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                                CALL OF JUAREZ
                             FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v0.8

                         Based on the Xbox 360 version
                       Written and maintained by SubSane
                           Last updated July 3, 2007



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    1.1 Game Details
    1.2 Story

    2.1 Game Start
    2.2 Saving/Loading
    2.3 Pause Menu
    2.4 On-Screen Display
    2.5 Controls & Techniques
    2.6 Weapons
    2.7 Items
    2.8 Characters

    3.1 Prelude
    3.2 Episode I: The Prodigal Son Returns
    3.3 Episode II: Let He Who Is Without Sin...
    3.4 Episode III: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword
    3.5 Episode IV: He Shall Flee from the Iron Weapon
    3.6 Episode V: The Realm of Death Below
    3.7 Episode VI: Man's Hand Assaults the Steel Bull
    3.8 Episode VII: Then Thundered the Horse's Hoofs
    3.9 Episode VIII: Out of Darkness the Eyes of the Blind Will See
    3.10 Episode IX: Search the River, Brings Hidden Things to Light
    3.11 Episode X: A Pursuer Swifter Than Eagles in the Sky
    3.12 Episode XI: Then He Remembered His Dreams
    3.13 Episode XII: Treasures Hidden in the Sand
    3.14 Episode XIII: The Old Path That Evil Men Have Trod
    3.15 Episode XIV: Every Man Armed for Battle
    3.16 Episode XV: Rescue Me from the Wicked by Your Sword

    4.1 Farm
    4.2 Ghost Town
    4.3 Showdown at Round Rock







11.0 FAQ

12.0 LEGAL / MISC.
     12.1 Version History
     12.2 Guide Credits
     12.3 Contact Information
     12.4 Legal Stuff


===== 1.0 INTRODUCTION ========================================================

                              1.1  Game Details

In May of 2006 some preview screenshots were released by an unknown European
developer called Techland for a game they called Call of Juarez. The PC shots
looked impressive enough and the fact that it was a Western-themed game caught
the attention of the media and gamers. The hype train gained momentum when
French publisher Ubisoft took over the publishing and distribution of the game
into the U.S. market and announced it would release for both PC and Xbox 360.

The game in its full glory was finally released in North America the week of
June 15, 2007.

                                  1.2  Story

The Legend of the Lost Gold of Juarez has been passed down from one generation
to the next since the time of Hernando Cortez. It was said to be the ransom
for Montezuma, held hostage by the Spanish in the great Aztec capital of
Tenochtitlan. The treasure disappeared soon after the sacking of the city and
some believe it's buried near the border town of Juarez. According to the
legend, the Aztec Sun God, Huitzilopochtil, put a curse on the treasure and
all who seek it will find only insanity and perdition. This avaricious madness
has come to be known as the Call of Juarez.


===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================

                                2.1  Game Start

Press Start to begin the game.

Select this to enter the single player modes.

- Story Mode: This is the main bulk of single player. First select from the
  Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulties then you can Continue, Choose Episode,
  or start a New Game.

- Extra Missions: These are unlocked upon completion of the Story Mode.

- Duel Challenge: With each new duel in the Story Mode you unlock a new
  duel challenge. It's mostly the same characters as the Story Mode with
  a slightly higher difficulty with each duel.

- Secrets: Here you can view the Wanted Cards you've collected in Story Mode.

- Personal Stats: View your overall stats with the different kinds of weapons,
  as well as the Overall time played.

This sends you to the Xbox Live and System Link MP modes.

Adjust several options, including:

- Audio volume.

- Video brightness.

- Controls such as button layout, stick layout, invert Y axis, stick
  sensitivity, auto aim, sticky aim, vibration, and revert from crouching.

- Dialog text during gameplay.

- Storage Device (hard drive or MU).

View the game credits.

                              2.2  Saving/Loading

Every time you select SINGLEPLAYER you'll be asked to select a storage device
to which your game will be automatically saved. You have the option of
selecting a Hard Drive if you have one attached, or you can use a MU. Likewise,
your game is loaded when you select your storage device at the start of
single player.

To change your storage device go to the Options menu.

                                2.3  Pause Menu

Pressing Start during gameplay will bring up your objectives as well as several
other options.

Quit to Menu
As the name states, select this to return to the main menu.

Here you can adjust the same options as the ones in the main options menu.

Return to gameplay.

                            2.4  On-Screen Display

The compass in the top-right corner acts as a radar, indicating the location
of objectives and your horse.

When riding a horse, an icon appears next to the compass showing the horse's

The character icon at the bottom shows whether you are crouched or
standing, the stealth level, and glows red or yellow when you are being

Concentration Mode
When CM is available a holster icon will appear next to the player icon.

The six blocks in the bottom-center show the player's weapons.

From left to right, the three icons in the lower left corner display revolver
ammo, rifle ammo, and shotgun ammo.

                          2.5  Controls & Techniques

Billy Control

Command      |  Action                              |  Other           
Start        |  Pause the game                      |  Return to gameplay
Select       |  Discard held weapons                |  -
L stick      |  Move Billy                          |  Move in menus
R stick      |  Move camera                         |  -
L-in         |  Crouch                              |  -
R-in         |  Zoom                                |  -
D-up         |  Pick up/two-hand weapon/climb whip  |  Move in menus
D-left       |  Pick up/left-hand weapon            |  Move in menus
D-right      |  Pick up/right-hand weapon           |  Move in menus
D-down       |  Holster weapon/climb whip           |  Move in menus
Y button     |  Reload weapon                       |  Quit (pause screen)
B button     |  -                                   |  Exit menus
A button     |  Jump                                |  Select in menus
X button     |  Action (context sensitive)          |  Options (pause screen)
LB button    |  Run (MP)/horse gallop               |  -
LT button    |  Fire left/zoom with bow             |  -
RB button    |  Hold to lean/lock horse direction   |  -
RT button    |  Fire right/hold with whip           |  -

Ray Control

Command      |  Action                            |  Other           
Start        |  Pause the game                    |  Return to gameplay
Select       |  Discard held weapons              |  -
L stick      |  Move Ray                          |  Move in menus
R stick      |  Move camera                       |  -
L-in         |  Crouch                            |  -
R-in         |  Zoom                              |  -
D-up         |  Pick up/select two-hand weapon    |  Move in menus
D-left       |  Pick up/select left-hand weapon   |  Move in menus
D-right      |  Pick up/select right-hand weapon  |  Move in menus
D-down       |  Holster weapon                    |  Move in menus
Y button     |  Reload weapon                     |  Quit (pause screen)
B button     |  Toggle quick shooting             |  Exit menus
A button     |  Jump                              |  Select in menus
X button     |  Action (context sensitive)        |  Options (pause screen)
LB button    |  Run (MP)/horse gallop/kick        |  -
LT button    |  Fire left/activate CM (holstered) |  -
RB button    |  Hold to lean/lock horse direction |  -
RT button    |  Fire right/activate CM (holstered)|  -

Hand-to-Hand Combat
Most of the fighting will be done with guns or a bow, but on occasion you may
need to bring out your other guns. For maximum damage you should be right in
the guy's face to pull off these attacks.

LT = Straight left
RT = Right hook
LT, RT, LT = Straight left, right hook, left uppercut

Dueling involves waiting for the time to count down then _gently_ moving the
R stick Up to bring out your revolver. If you press Up too hard when you bring
out the weapon it will be more difficult to aim at your enemy's weak points.
Aim for the head and upper body for faster kills.

Horse Riding
Press X on a horse's saddle to ride it. While riding a horse you move it with
the left button and can move the camera with the right, allowing you to ride
straight but move side to side to shoot enemies. Pressing LB will allow you
to gallop the horse, however doing this too long will hurt the horse. Watch
its health meter at the top-right corner of the screen. You can also hold RB
to lock the horse in a straight path while you aim with the R stick.

Concentration Mode
Concentration Mode (CM for short) is exclusive to Ray and is essentially a
way to slow down your enemies while you shoot them. Two cross-hairs appear on
the screen, one for each weapon. You can move one independently of the other
to kill various enemies at once, although if you want to only reach an enemy
on one side it is easier to move both sticks in the same direction to move
them quicker. LT fires the left weapon and RT fires the right one, just like
in regular shooting mode.

Climbing is an ability exclusive to Billy. Simply look up at a ledge and jump
to grab it and climb it. Not all ledges can be climbed, so make sure the ledge
appears to have flat ground above it.

Man, Billy's just loaded with exclusive techniques! Stealth is often the
easiest way for Billy to get past some enemies. Simply crouch down and look
for bushes where Billy can hide. Billy's icon in the bottom corner turns black
when he is hidden from view in the shadows. You must also refrain from using
any loud weapons while hiding or you risk giving away your position.

                                 2.6  Weapons

Refer to the Table of Contents to find the complete weapon listing.

Revolvers can be held in one hand, allowing you to wield one revolver in each
hand during gameplay. They are generally faster than rifles or shotguns and
reload quickly, although they are also weaker.

Rifles and Sniper Rifles
These weapons are excellent for long range shooting but take much longer to
reload than revolvers. The sniper rifle has a much greater zooming distance
than the regular rifle.

Shotguns are powerful short range weapons, but can only hold two shots at one

Ray's Bible can be used as a distraction during fights. Whip it out and use
it to read passages and halt nearby enemies. Of course, your left hand is
still free to draw a weapon...

Bow and Arrow
The bow is a different weapon than bullet guns because it allows Billy to
zoom in with the LT button and kill enemies in slow motion, much like
Ray's CM. Note that arrows do not shoot straight over longer distances, so you
usually have to aim up past your target to account for the arc.

The whip is also exclusive to Billy. This weapon can be used as a weapon, but
more importantly it can be used to access others areas by whipping and holding
onto trees and other objects. You can swing around with the L stick or move up
and down the whip with the D-pad.

You can carry up to five sticks of dynamite at once, but be very careful and
as far away as possible when throwing these out.

                                  2.7  Items

Ammo appears throughout the levels. Sometimes it is from killed enemies and
other times you'll simply find it sitting on boxes or inside containers. Note
that ammo for your current weapons can be picked up by running over it, while
ammo for weapons that you don't have can still be picked up but only by
pressing the X button.

Oil Lamps
Oil lamps are a good source of fire when you need to really stick it to enemies
(and you want to be especially cruel). Lit lamps will blow up on contact with
enemies or objects, but an unlit oil lamp will simply splash oil. Shoot the
oil to light it up.

Misc. Objects
You'll find that almost any object about the size of a crate or smaller can
be picked up and moved or thrown. You'll need these to complete objectives or
simply to throw at enemies.

Wanted Cards
Wanted Cards are rolled up sheets of paper containing information on wanted
individuals. There are 40 in all and you can view them in the Secrets menu.

                                2.8  Characters

Billy is a young guy and unfortunately not as strong as his pursuer, Ray. His
weaknesses are a weak endurance and inability to use guns effectively.
However, Billy makes up for it by being faster and more nimble with his
skills in climbing, sneaking, climbing with his whip, and being able to kill
enemies quickly and silently with his bow.

Reverend Ray
Reverend Ray is a powerhouse character. He can wield guns likes nobody's
business and is skilled enough to enter Concentration Mode to take out
multiple enemies within a few seconds. Ray also wears metal armor allowing him
to take more hits and survive. Unfortunately the good reverend is also slower
and cannot climb up to high areas, forcing him to find ground routes around


===== 3.0 WALKTHROUGH =========================================================

NOTE: I do not point out the achievements or bonus stuff in the walkthrough.
All of that can be found via the table of contents at the top of the page.
Also, this walkthrough is based on the Hard difficulty but will apply to the
Easy and Normal difficulties as well.

                                 3.1  Prelude

Unknown Location

You begin as an unknown man pushing a cart into an unknown location. It's
quiet... almost too quiet. As you near the large house several men appear and
speak rather crudely to you. The man you control responds, but not quite as
cordially as the men did.

The battle begins!

Once you're given control of the gatling gun it's time for you to do the Lord's
work and unleash mayhem upon these sinners. Keep your finger on the trigger and
focus your aim on one man at a time. Spraying bullets may be tempting but you
will only succeed in destroying the plaster and getting shot by many men if
you do so. 

After many bullets and dead bodies the onslaught will become too much for
you to bear, and darkness will fade in...

                   3.2  Episode I: The Prodigal Son Returns

Two weeks earlier...

Outskirts of Hope

Meet Billy Candle. A loner and vagabond, he's really just a guy with bad luck.
Run forward as Billy to receive your first objective in the game.

-> Objective: Go to Thomas and Marisa's farm.

Before following the blip on your radar, feel free to look around and explore
the forest. You'll be seeing plenty of nature throughout the game so go ahead
and get a feel for the terrain.

Once you're ready head towards the red blip and make your way through the
ravine. There'll be some explanations on how to do the simple stuff such as
use the radar, jump, and slide down steep slopes. The slope can be tricky if
you go down the wrong side, so always look before you start sliding and never
go for a drop of more than 20 feet or so. Face forward and hold back as you
drop to make it the ground safely.

Once there you'll find yourself at Jones' farm. Any attempts to simply stride
in through the front gate will be shot down, but go ahead and try it if you
don't believe me...

Told ya.

