Enchelycore pardalis - Hawaiian Dragon Moray Eel

Family - Muraenidae

Order - Anguilliformes

Length - Up to 36 inches

Recognition - Yellow with white and black markings. Has two small "horns" on its head.

Habitat - Tropical saltwater bodies

Behavior - Carnivore

Residency - Indian and Pacific Oceans

Life Span - Up to 10 years

Of Special Note - This species is one of the most aggressive eels in the ocean. It has a ferocious appearance that contributes to its popularity, but although it is beautiful, it can attack fish and humans without warning. As a result, it should be kept alone in the tank, unless you want it to eat its tankmates.

This eel can grow to a massive size and should only be kept in an aquarium that is 75 gallons or larger. This species prefers to hide during the day and requires rockwork that it can conceal itself under. It can be fed live fish and invertebrates as well as chunks of fish, squid, and other marine foods several times a week.

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