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Something's Gotta Give originated as a screenplay written by Nancy Meyers. She decided to make it into a film and managed to assemble a great cast for the project. The film was a big hit and managed to rake in over $120 million in the United States box office.

The story begins with Harry Sanborn, a rich playboy, going to the Hamptons with his young girlfriend, Marin Barry. He has spent his entire life carousing with different women, but never got into a meaningful relationship. When they get to Marin's mother's house in the Hamptons, they are paid a surprise visit by Marin's mother and aunt, Erica and Zoe.

Harry is initially mistaken for a burglar, but Erica quickly realizes, much to her horror, that he is her daughter's boyfriend, despite their massive age difference. Later on, Harry and Marin are getting it on in her room, but he suffers a massive heart attack and they take him to the hospital. He manages to survive and Erica meets a young doctor named Julian who is fond of her plays and has the hots for her.

Erica ends up nursing Harry back to health and the unlikely pair fall in love over several days. Afterward, Harry returns to New York and his philandering lifestyle, leaving Erica with a broken. After a while, he realizes his mistake and tries to win her heart again.

Harry Sanborn, the playboy record company executive is played by Jack Nicholson, who seems perfect for the role considering that he is regarded as something of a playboy in real life. Erica Barry is played by Diane Keaton, who manages to look beautiful despite her age. Her young daughter is played by Amanda Peet and her sister is played by Frances McDormand. Keanu Reeves even makes a cameo as Dr. Julian Mercer.

This film is a romantic comedy, therefore it is dramatic in some parts and hilarious in others. Some scenes, including Harry's heart attack, are disturbing. One of the scenes I found most amusing was when Harry walked in on Erica naked and has an absurd reaction. The movie is two hours long, but moves along quickly and keeps things interesting.

The acting in this film is great, with the exception of Keanu Reeves. Nicholson is great as usual and seems to be genuinely touched by his relationship with Erica. Diane Keaton plays the role of Erica really well and it is amazing watching her go from a frigid playwright to acting like a school girl in love. Keanu Reeves, as usual, seems too wooden and just doesn't have any emotion behind his acting.

Overall, I thought this movie was very enjoyable and meaningful. I am not a big fan of romantic comedies, but this one seems to have appeal for just about everyone. With a stellar cast and suspenseful plot, I highly recommend this film.