-> Objective: On the roof of the barn behind the house is a weapon stash. Open
   it and get the gun.

So now we're in the stealth tutorial. You'll find that weak lil' Billy is a
penniless lover, not a fighter. He can't take the hits and he is often forced
to sneak around to survive. Here you're not in mortal danger but it's best to
play through and learn as much as possible about stealth tactics.

Press in the L stick to duck down and walk around in crouch mode. This keeps
you low to avoid being seen and perhaps dodge those high bullets. Walk into the
first bush inside the fence on the left side and make sure your character in
the bottom-right corner is dark. This means you cannot be seen. Now, watch
Jones as he does whatever he's doing. Like any good NPC he'll do his task, look
up to make sure everything's cool, then return to his task in an endless loop.
Wait for him to stand up and crouch down then quickly make your way to the
crates on the left.

Wait there for a few seconds then quickly sneak into the adjacent bush. From
there you can run forward to another bush where you can get a better view of
Jones. Wait for the right moment then move your way through the bushes on the
left until you're near the front of the house. You may be tempted to make a run
for the house as soon as you get there, but make sure you're on the farthest
bush to the left and that Jones is busy tending his box. From there it's a
clear shot to the horse wagon and the side of the house.

Approach the box and press X to pick it up then place it in the red area
nearby. Jump onto it and look up at the edge of the roof to get a clear view
before you jump up there and grab it. Hold Up to pull yourself up and get on
the roof. Approach the rickety box in the corner and open it to find a hog
head and some ammo... that's a gun for you folk hailin' from east of the
Mississippi. Pick up the items and then return to the main area in front of
the house. 

-> Objective: Try to shoot the bottles standing on the box.

Approach the group of barrels near the bottles and stand behind them. From
there you get a clear view of the three bottles sitting atop the boxes. Zoom in
for some bulls-eye shots.

Once that's done it's time to continue on to the farm. Leave Jones' place
through the path behind him and traverse the ravine. Here you'll catch one of
the most chilling sounds in this game: the howl of a hungry gray wolf. Skin
yer weapon and get ready to pop it in the muzzle as the wolf runs right up to
you. Continue along until you reach the bridge and meet Sheriff Powell. Seems
he's one of many folks who doesn't like Billy very much, and he'll ask you to
kindly hand over your sidearm. Press Up to draw the pistol then hit Select to
drop it.

Town of Hope

-> Objective: Get a gun.

But damn, you just had one... ah well, them's the breaks for poor Billy. Head
into town and walk past the interesting townsfolk. There's not much else to do
so simply walk to the other end of the street.

There you'll here the sweet song of a fine woman from up on yonder balcony.
Take a nice long gander during the conversation then get over there before she
changes her mind!

-> Objective: Steal Suzy's gun.

Walk inside the saloon and head up the stairs at the opposite end.
Unfortunately, another one of the three guys Billy wants to avoid is standing
right there with a big sneer on his face, blocking the way. Turns out you need
to pay to say hello... huh.

Turn around and exit the saloon. Make a right from there to come around the
side of the building and find Suzy in the window. You need to get up there but
there's no rope nearby, but there is a whip inside the wagon. Pick it up and
jump onto the box on the wagon to get as high as possible. Whip out the whip
and aim for one of the red pegs above. When you see a 2x4 icon paired with the
whip icon then you can use the whip to grab the peg. Press Up and Down on the
D-pad to move up or down, in this case up towards the buxom beauty above.

Enter through the window just to watch her leave. This does however give you a
chance to get that gun Billy wants so bad.

-> Objective: Find the gun before Suzy gets back.

The gun's located in the right-side drawer of the dresser on the left side of
her bed, but feel free to explore the room if you like. There's no panties,
I'm afraid... but that's because a woman in Suzy's line of work doesn't
have much use for them.

Perversion aside, grab the gun to continue. Just then Suzy will return to
help Billy find a job, but of course ol' Clyde comes busting in and ruins the
homecoming party. Quickly head for the window once you resume control and jump
to the wagon below. Run towards the street then make a right turn alongside the
large building on the right. Get behind this building and follow the path over
the broken fence. 

Path to Thomas' Farm

-> Objective: Sneak away from the town.

There'll be a few guys chasing you but do not stop for any reason. It would also
be a good idea to put trees and boulders directly behind you to block some of
those bullets. Slide down the slope like you did before and run up the next
hill to get a view of a river canyon. Turn left from there and run along the
cliff ledge to the rock ledges. You can jump and pull yourself up on top of
these to follow the path.

After a short distance you'll hear more bullets whizzing by. Ignore them and
jump over the gaps and ledges in the path to keep going at full pace. You will
eventually reach a high ledge with a large gap to the next ledge. Here you'll
have to use your whip to grab the gnarled tree and lower yourself to the ledge
below. Run forward another few feet to find a larger gap and another tree.
This time you'll have to grab the tree and use momentum to swing across and
land on the other side. Keep on runnin' until you reach Crazy Frank's place.

-> Objective: Find ammunition for the gun.

Approach the front door to meet Crazy Frank himself. Strange how everyone
knows that Billy was off looking for the Gold of Juarez. Kid must have some
pretty damn loose lips.

Wait for Frank to wander off and do whatever he likes, then enter his house.
Enter the small side room and pick up the ammo on the chest to finally have
a working gun. Unfortunately Crazy Frank's not having it. Quickly jump out of
the window and hold back to slide down safely. Run to the left and follow the
path to escape.

Whip across the next gap in the path and follow the trees to the left. After
another few yards you'll finally see Billy's childhood home in the distance.
But, it seems all of Billy's homecoming celebrations are doomed to end in

                 3.3  Episode II: Let He Who Is Without Sin...

Town of Hope

-> Objective: Use the Bible to begin the mass.

Enter Reverend Ray.

Approach the podium and pick up the Bible in either of your hands to begin
the Sunday mass. It looks like most of town didn't show, and that dastardly
Clyde is here to take the rest of them to hell with him. However, word of a
shooting pulls the shepard away from his flock.

-> Objective: Run to the Thomas' farm and see what's going on.

Run straight out of the church and stay on that path down the hill. That will
lead you to a bridge and the path to Thomas' farm. You have plenty of time to
get there as long as you go straight there.

Thomas' Farm

Once you arrive you'll catch a fairly gruesome sight, considering it's Ray's
brother and sister-in-law. And in his continuing streak of bad luck, guess who
comes 'round the corner...

-> Objective: Catch Billy.

Whip out your Bible and get chasing! Enter the house and make a right through
the next door, then turn left and move the shelves out of the way. Open that
door and turn left to see Billy double back to the barn. Turn around and head
straight to the barn to see him running across some planks at the top (quite
a speedy guy, isn't he?). Hold Up to climb the nearby ladders and walk across
the planks. Quickly pick up the nearby bucket of water to put out the flames
blocking your path, then run out there and follow the path.

Outskirts of Hope

After seeing Billy run after him to find a ledge that's too high to jump onto.
Turn left and follow the path around the hill to keep on him, even as he runs
across a log over the path. The path will turn to the left towards a canyon
and rope bridge. Before you can cross Billy boy will cut the line and scamper
off into the hills. The Rev. thinks you should go back and get Sheriff Powell
on the case.

-> Objective: Go to town and tell the sheriff what happened.

Hightail it back to town. On the way back you'll find that some of the
residents of Hope are great opportunists.

Thomas' Farm

-> Objective: Drive off the looters ransacking your brother's farm.

These fellas don't get the point so you'll have to beat it into their face.
Take the hint and use nothing but the combo (LT, RT, LT) to really pound these
guys. They're all equally adept at fisticuffs (which isn't saying much), but
take them on one at a time to ensure your own safety.

             3.4  Episode III: Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword

Town of Hope

-> Objective: Your chest is in the church. Open it and take your belongings.

Open the door on the left to find a chest containing two rusty Border Guns.
These babies will surely bring His wrath upon the sinners in Hope.

-> Objective: Go after Billy.

Walk outside to find a man of the law in your way. The poor sheriff meant well,
but when it's mob rule anything goes... unless Reverend Ray is in town.

-> Objective: After killing Sheriff Powell the miners have started riots in
   Hope. Defeat them to bring peace to the town. Kill everyone with a gun in
   his hand.

March into town to face off against a quartet of rowdy miners. These gentlemen
shall now feel the sting of hot lead as you unleash your firepower into them
in Concentration Mode. In this mode a cross-hair appears for each pistol you
carry. Move left and right to aim and fire while the four men move in slow
motion, and if you're fast enough all four will drop dead when the smoke
clears. Quickly turn around to dispatch another one.

-> Objective: The sheriff's wife is in the bandit's hands. Free the sheriff's

Run forward and check out the items dropped by the four guys. On the left you
should find a normal Border Gun. Take it to avoid an exploding rusty pistol
later in the level. Turn around and explore the spot where that fifth guy
stood to find his Border Gun. From there make a right turn into a narrow gap
between the first building on the right and the second. Follow this and turn
left to find some stairs leading up to a building.

Shoot the guy then grab a box to create a step up to the outhouse. From there
you can reach the stairs and enter the building. Pick up the Quickshooter on
the way up to replace one of your Border Guns, since it has a much faster
reload time. Proceed to the door at the other end to reach the front balcony.

Kill the couple of guys that appear when you step out there then use another
box to build a step over the railing of the adjacent balcony. Keep following
the balconies until you get a prompt warning you to prepare for a shoot-out.
Turn left and jump into the window to find the sheriff's wife and 2 low-down
dirty scumbags. Pop into CM (Concentration Mode) and give them new breathin'
holes between their eyes. 

After the lovely chat with the lady it's time to set things right and rid the
town of all those who would do evil unto this town.

-> Objective: Don't let the bandits free their friends and take control of the
   town. Shoot all armed bandits in the jail.

Jump out and continue along the balcony. At this point you'll be ambushed by
several men on the street below. Stay up there and blast each one with a few
rounds. Look out for the sneaky guy behind the stage coach on the left side.
After the first group is dead jump down and shoot your way to the corner. From
there several men will blast their way into the jail, but a few will stay
behind to greet your bullets. Duck behind something and take them with CM
then move into the jail and do the same. There'll be tree or four guys on the
bottom floor.

Once you finish them they'll lock the door and light up the joint with some
unfriendly fire. Get to the top floor as quickly as you old legs can carry
you and look for an opening and short ladder in the ceiling. Place a box under
the hole to jump up and reach the roof. Look for some wooden planks connecting
that roof to a hole in the next one and move yer as in there!

There's no bandits or fire in here so you can take a few moments to relax.
Climb down the ladder and get to the ground floor, then look for some stacked
boxes leading up to another ladder. Climb to the top and cross the planks to
reach an opening at the far corner. Once outside, shoot the pair on the ground
then aim up and shoot the swinging weight next to the water tower. This will
lower the pipe and allow you to cross over to the next roof.

Jump inside the hole then open the chest in this room to find a Prime Border
Gun. This baby's much stronger than the regular Border Gun and better lookin',
too! Run outside with your new heat and kill the few dudes wandering around
then turn left and approach the large building. Enter inside via the windows
or the door and kill anyone who dares show his face. You'll also find a Prime
1889 Classic Six Shooter in the dresser inside the room with the desk if you
want to pack some another good looking weapon that lasts longer (read: get the
goddamn gun!).

Walk to the end of the hall and jump out of the window to continue. Press B
when the prompt comes up then unleash a full six into the lunatic with the
hatchet. If you want to go psycho on these guys you can pick up the hatchet,
otherwise just grab the shotgun ammo from inside the outhouse and turn around
to shoot a few guys.

Prep your CM for two tough mothers packing shotguns inside a wagon then return
to the street. The fights seem to get a bit tougher now, depending on your
difficulty. To avoid getting overwhelmed always reload your gun after killing
the immediate threats and holster your weapons to get ready for the next CM.
Use CM to kill all threats whenever possible, and if you do get overwhelmed
look for some cover to duck under until you can return fire.

Pick up the shotgun from the wagon then head down the street. There'll be a
few scattered bandits but not too many. Take them all out to move on to
Satan's den of sin and debauchery.

-> Objective: The owner of the Saloon, Clyde Forrester, has taken the bandit's
   side, turning his saloon into the temple of Satan. Bring peace to the town
   and destroy that nest of snakes. Kill every criminal in the Saloon and
   destroy it.

Back away behind the water tower and prep your CM. There'll be a few guys
tossing TNT sticks from the balcony and roof so you'll want to take them out
first, then pop the few shooters up there as well. After that there will be
a few ground bandits around the yard but nothing serious. Stay behind cover
just in case and kill them all as they come out of the saloon.

The head of the snake reveals himself, and it is time for your first formal
duel. Duels are as simple as they were back in the day: draw when the time
counts down to zero and kill him before he kills you. Wait for the timer to
go down and the moment it does move the R stick to the left to bring out your
gun. Focus on shooting the head or neck for a quick kill, and if you hit
any other part of the body make sure you shoot multiple times. If you're quick
enough on the draw then Clyde will finally pay the price for a lifetime of
evil doing.

Thus ends the purification of Hope. But there is one sinner out there who has
yet to be judged... and he shall be found.

