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Domino Harvey was born on August 7, 1969 in the United Kingdom. Her father was the famous actor, Laurence Harvey, and her mother was a supermodel named Paulene Stone. She was named Domino after her mother's friend Dominique Sanda.

When she moved to Beverly Hills, she found the city to be very boring and uppity. Rather than hanging out with the other rich folk, she preferred playing with nun chucks, throwing stars, and knives. She always looked like a misfit, preferring to wear sneakers and leather jackets rather than dresses and makeup.

As a young girl, she was something of a tomboy. When her parents gave her dolls to play with, she would cut their hair and rip their heads off. She also fought boys frequently and got into plenty of trouble. Domino was fascinated by the martial arts and took classes in judo, becoming very skilled in the martial arts.

Following in her mother's footsteps, she decided to become a model and was hired by the Ford Modeling Agency. However, she did not enjoy the job and found it boring so she decided to quit. Over the next few years, she worked in a nightclub, ranch, and even volunteered at a fire station for a while.

At the age of 22, she decided to become a bounty hunter after seeing an ad in the newspaper looking for bounty hunters to hire. Her mother had been telling her to get a job and she attended the seminar advertised in the newspaper, which was hosted by Ed Martinez, a professional bail recoverer with over 2500 fugitive arrests under his belt. Although she was initially regarded with some amusement, Ed recognized her potential and recruited her into his bounty hunting crew.

She started out her work as a bounty hunter by hitting on the target at a bar or restaurant, while wearing provocative clothing. She would then draw them outside and her fellow bounty hunters would jump on the target and restrain them. The local newspaper did an article on her life as a bounty hunter and her mother found out as a result, but later bought her a Kevlar vest for her birthday to show support.

Soon, she was running around toting guns with the other bounty hunters and participating in gun fights and apprehensions. Her favorite weapon was a double-barreled shotgun named "Betsy" that was given to her by Choco, a fellow bounty hunter and friend. She developed a passion for guns and purchased quite a collection to use in the field.

In 2004, a film was made about her life, starring Keira Knightley as Domino. The film was done in a very strange way, called "bounty hunting on acid" by Tony Scott. The movie was panned by critics and released to a very mediocre box office run, getting back less than half of its budget of $50 million.

On May 4, 2005, she was arrested by the FBI and charged with dealing methamphetamines. At the time of her arrest, she was in possession of $2 million worth of the drug. She was released on $1 million bail, but faced the possibility of serving ten years or more in prison if convicted.

On June 27, 2005, Domino Harvey was found dead in her bathtub. The cause of death was found to be an overdose of fentanyl, a strong painkiller that is 80 times stronger than morphine. The film about her was released after her death and dedicated to her.