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NameCategoryDate Added
Humvee Assault v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Icewind Dale 2 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Homeworld 2 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Heroes of the Pacific v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Heavy Gear v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Hardball 6 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Forsaken v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Gods and Generals v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Gore v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Half-Life 2 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Half-Life v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Heroes of Might and Magic IV v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Heroes of Might and Magic V v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-30
Fifteen Thousand Useful PhraseseBooks2008-09-30
Speed ReadingeBooks2008-09-30
Alternating Current SignalingeBooks2008-09-30
How to Get Over ShynesseBooks2008-09-30
Psychological Operations in Guerrilla WarfareeBooks2008-09-30
Breath of the Dragon (Flamethrowers)eBooks2008-09-30
Electrical Power Supply and DistributioneBooks2008-09-30
Building a Home Distillation ApparatuseBooks2008-09-30
Embedded System Design Using 8051 MicrocontrollerseBooks2008-09-30
Egyptian Hieratic TextseBooks2008-09-30
Egyptian MagiceBooks2008-09-30
Legends of the Middle AgeseBooks2008-09-30
Chocolate RecipeseBooks2008-09-30
Dictionary of Military TermseBooks2008-09-30
Bridge Inspection, Maintenance, and RepaireBooks2008-09-30
The Hacker's Dictionary of Computer JargoneBooks2008-09-29
Complete Works of ShakespeareeBooks2008-09-29
Teach Yourself TrigonometryeBooks2008-09-29
Programming PIC Microcontrollers in BASICeBooks2008-09-29
Programming Embedded Systems IIeBooks2008-09-29
Programming Embedded Systems IeBooks2008-09-29
Mead MakingeBooks2008-09-29
How To Get The Truth Out Of AnyoneeBooks2008-09-29
Criminal PsychologyeBooks2008-09-29
NATO HandbookeBooks2008-09-29
Structure of Fibres, Yarns, and FabricseBooks2008-09-29
How to Heal DepressioneBooks2008-09-29
How to Stop Worrying and Start LivingeBooks2008-09-29
The Art of War by Sun TzueBooks2008-09-29
Independent Film FinancingeBooks2008-09-29
CyberRaceAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-29
Elder Scrolls, The: ArenaAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-29
History of Modern PhilosophyeBooks2008-09-28
Chess StrategyeBooks2008-09-28
The Book of Good MannerseBooks2008-09-28
Counterinsurgency Field ManualeBooks2008-09-28
Railway SignalingeBooks2008-09-28
FBI File: Nikola TeslaeBooks2008-09-28
Complete Sherlock HolmeseBooks2008-09-28
The Global Sovereign's HandbookeBooks2008-09-28
Free Software, Free Society by Richard StallmaneBooks2008-09-28
FBI Handbook of Forensic ScienceeBooks2008-09-28
Film Directing Tips and TrickseBooks2008-09-28
60 Minute Network Security Guide, TheeBooks2008-09-28
A History of Light and Colour MeasurementeBooks2008-09-28
Monty Python's Flying CircusAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
Simpsons Arcade Game, TheAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
Mortar MayhemAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
StuntsAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
XenocideAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
Duke Nukem 3Abandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
Apollo 18: Mission to the MoonAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
Dark Woods 2Abandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
MonopolyAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
Kingdom of SyreeAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
JetpackAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
HamstersAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-27
Bram Stoker's DraculaAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Dive BomberAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Wings of FuryAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Theatre of DeathAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Back to the Future Part IIIAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Bad Street BrawlerAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Chaos Engine, TheAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Cosmic CrusaderAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
TFX: Tactical Fighter eXperimentAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Journey: The Quest BeginsAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Adventures of Willy Beamish, TheAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Adventures of Robin Hood, TheAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
A320 AirbusAbandonware (PC Games)2008-09-26