             3.5  Episode IV: He Shall Flee from the Iron Weapon

Blackriver Mine Wilderness

-> Objective: Make your way through the abandoned mine and jump onto the
   incoming train to avert the pursuit.

You're now on the run under cover of darkness. Billy's no fool, so the plan is
to run through the nearby abandoned mine to throw off the scent and catch
the incoming train.

Start off by following the rim of the canyon to your left. Prep your Derringer
or your whip because a couple of wolves will leap out of the bushes as you
make your way through. You'll eventually find yourself on a path around the
side of the hill. Use your whip to get across the large gap at the end of
the path.

Turn left and approach the large tree and dead body beneath it. The dead body
will be that of a renegade Apache, and since he doesn't need that bow and
those arrows anymore you may as well take 'em. Proceed to the end of the path
then look for a ledge on the other side of the river that you can jump to and
cross over there. Follow this path until you jump up onto a higher ledge, then
turn left to find another dead Apache. Take his stuff and turn right, but watch
out for the large gaps in the path as you run along. At the apex of the hill
ahead you'll see another Apache packing more arrows. It seems like you're
getting a lot of ammo in preparation for something...

Run ahead to get a better view of what's comin' your way.

-> Objective: There's an unknown group of men in your way. Get through to the
   mine unnoticed.

Stick to the ledge on the left past the next dead Apache. At the next river
crossing you'll have to walk along the gnarled gray tree to reach the ledge
below. Further ahead will be a small drop and another Apache, bringing your
arrow total to 26.

Jump up and into the cave to find out who the mysterious mountain men really
are. From here on out you'll be facing many of these outlaws, so stealth will
be the name of the game. You may be able to take one or two out in a straight
gun fight, but not more than that. You'll have to use the bow and hide in
bushes as often as possible, although the flashes of lightning will certainly
not help with that.

Run out to the ledge and quickly crouch into the bush on the right. They may
spot you but if you remain in the bush they'll eventually go about their
business. Remain crouched and slowly head out along the ledge until you see
the glow of a fire inside a cave. Three of them are sitting still with their
heads down, so one arrow in each of their ears will take care of them and not
alert the rest. Just make sure not to miss. However, there's one more guy on
patrol walking around through the cave and to the left. If you see him quickly
turn around and remain hidden behind the bush and rock until he leaves the cave
along the path to the left. Then you're free to kill him and the campfire

Collect their weapons and ammo (and replace that weak Derringer you got from
Suzy). Make sure you pick up the Border Guns that aren't rusty. You shouldn't
use the guns as often as the bow, but you will have to as you get near the

Run along until you hear voices again. This time there will be two campfires
and about six guys, all of them awake and alert. Stay on top and crouch
beneath the two rocks at the end of the path. From there you should have a
clear view of most of the guys to take them out with arrows. Any stragglers
who are able to hide shouldn’t be a problem if you jump down and get them from
behind a boulder.

Outlaw Base Camp

Enter the next cave and immediately crouch down to hide behind the boulder on
the left. Remain crouched and come out so you get a clear view of the two guys
beside the campfire as they talk. As always, hold LT and then quickly
dispatch them with some arrows before they get a chance to yell. You can also
find Eli dead on the ground nearby. If you want his Prime Ladies Gun take it,
but the Border Guns are much better.

Now, don't approach the fire yet. Instead, walk to the next boulder on the
left and look out to the large group of men in the clearing on the left. With
trusty bow in hand take out as many as you can before they start to mess you
up. If you're lucky they won't all notice you, and you can shoot the ones
that are attacking before the others catch on. Retreat the safety of the
boulder after every couple of kills if they're shooting in full force. The
one guy you want to be weary of is a dude packin' a shotgun. He can take you
out especially quick, so slowly approach from the left of the boulder and
look for him right below the ledge wear the two guys and the campfire are.

Should the arrows run low (less than 10), then switch to the Border Guns to
pump them full of lead. You won't have the advantage of slow motion, but they
should be enough to take out the few remaining visible outlaws.

Now, although to coast appears to be clear the tense fight music will still be
playing. This means there are some more outlaws out there in the camp that
you have to look for. Keep the arrows equipped if you still have more than 10
and hop down on the right side of the ledge. Remain crouched and enter inside
the tents to find a chain of them. Proceed to the end and wait inside the
last tent for a guy to walk near the horses. Take him out but remain in the
tent. From there, slowly step out but remain next to the adjacent boulders.
When you are far enough look left to find a guy wearing a bowler hat with
his back to you. Shoot him in the head then quickly take out the other guy
who appears from behind the boulder. It may not always play out like this,
so keep your finger hovering over the LT button just in case.

Ok, you've cleared out most of the of the outlaws. From here you can escape
the camp via the cave near the horses, or you can kill the remaining outlaws
and explore the camp. I'll assume you want to be awesome and do the latter,
so equip the bow or rifle and turn towards the direction that the horses
are facing. There'll be a few revolvers and one shotgun, so you don't want
to go rushing in. Stay inside the tents and peak out through the holes or
gaps between the tents to flush them out or simply find out where they're
located. Once one of them attacks you focus on his position then do the
same for the remaining guys.

Explore the camp when they're dead and, more importantly, gather all of the
ammo and arrows that you used during the battle. Exit through the cave in
the far right corner when you're ready to proceed.

Blackriver Mine Wilderness

Walk along until you find another four guys around a fire. Take them out and
jump down into the pond below. At the end of the path is a narrow wooden
bridge and the entrance to the mines. You can try to cross but the bridge
breaks when you're halfway through, dumping you into the flowing river below.
Stay on the right side to get past the first set of rocks then look for some
low, flat rocks in the middle of the water. Aim for those and jump on them
to return to the safety of the shore on the other side.

-> Objective: Find another way onto the train.

Get your bow ready for another round with the outlaws. Straight ahead there'll
be one guy who you can easily take out. There will also be two more guys in
the spot where you just fell from, but they can easily be avoided as long as
you wait behind a boulder for lightning to strike then quickly continue down
the path. Look to your right for a ledge you can climb and follow that path
through a small cave and up the cliff. Jump across the gap and then wait for
lightning to strike before running along the path in view of that one outlaw
on the other side of the river. If he does spot you just crouch down.

As you get to the end of the path you'll have to turn right to find a ledge.
There will also be one guy up there so prep your bow and give him an arrow
between the eyes when he shows his face. Jump up there and run along over the
gaps in your way. One huge gap will seem as if it cannot be crossed, but 
simply turn left and whip the rock holding up a log to create a bridge. At
the end of this canyon you'll find a bridge leading to the train tracks.

You're done with the bow, so equip the rifle and get across to the crates on
the other side of the tracks. Crouch down and wait for the outlaws to start
streaming out of the cave on the other side.

-> Objective: You've reached your destination. Defend your position until the
   train comes, then jump onto one of the carriages.

Pop each outlaw as he comes out of the cave. The rifle is quick and usually
only takes one shot to kill a man, so the few guys that come out of the cave
should not pose a problem.

As the last of them comes out you'll get an unexpected visitor...

                   3.6  Episode V: The Realm of Death Below

Blackriver Mine Wilderness

-> Objective: Find Billy in the mine and deal justice unto him.

Proceed and make your way to the lonely guy at the edge of the cliff ahead.
Shoot him down to clear the area. Ray has found his way to Billy, and if you
recall the last level at all then this spot should be very familiar. Unlike
Billy, however, Reverend Ray will be taking a different path. Grab the basket
or crate near the large crate and use them as a step to get onto the path

Follow the ledge to find the entrance to a cave.

Blackriver Mine

Here is where Ray's path splits from Billy's. Enter the cave with your guns
holstered (as you should always do to prepare for a CM shoot-out) and blast
the two guys on your left. Collect everything you can from their little camp
and continue through the tunnels.

-> Objective: The people you encountered are bandits preparing for a hold up.
   Explore the mine and punish everyone not worthy of the Lord's grace.

You'll find a guy on the left of the large mine tunnel. Blast him and quickly
run to the opposite wall to get behind a mine cart. From here quickly run to
the back of the tunnel and pick up the Prime Double-Barreled Shotgun to
replace your crappy rusted shotgun. Return to the mine cart and press X
to push it along and use it as cover while you blast all of the bandits in
here. Simply use CM and keep your aim to the right of the cart to blast 'em.
A few stupid bandits may allow you to run them over as you move the cart

Collect all of the ammo when they're all dead then approach the steep incline
in the tunnel on the left. Prepare to move to the right side of the tunnel
as one of the bandits pushes a few carts down the hill. Once two of them pass
you by you're free to run up there and plug him with a few lead corks.

Push the cart through the tunnel and then follow behind it to blast the few
bandits at the split in the tunnel. You'll only find a big hole on the right,
so take the left path. At the next split head into the left one to grab shotgun
ammo then return to the right side tunnel. Push the cart to blow up some TNT
barrels at the bottom then head down and kill the couple of guys in there.

This next stretch of tunnel is filled with falling rocks and wooden beams.
Proceed slowly and quickly run back if you see dust forming, indicating that
something's going to fall. Keep going until the game saves and loads the next

It's time to go on a wild mine ride, à la Indiana Jones! Hop inside the cart
with X and get your shotgun ready. It's going to be difficult to aim at the
guys as you roll along so it's best to kill them with one shot. You won't take
that much damage since they can't get a shot on you either, but try your best
to blast them as you pass by. Along the way you can hit switches on the sides
of the track to switch from one to the other. Once you see a well lit area with
scaffolding on the right hop out of the cart. If you stay on you'll fall right
into a large pit.

So turn right and crouch behind the crate to wait for their reloads, then
shoot them while in CM. Stay away from the middle of the area and take a gander
at what you'll be climbing. Yup, all the way to the top with yeh!

Climb the ladder up to the scaffolding then the next ladder up to a rock
ledge. Proceed along level 2 of this crazy place to the right then climb
another ladder. Head left and blast the guy that comes out of the tunnel then
enter the tunnel. Hold back and wait for a dynamite stick to blow up then
proceed through the tunnel past a few more bandits.

Shoot the guys that appear when you come out of the tunnel and climb the ladder
on your left. Follow this path to the next tunnel on your left where you'll
be attacked by a few more guys. Climb the next ladder up to a higher ledge and
then look for another side entrance on the right side. Slowly make your way
through the bandits, but if you see a dynamite stick fly you should back off
or shoot the stick when in CM when it's far away.

Enter the chamber on the left when you get to a fork in the tunnel and kill the
shotgun guy crouched behind some barrels. Collect what you can then return to
the fork and take the right branch (which will be on your left coming out of
the shotgun chamber). Follow this to the end where you'll come out in the main
cavern again.

Follow the path to the right. Look for a ledge with several boxes stacked next
to it, and when you do remove the boxes. Beneath them is a Superb Hybrid Gun
which holds 9 shots at a time. Pick that bad boy up and proceed along the
ledge on the left to the ladder.

Climb up and down the next few ladders until you're under some scaffolding
in an area lit up by an oil lamp. From here you'll see another side tunnel,
but you don't really have to go in there. Just follow the ledge to the next
ladder, then follow this ledge until yet another ladder. This will lead you
to the top level of the cavern and the path towards the large exit at the
end. Proceed through this large cave until the game loads the next area.

Whew, finally out of that damn mine! Well, almost... but you can see some
sky at least. Run forward towards the tree only to see it struck by lightning,
fall, and catch on fire. The main tunnel also appears to be blocked so you'll
need to take a side tunnel in some dingy water. Shoot the torch bearer at the
end then turn left. Here you'll meet Ned, the leader of the outlaws. Run after

Damn, deep in the mine once again. Take out the men on either side of the
crevice with some CM action and continue along. At the end you'll find another
vertical cavern and more men. Shoot the men and climb the scaffolding on the
right side to reach the top. Watch your step on the narrow wooden planks and
look out for bandits appearing as you climb.

You'll find a large mine tunnel and the exit to the mine on the right side.
Proceed outside and shoot the last few guys to escape this dark place and
find that which you seek.

But lil' Billy's always one step ahead, and he hops on the train before slow
ol' Ray can catch him. Jump down onto the tracks and try to catch up to meet
Ned the Plague. It seems between Billy's romp through the wilderness and
Reverend Ray's mine escapades, all of Ned's men are dead! Now he is the only
remaining sinner...

Beat him in the duel much like you beat the guy in Hope. Slowly draw your
weapon then quickly move the cross-hair to aim at the head. Once Ned is dead
he'll reveal that some of the men are still alive and are planning to stop the
train at the bridge. The work never ends for a gunfighter/preacher.

              3.7  Episode VI: Man's Hand Assaults the Steel Bull


-> Objective: Catch Billy Candle.

Run forward through the tunnel to find a man taking his last breaths. It looks
like the assault on the train has already started, but no word of Billy.

-> Objective: Drive away bandits attacking the train.

Follow the track and prep your CM for a couple of bandits coming down the
trail. Beyond them you'll find the train's luggage car and a path on the left.
Crouch behind the tree and take out the guys that appear then walk around to
the side of the luggage car. Duck behind the hill and take out the bandits
using your CM. If you start from the left and move to the right you can kill
one or two at a time until they're all dead. Take all their ammo and move along
to the next luggage car where you'll meet another bunch of rowdy bandits just
itchin' to get shot. Enter this second luggage car and explore the right
corner to find a clothes trunk containing two Prime Rangers.

