Acanthurus leucosternon - Powder Blue Tang

Family - Acanthuridae

Order - Perciformes

Length - Up to 8 inches

Minimum Tank Size - 75 gallons

Recognition - Pale blue body with white and yellow markings and darker head

Habitat - Tropical saltwater in shallow reefs

Behavior - Omnivore

Residency - Pacific and Indian Oceans

Life Span - Up to 20 years

Of Special Note - The powder blue tang is a favorite of saltwater aquarists because of its coloring. It is a moderately difficult fish to keep and needs more swimming room than other tangs. As a result, it should only be kept in large tanks of 75 gallons or more.

This species can be territorial and will attack other tangs if kept in too small of a tank. It can be fed a variety of plants, including dried seaweed and algae. This species is very susceptible to ich, a problem that can be fought using garlic or ultraviolet sterilizers.

The powder blue tang prefers a tank that is at least 6 feet long to swim comfortably. It is an open-water fish and its highly streamlined body shape allows it to travel very fast. It may be aggressive towards other fish, but it is generally well suited to reef tanks if introduced last.

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