Battle of Britain: Wings of Victory v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Bad Day L.A. v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Another World v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Total Club Manager 2005 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Tony Hawk's American Wasteland v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Tomb Raider 2 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Theme Park World v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Terminator 3: War of the Machines v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Taito Legends v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Summoner v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Street Legal Racing: Redline v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Star Wolves v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Star Wars: Jedi Knight v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Star Trek: Birth of the Federation v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Star Trek Armada 2 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Soulbringer v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
SIN v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Slave Zero v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Soldier of Fortune v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Sid Meier's Railroads v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Shadow Man v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Sacrifice v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Septerra Core v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Secrets of the East v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Real War v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Recoil v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Rally Trophy v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Ray Crisis v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Rainbow Six: Lockdown v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Rage of Mages v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Perimeter v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
New World Order v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
NBA Live 2006 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Magic and Mayhem v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Motocross Madness 2 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Madden NFL 2007 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Madden NFL 2002 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Lemmings Revolution v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Legends of Might and Magic v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Lego Star Wars v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Legion v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Juiced v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
John Deere: American Farmer v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Interstate '82 v1.0No CD Cracks2008-09-26
Armstrong, EdwinHistory2008-09-26
Armstrong, EdwinHistory2008-09-26
Morgan, HenryHistory2008-09-26
Stirling, RobertHistory2008-09-26
Graham, BarbaraHistory2008-09-26
Graham, Barbara: MugshotHistory2008-09-26
Roosevelt, Theodore: X-Ray After ShootingHistory2008-09-26
Schrank, JohnHistory2008-09-26
Dantzig, GeorgeHistory2008-09-26
Munro, BurtHistory2008-09-26
Munro, BurtHistory2008-09-26
Munro, BurtHistory2008-09-26
Crime: Its Cause and Treatment by Clarence DarroweBooks2008-09-25
Orations by John Quincy AdamseBooks2008-09-25
The Federalist Papers by Alexander HamiltoneBooks2008-09-25
Memoirs of Ulysses S GranteBooks2008-09-25
The Mayflower CompacteBooks2008-09-25
Common Sense by Thomas PaineeBooks2008-09-25
The Magna CartaeBooks2008-09-25
The Communist Manifesto by Karl MarxeBooks2008-09-25
Democracy and Education by John DeweyeBooks2008-09-25
Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan SwifteBooks2008-09-25
Autobiography of Benjamin FranklineBooks2008-09-25
Up From Slavery by Booker T. WashingtoneBooks2008-09-25
My Bondage and My Freedom by Frederick DouglasseBooks2008-09-25
Frankenstein by Mary ShelleyeBooks2008-09-25
Dracula by Bram StokereBooks2008-09-25
War and Peace by Leo TolstoyeBooks2008-09-25
The Voyage of the Beagle by Charles DarwineBooks2008-09-25
On The Origin Of Species by Charles DarwineBooks2008-09-25
The Wealth of Nations by Adam SmitheBooks2008-09-25
The Jungle by Upton SinclaireBooks2008-09-25
A Heat Transfer TextbookeBooks2008-09-25
First Aid For SoldierseBooks2008-09-25
Egyptian Book of the DeadeBooks2008-09-25
King James BibleeBooks2008-09-25
Rhetoric by AristotleeBooks2008-09-25
Politics by AristotleeBooks2008-09-25
Metaphysics by AristotleeBooks2008-09-25
Holy Books CompendiumeBooks2008-09-25
Goebbels, Joseph: Total WarHistory2008-09-25
Churchill, Winston: Iron CurtainHistory2008-09-25
Kennedy, John F.: Responding to Soviet Nuclear TestHistory2008-09-25
Scott, George C.: Patton SpeechMovie and Television Clips2008-09-25
Synthetic Strategies in ChemistryeBooks2008-09-25
Freedom From WanteBooks2008-09-25
Discovering Information SystemseBooks2008-09-25
Economics and LanguageeBooks2008-09-25
Electronic Commerce: The Strategic PerspectiveeBooks2008-09-25
Quantum MicroeconomicseBooks2008-09-25
Modeling Bounded RationalityeBooks2008-09-25
Mathematics Under The MicroscopeeBooks2008-09-25
Convex OptimizationeBooks2008-09-25
Convergence of Stochastic ProcesseseBooks2008-09-25
Drugs, Brains, and BehavioreBooks2008-09-25
Genes and DiseaseeBooks2008-09-25
Frontiers in ChemistryeBooks2008-09-25
Information SystemseBooks2008-09-25
Basics of Space FlighteBooks2008-09-25
Basic Political ConceptseBooks2008-09-25