Ocimum basilicum - Basil

Family - Lamiaceae

Order - Lamiales

Recognition - Dark green leaves form a small bush. Leaves have sawtooth-like edges.

Habitat - Temperate regions

Residency - Europe, Asia, North America

Life Span - Perennial

Of Special Note - Basil is also nicknamed St. Joseph’s Wort and Sweet Basil. It is often used as a fresh or dried herb in recipes, particularly of the Italian variety. It is also popular as an additive to beverages and foods in Asia.

Basil is easy to grow indoors or outdoors. In areas where frosts occur, it is best to plant during the summer since the plant is unlikely to survive a frost. Indoors, it can be potted and placed in a window sill or under a bright light.

The plant should be kept well watered and if the plant should get too dry, it can usually be revived by placing it in the sun and keeping it well watered. The first sign of a problem is yellowing leaves near the base of the plant.

Basil can be propagated using cut leaves or branches by planting the cuttings in soil and allowing roots to grow. For better results, you can place the cuttings directly in water until you can see roots growing, then transfer the new plant to soil where it can grow.


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