Walk outside and continue along the path to find more soon to be dead bandits.
This rocky crevice will take you through the hill and up a steep slope where
a few men are waiting to roll boulders down onto you. Hang back and take them
out in CM before proceeding up the hill.

Follow the narrow ledge around the hill to discover the front end of the
train. Enter the path through the bushes on the right and head down with your
guns holstered. As soon as you reach the train you'll be spotted by a guy
behind a gatling gun, so quickly run through and take the path on the right
side of the hill. From there you can follow the path to a small area filled
with boulders, lots of men, and a water cistern. Kill the men by moving from
one boulder to the next for cover then follow the path all the way to the end.

Shoot a few more guys inside the train then climb the stairs to get inside the
passenger car. Keep your guns holstered at all times as there will be several
men waiting for you as you traverse the passenger cars ahead. They won't be
different from any men you've faced already so simply blast your way through
until you get to the end of the fourth passenger car. You'll hear the
distinct sound of slaughter right before you open the door.

Once you resume control quickly go into CM and blast the gatling gunner and
pistolier on the right. This is one of the few times in this game that you
get a chance to rock a gatling gun on some fools, so hop on and get ready for
a REAL slaughter! Although your endurance is increased somewhat while on the
gatling gun, don't sit there and take the hits. Watch for new incoming shots
and focus your aim as best as you can. After a few waves of bandits from
the left and right sides the coast will be clear and you're free to continue.

Follow the path from the point where you killed all of the bandits. If you
stick to the left side you'll see a group of several bushes blocking a crack
in the hill. Inside the crack there are two Superb 1889 Classic Six Shooters,
although if you have the Rangers you're better off staying with those.

So, with the path clear you need to return to the train and enter the next
passenger car in the row. You'll find a few boys in blue hiding inside and
waiting for the box barricade you saw earlier to get blown up. The original
plan is shot to hell so pick up a TNT barrel and get movin' back to the

-> Objective: Take the powder keg and blow up the barricade. Get rid of the
   bandits shooting at the train carriages on the bridge.

Stand in front of the boxes and hold RT to toss the barrel, then activate CM
and blast the barrel as it floats towards the boxes. This will blow the
barricade wide open and allow you to proceed. Run out to the ledge and kill
the few guys shooting at the engineer, then zoom in and make sure he's OK.
With that you can turn around and head back to the soldiers in the passenger

Take out the new crop of bandits and progress through the first passenger
car and into the final one. There'll be a few more men inside but nothing
major... aside from the kidnapping, of course. Attempt to kick the door at the
end and you'll only get a sore foot. Apparently, you can't shoot through the
wooden door to the wooden bar on the other side.

-> Objective: Shoot off the bar locking the door from the outside.

Turn around, again, and go to the flat car where the gatling gun is located.
Look for a narrow path in the adjacent hill and follow it around the hill.
Look out for the usual bandits and boulders from above. Once all threats are
clear whip out your Classic Rifle or Scope Rifle and shoot the bar across the
door of the passenger car. Return to the passenger car and open that door to
reach the final train cars.

Climb onto the box car and use CM to shoot that one mean sumbitch kicking the
lady, then rush over and press X to save her. From there you're clear to
talk to the engineer at the head of the train. Billy's no longer around, but
there is one more bandit brazen enough to try and take you on. It's been a
long, bloody night and morning... what's one more sinner in hell?

-> Objective: Defeat the last bandit in a gunfight. You can draw your gun
   after a sign given by the engineer with his whistle or when your opponent
   attacks first.

Simply wait for the time to count down then gently draw you gun, as always.
This time you should also use the L stick to lean to the left or right as
you draw your weapon.

With the last of the bandits killed, Reverend Ray can return to his hunt
for the man who (he believes) killed his brother.

              3.8  Episode VII: Then Thundered the Horse's Hoofs

Mountain Pass

-> Objective: Get to a ranch, where a girl named Molly lives. It's a long way,
   better get a horse.

Ay, like any other man Billy wants to run to the warm bosom of his loving lady.
Proceed into the canyon and have your bow at the ready to deal with some wolves
that come out of the woodwork. Make sure to collect those arrows as you'll need
every one later in the level.

For now simply get to the ranch up ahead and enter the front yard.

Old Ranch

Just like old Jonesy from back in Hope, this guy doesn't take kindly to
trespassers. Approach the farm from the left side of the barn. Look for a wide
gap in the fence slats and climb onto it to get over the fence in a small
courtyard near the barn. There's a good horse in the barn but unfortunately you
can't go anywhere without a saddle. The saddle will be located on the main floor
of the house either in the small den or the living area. The sole obstacle is
the old rancher hanging around in the front yard.

Approach the opening in the inner fence, next to the barn. From there you can
crouch down to get a view of the front yard and old man as he makes his rounds.
Your best chance of getting through unnoticed is when the old man is walking
in the opposite direction of the front door, or when he's walking around the
old stagecoach. When you see him walking in that direction quickly run to the
left side of the boxes and barrels on the left and dash for the front door.
Quickly scan the first floor and search for the saddle, and once you have it
take it with you to the second floor. Don't hang out below or you'll be caught
when he enters the house.

You can drop the saddle and rest for a minute or explore the second floor.
You'll find a Rusty Hybrid Gun on a desk and other choice items scattered
around. When you're ready, open the door to the second floor balcony. While
some dolts may think it a good idea to walk out of the front door carrying a
saddle I have a much easier way to do it. Crouch down and pick up the saddle.
Walk onto the balcony and head to the right side of the house, and from there
you have a clear shot to throw it out onto the empty lot on the side of the

Walk back to the stairs and try to get a view of the door from the top floor.
Crouch and wait for the old man, then hide when you see him enter the house.
He'll enter, leave, then come back inside, so don't step out until you hear
him walk away a second time. Wait until his back is to the door then dash
back to the fence opening and straight to the area in front of the barn.

Make a right turn and jump the broken fence to enter the yard where you
tossed the saddle. Pick that sucker up and get back to the horse to finally
be on your way to Molly's place. You can maneuver the horse much the same
way you maneuver Billy and Ray, although you can continue moving forward and
move the camera to aim in different directions while riding.

Exit the barn and jump over the fence to free this poor defenseless animal
from a cruel and heartless tyrant (that's how I justify the theft), then head
to the open yard. Make a wide right turn and look for another portion of
broken fence in the corner of the yard. From here it's smooth sailing along
the crevice on the left to the gap in the path. Jump over the gap while on the
horse to continue.

Mountain Trail

Follow the trail until you see smoke and a large drop in the ledge ahead. Wave
goodbye to the horse (already?!) and hop down to the lower ledge. Use your
whip and some big jumps to get across the ledges to solid ground on the other
side. Crouch down and approach the fire to get a peek at who you'll be fighting
for the new 20 minutes.

With your bow equipped, crouch behind a boulder and shoot one or two of the
natives in one go. As the others get their weapons ready you should have a
chance to hold LT again and kill them before they fire too many shots in your
direction. Explore the remains of the stagecoach and its passengers to find
ammo and new weapons. You'll need them all for the road ahead.

Grab yourself a horse and mosey on down that road. Follow it up the mountain
and get your bow ready when you see a sharp left bend in the trail. You have
two options: get off the horse and crouch behind bushes and boulders to take
out the Apaches slowly, or thunder into the group of men while on your horse
and use LT to aim and kill them all within a few seconds. Personally, I would
suggest the latter. There will be three guys in the path directly ahead of
you and one more further ahead and slightly to the left. If you rush in on
the horse you should be able to take them all out easily... just don't
hesitate to hold that LT button.

Continue along through the narrow pass and take out the pair of Apaches just
before you reach a rock bridge. Get across and ride up to the wide ledge on the
left to get a better view of your destination. Don't go weepin' for joy just
yet, as there is still quite a bit of ground to cover. Return to the path and
head along the ledge parallel to the mountain.

Now, there'll be a few more Apaches up ahead. These have no ammo or anything
of value to you, so feel free to hold LB to gallop and simply rush past them.
You'll need to make a right turn and jump over a gap at the end of the path
which should be easy enough at this point, ey master equestrian?

Ride up on top of the ledge to the right and leave the horse behind. Ride 'em
and leave 'em, as they say. Get your bow or rifle ready and approach the narrow
pass from the right side. Here you'll have one Apache patrolling the pass
and three near the campfire at the top. Wait in the bushes on the right side
and kill the patrol with a single arrow through the head to avoid making noise.
The guys at the top have their backs to you so you're free to move from bush to
bush as long as you remain crouched and don't make a sound. Head up the hill
and stay to the left to eventually reach a ledge right under the one they are
on. Use your whip to get to the top and then sneak into the bushes right next
to their camp. From there you three clean shots with the bow.

Collect their stuff and hop on the horse to continue. As you pass through yet
another narrow pass you'll hear rumbling, which means you need to stop and
back up immediately. Wait for all the boulders to fall then continue along.
At the next stop in the road there's another patrol on the bottom and three
men up top. Quickly run in and take a silent headshot from that patrol guy.
Remain on the ground and shoot the two guys that are visible on top, with
their backs to you. That clears the way to climb the ledges and crouch near
the tree. The fourth guy is just over the rise in the hill, walking back and
forth. Wait for him to walk away then shoot him in the head.

So, once again you get over another obstacle and move along. Deal with the
wolves just like the Natives do (a couple of arrow in the ol' noggin) and
get to the bridge. Wait in the bushes while the Apache dude looks in your
direction then sneak up on him when his back is turned. You'll want to make
sure he dies in one silent hit or his noise will alert the Apaches on the
ledge nearby.

Now climb up the rocks and slowly approach the smoke. Altogether there are
four guys here: one sitting right next to the fire, one patrolling on the
left, and two of them standing facing you. Take out the guys who are facing
you first and then immediately kill the patrol. The final guy sitting by the
fire won't even get a chance to whip out his gun before you quickly plug his
head full of arrow. Collect everything and proceed down the path and up the
hill on the left. There's five guys here, and you should start by killing the
two on the right. Run back and regroup or power your way through the other
three guys (two on the left, and one further ahead) with the rifle to clear
this ledge.

Explore the trashed wagon and collect what you can before moving on to the
big hill. There's a few guys here, but the ones to look out for are the one
walking along the top of the hill and the one on the big arch. Move from bush
to bush until you're right near the patrol and have the arch guy in view. If
you're a crack shot with the bow you can easily take out the arch dude with
a single headshot, but if not I'd suggest killing the Apaches on the ground
then shoot Archie with the rifle.

Proceed to the right and prep the rifle for two Apaches at the bottom of the
very steep hill. Shoot the one on the far right and use a boulder for cover
while you set up a shot for the Apache on the left. Behind the spot where that
Apache on the left stood there'll be some rocks and a narrow ledge. Follow this
ledge to a path through the mountain.

Wolf Valley

Bring out your bow and get ready for some wolf hunting. Enter the valley and
shoot each wolf as it comes out from the shadows. There'll be many wolves
but none that are different from the wolves you've killed already. Run to
the end of the valley to get in view of the ranch.

Ferguson's Ranch

-> Objective: Find Molly without being noticed.

Head to the left and approach the far corner of the property. From a bush next
to the fence you'll have a clear view of the ranch hands talkin' business near
the horses. Your cue to get up and jump the broken fence is when they part
ways in opposite directions. Quickly dash across to the barrels and crates that
are about halfway to the building on the other side. Wait for the one guy on
the far end to turn around, then run to the next bush when his back is to you. 
After another pass from that guy you'll be clear to jump onto the wagon next
to the large building and jump inside the window.

Inside the stables you'll find one guy patrolling the main corridor. Wait until
his back is turned then slowly follow along behind him, using the hay stacks
and crates as cover. When you reach the three large crates simply wait for him
to turn around then make a run for it. Use the wooden planks on the ceiling
beams to get across to the ledge at the far end of the barn. From there you
can make it straight to an open window at the end of the ledge. If you happen
to fall into the pen where the horse is, simply slap his haunch to get the
door open.

Hide in the bushes and wait for the three men nearby to enter the barn and
shut the door. Cut across the yard to the crates stacked next to a high fence,
and place a smaller box on top of one of the crates. That'll give you the
height to get over the fence. From there you can enter the small house through
the window or stay on the left side and get to the front of the house. Stick
to the fence on the left and follow it to the rear of the main house.

Open the door and wait for the rancher to step outside before proceeding
through the house. Run up the stairs on the right and try to open the door at
the end of the hall. Chat and his buddies will appear to pick a fight for
the fair lady's hand.

-> Objective: Chat wants you to fight with him over Molly. It's the only way
   to see her. Defeat him in an honorable fist fight.

Chat's a lot tougher than previous fist fight opponents so you may need to
spend time dodging his attacks and running away to heal. To effectively
hurt Chat you'll have to get in close for the LT, RT, LT combo. That final
uppercut will be the best way to damage him and bring down that life bar.

After enough damage you'll defeat Chat and finally get to see the fair maiden
Molly. She's a pretty gal all right. It's unfortunate that you don't get to
bask in her beauty for very long.

