HERF Operation

A lot of people wonder, what the hell is a HERF generator? What does it do? How on earth does it work? These questions i will attempt to answer in this article.

A HERF generator is similar to a simple radio transmitter. The very acronym HERF stands for High Energy Radio Frequency, indicating that it probably generates radio waves with large amplitudes and high frequencies. To output such large amounts of energy, there must be a way to store it temporarily, since a battery's current outputs generally don't cut it. The most practical way to store energy temporarily in order to release it in one large pulse is to implement a capacitor, which basically stores electric charge. The capacitance requirements of a fairly powerful HERF generator are about 10,000 Farads. Finding a single capacitor with 10kF capacity is damn near impossible, but you can wire a number of capacitors with lesser ratings in parallel in order to achieve 10kF.

A HERF generator must also convert the source power into a high-frequency wave, therefore an oscillator of some sort is required. The best way to do this is to get a magnetron from a microwave. While you are in there, rip out the transformer that is connected to the magnetron since you will probably use it. In order to get power out of the tube (and it is a tube) just apply the proper heater voltage for the tube (carefully measure the voltage on the existing transformer, without the HV connected of course) then apply about 5kV to the anode (cathode/heater negative, anode positive) from a big cap. Most standard oven tubes can take about 1kW/Sec without going into meltdown. The result is a huge pulse of RF coming out of the waveguide coupler.

The HERF signal should be focused for maximum effect. Focusing of electromagnetic waves is accomplished with a parabolic dish. The dish must be designed according to the frequency of the magnetron, therefore one must find out the appropriate focus point and diameter for the specific frequency.

HERF, or high energy radio frequency devices are classified as HPMs, or high powered microwave. It works by pushing very high current pulses which last only a small fraction of a second into a magnetron tube which then releases a burst of microwave energy upon excitation. The output from this system is quite "ragged". The microwave energy induces current into nearby objects in its path causing them to possibly malfunction. Magnetrons can also be used to remotely power devices as well. The circuit below is just a rough idea of one might to do create a small scale high power pulsed microwave "gun". In normal operation the magnetron's output is much more clean than the circuit below provides. The "clean" continuous output of the magnetron creates much more surface heating.

You should keep good distance and always keep away from the antenna of the magnetron. Distance is a good way to minimalize exposure to radiation. Never touch any of the components on the circuit during operation. While the current from the transformer to the sparkgap may only be 30-60mA, the current past that is quite deadly. After shutting it off you should discharge the capacitors. If the are film type capacitors they should be stored shorted to prevent bad shocks from static buildup on the plates. The magnetrons generate quite a bit of heat as they are only about 50% efficient, so they should also be cooled.

The HERF can be powered by any sort of power source. The easiest way would be the 120VAC outlet since no inversion would be required. However, one can also rig it up to a portable battery, such as an automotive battery.

Now what are the effects of a HERF pulse? For one, it can disrupt or destroy most electronic equipment. It generates a small EMP pulse, the same thing generated by a nuclear explosion. An EMP pulse is basically a series of electromagnetic waves, which are absorbed by anything they impact. In the case of electronics, the strong magnetic fields generated by these waves interfere with the magnetic fields utilized by electronics and even induce current which, in many cases, exceeds the operating standards for the electronic equipment, effectively damaging or destroying it. What with electronics everywhere these days, a HERF is a powerful weapon. They can ruin automobiles, computers, radios, televisions, and many other modern conveniences.

Luckily, the United States government was smart enough to implement EMP shielding in most military equipment and important government buildings. That way, if an EMP attack does occur, the country can still defend itself for the most part, while internal chaos reigns.

For a schematic of a HERF generator go here