Name: Columbian Shark, White Tip Shark, Columbian Catfish
Scientific Name : exanematichthys seemanni
Origin: Central America
Adult Size: 14"
Social: Schooling fish, but will eat smaller fish once an adult.
Diet: Omnivore
Ideal pH: 6.8-8
Temperature: 22-26 C
Tank Level: Bottom & mid-region
Minimum tank size: 75 gallons
Care: Difficult
Breeding: Egg layer, mouthbroader

The columbian shark is a very active and entertaining fish, however it is one of the most difficult aquarium species to raise correctly as it has very specific needs. When you first purchase your columbian, chances are it will be starved to keep at a minimal size for transporting, and should be conditioned with a few meaty bloodworms.

The columbian is a brackish fish, which in nature migrates through both fresh and saltwater. Juivenilles can live in fresh water, but should be acclimated to brackish, and eventually marine as they reach adulthood.

This fish enjoys large open areas to swim, and unlike most catfish doesn't really need any caves, rock, or wood to hide under. Juivenille's, however, can be quite shy if not provided with at least minimal plant cover.

Tankmates for the columbian have to be able to handle the salinity and water parameters and must be large enough not to be considered prey. Large mollies are a good choice. The columbian is a schooling fish and should be kept with at least 3 of its own kind.

As for a diet, the columbian shark is a great example of an omnivore. It will readily accept regular flake food but should also eat catfish pellets and fozen bloodworms for an occasional treat.

Breeding the columbian is extremely difficult and has never been proven to be sucessful in captivity. The female will lay a few large eggs which are then incubated in the mouth of the male.


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