent by the Tarsus
Academy, and go around the corner until you come to two yellow laser beams.  If
you step back and try to shoot it with a rocket, you'll be "teleported" to the
elevator that is almost at the beginning of the area.

-- Submitted by ElisT.

* Klara Still Gives Biomod *

This does not seem to be related to killing the scientist, but to successful
completion of the WTO (esp. since she’s the WTO rep.) Mako lab objective.  If
you use the glitch where you both kill the head scientists AND get the Mag
Rail, Klara still gives you the biomod canister.

-- Submitted by IssacD.

* Hack Computer Even with Access Code *

Even if you have the code for a computer, if you have Neural Interface, you
will still hack it.  However, the public opinion will not be affected.

-- Submitted by IssacD.

* Disappearing Billie Objective *

In Cairo, if you speak to the Omar trader before speaking with Billie, the
objective SPEAK WITH BILLIE is removed from your datavault.  However, you can
still speak with her, and the dialogue will play out the same if you spoke to
her before the Omar.  Why the objective drops out of your vault is probably a
bug of some sort.

* Repeating Dialogue *

In the Mako labs, when you talk to the scientist who tells you how special you
are, walk over to the lady in the corner while the WTO lady is responding to
how she doesn't trust him.  If you do this, the message will repeat over and
over until you back up and let it finish.

-- Submitted by Alexi.

* Don't Kill Sophia Sak *

When encountering Sophia Sak, if you use a non lethal weapon, like the baton,
you'll still be credited with "eliminating" her.

-- Submitted by Alexi.

* Fall to Nowhere *

After Ava drops you off on the rooftop, look up between the two dumpsters and
you'll see a break in the railing.  Stack three crates underneath it, and put
another crate behind the dumpster.  Jump from the crate behind the dumpster to
the stack of three, and pull yourself up (mantle).  You'll end up on the other
side of the wall, between the wall and a building.  You can't do anything, but
you'll die when you start to fall mysteriously into nowhere on one side.

-- Submitted by Alexi.

* Complete Both Scientist Objectives at Mako Lab for a Minute *
(Yeah, I couldn't think of a better title for this glitch; sue me)

When you get to the scientist and you have to choose between assassinating him
or taking the rail gun, choose the gun.  The scientist will go upstairs.  Grab
a crate from the hall, and place it so it gets lodged in between the door he
went through and the stairs.  Open the glass shield.  The door will try to
close, but it can't, because you put the crate there.  Go upstairs and attack
him.  He has "super strength", and it can take up to three hundred whacks from
a melee weapon to kill him.  After he's dead, you've satisfied the Order.  Once
you touch the gun, you complete the WTO objective, but the Order will still
contact you and bitch for you giving the specs to the WTO.

-- Submitted by Alexi.


| [9] Questions & Answers                                                     |

Q: How do I drop an item from my inventory?
A: Go into your inventory by pressing X.  Find the item you want to drop, press
   A, then press Y.  Exit your inventory, and you'll see the item drop to the

Have a question about the game?  E-mail me, and I'll answer it.  Please check
section "[A] Contact Information" for my e-mail address.


| [10] Cheat Codes                                                            |

No cheat codes have been found for the Xbox version of Deus Ex: Invisible War.

There are several cheat codes for the PC version, but these involve editing
game files.  Check out Cheat Code Central ( to find out
how to do it.  Be careful, though, as editing game files can corrupt some
files, possibly making the game unplayable.


| [11] Tips and Tricks                                                        |

* NG is Anatomically Correct *

When you speak with NG Resonance at the club in Seattle, crouch, grab your
binoculars and look under her skirt.  You will see she is anatomically correct.
All the other girls in the game have a shadow under their skirt, which would
make NG Resonance seem intentional.

-- Submitted by Anonymous.

* Easy Way to Acquire Hellblazer Boltcaster *

An easier way to get the Hellblazer Boltcaster is to get the boxes scattered
around the courtyard, and pile them up. You can jump from the top box onto the
window ledge, or using the double-jump.  Tap the boxes, tap the wall, then dash
onto the walkway with the vent.  This last part requires at least level two
speed enhancement.

-- Submitted by IssacD.

* Max Out Biomods *

If you use Neural interface, and Bot Domination, and do all the quests, you can
max out all your biomods with the container in ApostleCorp Lab.

-- Submitted by IssacD.

* Stand Down Time *

The stand-down from full alert in most cases is forty five seconds of real
time.  This was verified on normal and easy levels.

-- Submitted by IssacD.

* WTO Air Terminal ATM Hack *

With a level two Neural Interface, you should be able to hack the ATM in the
WTO Air Terminal without worrying about being caught.

-- Submitted by IssacD.

* Using Gas Barrels *

If you're low on health, or just don't feel like wasting ammo, and there's a
gas barrel around, you can use this trick.  Grab the barrel and put it in a
fairly narrow hallway, then fire at the barrel to puncture it, releasing the
gas.  Now fire to get the attention of any enemies, and draw them right into
the path of the gas.

-- Submitted by Alexi.

* Easy ATM Hacking *

If you want to hack an ATM machine where you can be seen, drop a box, crate or
other object next to the ATM, crouch beside the box, and hack.  You'll be
covered from view of any guards or citizens, and you can hack without having to
worry about being attacked.

-- Submitted by Alexi.

