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Fatal Attraction was a massive hit in the 1980s, directed by Adrian Lyne. With a budget of only $14 million, the film raked in over $320 million at the box office and another $70 million in rentals. It has also become one of the defining romantic thrillers in film history.

The film begins with us meeting Dan Gallagher, an attorney for a publishing company. Dan has a happy family life with a wife, Beth, and a daughter, Ellen, all living in New York City. Things seem great for him, but as we find out, he is sexually unsatisfied.

At a work-related party, he meets a woman named Alex Forrest, who works for his company. Sparks fly between them at the bar, and after a few days of her seduction, he finds himself in an affair with her. After a while, he begins to realize that the affair is unfair to his family and he tries to break it off. However, Alex starts stalking him, even after he moves out to the country. From there, things descend into utter chaos.

The lead character of Dan is played by acting veteran Michael Douglas. His wife, Beth, is played by Anne Archer and his daughter is played by a young actress, Ellen Hamilton Latzen. The femme fatale is played by Glenn Close in one of her first major film roles.

The entire film takes place in the New York City area, although mainly in the less impressive areas, scenery-wise. This gives much of the film a gritty atmosphere, perhaps reflecting the dirty relationship that Dan and Alex share. Although he is an attorney, Dan's apartment in the city is tiny and barren, as is Alex's.

The plot is pretty predictable, but the film still gives the viewer a good deal of suspense. There are some disturbing scenes, including one involving the family's pet rabbit. The film definitely serves up a good climax after several very suspenseful scenes.

The director employs a lot of interesting camera angles and distances in this film that add to the suspense. There are a lot of closeups of the actors' faces, particularly during the very emotional scenes that add to the drama.

There are quite a few sex scenes in the movie, and most of them are pretty steamy. Although not as violent as some films, the sex is wild and even takes place in public locations. There is some nudity, but mostly of Glenn Close's breasts.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie, but after seeing so many movies of this type, it felt like a typical and unoriginal plot. Maybe that wasn't the case when the movie first came out, but I simply didn't feel a lot of suspense and surprise. It is an enjoyable film, but nothing that will change the way you look at the world.