Motorola Assembly Source Code

A 4-bit adding machine program for the Fox11 Development Board. This utilizes the 16x2 Hitachi LCD Screen and 4x4 Membrane Keypad. Assembled Version
This program is a heart monitor that will beep and show a heartrate if a cardiac signal is connected.Assembled Version
A program written for the Fox11 Development Board that lights the LEDs from left to right and back again. Assembled Version
A program written for the Fox11 Development Board that scrolls a string across the LCD screen repeatedly. Assembled Version
Subroutines designed to make writing to the 16x2 Hitachi LCD screen easier. These subroutines are called in all of my programs that deal with the LCD.
This program will convert a waveform from analog to digital and store it. Then, it will output the amplitude on the Fox11 LEDs. If you connect a summation amplifier to port b, you can recreate the waveform.Assembled Version


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