Vox Schematics (Circuit Diagrams)

These schematics are for the guitar effects pedals and amplifiers manufactured by Vox. Feel free to use them as a reference for repairing or modifying your Vox products.

Vox AC10
Vox AC100
Vox AC100 Poweramp
Vox AC10B
Vox AC15
Vox AC15 1959
Vox AC15 1960
Vox AC15 1996 Poweramp
Vox AC15 1996 Preamp
Vox AC30
Vox AC30 1960
Vox AC30 1961
Vox AC30 1978
Vox AC30 1986
Vox AC30 1989
Vox AC30 1990
Vox AC30 1993 Poweramp
Vox AC30 1993 Preamp
Vox AC30 Bass
Vox AC30 Dallas
Vox AC30 LTD
Vox AC30 Poweramp
Vox AC30 Reverb
Vox AC30 Solidstate
Vox AC30 Top Boost Preamp
Vox AC4
Vox AC50
Vox AC50 1965
Vox AC50 1976
Vox AC50 Poweramp
Vox Berkley Poweramp
Vox Berkley Preamp
Vox Busker
Vox Cambridge Reverb
Vox Concert 100
Vox Concert 501
Vox Defiant Poweramp
Vox Escort 30
Vox Escort Bass 50
Vox Escort Mains
Vox Midas 100
Vox Midas 50
Vox Pacemaker
Vox Q Bass 100
Vox Q Bass 100B
Vox Q Keyboard
Vox Q Lead 100
Vox Q Lead 100B
Vox Q Poweramp
Vox Q Poweramp B
Vox S SPA 100B
Vox S SPA 50
Vox S SPA100
Vox Super Foundation Bass Poweramp
Vox Supertwin
Vox Suppatone Blender
Vox T60
Vox Tone Bender
Vox Top Boost Mod
Vox Treble Booster
Vox V125 Bass
Vox V125 Lead
Vox V15
Vox V847 Wah
Vox Venue Bass 100
Vox Venue Bass 30
Vox Venue Bass 50
Vox Venue Dual 100
Vox Venue GT 100
Vox Venue Keyboard 100
Vox Venue Lead 100
Vox Venue Lead 30
Vox Venue Lead 50
Vox Venue PA
Vox Venue PA 1984
Vox Venue PA 200
Vox Vigilante Poweramp
Vox Vigilante Preamp
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