Fender Schematics (Circuit Diagrams)

These schematics are for the guitar effects pedals and amplifiers manufactured by Fender. Feel free to use them as a reference for repairing or modifying your Fender products.

Fender 5C1
Fender 5C2
Fender 5C3
Fender 5C4
Fender 5C5
Fender 5C8
Fender 5D2
Fender 5D4
Fender 5D5
Fender 5D8
Fender 5E1
Fender 5E2
Fender 5E4A
Fender 5E5
Fender 5E5A
Fender 5E6A
Fender 5E7
Fender 5E8A
Fender 5E9A
Fender 5F1
Fender 5F11
Fender 5F2
Fender 5F2A
Fender 5F4
Fender 5F6
Fender 5F6A
Fender 5F8A
Fender 5G9
Fender 6G10
Fender 6G11
Fender 6G11A
Fender 6G12
Fender 6G14
Fender 6G15
Fender 6G3
Fender 6G4
Fender 6G4A
Fender 6G5
Fender 6G5A
Fender 6G6
Fender 6G6A
Fender 6G7
Fender 6G9
Fender 6G9A
Fender 6G9B
Fender AA1009
Fender AA1069
Fender AA1164
Fender AA270
Fender AA270B
Fender AA763
Fender AA764
Fender AA768
Fender AA864
Fender AA964
Fender AB165
Fender AB568
Fender AB668
Fender AB673
Fender AB763
Fender AB868
Fender AC568
Fender B1270
Fender Bassman
Fender Bassman Ten
Fender CBS
Fender CFA7002
Fender Concert
Fender Princeton
Fender Princeton 112 Plus
Fender ProReverb AA270
Fender Reverb
Fender Rhodes
Fender Rhodes Bass
Fender Rhodes Guitar
Fender Showman AA270
Fender Showman AA768
Fender Showman AA769
Fender Showman AC568
Fender Super Champ
Fender Super Reverb AA270
Fender Super Reverb AA763
Fender Super Reverb AB763
Fender Tremolux AB763
Fender Twin Amp 5F8
Fender Twin Amp 6G8
Fender Twin Reverb AA270
Fender Twin Reverb AA769
Fender Twin Reverb AC568
Fender Vibrolux AB568
Fender Vibrolux AB763
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