Files in Media/Sound (MP3)

Obama, Michelle: 2008 DNC SpeechHistory
Obama, Michelle: Honoring Women in the MilitaryHistory
Olson, Culbert: On Japanese AmericansHistory
Oppenheimer, J. Robert: I Am Become DeathHistory
Out of Date MurderClassic Radio Shows
Over My Dead Body CaperClassic Radio Shows
Pacino, Al: Balls (Scarface)Movie and Television Clips
Pearl Harbor Attack: BBC AnnouncementHistory
Pearl Harbor Attack: CBS AnnouncementHistory
Pearl Harbor Attack: NBC AnnouncementHistory
Peary, Robert Edwin: North PoleHistory
Peregrine FalconAnimals
Pershing, John: Fighting For YouHistory
Pershing, John: From the Battlefields of FranceHistory
Pink NoiseScience
Pitt, Brad: Fight Club RulesMovie and Television Clips
Poindexter, Miles: Criminal Enemies of Social OrderHistory
Powell, Colin: Speaking at UN Security Council About IraqHistory
Prairie DogAnimals
Proshaniye SlavyankiMusic
Pulp Fiction: Jimmy's CoffeeMovie and Television Clips
Purloined RubyClassic Radio Shows
Quayle, Dan: RepresentativeHistory
Queen Elizabeth: Fortitude of WomenHistory
RainSound Effects
Rather, Dan: CBS Evening News FarewellHistory
Reagan, Ronald: A Time For ChoosingHistory
Reagan, Ronald: Brandenburg Gate RemarksHistory
Reagan, Ronald: Challenger DisasterHistory
Reagan, Ronald: D-DayHistory
Reagan, Ronald: Evil EmpireHistory
Reagan, Ronald: Farewell SpeechHistory
Reagan, Ronald: First InauguralHistory
Reagan, Ronald: Government is the ProblemHistory
Reagan, Ronald: Second InauguralHistory
Red Bird of ParadiseAnimals
Red Howler MonkeyAnimals
Red-Tailed HawkAnimals
Reeve, Christopher: 1996 DNC SpeechHistory
Reubens, Paul: Take a PictureMovie and Television Clips
Reverse ImageClassic Radio Shows
Rhesus MonkeyAnimals
Richards, Ann: 1988 DNC SpeechHistory
Ringing the ChangesClassic Radio Shows
Robinson, Jackie: Baseball Hall of Fame InductionHistory
Rockefeller Jr., John D.: AddressHistory
Rockefeller, John D.: FundraisingHistory
Roosevelt, Eleanor: Freedom and JusticeHistory
Roosevelt, Franklin D.: 50th Anniversary of Statue of LibertyHistory
Roosevelt, Franklin D.: Fireside Chat After Pearl HarborHistory
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: 1940 DNC SpeechHistory
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Beginning of World War 2History
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Inaugural AddressHistory
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano: Requesting War on JapanHistory
Roosevelt, Theodore: Social and Industrial JusticeHistory
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Farmer and the BusinessmanHistory
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Liberty of the PeopleHistory
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Progressive Covenant with the PeopleHistory
Roosevelt, Theodore: The Right of the People to RuleHistory
Roseate SpoonbillAnimals
Roswell Incident AnnouncementHistory
Rotary PhoneSound Effects
Rove, Karl: Federalist Society AddressHistory
Rubin, Jerry: Address to the Yippie ConventionHistory
Ruffed GrouseAnimals
Ruth, Babe: Farewell to BaseballHistory
Saint War, TheMusic
Savio, Mario: Sproul Hall Sit-In AddressHistory
SawingSound Effects
Scarlet MacawAnimals
Scarlet TanagerAnimals
Schwarzenegger, Arnold: Gubernatorial Victory SpeechHistory
Scott, George C.: Patton SpeechMovie and Television Clips
