Ron Jeremy was born as Ronnie Hyatt in Queens, New York on March 12, 1953. When he was born, one of the nurses was overheard making a comment about the size of his penis (very large for a baby). His father, Arnold Hyatt, is a notable physicist. His family is Jewish and that fact has made him the pride and role model of many young Jewish men.

As a child, Ron was always an entertainer. He often performed skits or acted, making an effort to become the center of attention.

His mother began showing symptoms of Parkinson's Disease when Ron was young. It was very difficult for him to come home to see her crippled state and some of his friends believe that much of his humorous performances were an attempt to escape the emotional pain. When she died when Ron was in third grade, it had a tremendous impact on the family.

In high school, Ron was very popular, especially with women. People were always around him and he was a very fun person to hang out with. He lost his virginity around the age of 16 and says that he accidentally put the condom on backwards his first time.

Out of high school, Ron studied to become an actor at the Queens college. He also studied teaching since he realized that acting was a difficult career to get into and needed something to fall back on. He graduated with a Master's degree in special education. For two years, he was a student teacher for blind and mentally handicapped children.

He soon realized that he would rather pursue acting and quit teaching to find acting jobs, which were rare in the city. He did get acting positions in off-Broadway productions in a large variety of shows. At one point, his girlfriend submitted a picture of him to Playgirl magazine and it was published. People began calling asking to meet him, most of them women that saw his picture.

Annoyed by the phone calls, his father told Ron to never use the family name in his sexual ventures again. It was then that Ron adopted the surname Jeremy. Eventually Ron received a phone call from an adult film director, who asked him to star in a movie. Ron decided to do it, triggering an amazing career that would span decades. Ron was very nervous during the first film and found it difficult to maintain an erection in front of the camera. To solve this problem, he had to run off stage and get aroused by a fluff girl, running back on set to continue filming.

Ron wanted to only do a few pornos to support his ventures in acting. However, many of the directors promised to get him roles in mainstream productions, encouraging Ron to continue doing adult films. He moved to San Francisco after a short while, where the adult film industry was absolutely huge. In the late 1970s, making pornography was illegal and considered similar to prostitution. Ron was arrested once, but the case was taken to the supreme court, setting the precedent for first amendment protection for pornographic film production.

Ron Jeremy's hairy body has earned him the nickname "hedgehog". He is also well known for his large penis, officially sized 9 and 3/4". Among his other adult entertainment talents is his ability to perform oral sex on himself. Ron also possesses huge amounts of sexual stamina, and at one point had sex with fourteen different women for four hours. Ron has also had sex so many times that he can easily judge the number of strokes that it will take for him to orgasm.

Ron Jeremy has starred in nearly 2000 pornographic films and is by far the most well known male porn star alive. He has also worked as a director in the industry, putting his creative genius into over 100 films. Despite his strong presence and history in the adult entertainment industry, Ron wants nothing more than to become a legitimate actor in Hollywood. Many people in his family have very prestigious legitimate professions in the medical, political, and scientific fields.

Ron has won numerous awards, including the erotic award in 1984 for "Susie Superstar". Ron Jeremy merchandise has proved to be very popular, with his image featured on everything from clothing to stickers. Among the most interesting of his merchandise is the signature Ron Jeremy dildo, which was cast from his own penis. Despite his fame, many people do not support the adult film industry and use him as a target of anti-porn protests and anger.