       3.9  Episode VIII: Out of Darkness the Eyes of the Blind Will See

Mountain Trail

-> Objective: Catch Billy and deliver justice onto him.

Right on Billy's heels, as always. Equip your rifle and run ahead to the
familiar canyon. From here until Wolf Valley you'll be in the same territory
as before fighting the same enemies, although now they'll be fully alert and
ready to kill as soon as you get near. Use your rifle to take out all enemies
from far away whenever possible. As you pass through the more narrow passes
make sure to keep your eyes on the left and right sides for attacks from above.
There will also be rolling boulders so it's best not to turn completely to
one side or you may get hit from behind.

As you get close to the steep hill near the stone arch you'll be attacked by
three guys with hatchets (like the guy just before that on the ridge). I'm not
sure what they were thinking, but all you have to do is pop them with a shot
each. Get to the top of the hill and continue following the path until you get
down through the mountain trail and into Wolf Valley.

Wolf Valley

Pop the wolves and get to the path towards Ferguson's ranch.

Ferguson's Ranch

Just as you pass through the crack in the valley wall you'll meet a few guys
wearing trench coats and sportin' hog legs. They seem familiar, don't they?
The Rev. has never met them of course, so he agrees to deal with the evil
"rustlers" at Ferguson's ranch. 

-> Objective: Attack Billy and the rustlers at the ranch with the help of the
   Texas Rangers.

Run with the Rangers and help them take out all the men outside the ranch
house. There will be a few stationed on the sides and rear of the house as
well. When you've cleared the exterior head to the back door and kick it open
to get inside. Search the shelves in the desk room on the first floor to grab
a Prime Volcano Gun then head upstairs.

Approach the window and jump out to see Billy head for the stables. Run after
him only to find Chat and his men cutting you off at the other end. Use CM
to blast them and then continue the chase into the adjacent corn field. Run
through the corn field to the other side and shoot the men who pounce on you
along the way. Take that nearby horse to continue the hunt into the hills.

Hold LB and chase after Billy along the path. When you get to a bridge he'll
start to fire at you with a few scattered shots. Show him how to aim with a
rifle or revolver bullet of your own. One shot will knock him straight into
the river below. But of course, something always comes between the Reverend
and his prey just before he catches him.

-> Objective: Check out what's going on at the ranch.

Hop on a horse and cross the bridge to return to the ranch. It seems there's
something funky going on with these Rangers... Enter the main part of the
house to find the McLydes doin' something they shouldn't be doin'.

-> Objective: The Rangers appear to be bandits in disguise, who used you, and
   are now attempting to kill you. Defeat the McLydes.

These guys are faster than the men in any of the previous duels, plus there's
two of them! As before gently bring out your gun, then use the L stick to
dodge their bullets. If you dodged to the left then you should dodge to the
right to avoid the next bullet, then left again, and so on. Aim up to get a
kill with a single shot.

After a brief chat with Ferguson the Reverend will come to realize he's been
duped. Run back outside.

-> Objective: The bandits kidnapped Molly and made off towards the pier. Travel
   to the pier and get the girl back.

Grab the horse near the fence and take off towards the marker on your radar.
This will lead you over the bridge and through a path on the right. Hold LB
to blaze past the few bandits along the way and reach the river where Molly
is slowly taken away via raft.

Well, so much for punishing sinners and saving the righteous.

       3.10  Episode IX: Search the River, Brings Hidden Things to Light


Approach the old Native man after you wake up from your concussion. It appears
that this Calm Water guy saved your life, and in return he wants three rabbits
to munch on while he chills and smokes from his pipe.


-> Objective: Use the bow to kill 3 rabbits for Calm Water.

Get on the nearby horse and then head for the red markers on your compass at
the top. Any one of those red markers will lead to a rabbit dashing around from
one bush to the next. They won't run away, so all you have to do is sit and
wait for the rabbits to move into the next bush. 

Now if you haven't mastered using the bow at this point, you will now. The
rabbits are quite speedy and run horizontally. This means you need to hold LT
to slow down time a little bit, then aim ahead of the rabbits as they run in
order to hit them when they run by. Alternatively you can stand in the
rabbits' path and aim straight at their pretty little heads for a clean
headshot. You'll be riding for quite a few minutes to reach all three rabbits,
so why not enjoy the scenery, hmm?

-> Objective: Take the rabbits back to Calm Water.

The smoke from the fire is supposed to guide you back to the camp, but it may
not be visible if the smoke is behind the mountain. Simply follow the red
marker on the compass to return to Calm Water.


As Billy's luck would have it, he gets stuck with an inept spiritual guide
who lets fire get loose all over the camp.

-> Objective: Put out the flames, before the tent catches fire.

Grab the bucket near the tent and head to the water's edge to get some H20.
Use the water to put out the flames along the bushes and the objective will
be cleared. Calm Water turns out to be quite a chatty old man, and after a
fire side discussion he convinces Billy to go find an eagle feather atop
Eagle Mountain.


-> Objective: Find Eagle Mountain, climb it and take a feather from the
   eagle's nest. Leave the bow, so that you don't harm the holy bird.

With trusty whip in hand you must now go off into the wilderness and climb
the holy Eagle Mountain to find an eagle's feather. Hop on the horse and
follow the red marker through the forest, or simply jump into the river and
follow it to the left. In a shallow lake at the end of the river you'll find
a gigantic rock formation.

Eagle Mountain

On the side of the mountain you'll see a rock ledge trailing up along the
side. Drop off the horse on the nearby patch of land and start making your
way up the rocky ledge. You'll face the usual jumps, climbs, and tree
whippin' as mountain climbs from previous levels. When it seems like you've
reach the end of the trail look up to find a tree. There will also be a
rattlesnake nearby that you can kill with the whip if need be.

After the tree the trail makes a 180 degree turn towards the opposite
direction. Keep following it and crouch down to get past the low ledge when
you find it. Right after this will be a series of loose ledges that fall when
you step on them. They may seem menacing, but if you jump the gaps and
continue to run forward you'll make it without a problem. At the end of
this portion of the trail you'll meet a new nemesis: holy eagle! The bird
will appear in the distance every once in a while and swoop down on you,
causing minor harm. The bigger issue with the bird is that if you get hit
during a jump you may get pushed off the side of the mountain. Crouch down
and stick to the cliff to avoid its attacks.

The next big obstacle will be a huge gap and a withered old tree. Like with
any other large gap you're expected to whip across, but this one is
extraordinarily huge. Whip onto the far left side of the branch and use the
momentum from your initial leap to swing across and grab the edge of the
trail ahead. Continue along through another snake and more jumps until you
get to the sunny side of the mountain. Man, I hope you have that fear of
heights in check because the ground is lookin' mighty far away at this

The sun will quickly become hidden again behind the cliff as you jump up
along the ledges. Use your whip to climb up the next tree in the trail, then
look for a gnarled old tree nearby. Jump onto the ledge where that old tree
is located and continue the trail from there. The eagle will swoop by over
the ledge just ahead, so keep your eyes ahead and wait for it to pass. From
here you can follow the trail straight ahead and explore a cave, or you can
turn around to find another small ledge and continue up the trail to the
eagle's nest.

The trail is pretty straight forward for a while, but there is one point
where you'll stop and have to climb up using a tree above. Following that
you'll enter a narrow tunnel through the mountain. Proceed through the
tunnel and some more ledges to a second tunnel. The ledges are getting
smaller and smaller so stay aware of your footing and make sure to hug the
walls as much as possible. Simply make your way along the jumps and tree
swings, progressing higher and higher up the mountain with each step. As
you cross the breakable ledges you'll get another visit from the eagle, so
heads up!

After some more jumps and breakable ledges you'll finally reach the eagle's
nest out on a lonely rocky ridge. Quickly grab the feather and then take off
down the path on the other side or you'll be hit by mama eagle.

-> Objective: Take the feather back to Calm Water.

Keep your aim low and watch your feet as you traverse down the mountain. At
some points you'll have to use your whip as a rope to climb down to the really
low ledges, and there will even be a breakable ledge in the mix. Simply move
from one ledge to the next without stopping to keep your pace.


Go grab your horse and return to the camp to give Calm Water his stinkin'
feather. Remember that bad luck I mentioned earlier? Well...

           3.11  Episode X: A Pursuer Swifter Than Eagles in the Sky

River Camp

-> Objective: Get Molly back from the bandits.

Now you have a few options. You can go Wyatt Earp on these fools and follow
the trail straight into the camp where you'll then pound 'em all full of
bullets. There's a guy and a gatling gun waiting to make your acquaintance
when you enter the camp, but some precise CM shots can take care of him. There
will also be fire coming from across the river so you'll likely have to duck
for cover.

If you choose the slow 'n steady route, I advise you to equip the rifle and
take them out one by one from the top of the ridge where you first see the
camp. This will alert them all, of course, and that guy on the gatling gun
will keep you pinned behind boulders and fences until you get close enough to
take him out. You can kill the gatling gun operator from the start by aiming
at the guy in a beige outfit on the left side of the camp, but get ready for a
second gatling operator who will come in from a raft on the river. 

After you've killed most of the men it will be safe to walk into the camp
and pick off the remaining bandits. Explore the small house to find a
Quickshooter and a Rusty Volcano Gun inside a wooden chest. Collect all the
ammo and weapons from the men you killed then approach the barn to find Molly's
stagecoach just as it drives away.

Smugglers' Trail

-> Objective: Chase the stage-coach with the kidnapped girl, get Molly back.

Hop on the second horse, the one nearest to the door, and get chasin'! Hold
LB to quicken your gallop and close the gap between you the bandits in the
pretty pink stagecoach, but you'll never actually catch them so it's best to
save the gallop for the timer occurrences.

Now, during your chase you'll come across various unsavory characters on
horseback all trying to kill you. For this reason it is best to travel with
your rifle equipped to guarantee one-shot kills and continue the chase.
You'll also have to face dynamite sticks thrown from the stagecoach itself,
but these will be harder to avoid. Move left and right when you see one or
you may take serious damage. You'll also find that can't kill the stagecoach
bandits, so don't bother with them.

As you follow along behind the stagecoach the terrain will gradually
transition from oak trees and grass in the highlands to desert and cacti that
are more typical of low desert areas. There won't be any particularly bad
obstacles outside of fallen debris (which you can just get around) and a river
full of bandits. When you near the end of the smugglers' trail they bandits
will pass through a tunnel and blow it up, forcing you to take a path that
goes into the mountain on the right. Follow the path and then hold back the
L stick while on your horse to get down the steep embankment to the ground
below. From here you'll just have to shoot a few guys to get to the outpost

Bandits' Outpost

Run past the first two fence rows then crouch down and prepare to take on a
bunch of bandits near the top of the hill. Position your horse facing the
top of the hill and use it as cover while you focus on killing the bandits.
Your top priority is the gatling gun operator behind the blockade and then
the rest of the ugly bunch. There'll be a few more hanging out in the house
as well.

Run through the house and exit out of the back door to come across one of
the lead bandits. It looks like he plans to distract you while the stagecoach
gets away, and damned if his plan doesn't work!

-> Objective: Defeat Ty Stewart in a gunfight.

He's no different than the previous gunfighters, although he is maybe a bit
faster. You'll want to use the L stick to dodge while going for the sweet
spot on his head or neck.

                3.12  Episode XI: Then He Remembered His Dreams

Outskirts of Juarez

-> Objective: You're free but the girl will be dead if you don't come back with
   the gold before the sunset.

Oy, it looks like it's sunset already. Hop on the horse and head straight
down the hill opposite Juarez' alcazar to find a path and a fork in the road.
You'll want to head for the cemetery, which is to the left. When you see the
next cemetery sign in the road turn left up a small hill to find the place.
Here you'll meet a kid whose father has been murdered, and he needs help to
bury him. Press X in front of the kid to help him.

After the touching funeral Billy asks for his 100 pesos only to find out the
filthy kid was a stinkin' liar. Gullible ol' Billy, I tell ya. However, the
kid does give you a key to the nearby church. Hop back on the horse and follow
that path further ahead to find the church tucked in between two hills. Press
X to enter inside. Walk through to the back door and open it to discover three
grave sites (which you may recognize). Approach each one to hear a portion of
Billy's mom's poem, then press X on the third one. The poor man's grave. This
will reveal the location of the entrance to the cave in which the gold of
Juarez is located.

However, the boulder sitting on top of the entrance will not budge so easily.
Return to the church and use the boulders and rubble on the left side to
climb up to the top level of the church. Jump onto the roof to find a path
from the roof along the ridge next to the church building. Follow this path
all the way to the end where the path ends at an old tree. Use the tree to
swing across to the path on the other side. Follow the path past a few jumps
and trees to get to a loose boulder sitting on a rock just a few yards behind
the boulder that blocks the cave entrance. Continue up the path which curves
and turns around, leading you to an elevated ridge. From this ridge you can
whip onto the large tree and swing across straight into the loose boulder.

With the entrance now open you can run down and enter inside the cave.

               3.13  Episode XII: Treasures Hidden in the Sand

The Lost Cave

-> Objective: Make your way to the Gold of Juarez.

