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Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom is the third installment in the Hugo trilogy. Released in 1992 by David Gray, this game continues the adventures of Hugo and his girlfriend Penelope. This game is the most technologically advanced of the series and features the most human characters as well.

The beginning of the game shows Hugo and Penelope leaving Europe to return to the United States in a small single prop engine plane. Unfortunately, they are caught in a storm and end up crash-landing in South America! Luckily, the two survive the incident, but they are now marooned in the middle of nowhere with a broken down plane.

The opening scene shows the pair exiting the destroyed plane and wandering around. Penelope goes off screen and manages to get attacked by a giant spider, falling unconscious. Hugo comes by shortly after donning his new jungle clothes and finds an Indian tending to Penelope.

With his girlfriend dying from the spider's venom, Hugo is forced to find some sort of antidote. He decides to wander through the area to find a cure for Penelope. This is where you take over and the game really begins.

The graphics in this game are easily the best in the Hugo trilogy. The scenery is much more complex and the animations are much smoother than previous versions of the game. Compared to the previous games there are probably two or three times the animated objects.

The sound is better than previous versions as well, since there is more sound in more areas. However, the fidelity hasn't changed much and the simple PC speaker is still used. You won't hear any realistic sound effects in this game, only the classic Hugo background music.

One thing I noticed about this game is that it was much easier than the previous two games. More objects are obvious to find and there are even hints when Hugo looks around. This made the playing time much shorter than the previous two games.

In the end, I found myself preferring the older games, even though this one was technologically superior. I felt that much more thought was put into the last episode "Whodunit" than this one. If this game had been longer it might have been better. Don't get me wrong, this is a fun game to play, but it is definitely overshadowed by the previous game.