Capnella sp. - Kenya Tree Coral

Family - Nephtheidae

Order - Alcyonacea

Length - Will grow as much as possible

Recognition - White stem and branches with brown tentacles

Habitat - Coral Reefs

Behavior - Omnivore

Residency - Indian and Pacific Oceans

Life Span - Indefinite

Of Special Note - The Kenya Tree Coral is one of the easiest corals to keep in a home aquarium. It is also one of the fastest growing and it can easily be propagated or "fragged" by cutting a branch off and attaching it to a rock. Unlike some other corals, this one gets most of its energy from planktonic feeding and its diet should be supplemented with foods like marine snow or phytoplankton.

The Kenya Tree Coral prefers moderate lighting and medium water flow, but will adapt to a variety of conditions. It can be placed at any level in the tank, but you should take care that it does not overrun your aquarium. It is semi-aggressive and may attack other corals if they are placed too close.

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