Get your whip ready for some spider smackin' action. The small spiders that
appear throughout the cave are more of an annoyance than a serious threat,
but if you stand still for too long then you may actually take serious damage.
Kill or run past the spiders as you progress to the large gap near the start
of the level. You'll come across a few gaps in the cave, and each time you'll
either have to whip the stalactites above or jump and grab the next ledge.

Progress through the cave past the spiders until you hear some men talking.
Jump across the gap and ignore the gunshots as you continue through the
dark cave. Eventually you'll reach the small lake that has formed in a dank
cavern. Jump into the lake for a relaxing swim and let the current carry you
into the stream leading out of the cavern.

Go with the flow for a while until you pass two boulders into a much larger
cavern. If you stay on the stream you'll fall right over a gigantic waterfall.
Look for some flat ground on the right side to continue through the cave.
Further ahead you'll see your first sign that this is the right track: a
broken staircase leading to Aztec carvings. Jump onto the nearby stones and
continue into the small tunnel that leads you to a huge cavern filled with
carved stones and a bridge crossing over a massive pit.

The Aztec Chambers

Kill the spiders then proceed to the first portion of the bridge. Here you
are required to only step on stones depicting a circular design (the Aztec
calendar). If you step on the blocks showing a woman being ravaged by beasts
a giant log or stone cylinder will fly across the bridge and send you into the
depths. Simply aim down and watch your feet when you jump to proceed from
one circle stone to the next.

The middle part of the bridge is easier to get through. Face the ceiling and
slowly make your way across, watching for the large stone orbs falling from
holes in the ceiling. The third and final section of the bridge requires
simple jumps from one pillar to the next.

The legendary Gold of Juarez will finally be revealed after passing through
the large wooden doors, but Juarez (Billy's pop) was somehow able to follow
Billy through the caves. Now that he has the gold he has no need for a
worthless son, so you better high-tail it to the next hall. The passage behind
you will be blocked to your advantage.

This large hall seems bare, but those levers on the walls will fix that
decoration fiasco. Pull the first lever to the left of the door to activate
a platform from the wall. Jump on the platform and pull the lever, then
repeat that process until you get to the tunnel at the top. You'll hear a loud
explosion when you get up there but don't worry about it. Just get through the
tunnel as quickly as you can. At the end you'll come face to face with the man
who's chased Billy to the farthest reaches of... Texas.

            3.14  Episode XIII: The Old Path That Evil Men Have Trod

The Aztec Chambers

-> Objective: Walk into the dungeons and defeat Billy's tormentors.

Kill the first man who dares stand against you, then turn around to grab the
ammo and Prime Classic Rifle. Now make your way through this old tunnel to
find more of Juarez' men just itching to taste lead. At the end of the tunnel
you'll find the large chamber where Billy made his escape. Jump down along the 
platforms and enter the gold chamber to find the man who is responsible for
all of the events in this sordid adventure.

Start by retreating to the tunnel you just came from and equip the rifle.
Take out the men shooting you from the high perch with Juarez, then proceed
into the chamber and kill the two men standing at the base of the ramp on the
left. Stand underneath the high ledge near you and look up towards the ramp.
You should be able to take out one more guy at the top of the ramp.

Now make your way into the next tunnel on the right, the one that Billy
originally used to enter the chamber. From there you should now have a clear
view of Juarez as he tries to attack you. Use the rifle and pay attention both
to the far left side of his ledge and to the side closest to you. Unload some
rapid fire rifle into him until his health gets low enough to force him to

Juarez retains the upper hand thanks to his kidnapped victim, so Reverend Ray
must now make a choice. And his choice will lead us into the final chapters of
this twisted tale of revenge, penitence, and ultimately justice for the victims
of men who would do evil.

                3.15  Episode XIV: Every Man Armed for Battle

Alcazar Exterior

-> Objective: Get the girl from the bandits.

Ahh, now the prelude scene makes some sense. Unlike the prelude, however, you
can definitely be killed this time. Quickly hop on the gatling gun when the
battle starts and start unleashing hell on these thieves and murderers. Like
the first time you should focus your aim from one man to the next as opposed
to spraying bullets all over the place. You do not want to spend more than
1 to 1 1/2 seconds on each man, and you should definitely not move away from
a man before he's dead. The bandits will come in waves from different
directions so as long as you kill all the men in one spot then move to another
you shouldn't have to worry about getting attacked from too many places.

Shortly after you kill the guys on the roof the gatling gun will blow up and
catch on fire, which is your cue to get the hell of out there! Turn around and
run for the open wagon on the left side closest to the entrance to the
compound. Quickly use CM to kill the rifleman behind you on the wall, then
crouch next to the wagon for cover from the remaining shooters at the house.
Refill your health and prepare your CM to take out several men who will appear
on the left side of the compound closest to you. Wait to heal if you need to
then enter the first small room on the left.

From here you'll have several bandits appear from behind the overturned
wagon, as well as from the left side. Peek out through the window or door to
kill them as they appear then prep your CM for the next room on the left.
Activate it the moment you see the guy inside the next small room and give
'im a nice clean headshot. Continue this pattern of killing men that appear
outside and then quickly killing the men inside the rooms until you've cleared
out the entire left side.

From here you can either proceed to the ladders at the back of the compound to
get up onto the wall, or you can run along the other side of the compound and
kill all the men on that side. I would advise you to kill all the men on the
other side so they won't give you any trouble. You can also find a Superb
Scope Rifle in the third door from the left, behind some crates in a corner.

When you're ready, climb up the ladders and run along the wall towards the
corner of the compound where you crouched for cover after the gatling gun
blew up. Use a rifle or Scope Rifle to pick off the men shooting at you
from the other side as well as the men shooting from the ground. Get to the
cannon facing the front of the building and use it to blow open the door
for access to the Alcazar interior.

Alcazar Interior

Pick up the Six Barrelled Gun from the chest underneath the stairs if you want
something faster than the Ranger, then proceed up the stairs and into a
courtyard. Shoot any men on the balcony area then jump down and shoot the
men as they appear above you. Use the crates and columns for cover. Eventually
two men will appear from a doorway on the first floor, giving you further
access to the inside of the compound.

Open the door on the left and shoot the man at the bottom of the stairs. Run
inside and turn left to find his cohorts chillin’ in a dank basement hallway.
Shoot them all in CM then proceed to kill one more guy at the end of the hall.
Collect everything as usual since you'll need lots of ammo for the upcoming
fight. Proceed further into the lower levels to kill a few more bandits and
one particularly evil man.

If you still have the Scope Rifle the fight with Manson will be quick, but
if you have the Classic Rifle it'll do well. Manson will use crates to protect
himself except when he shoots at you, then his neck and head are exposed. If
you start behind some cover and slowly creep out you can get a shot or two
before he moves to the next room. He'll also throw out dynamite so once you
see that shiny stick fly back away to another room. Keep Manson contained in
the two rooms farthest from the stairs and never chase after him so that he
remains in the same area. Continue going for the headshots until Manson falls
and leaves the keys beside his corpse. Pick them up and use them to open the
metal door near the stairs.

At long last the Rev. finds Molly, safe and sound if a bit shaken up. But
don't celebrate yet, because the party's just gettin' started. Aim up and kill
the three bandits above to bring back our good friend, Juarez.

-> Objective: Shoot the sticks of dynamite before they hit the ground.

Stand near Molly and switch to CM to take out the dynamite sticks as they come
flying down. Don't wait for the sticks to get closer as an explosion in the air
can still harm both Ray and Molly. After a round of four or five sticks Juarez
will get tired of playing the cliché bad guy toying with his victims, so he
throws a cocktail down into the dungeon to slowly and dramatically kill his

Oh, who will save them!?

           3.16  Episode XV: Rescue Me from the Wicked by Your Sword

Outskirts of Juarez

-> Objective: Go to the fort and help Ray save Molly.

Take the bow from the kid with too much hair gel and head for the alcazar. A
few explosions will show you to a large chunk of missing wall. Use that to
climb up the wall and see what's goin' on.

Alcazar Exterior

-> Objective: Put out the fire in the cell, before the girl burns alive.

Kill the two men on the ground then aim for the sniper on the far wall to the
left. From there, follow the wall to the right. There will be one guy who
appears from the back door of the building, one on the other side of the
building where all the wagons are located, and then one more on that same
side hiding behind barrels. After that you're clear to run all the way around
and get as close to the cistern as possible. Use your whip to swing from the
wooden beam above and let go at the peak of the swing so you crash right into
the cistern and knock it down.

Go check on Ray and Molly then approach the front of the building. Shoot the
lone man and enter the courtyard through the door on the first floor. Once
inside you'll meet Juarez in a duel for the ages between father and son...
murderer and lover... evil psycho and innocent fool... you get the picture.

-> Objective: Defeat Juarez in a gunfight with the gun you received. Remember
   that you've got only three bullets.

This is the fastest duel yet, so keep your thumb on the R stick and aim at any
part of him that you can. Once you get the first hit follow it with the
remaining two bullets to finish him off.

Follow in Ray's footsteps through the basement, killing all men along the way.
Once you reach the barricade press X to remove it and then open the door to
free Ray and Molly from the cell. But, once again, Billy's luck just plain

This fist fight is just like the one against Chat back at Ferguson's ranch,
except Juarez has better endurance and you now have more room to avoid hits
while you heal. Like before, go in for the LT, RT, LT combo and make sure that
last uppercut connects. You will take a hit during the uppercut but you'll be
fine as long as you back away right after it connects with Juarez' ugly face.
Stick 'n hit, bob 'n weave, and soon enough Juarez will fall to the ground
for a second time.

Juarez is down, along with the army of men he sent after Billy between Hope
and the town of Juarez. As Reverend Ray lies in agony, preparing for the final
judgment, he begs for forgiveness... for a second chance to do what is right
and save an innocent life. As his eyes open he sees his chance.

Watch as Billy and Molly embrace while the amazingly resilient Juarez stands
up yet again. Wait for the moments just before he's about to stab Billy then
bring out your revolver like you would in a duel and plug Juarez right through
the side of his head.

With his final act of justice Reverend Ray McCall passes on, a man freed from
his past and ready to face the final judgment. Thanks in part to Revered Ray
and his final moments, Billy comes to see the truth in himself and for the
first time in his life burns a candle of hope for the future.

His righteousness endures forever.

"Yey, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
 I will fear no evil: for thou art with me..."

 - Psalm 23:4


===== 4.0 EXTRA MISSIONS ======================================================

                                   4.1  Farm

-> Objective: Find the rustlers.

The deputy (let's call him Law Dog) seems like a nice fellow, but nice fellows
seldom last in the high risk territory west of the Mississippi. We'll see if
you can get him through this mission unscathed.

Ride forward to find a trashed house and two corpses. Search the area to
scavenge the loot (can't let it go to waste) then enter the house and open the
chest in the left corner. There are two Volcano Guns, although in this mission
you may want to go with Quickshooters over the much slower Volcano Guns.
Return to your horse to continue towards the red marker.

-> Objective: Save the settlers from the fire.

Up ahead you'll find a house on fire and several men standing around enjoying
the bright colors. Get off the horse and bust out the CM to take out the two
men in front of the house, then use another round of CM to kill the men who
emerge from the barn. Once that's done you need to go save the people inside
the inferno. Grab a water-filled bucket from the front porch and use it to
put out the fire blocking the door on the right. Inside you'll find a grateful
civilian, however her kid is still stuck upstairs. Use more water from the
trough outside to put out the fire on the stairs and anything in the hallway
on the second floor. Remove the debris from the last door and open it to see
a dirty kid run out and away from the house. Now they're both grateful, but
whatever will they do without their horses...

-> Objective: Retrieve stolen horses.

Ride ahead then prepare to hop off the horse as you approach a large group
of rustlers. There will be quite a few of these guys so it's best to stay far
away and pick them off with the classic Rifle. After the group around the
stagecoach has been cleared you can move on to the path on the left and
continue killing men along the way. Ignore the horses for now.

Stay off the main path and use trees and rocks as cover at all times. If you're
using the rifle you'll find that shots will be coming from far away, but you
can use the bullet's direction to track down and shoot enemies. After a long,
slow battle the first half of the forest large tree area will be clear of

-> Objective: Kill all the rustlers.

 it's on to the rustlers' camp on the other side of the forest. Run to the
wall on the right side and keep moving from one large boulder to the next.
You never want to actually enter the camp area as that will guarantee that you
get killed. Peek out of the side of the boulders and use the revolvers in CM
to take out the men one at a time.
 You'll know you've killed them all when
a single rustler appears to challenge Mr. Law to a duel. Take him out with some
precise dodging and a few hits to the upper body.

                                4.2  Ghost Town

-> Objective: Kill all Bloody Jack gang members.

Law Dog has tracked the rustlers to an old ghost town next to the river. With
trusty revolvers in hand proceed to the entrance to the town and start the
cover 'n fire maneuvers from the Farm mission. You'll face your average gun
slingers, shotgunners, and riflemen until you round the corner and pass the
first buildings. A sniper will then appear on a balcony on the left side while
a gatling gun operator will set up shop at the end of the street. Crouch behind
the dark crates on the right side to kill the sniper, then advance to the alley
on the right side. Run around to the fence and kill the couple of guys waiting
in that blocked street and on the roofs to keep them from bugging you later.
You can also save in this alley so make sure to pass through it.

