C++ Source Code

Allows the user to set a folder in Windows to have any icon.
This is a program that will output an HTML given certain parameters. It shows how much of a pain it is to output certain special characters in C++.
An open source web browser in C++. This is a very old browser!
A spellchecking program that allows the user to select from 4 different data structures. This program will correct for capitalization and punctuation at the end of a word, but nothing else. It displays words that were not found in the dictionary file, but will not make suggestions for correction.
A telephone directory program that organizes contact information for easy access.
This is a program that allows a person to set up a chat server on their computer. Users can connect via telnet and chat in the console. This source code was submitted by Cyberspike.
This application is a chat program that runs in Windows and demonstrates communication as well as GUIs. This source code was submitted by Cyberspike.

Data Processing
Performs basic math with integers.
This program will scan a text file containing GPS data and output statistics.
Finds the values that produce the largest result in two equations. It is currently configured to use two equations used in meteorology, but can easily be modified.
This program utilizes my matrix class and is able to solve a system of equations up to nth order. Simply supply it with a text file containing the parameters and it will find the unknowns.
This program generates a lot of random numbers and uses them to estimate the value of Pi.
This is a program that shows how easy it is to create an artificial intelligence that can interpret words entered by the user and output proper replies.
This program was written for one of my classes and is very good at finding roots of polynomials of up to 8th order.
Takes in a text file and outputs the text in a justified format.
Converts a zipcode to its ASCII barcode equivalent. Also demonstrates how to separate a number into individual digits.

Data Structures
A set class based on the Standard Template Library's set class. Includes node class.
A hash table class for string objects. Uses a hash function that determines position based on the sum of the ascii values in a string.
A matrix class based on the Standard Template Library's vector class. Includes inversion, determinant, and adjoint functions that work on a matrix up to nth order.
A vector class based on the Standard Template Library's vector class.

A program that provides something of a structure for a text-based game.
This program generates a random number and challenges the user to guess it.
The source code for the classic game by ID Games.
The source code for the 3rd game in the Quake series.
The source code for the first commercially successful FPS game.

Generates a 3D image. To compile this, you will need the Direct X SDK.
A weird Nibbles style game. It is a great showcase of graphics in C++, but I can't get it to compile in Visual Studio .NET. It appears to have been written with Borland.
Simulates an anti-aircraft weapon.

Generates a CSV file, which can be converted to a .WAV file using the CSV2WAV converter.
Uses the Jaffe-Smith Algorithm to synthesize guitar plucks based on command line parameters. It can also be used to reverse .WAV files.
This program uses the Jaffe-Smith Algorithm to synthesize guitar pluck sounds. It generates a random song and produces five variations of it in .WAV files.
Generates sine wave sounds using commands in an instructions.txt file

One of the worst viruses ever to hit the internet, in C++ source code.


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