Plerogyra sinuosa - Bubble Coral

Family - Caryophylliidae

Order - Sclearctinia

Length - Will grow as much as possible

Recognition - Large bubble-like sacs that are typically white, but may have a hint of rose coloration

Habitat - Coral Reefs

Behavior - Omnivore

Residency - Indian and Pacific Oceans

Life Span - Indefinite

Of Special Note - The bubble coral is one of the easiest corals to keep in a home aquarium. It requires only moderate light to survive, although it may also be fed small shrimps or chunks of seafood meat. During the day, it inflates sacs by filling them with water. The sacs collect light and help to protect its tentacles. At night, the sacs deflate, allowing the tentacles to gather plankton.

Along with being easy to keep, the bubble coral is also relatively cheap to purchase. You can typically purchase a bubble coral that is several inches in length for about $20-30 online. When placing the bubble coral in your tank, be careful that you do not puncture any of its sacs. If a sac is punctured, the coral will typically be able to regenerate it. This species is not recommended if you have a longspine urchin in your tank, which is notorious for puncturing bubble corals.

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