Use the red stagecoach as cover and advance to the next cross-street on the
right side. If any guys remain in there use CM to take them out (especially
any guys on the roofs tossing dynamite), then walk through the narrow path
between the building and the fence. Stop before entering the street because
the gatling guy is just waiting for you to show your face. You best shot at
defeating him will be to quickly move out from behind cover and immediately
activate CM. Unleash all 12 rounds into the gatling gunner to ensure he does
down. With him out of the way you can pick off any other men shooting at you
and climb the ladder on the right to the roof of the sheriff's office. Grab the
Scope Rifles and take out all men within view of the roof, then enter the
building through the hole in the roof.

Head down to the bottom floor and kill the dynamite nuts from within the safety
of the building. Once you kill all the men you'll be challenged to a duel.
Defeat the leader in a duel then run for cover to recharge your CM. Use it to
take out the remaining four men.

Now, this is your time to stock up on ammo and choose a good mix of weapons.
Collect all the dropped ammo from one end of the street to the other, as well
as the ammo in the sheriff’s office. For weapons I advise a Quickshooter for
your draw hand (I'm a righty, so I assign to the right hand) and a Volcano Gun
as a backup in the other hand. Ditch the Scope Rifle in favor of a Classic Rifle
then continue to the next street.

Keep that rifle equipped and use the first red stagecoach as cover from the
various enemies that appear. Use the rifle to calmly and quickly take out each
of the four men in the immediate vicinity, two of which are on roofs on either
side of the street. Run around the right side of the building with the large
wood awning and shoot the dynamite/rifle guy on the roof of the next building

Continue along the street and kill any remaining men until you get near the
saloon. Take cover behind some crates as far away as possible then use the
rifle to kill the men as they come out of the front door and roof. Approach
the saloon when the exterior is clear and use CM to shoot the four men inside.
The next stop is upstairs, but first you'll need to blast a few men through
the banisters. Once all the men are dead, collect all the ammo and replace
your strong revolver with the Hybrid Gun found on the floor of the bottom

Head upstairs and aim your rifle into the open door. Shoot the fat guy the
moment you see any part of him and keep firing until he's dead. Now collect
all the ammo you can and approach the front door to find a new group of men
waiting to blast you to tiny chunks. Remain inside the saloon, using the 
walls next to the door as cover and emerging to use CM as soon as it recharges.
Eventually the men will stop coming to the front door, forcing you to walk
to each of the windows to lure them out of their hiding place.

When all the men lay dead on the dusty road, a guy with a foreign accent
(possibly Russian) approaches Law Dog with an offer. Apparently, it's an offer
he can easily refuse. Defeat the gang leader in the duel just like all past
duels, with upper body shots and good dodging skills.

                          4.3  Showdown at Round Rock

Looks like Law Dog's been hired on as a Sheriff for the lawless town of Round
Rock. After a few moments of tranquility in a nice comfy desk chair, he gets
word that a man named Vasquez has started trouble over at the saloon.

As they say, here we go again.

-> Objective: Go to the saloon and face Vasquez and his men.

But first, go upstairs to find the biggest cache of weapons and ammo in the
while game! Grab the guns that aren't rusty and fill up on ammo from the nearby
boxes before heading out to the street.

Kill the couple of guys hanging out in front then walk around the building to
shoot as many men as possible through the windows. CM should take care of them
without a problem. When the main floor looks clear, enter inside and carefully
examine the upper level balcony. Shoot any stragglers and then the big man
himself, Vasquez. With Vasquez taken out you'd think Law Dog's troubles are

Head upstairs to stock up on ammo then walk outside to get more bad news.

-> Objective: Help the soldiers attacked by the stream.

Take the civilian's horse and follow the soldier through town and up into the
mountains. Just follow the green marker and watch the narrow ledges and sharp
curves as you follow.

At the end of the path will be several soldiers being attacked by bandits
up on the ridges. Stand behind the jagged protruding boulder on the left and
equip the Classic Rifle. Peek out and shoot a few men while they try to hit
you then return to cover to reload. Repeat this peek 'n reload attack until
all of the men have been killed.

Back at the sheriff's office once again. Collect ammo and possibly new guns
if your current guns are ready to blow, then head downstairs. Does it ever

-> Objective: Stop the attack on the bank. Protect the workers.

Rush to the bank building and kill the guys in front then enter inside and
crouch behind the left wall next to the door. Like previous sieges, charge
your CM and quickly peek out to kill a couple of men, then retreat to
recharge the CM and peek out again. Continue this pattern until it gets quiet.
Several men will suddenly appear on horseback and rush straight into the
bank. Keep your revolvers aimed high at the doorway and try to kill each man
with two shots a piece by firing both simultaneously.

When the smoke clears, Law Dog will begin to wonder what the hell's going on
in this town. A brief conversation with Vasquez reveals the Grizzwald is the
one behind all of the attacks on the town. A crooked politician... who
would've thunk it?

Pay attention to the next report of massacre in the town and run upstairs
for ammo and new weapons before heading to Foster's house.

-> Objective: Stop the bandits from murdering the women. Put out the fire in
   the Widow Foster's house.

Kill the first few attackers then quickly grab a bucket and put out that fire
on the front porch. Turn toward the alley across from the house to kill the
next wave of attackers, then stand on the porch and shoot the men on the roof
across the street while in CM. If they manage to light a fire again you'll
have to put it out.

The final wave of bandits will come from the steep hill nearby. Use CM to kill
as many as possible the first time, then crouch behind a wagon until it gets
recharged and you can kill the rest.

Stand by for the next report... but seriously, how many poor suckers can
Grizzwald possibly have in his pocket?

-> Objective: Don't let Grizzwald's people get to Vasquez. Go to the jail.

Remain on the far right side of the town, behind all the buildings. You do
not want to even try heading down the main street because you'll simply
be overwhelmed. Continue until you get past the last building. From here you
can see a wagon on your left and some big, dark crates slightly to the right.
Those crates are your only cover against the gatling gun behind them. Wait
behind the crates then quickly peek out and go into CM just as the gatling
gun operator comes into view. You should have a clear shot at his head or
upper body, but unleash as many bullets as possible into him to make sure
the gatling is out of commission.

Instead of following instinct and going for the gatling, get behind the cart
that it is on and use that for cover. Use this as a point to peek out and kill
some guys in CM then return to recharge, then peek out again, and so on. One
or two may try to sneak up on you from the sides, but most will remain
on the other side of the cart.

When the street, windows, and roof are clear, run inside and kill what's left
of the men. All that remains is to face Grizzwald in a mano a mano gunfight.

-> Objective: Defeat Grizzwald in a gunfight.

Grizzwald's not tough at all, considering he's the final gunfight in the
mission. Simply dodge his bullets and keep your aim on his upper body to end
the duel and save the day. But, unfortunately for Law Dog, no one else knew
about Grizzwald's involvement with Vasquez. Our hero must sneak away to Mexico
and never be seen on American soil again.

I wonder if Law Dog ever met another unlucky fellow named Billy Candle...


===== 5.0 DUEL CHALLENGES =====================================================

Dual Challenge mode is available at the main menu. Each challenger will appear
in Duel Challenge when you have defeated him/them in the game's Story Mode.

General Tips
- Do not push the R stick too quickly when you draw your revolver or your aim
  will move around all over the place. A steady hand wins the day and keeps
  you from getting killed.

- Always use the L stick to lean left and right. While in Concentration Mode
  you can actually wait for the opponent's gun to go off and immediately lean
  to one side to keep from getting hit.

- Always aim for the upper body, preferably the neck and head. A shot to the
  legs or other extremities will delay your opponent but not kill him.

City Scum
This guy's slower 'n molasses! You'll have plenty of time to line up a shot
with his head.

Clyde Forrester
Clyde is slightly faster and may actually require a dodge or two, but if you're
good with the R stick you'll take him out in one shot.

Ned the Plague
Again, Ned's a bit faster, but a few dodges will get you out of Dodge.

Chat actually doesn't seem as quick as Ned, but regardless you may want to
get that L stick ready.

McLyde Brothers
This one's tougher than all previous duels because there's two of them. Keep
your aim on the ugly dude on the right and make sure he's dead, then quickly
move on to the left uggo. You'll probably want to dodge left and right as you

Ty Steward
This is the first really fast duel. The L stick will be your best friend as
you go for the head or neck shot.

Los Banditos
Like the McLyde Brothers, these guys will start shooting from right to left.
Kill the first man quickly and then move on to the second guy to wing or kill
him just as he starts to shoot. The third guy will have his finger on the
trigger and might only get off a shot or two just as you shoot at him.

Tom Manson
Honestly, Manson's no faster than Ty Steward. He'll probably duck down, which
gives you the perfect chance for a headshot.

This mean sumbitch is packin' a serious weapon, as one shot will usually kill
you. He's also very fast so your best chance of survival is a quick left thumb
and a steady right thumb. Even if you just wing him it'll set you up for the
kill shot.


===== 6.0 WANTED CARDS ========================================================

Wanted Cards are found throughout the story mode episodes, usually in 
chests or crates. They appear as worn and rolled sheets of paper. Each Wanted
Card will have the name and picture of one of the game developers plus some
info about the guy.

Episode I
- Adrian Sikora: At Jones' farm, enter the old barn and look for a wheel and
  a box near it. Open the box to find the card.

- Jakub Klarowicz: On the main street when you first enter Hope, approach the
  stagecoach on the left. The scroll is sitting on the driver's side step. 

- Lukasz Adzinski: Inside Suzy's room when she runs off to occupy Clyde. Look
  inside the wooden chest before you open any drawers.

- Pawel Marchewka: Inside Crazy Frank's cabin. Search the top-right drawer
  of the dresser in the large room.

Episode II
- None

Episode III
- Kacper Michalski: After the first CM duel with the four men, turn right into
  the large space. In the right corner you'll find an outhouse and the scroll

- Pawel Blaszczak: When running to save the sheriff's wife, you'll start by
  climbing some stairs up to a bedroom on an upper floor. Search the chest in
  this room to find the scroll.

- Rafal Zerych: Find this one inside the large barn that you enter after
  escaping the burning Sheriff's Office. It's inside an old box on the
  ground floor.

Episode IV
- Adrian Ciszewski: After you kill all the men at the first camp with two
  campfires, look for a chest beside a tree. The scroll is inside.

- Grzegorz Swistowski: At the large camp with the horses, look for a wooden
  box next to the tents in the middle of the chain of tents. There'll be
  a scroll and lots of whiskey bottles inside.

- Sebastian Helios: At the end of the level where you hold off the bandits
  next to the train tracks. Search a small wooden box near the tree to find it.

Episode V
- Jan Borkowski: Once you enter the mine there will be a small alcove on the
  left side with two bandits. Search the chest in there for the scroll.

- Adam Jastrzebski: After you pass the steep hill in the mine and take the
  left path at the first split in the tunnel, proceed straight and take a left
  at the next split. You'll find the scroll at the end.

- Pawel Kopinski: In the huge vertical cavern with tunnels running along all
  sides, look for a small room off to the side. The room is about halfway up
  the cavern and is filled with sacks and crates. Near this room there is one
  guy who will throw one dynamite stick at you, and inside the room there is
  a shotgun bandit. Search the small wooden box near the rock pillar inside
  to find it.

- Maciej Jamrozik: Inside a small shack on the right side after exiting the
  mine near the train tracks.

Episode VI
- Slawek Latos: The chest containing this scroll is inside the first train car
  you pass when you get to the train. It's a large luggage car with the door
  wide open and several men inside.

- Lukasz Muszynski: The scroll is inside a chest in the luggage car next to
  the first luggage car. There'll be a few men inside this one and one
  rifleman on the roof.

- Marek Pszczolkowski: Progress through the train until the fourth passenger
  car. Look for a chest between two seats on the right side.

- Maciej Klokowski: Look for a box on the left side of the ledge where you
  shoot the bar blocking a door.

Episode VII
- Przemek Marmul: Search the second floor of the first ranch house to find a
  small bedroom with a three drawer dresser. Open the middle drawer to find
  the scroll.

- Mateusz Manes: Look for a chest between two boulders near the burning
  stagecoach and dead bodies.

- Haris Orkin: Search the area underneath the huge arch at the top of a hill.
  The scroll will be next to some shotgun ammo.

- Michal Nowak: Enter the small house after you get past the stables at
  Ferguson's ranch. Search the chest next to the fireplace to find the scroll.

- Marcin Zygadlo: On the first floor of the main house, search the drawers
  of the wooden dresser inside the desk room.

Episode VIII
- Marcin Piaskiewicz: Enter the ranch house and proceed up to the only open
  door at the end of the hall. Search the drawers of the dresser to get the

- Piotr Prokop: Get past the corn field and through the gate at the other
  end. There you'll find two guys who will attack you. Kill them and then
  look at the ground right next to them to find the scroll.

Episode IX
- Przemek Kawecki: Search the wooden box in Calm Water's tent to find this one.

- Pawel Zawondy: About halfway up the mountain you'll find a closed cave with
  a skeleton and snake inside. The scroll is in there.

