Gummo is a very weird independent film that was written and directed by Harmony Korine. Gummo is probably his best known work, but it is still only known by a few people. It did not gain much acclaim from critics or the public, unlike some other successful independent films.

The story begins in the small town of Xenia, Ohio, just after it was ravaged by a tornado. The town, already poor, looks like a real dump with junk and garbage everywhere. This is a character and dialogue driven film with little action, and the movie follows a number of different characters throughout.

The main character, if there is a main character, seems to be Solomon. Solomon is a young kid who lives alone with his mom, who is a widow. He hangs out with a friend named Tummler and they make money by killing cats or finding dead ones and selling them to a Chinese restaurant in town.

Another group of important characters are Dot and Helen, two young blond women. They are first seen jumping around their room and putting electrical tape on their breasts, then make several appearances around town. Later in the movie, Dot is sexually assaulted by an old man who is "helping them find their cat".

One of the more interesting and mysterious characters is Bunny Boy, who is the first character we see in the movie. He wanders around town wearing pink bunny ears and says nothing during the film. At one point, we see him playing an accordion in a toilet stall for some unknown reason.

Other interesting characters abound in this bizarre film. There is a retarded girl who is getting pimped by her brother. There is also a kid who lives with his comatose grandmother, who is on a ventilator. The adults are just as weird as the kids in this film and at one point we see a group of white trash adults breaking furniture in their kitchen.

Despite being independently funded and produced, this film has good video quality. It was filmed in widescreen, which gives better views of the ruined town and its inhabitants. There are a few songs played throughout the film, but all of them are underground songs that I had never heard before.

Overall, I enjoyed the film, but only because of the curious nature of its characters. It isn't an exceptional film, but is also isn't the worst film I have seen in my life. Rent this if you need some entertainment and need to see a freak show.