* Aim for the Head *

This should be natural.  Head shots cause more damage, and can drop most
enemies in three or four shots less than it would take if you aimed for their
torso.  On the Xbox version, you should disable auto-aim, as the target likes
to focus on the torso.  On the PC version, you shouldn't need auto-aim at all,
because of the mouse's superior control.

* Conserve Ammunition *

If you can, sneak up on most people and start whacking them with a weapon, like
the riot baton or energy blade.  Ammo becomes scarce later on, and heavier
weapons, like the shotgun and sniper rifle, take more ammo, so it's a good idea
to save what you have.

* Stick to the Shadows *

The best way to get by enemies is to sneak by them in the dark.  Use shadows
and crates, and poke your head out to the see where they are.  Once they're
facing the opposite direction, head out.  If you have a decent surround sound
system, you can also use their footsteps to determine which way they are
walking.  This will make it even easier, as their chances of spotting your head
poking out is decreased.


| [12] Miscellaneous                                                          |

This section will contain various information that I feel doesn't really fall
under anything else.  It'll also be the area where I put things that I think
would be a good idea to add.

| [12.1] Loading Screen Messages                                              |

Whenever you load a game or new area, message appears at the bottom of the
screen.  This is usually some background information on the game, references to
the first Deus Ex, or some tips.  I'll post them here.  They really serve no
helpful purpose in a walkthrough, but if you're interested, here they are.


The WTO is led by Chad Dumier, former leader of the Silhouette revolutionaries
in MJ-12 controlled Paris.

The Omar are an underground society of cyborgs.  They originated in Russian
science labs in the years following The Collapse.

The Military Bot is a large bot equipped with an anti-personnel rocket.  It is
typically deployed in open, outdoor spaces.

Tarsus Academies promises the best education and training as well as placement
with a sponsoring corporation in their covert operations.

After a brief training course, SSC guards are ready for deployment anywhere,

Use medits to keep your health high.  This will help you survive combat and
keep you prepared for unexpected situations.

Twenty years ago, the Illuminate convinced J.C. Denton to neutralize Bob Page
in Area 51 before Page could complete his plans of global domination.

You can access a security camera if you have a valid login or the Neural
Interface biomod.

The medbot can heal even the most serious injuries.  It is programmed to attend
to the wounds of anyone in its vicinity.

NG Resonance is an international pop star, popular with young and old alike.

Twenty years ago, J.C. Denton shut down the Aquinas Router, which paralyzed
global communications and returned civilization to a simpler, decentralized

The repair bot can fully recharge a depleted bioelectric energy supply.  It is
programmed to replenish the bioenergy of those nearby.

The biomodified Omar share a group consciousness, but each member was once an
ordinary human.

Seattle is home to world class facilities, like the Mako Ballistics Weapon
Laboratory and the Tarsus Academies Intermediate Training Facility.

The Order was founded shortly after The Collapse, attracting many of those who
lost family and faith in the catastrophe.

You can sneak past a camera by avoiding its field of view or by using the
Thermal Masking biomod.

Tension between the WTO and The Order have been mounting.  What began as
friction and criticism has erupted in fighting and riots.

Bots are quite resistant to bullets, fire and poison


| [13] System Requirements                                                    |

These are the system requirements you must meet in order to play the PC version
of the game.

* Minimum Requirements                                                        *

System            : Intel Pentium III 1.2GHz, AMD Athlon, or equivilant
RAM               : 256MB
CD-ROM            : 4x
Video Card Memory : 32MB vRAM
Hard Drive Space  : 2,000MB (2.0GB)

* Recommended Requirements                                                    *

System            : Intel Pentium 4 1.5GHz, AMD Athlon, or equivilant
RAM               : 512MB
CD-ROM            : 8x
Video Card Memory : 64MB vRAM
Hard Drive Space  : 2,000MB (2.0GB)


| [A] Contact Information                                                     |

I'm sorry, but all contact for this FAQ will no longer be accepted due to a
lack of interest in the game.  For more information on this game, check out
the game's official website, other FAQs, or one of many quality gaming sites,
like Cheat Happens ( or GameSpot (  Chances are
you can also find at least one other FAQ for this game right at GameFAQs.


| [B] Webmaster Information                                                   |

Attention webmasters: You are allowed to host this document and display it
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- Do not charge people to see it or otherwise make a profit from it.
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- Give proper credit to the author.
- You may not sell, rent or lease the document.

If you want to use one of my guides _IN_ a guide of yours, like an item guide
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still follow the above.  All I ask in addition to that is that you let me know
when your guide is online so I can check it out.


| [C] Where This FAQ May be Found                                             |

Cheat Happens

All other websites have permission to use this document, but they may be out of
date or incorrect versions.  The latest, newest versions can always be found at
the above websites.


| [D] Other FAQs Written                                                      |

This section may not always be up-to-date, as I'm not going to update every
single one of my FAQs after making a new one.

GAME                                          GUIDE TYPE
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Total FAQs: 27

I have also written several strategy guides, in HTML format with screenshots,
for the website Cheat Happens (

Hitman: Contracts
Spider-Man 2
The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay
Unreal Tournament 2004

Total Guides: 4


| [E] Deus Ex: Invisible War Copyright Information                            |

Deus Ex: Invisible War copyright (C) 2003 Ion Storm.  Developed by Ion Storm.
Published by Eidos Interactive.  Deus Ex: Invisible War, Ion Storm, and the Ion
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