Miley Cyrus Biography

Destiny Hope Cyrus was born on November 23, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee. She is the daughter of singer/actor Billy Ray Cyrus and Leticia. She has three older half-siblings and two younger siblings. Billy Ray nicknamed Destiny “Smiley” when she was younger, and it then transformed into “Miley.” The name stuck.

Miley’s interest in acting started at age nine while the family was living in Toronto, Canada. Her very first role was as a guest star on her father’s television program, Doc. In 2003, she made her very first appearance on the big screen in Big Fish, playing the role of “Young Ruthie.”

At age 11, while still in middle school, Miley auditioned for Disney Channel executives for Hannah Montana. She auditioned for the lead role and also the role of the best friend. At that time, they believed she was too small to carry the weight of the television show on her on. But she did not give up, and the following year when she was 12, Disney called her back for more auditions. Disney Channel Executive Vice President Gary Marsh said that Miley was chosen for the role because of her energetic and lively performance. The show became a hit for the Disney Channel and sent Miley on her way to stardom. In the show, Cyrus stars as lead character, Miley Stewart, a teenager whose alter ego is pop music star, Hannah Montana. Each show centers on the difficulties that come along with trying to keep her superstar status a secret during her everyday life. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, co-stars in the show, playing the role of Miley Stewart’s father.

In 2004, Miley became a spokesperson for Daisy Rock Guitars. In 2006, she opened for The Cheetah Girls on 20 dates of their tour. On October 24, 2006 Disney released the Hannah Montana soundtrack, which included eight songs that Miley performed as Hannah Montana. That same year, she signed a four album record deal with Hollywood Records to record her own albums.

On June 26, 2007, a double album was released. The album, Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus, included a second Hannah Montana soundtrack along with Miley’s debut album as herself. On her debut album, she co-wrote eight of the ten songs. Miley’s albums have been at the top of the charts, and have sold millions of copies.

Miley is currently on tour with her “Best of Both Worlds” Tour. She will be performing as both Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus. Her opening act is the Jonas Brothers, a group that is also popular with the Disney Channel crowd. This tour has had its fair share of difficulties when it comes to ticket prices. When tickets started going on sale, they were immediately snapped up by scalpers. Some tickets have sold for as high as $2,250 per seat! Miley has tried to work with venues to free up additional seats for more affordable prices, and has also told her fans that the show is not worth paying such high prices for. She has also added additional dates to allow more fans to see her perform live.

At only 14 years of age, Miley was hit with her first bit of negative gossip. A rumor began spreading that the young teen was pregnant. The rumor started after an interview with the starlet had been altered on a popular teen magazine’s website, J-14. The magazine immediately refuted the claim stating, “Someone doctored the “This Just In” article that appeared on page 16 of J-14’s July 2007 issue…this story is completely fabricated!”

Cyrus has become very good friends with her Hannah Montana co-stars, Emily Osment and Mitchell Musso. Her favorite activities are cheerleading, playing guitar, and shopping. She is a huge fan of High School Musical, and made a guest appearance in High School Musical 2. She has already won numerous awards and recognitions for her work on Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana: The Movie is currently in the works, and should begin filming shortly. She currently resides in Los Angeles during the filming, and in Nashville, Tennessee when she is not filming or on tour.

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