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Goal: To make my apartment look cursed or evil!

Design: There are many ways to accomplish this goal, but the most effective method, in my opinion, is to use lighting. People normally associate black and red with evil, but I can't paint my door black and that would be pretty lame anyways, so I decided to use red lighting. For energy efficiency and pure color, I decided to use a cheap and simple red LED.

Construction: I taped two AA batteries in series to create a 3V DC power supply. This was wired to the LED with the positive polarity applied to the positive lead (anode) and the negative polarity to the negative lead (cathode). I then put two nails into the door to support the batteries and inserted the LED into the peephole.

Results: The results were amazing and well worth the effort. A glimpse at the door from outside the apartment revealed a very eerie red glow coming from the peephole. Below are some pictures of the result, but they don't really do the color and lighting justice.