Crassula ovata - Jade Plant

Family - Crassulaceae

Order - Rosales

Recognition - Barky stem with numerous branches. Leaves are oval shaped with a rounded surface.

Habitat - Arid regions

Residency - South Africa

Life Span - Perennial

Of Special Note - Since the jade plant is a succulent (stores large amounts of water), it requires very little watering. The majority of the water is stored in the plant’s leaves, giving them a swelled appearance. This feature lends the plant its nickname, the money tree.

The jade plant is a popular house plant due to its ease of care and interesting appearance. It can grow to fairly large sizes indoors, although its root system will be limited by the size of the pot. If conditions are right, the plant can grow small white flowers.

The most frequent problems encountered by growers of the jade plant involve overwatering or inadequate light. If they are overwatered, the stem can rot and if too much light is given, the leaves can burn. Jade plants are also victims of the notorious root mealy bug.

If you wish to create a new plant from your plant you can simply cut off a leaf and plant it, leaning the leaf against something for support. In time, the leaf will grow roots and turn into a new plant.


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