Shadowrun was released in 1993 for the SNES. It is a science fiction RPG taking place in a future world. The game itself is based on a traditional Dungeons & Dragons style game that is still rather popular in traditional gaming circles.

The basic story is that you were "geeked" by some punks and taken for dead. Thus, you wake up in the morgue and give the morticians a good scare before wandering out into the city. Your job is to find out what happened to you and what you are doing in this city. The city is very dark and dirty, giving the appearance of a high tech world, but also capturing the criminal element well.

The graphics in this game look a bit gritty and could have been better, but I think it is mainly due to the characters being so small. Since the SNES is low resolution, the characters and objects look very pixellated compared to other games I have played. The designers could have zoomed in the perspective a bit to improve this aspect, but the game doesn't look too bad. Another complaint is that the animations aren't terribly smooth and the character looks a bit goofy when he is running around, but again this is just a minor issue.

There aren't a lot of notable sound effects in this game, but the music is pretty cool. The music is futuristic techno with a fast pace and slightly dark melody, therefore it fits the violent and grungy atmosphere of the game well. The designers could have added more sounds, but it isn't a problem.

Talking to people is an important part of the game since it allows you to find out information on various topics. When you see people, you can use the action selection to start a conversation. Once you do so, a special window opens showing your face and the face of the person you are talking to. You can choose to chat in general, ask about specific topics, or exit the conversation. Some people will be more open to conversation than others and some people will approach you before you approach them.

The control interface makes things easy in this game. You simply press one button to bring up your cursor, move it over what you want to perform an action on, select your action from the list, and the action is performed. You are able to examine things, pick them up, and open doors using this system.

Fighting is an important part of this game and you will find yourself in many violent situations. Luckily, fighting has been made pretty easy since it is essentially the same as performing actions on objects. You simply bress a button and a crosshair appears (as opposed to the hand symbol for actions on objects), then you move the crosshair over your target and press the button to shoot.

Since this is an RPG, your fighting abilities are determined by a number of things. Your damage is determined by the weapon, your defense is determined by what you are wearing, and your ability to aim is determined by other factors. You will be able to improve your combat ability as you level up and find better equipment to use.

All in all, this is a really fun and unique RPG. You don't see many cyberpunk RPGs out there and this one is definitely the best. If you enjoy RPGs, you will find this one enjoyable due to its deep storyline and exciting gameplay!