I remember back in the 90s when Aerosmith was popular and they decided to make an arcade game. How does a music group have a meaningful purpose in an arcade game? That is a good question and apparently one that the makers of this game couldn't find the answer to.

Starting up the game, you are greeted with the heroic group of musicians. Why are they in this video game that involves guns? Who knows... After they disappear, the main menu appears, which doesn't offer you a lot of options.

And after starting a new game, you suddenly find yourself facing hordes of men in funny yellow and black suits. Why are they shooting at us? Why are we shooting at them? The world may never know.

The first thing you may notice is the very bad graphics that were used for the characters. The makers of this game opted to go "photorealistic" instead of drawing sprites and resulted with rather hideous enemies. However, we can give them the benefit of the doubt since this game was made for the SNES and not too many resources were available.

The gameplay is very straightforward. All you do is move the crosshairs around and press a button to shoot. In the arcade version, you at least have a cool gun to wave around and pull the trigger on. In the SNES version, however, it is rather dull and awkward using the gamepad. It can be hard to pinpoint the enemies and shoot them down using the gamepad since it only has 4 axes of movement.

The game's difficulty, at least in the beginning, is not bad at all. In many cases, you can progress without doing anything at all. However, sometimes it seems like the enemies won't stop coming. At one point, I found myself in the same room for at least 10 minutes before getting bored and turning off the game. Games like this need action to keep you interested, and I'm afraid that this game does not give you a lot of action.

The music in this game is clearly based off of Aerosmith's songs. However, instead of clear rock music with vocals, all you hear are cheesy synthesizer riffs looping over and over. Needless to say, the music gets old pretty fast and it is odd that this game's close ties to Aerosmith didn't result in a better soundtrack.

Overall, I thought that porting this game from arcade to SNES was a weird idea. It was marginally fun in the arcade, but the SNES version's control scheme is just too awkward to make this game worthwhile. It may hold your interest for a few minutes, but it gets boring and repetitive very quickly.