Linckia laevigata - Blue Linckia Starfish

Family - Ophidiasteridae

Order - Valvatida

Length - Up to 12 inches

Recognition - Blue body with 5 legs

Habitat - Tropical saltwater bodies

Behavior - Omnivore

Residency - Pacific Ocean

Life Span - Up to 10 years

Of Special Note - This is one of the more difficult starfish to keep, although it is quite beautiful. It is nocturnal and will hide in rockwork during the day, coming out at night to feed. This species will gladly accept small chunks of marine meat or clam as food.

This species generally lives a solitary life in the wild, but will not harm other starfish if placed in the same tank. It requires a slow acclimation and is highly sensitive to copper in the water, which can kill it. In some cases, if an arm breaks off, the broken arm can reform into an entirely new starfish.

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