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Over the past several years, I have heard a lot of idiots claiming that the moon landing was a hoax. What surprised me was the number of people that seriously thought it was faked, basing their entire theory on still photos. Well, to all these people I recommend that you watch the excellent documentary called "In The Shadow of the Moon" (2007), which features previously unreleased footage of the moon landings, interviews with the astronauts, and a great deal of history. The footage shows a lot of things that clearly debunk the moon conspiracy theories, including the planting of the flag, driving in the lunar rover, and the lunar module taking off from the moon.

On the flag, yes it looks like it is flapping in the wind in the photos, but it is clearly starched so it stays open, otherwise it would just drop down and the flag wouldn't really be visible. The flag shifts position as they plant it, but then maintains its position. Obviously there is no natural wind on the moon.

The lunar rover driving around does a great job of showing the decreased gravity since it practically floats. When it goes over bumps, it takes a long time to hit the ground again and it looks like the astronauts are having a lot of fun.

Finally, the take off of the lunar module shows that when they artificially create wind by pumping compressed air, the moon dust goes flying everywhere and the flag goes from being still to flapping wildly.

The interviews in the film are fantastic and give us a glimpse into the great minds of these men that pioneered space exploration and were the first to reach the moon. Now as we work on repeating our early successes in moon exploration, their knowledge and experiences are an invaluable asset. After the numerous space shuttle disasters, it is good that we are going back to basics and basing the new spacecraft on the Apollo and Saturn V system.

The footage of the moon shows how barren it really is, yet the view is stunning. Just imagining what it was like to stand on the moon and see the Earth from afar is amazing. You also get an idea of how lonely it was to be so far from home, especially for the lone astronaut that had to stay in the Apollo module and wait for his buddies to come back from the moon's surface.

Another great aspect of this film is that it shows how united the world was when the moon landing occurred. Everywhere, people celebrated it as an achievement, not just for the United States, but for all of mankind. That kind of spirit has been lacking lately and I think a new mission to the moon and future missions to the mars would be greeted with the same spirit and help to unite the people of the Earth.

I recommend this film to everyone, especially those that manage to maintain skepticism about the moon landings. Much of the video footage in this film was found in NASA's vaults and restored for the first time. The interviews with the astronauts are also very educational and certainly touching. What are you waiting for, go get this film!