- Jakub Sikora: You will enter a tunnel about 3/4 of the way up the mountain.
  After passing this tunnel and a few ledges you'll be at the entrance to
  a second tunnel. Search the ground outside that entrance to find this scroll.

Epiosde X
- Marcin Sobanski: Search the smaller, dilapidated house at the river camp.
  In the main living area you'll find a desk with two drawers, the one on the
  right containing this scroll.

- Rafal Stasiak: In the small house at the bandits' outpost near the end of the
  level, look for a gun rack in the corner. Search it to find the scroll.

Epiosde XI
- Maciej Stelmaszczyk: Get to the cemetery and search for a grave with several
  stakes placed around it. The scroll is inside.

- Slawek Strumecki: Enter the church and approach the speaking podium. Search
  the large chest to the left of the podium to find it.

Epiosde XII
- Piotr Sztepiuk: Progress through the cave until you hear men talking then
  gunshots. Jump the gap and after you fall into a deep, dark cave you'll
  see a skeleton on the left side. The scroll is right in there with the

- Pawel Selinger: Shortly after obtaining the first wanted card at the
  skeleton, you'll find a lake. Inside this lake are several columns, and if
  you swim around the columns to search for solid ground you'll find a chest
  in the middle of the columns. The scroll is inside.

Episode XIII
- Adam Tutaj: After exiting the narrow tunnel at the start of the level, look
  to the right to find some barrels and the scroll.

Episode XIV
- Waldek Kaminski: From the starting point, approach the rooms on the right
  side. Enter the door that is third from last and look for a wooden chest
  which contains the scroll.

- Wojtek Pszczolkowski: There will be several rooms on your left in the first
  basement hallway you enter. The scroll is inside a chest in the last room.

- Konrad Zagorowicz: Look for a dead-end hallway on the left side in the area
  where you fight Manson. The scroll is inside the chest in that hallway.

Episode XV
- Andrzej Zacharewicz: From the starting point on top of the wall, drop down
  to the ground and approach the rooms on the right side. Enter the fourth
  door from the right and search the wooden box to get it.

- Piotr Wojtas: There will be several rooms on your left in the first
  basement hallway you enter. The scroll is inside a chest in the first room.


===== 7.0 ACHIEVEMENTS ========================================================

Single Player Achievements
- Thief (10G): Gun stolen from Jones without alarming in Episode I. The first
  time you're caught at the beginning won't count, but after that you'll have
  to sneak in without being seen.

- Boxer (20G): In Episode II use correctly 5 combos fighting with looters.
  This is simple enough as long as you get right in their face to connect
  the final uppercut.

- Gunfighter (15G): 10 enemies killed in Concentration Mode in Episode III.
  This one's not difficult at all if you simply remember to use CM for all
  your kills.

- Archer (20G): 10 enemies killed using bow in Episode IV. This is another
  easy one since the bow is almost required to get through this level safely.

- Driver (30G): In Episode V kill 5 enemies when driving the coal cart.
  Concentration Mode greatly helps.

- Hatman (25G): In Episode VI shoot 6 hats off from enemies' heads. Aim up so
  that the bullet grazes the top of the hat.

- Slayer (20G): In Episode VII defeat 6 enemies using the whip. You can sneak
  up on groups and kill the first guy with the whip, eventually racking up
  the six kills. You can also kill wolves to get the achievement.

- Accurate guy (25G): McLyde brothers killed with 2 bullets only in Episode
  VIII. Start with the one on the right and aim high, then do the same with
  the guy on the left.

- Untouchable (40G): Finish Episode IX without taking a scratch. There are
  no real enemies so this one's not tough to get, although the eagle's
  swoops can be a pain. Dodge the eagle by crouching and sticking to the
  cliff walls.

- Horseman (20G): 7 enemies killed while in the saddle in Episode X. This
  isn't too hard as long as you slow down a bit and make sure to pick off
  horse riders with the rifle as they pass you by.

- Archeologist (25G): Episode XI finished in less than 10 minutes. This is
  an easy task after playing through the level once or twice.

- Spider Hunter (20G): 10 spiders killed using the whip in Episode XII.
  Accuracy doesn't matter, so just run backward and whip the ground in
  front of you like mad.

- Fire Raiser (25G): 3 enemies killed using fire in Episode XIII. There
  are various lamps in the first part of the tunnel. Simply splash one
  across the ground in front of enemies and light it up. They will often
  simply run into the fire as they try to gun you down.

- Eagles Eye (30G): 10 enemies shot in the head with the sniper rifle in
  Episode XIV. You can obtain a Superb Scope Rifle early in the level by
  searching the third door from the left on the right side of the
  compound (when facing the front door).

- Bow Expert (30G): In Episode XV kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the
  head with the bow.

- BonusLevelsFinished (15G): All bonus levels finished.

- Bounty Hunter (40G): All Wanted posters found.

- Duel Challenge finished (20G): Duel Challenge finished.

- Fireworker (25G): 10 dynamites shot in mid-air. This is easily accomplished
  by playing Episode XIV a few times.

- Long distance (20G): A distance of 10 miles covered. This can be on horse
  and foot, and usually accomplished in one playthrough.

- Story Mode finished (60G): Story mode finished. This can be on any

- Very Hard Mode finished (100G): Story Mode finished on Very Hard difficulty

- Westman (20G): Played for more than 24 hours. MP time does not count
  towards this achievement even though it is added to the Overall Time Played.

- Young God (25G): 6 bullets dodged in duels. This can be accomplished during
  any single player duel, but it's best to try it with one of the slower
  gunfighters in the early episodes or duel challenges.

- ???

- ???

Multiplayer Achievements
- Earthquake (30G): Playing as Miner kill 4 enemies with a single dynamite

- Lucy's lullaby (20G): Playing as Miner kill 3 enemies with a single shot
  from the sawn-off shotgun.

- Quicker than hell (10G): Playing as Gunslinger shoot 4 enemies using the
  quickshooters in less than 10 seconds.

- Demolition (25G): Playing as Gunslinger keep at 100% killing efficiency for
  X dynamite stick throws.

- Headhunter (20G): Playing as Sniper score 5 headshots in a row.

- Blind Killer (10G): Playing as Sniper kill 5 enemies with the sniper rifle
  without using the scope.

- Surefire hand (20G): Playing as Rifleman shoot 5 enemies using the rifle
  without reloading.

- Rifle Expert (20G): Playing as Rifleman keep 100% rifle efficiency for 10

- Killing machine (50G): 20 enemies killed in Multiplayer without dying.

- Legend of the Wild West (50G): 300 enemies killed in Multiplayer.


===== 8.0 WEAPONS =============================================================

Weapons are found throughout the game and are your main form of attack. Guns
in particular play a big part (this is a Western after all) and are designated
a condition when you pick them up. The better the condition they are in, the
longer they last before blowing up in your hands.

The conditions are as follows:

Rusty = Red lightning bolt
Regular = No icon
Prime = Silver star
Superb = Gold star

- Border Gun: Adequately strong gun with a slow reload time.

- 1889 Classic Six Shooter: Classic revolver with good reload time and
  average strength.

- Quickshooter: Faster reload than other revolvers, but also weaker.

- Ranger: Very strong gun, but it naturally has a slow reload time and
  strong recoil.

- Hybrid Gun: Holds 9 shots at a time and very powerful, but slow to reload.
  Requires rifle ammo to fill all 9 rounds.

- Volcano Gun: A powerful gun that holds 8 shots. This has excellent aim
  for Concentration Mode and duels.

- Six Barrelled Gun: A very accurate and fast little gun with slightly
  better reload time than the other strong revolvers. Only appears in
  Episode XV.

- Classic Rifle: Good range and very powerful.

- Scope Rifle: Best weapon range, but not good for close combat.

- Saw-Off Shotgun: Powerful and can be held on one hand, but it has worse
  aim than the double-barrelled.

- Double-Barrelled Shotgun: Powerful blasts for close to medium range

- Bow & Arrows: Excellent for silent kills, but ammo is hard to find. Always
  recover arrows after you shoot them.

- Gatling Gun: With its high rate of fire and minimal reload time, this
  monster gun is capable of mowing down entire battalions of men. It is also
  a heavy and cumbersome machine, so gatling guns are limited to stationary
  spots in the game.

- Cannon: The cannon appears once in the game and is only used to blow
  up a door.

- Ladies Gun: Your standard two-shot Derringer. Called a ladies gun for a

- Bible: Ray's weapon of distraction. Used to distract enemies during fights.

- Whip: Billy's weapon, though better used for whipping across gaps and chasms.

- Dynamite: Strong explosion weapon but it's best to throw only when an enemy
  is a good distance away.


===== 9.0 MULTIPLAYER =========================================================

You can choose to play via System Link (connect two Xbox 360s together) or
Xbox Live.

System Link
- Find a Match: This simply searches for a hosted match on any Xbox 360 that
  is connected to the router or your Xbox 360.

- Create a Match: Host your own match so that your friends can join.

Xbox Live
- Quick Player Match: This allows you to jump into a non-ranked match as soon
  as possible.

- Quick Ranked Match: Here you can jump right into a ranked match to get your
  scores on the leaderboards.

- Custom Match: If you want to be particular you can search for matches using
  filters for the variosu match settings.

- Create a Match: Sick of waiting for matches? Host your own!

- Leaderboards: Check out the top players in the various match types.

Character Types
- Gunslinger: The gunslinger comes with dual 1889 Classic Six Shooters and
  dynamite as backup. Gunslingers are best used in close combat where their
  fast revolvers and dynamite come in handy.

- Rifleman: Riflemen are the most balanced characters with a powerful rifle
  for good close and long range kills, and a pair of Border Guns for
  close heated encounters.

- Miner: The miner is the ultimate close quarters fighter with his Saw-Off
  Shotgun, single revolver, and particularly the dynamite.

- Sniper: Large maps will usually turn into a sniper fight with these
  insanely long range characters camping on high ground. They also carry
  Rangers for those situations that demand a fast weapon.

Match Types
- Deathmatch: All for one and kill them all! Your only mission is to kill
  until time runs out or someone reaches the kill limit.

- Wanted: One man is wanted and the rest have to find him and kill him.
  The man who kills the wanted man becomes wanted himself, and the player
  who remains wanted for the longest time wins.

- Skirmish: A team-based Death Match mode. Teams spawn together and at the
  same time. Succesful teams require good communication and teamwork to beat
  the other team.

- Robbery: Essentially a Capture the Flag mode except only one team, the
  Outlaws, goes after the gold to return it to an escape point within the
  time limit. The Lawmen must defend the gold.

- Goldrush: Gold is scattered across a map and players get points for
  gathering gold and killing enemies. This is a more strategic Death Match

- Capture the Bag: Your basic Capture the Flag mode. Players from one team
  must cross the map and steal the bag from the other team's base, then
  return it to home base. The other team will try to do the same thing and
  if your team's bag is not at home base you will not be able to score.

- Famous Events: Six famous historical events that players can recreate in


===== 10.0 CODES & SECRETS ====================================================

Very Hard Mode
Find 30 of the 40 Wanted Cards to unlock Very Hard as a difficulty.

Extra Missions
Complete the Story Mode to unlock three extra missions.


===== 11.0 FAQ ================================================================

Q: Where are the last two secret achievements?

A: I have no idea. I've been searching, but as of now nobody knows where they
   are. If you find them let us know!


===== 12.0 LEGAL / MISC. ======================================================

                              12.1  Version History

July 3, 2007: Version 0.8
Everything's done except those final two missing achievements.

July 1, 2007: Version 0.7
All episode and mission walkthroughs are complete, along with the achievements,
weapons, and wanted cards.

June 25, 2007: Version 0.5
First guide for a next-gen game... check. First guide for a FPS... check. First
guide for a Western... check.

                               12.2  Guide Credits

Thanks to these folks...

1. Techland for a truly immersive and entertaining game. Good Western games are
   not easy to find, but this company pulled it off with flying colors, er...
   flying bullets.

2. Ubisoft for having the huevos to take a risk and publish this game for
   console owners (even if some choice features were cut in the process).

3. Wilson Lau gets mad props for his excellent guide to Bart vs. the Space
   Mutants. It's awesomeness inspired the over 50 guides I've written to date.

4. for their help in identifying some of the achievements.

5. GalrenCreptus for his excellent Wanted Poster Locations guide. It was a big
   help in finding some of the more hidden posters.

6. and for the bible quotes and references.

7. Thank YOU for reading!

                            12.3  Contact Information

The address is: darksub01 [at] yahoo [dot] com

The issue of too many e-mails isn't a problem, so I'll most likely respond to
any questions (for now). But, I do delete e-mails without a subject. Put
'Call of Juarez FAQ' or something similar in the subject line.

                               12.4  Legal Stuff

1. Call of Juarez © 2007 Techland. All rights reserved. Published and
   distributed by Ubisoft Entertainment under license from Techland.

2. This guide copyright © 2007 SubSane. This guide may be distributed freely
   as long as it remains in it's ORIGINAL and UNALTERED form. It is only for
   private use and may not be reproduced for commercial purposes.

   If I discover that this guide has been altered in any way and is being
   displayed publicly, I reserve the right to have the guide removed from that

3. The following sites will always have the latest version:

   IGN FAQs:

End quote:

    "If you will ride fast, he will become a meatball."
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