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Who would make a movie called "Doggy Poo" for children that is all about a lonely pile of feces? The Korean Film Industry would and has! The movie starts with a dog taking a dump in the middle of a street. To the viewer's surprise, the resulting pile of feces has eyes and talks! From there, the pile of poop gets harassed by passersby, ignored by the general population, and whines a lot about not being popular. Here are some screenshots from this craptastic film:

The Main Character - Doggy Poo (The film even shows the deposit being made)

One of Poo's sympathetic friends, a dried leaf.

Even piles of feces aren't safe from being harassed by mean chickens!

Poo's friend, another pile of poop that fell off of a cart. Note the peanut!

Poo and his friend ponder their existence.

After a suspenseful sequence where the pile of poop is nearly run over by a cart, the cart driver picks up the poop and takes it home.

The pile of poop is buried in the soil, happy as ever.

All alone once again. Everybody cries, even poop!

Poo meets his friend the dandelion, who convinces him to sacrifice himself to make a flower. The End!

Wow look at all the detail put into making a film about poop with clay!

40 minutes later, you find yourself wondering why anyone would make a film like this. What is the point? I think it is to show that everyone has a purpose, but they could have used something other than dog poop to show this point. Parents won't be so happy when their children start bringing home dog poop that they find on the sidewalk because they think it is a living thing.

I gave this film 2 stars because it is decent claymation and it took a lot of balls to make a movie where a pile of feces is the star. However, trying to make one of the most reviled substances into a sympathetic character simply does not work. At 40 minutes, it is also rather short, although I can't imagine watching 2 hours of this crap, no pun intended.