Amphiprion ocellaris - Ocellaris Clownfish

Family - Pomacentridae

Order - Perciformes

Length - 1 to 4 inches

Recognition - Reddish orange body with black-bordered white vertical stripes along body

Habitat - Tropical saltwater in shallow reefs

Behavior - Omnivore

Residency - Pacific and Indian Oceans

Life Span - Up to 10 years

Of Special Note - This species is one of the most popular varieties of clownfish kept in aquariums and arguably the easiest to care for and most docile. The ocellaris clownfish has a symbiotic relationship with certain anemone species and will often choose an anemone to protect it from predators. In exchange for the protection, the clownfish will feed the anemone and clear it of waste.

This species can be kept in groups, but they must be introduced at the same time. Clownfish can be very territorial and will likely attack other species of clownfish if present in the same tank. This species is the most easy to breed in captivity and will lay eggs on a flat surface. After the fry hatch, they can be transferred to a refugium or small tank to grow without the threat of predators.

I personally own one of these clownfish and it is one of my favorite fish. It is always at the front of the tank to greet me when I walk in and likes to hang out with my green chromis. It is incredibly tame and will even let me pet it in the water. They can be bought for $10-20 online or in fish stores.

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