Files in Media/Video

1989 Tiananmen Square ProtestsHistory
Afrika Korps Defense of El-Alamein (German)History
Alcatraz Escape Newsreel (1962)History
Aldrin, Buzz: Punching Out Conspiracy NutHistory
Aldrin, Buzz: TributeHistory
All Your Base Are Belong To UsFunny Stuff and Memes
Allies Liberate France NewsreelHistory
Alligator Snapping TurtleAnimals
Apollo 11 Moon Landing (1969)History
Apollo 13 Problem AnnouncementHistory
Assassination of Muhammad Anwar Al SadatHistory
Astronaut Monkeys Launched Into Space (1959)History
Atomic Bomb NewsreelHistory
Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima NewsreelHistory
Bacall, Lauren: Whistle SceneMovie and Television Clips
Battle Against Allied Bombers Newsreel (German)History
Battle for Manila NewsreelHistory
Battle for Stalingrad Newsreel (German)History
Battle of the Bulge NewsreelHistory
Battle of the Somme: Video TributeHistory
Battle of Verdun: DocumentaryHistory
Benito Mussolini - Execution NewsreelHistory
Big Bill Hell's (Used Car Commercial)Funny Stuff and Memes
Birds of ParadiseAnimals
Black Lemur: Narcotic AddictionAnimals
Bonnie and Clyde Death SceneHistory
Bubb Rubb and Lil SisFunny Stuff and Memes
Buddy Holly and the Crickets - Peggy Sue (Live)Music
Bundy, Ted: InterviewHistory
Bush, George W.: InternetsFunny Stuff and Memes
Bush, George W.: The GoogleFunny Stuff and Memes
Camel SpiderAnimals
Challenger Space Shuttle DisasterHistory
Chikatilo, Andrei: Court AppearanceHistory
Chimpanzee: Group HuntingAnimals
Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt meet in YaltaHistory
Clinton, Bill: I Did Not Have Sexual RelationsHistory
Costello, Frank: I Paid My TaxesHistory
D-Day Tribute FootageHistory
Dahmer, Jeffrey: CannibalismHistory
Darin, Bobby: Dream Lover (Live)Music
Dean, James: InterviewHistory
DiabeetusFunny Stuff and Memes
Donitz, Karl: Documentary FootageHistory
Dramatic LemurFunny Stuff and Memes
Dramatic Prairie DogFunny Stuff and Memes
Drug Testing on SpidersFunny Stuff and Memes
Duck and CoverHistory
Dune Re-DubFunny Stuff and Memes
Eastern Front Tribute (Soviet Army)History
Edison, Thomas: InterviewHistory
Enos the Chimp - Launching into SpaceHistory
Epic Prank CallFunny Stuff and Memes
Europe's Total War NewsreelHistory
Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989)History
Feynman, Richard: Discussing Space Shuttle O-RingsHistory
Feynman, Richard: Explaining ConfusionHistory
Feynman, Richard: Inconceivable Nature of NatureHistory
Feynman, Richard: Playing BongosMusic
Funnel Web SpiderAnimals
Gacy, John Wayne: Interview In PrisonHistory
Gandhi, Mahatma: Interview (1931)History
Gates, Bill: Pie Thrown in FaceHistory
Giant Centipede: HuntingAnimals
Gilda: Are You Decent?Movie and Television Clips
Gilda: Put the Blame on MameMovie and Television Clips
Hello My Future GirlfriendFunny Stuff and Memes
Hendrix, Jimi: Voodoo Chile (Live)Music
Hillary, Sir Edmund: Video TributeHistory
Hindenburg DisasterHistory
Home Shopping: Ladder BlooperFunny Stuff and Memes
Honey BadgerAnimals
Hot TubFunny Stuff and Memes
Hughes, Howard: Plane Crash NewsreelHistory
Hussein, Saddam: ExecutionHistory
Hydrogen Bomb TestHistory
I Like TurtlesFunny Stuff and Memes
Japanese American InternmentHistory
Jonestown MassacreHistory
Jung, George: Interview ClipHistory
Kennedy, John F.: AssassinationHistory
Kuklinski, Richard: Talks About A HitHistory
Kuklinski, Richard: Talks About LonelinessHistory
Lansky, Meyer: 1971 InterviewHistory
Leary, Timothy: InterviewHistory
Leeroy JenkinsFunny Stuff and Memes
Leone, Sergio: InterviewHistory
Leopard Slug: MatingAnimals
Lloyd Bentsen vs. Dan Quayle (Kennedy Comment)History
LSD Test on British Troops (1963)Science
LSD Test on Cat (1957)Science
Lynch, David: Talking about the iPhoneHistory
MacArthur, Douglas: Post-WW2 FootageHistory
Manson, Charles: Interview at San QuentinHistory
McCarthy, Joseph: InterviewHistory
Monroe, Marilyn: Singing Happy Birthday to JFKHistory
Monroe, Marilyn: Various NewsreelsHistory
Morello, Tom: Guitar TechniquesMusic
Munich 1972 Olympics MassacreHistory
Mussolini, Benito: Speech to Americans (1929)History
Naked Mole RatAnimals
Napalm BombingHistory
Nasser, Gamal Abdel: TributeHistory
Nazi Super WeaponsHistory
Nixon, Richard: I'm Not A CrookHistory
Numa NumaFunny Stuff and Memes
O'Reilly, Bill: We'll Do It LiveFunny Stuff and Memes
Oswald, Lee Harvey: Assassination NewsreelHistory
Owens, Jesse: Victory at 1936 Olympics in Nazi GermanyHistory
Panzer Workshop Newsreel (German)History
Pershing, John: Asks For WW2 Support Of AlliesHistory
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (Live)Music
Praying Mantis: Mating and CannibalismAnimals
Prohibition Ends Newsreel (1933)History
Propaganda: He May Be A CommunistHistory
Quayle, Dan: Potatoe and Other MistakesHistory
QVC: Dell Porn UserFunny Stuff and Memes
QVC: Ladder FallFunny Stuff and Memes
Reagan, Ronald: Berlin AddressHistory
Reinhardt, Django: Performing LiveMusic
Rommel, Erwin: DocumentaryHistory
Roosevelt, Theodore: TributeHistory
Savio, Mario: Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964History
Shop at Home: Samurai Sword BlooperFunny Stuff and Memes
Soviet Army Taking Berlin (May 1945)History
Speer, Albert: BioHistory
Sputnik Satellite Launch Newsreel (1957)History
Stalin, Joseph: Red Square SpeechHistory
Star Wars KidFunny Stuff and Memes
Stevens, Ted: Series of TubesFunny Stuff and Memes
Tacoma Bridge CollapseHistory
Theremin, Leon: Performing With ThereminHistory
Truman, Harry: Warning Japan to SurrenderHistory
TV Host Laughs At Guest With High Pitched VoiceFunny Stuff and Memes
U-Boat Crews Newsreel (German)History
UHF: Conan the LibrarianFunny Stuff and Memes
UHF: Ghandi 2Funny Stuff and Memes
UHF: Raul's Wild KingdomFunny Stuff and Memes
UHF: Wheel of FishFunny Stuff and Memes
V-2 Rocket TestsHistory