ScreamSound Effects
Sea WavesSound Effects
Sea WavesSound Effects
Sedge WarblerAnimals
Semper Fidelis MarchMusic
Semper ParatusMusic
Servants of CerberusClassic Radio Shows
Shackleton, Ernest: My South Polar ExpeditionHistory
Shadow of a DoubtClassic Radio Shows
Sharpening KnifeSound Effects
She Wore A Yellow RibbonMusic
Shostakovich, Dmitri: Propaganda Radio Speech in 1941History
SirenSound Effects
Skelton, Red: Commentary on the Pledge of AllegianceHistory
SnoringSound Effects
Snowy OwlAnimals
Sotomayor, Sonia: Statement to Senate Judiciary CommitteeHistory
Special ServicesClassic Radio Shows
Spotted FlycatcherAnimals
Spotted HyenaAnimals
SpringSound Effects
Springsteen, Bruce: Vote for ChangeHistory
Squeeze ToySound Effects
StagecoachClassic Radio Shows
Stalin, Josef: Fight FascistsHistory
Stalin, Josef: GermanyHistory
Stallman, Richard: GNUHistory
Stallman, Richard: HackingHistory
Stallman, Richard: Proprietary SoftwareHistory
Stallman, Richard: The RealizationHistory
Stars and Stripes Forever, TheMusic
StaticSound Effects
Steger, Charles: Virginia Tech ShootingsHistory
Steinem, Gloria: HumanismHistory
Stengel, Casey: Address to CongressHistory
Stewart, Jon: Commencement at William and MaryHistory
Stopped Watch CaperClassic Radio Shows
Strike Up The BandMusic
Sulfur-Crested CockatooAnimals
Taft, William Howard: The Rights of LaborHistory
TeddyClassic Radio Shows
Terrified Turkey CaperClassic Radio Shows
Thatcher, Margaret: Falkland IslandsHistory
The ActorClassic Radio Shows
The All NighterClassic Radio Shows
The Appetite of Mr. LucraftClassic Radio Shows
The Assassin GameClassic Radio Shows
The AtomClassic Radio Shows
The Body SnatchersClassic Radio Shows
The Book of HellClassic Radio Shows
The Case of the Bellicose BoxerClassic Radio Shows
The Case of the Broken KeyClassic Radio Shows
The Case of the Curious CopClassic Radio Shows
The Case of the Happy HoodlumClassic Radio Shows
The Case of the Practical ChokerClassic Radio Shows
The Case of the Vienese StranglerClassic Radio Shows
The Cruel HusbandClassic Radio Shows
The DebtClassic Radio Shows
The DentistClassic Radio Shows
The Devil's BackboneClassic Radio Shows
The Gallant SeventhMusic
The InformerClassic Radio Shows
The Liberty Bell MarchMusic
The Life of Louis PasteurClassic Radio Shows
The Maltese FalconClassic Radio Shows
The Monkey's PawClassic Radio Shows
The Mystery of the Southern StarClassic Radio Shows
The RepossessionClassic Radio Shows
The RoomClassic Radio Shows
The Stone ShipClassic Radio Shows
The Strange Odyssey of Lenis FreedClassic Radio Shows
The Tell-Tale HeartClassic Radio Shows
The Tie That BindsClassic Radio Shows
The UndertakerClassic Radio Shows
The Watch on the RhineClassic Radio Shows
Theodore RooseveltClassic Radio Shows
They BiteClassic Radio Shows
This One Will Kill YouClassic Radio Shows
Thomas, Clarence: Statement to the Senate Judiciary CommitteeHistory
Thomas, Clarence: The New IntoleranceHistory
Thompson, Hunter S.: Fear and LoathingHistory
Ticket to the Moon (Science Fiction)Classic Radio Shows
Toilet FlushSound Effects
Torpedo Los!Music
Torvalds, Linus: Operating SystemsHistory
Trotsky, Leon: Show TrialsHistory
Trotsky, Leon: Soviet Unity in 1919History
Truman, Harry: Atomic Bombing of JapanHistory
Truman, Harry: Farewell SpeechHistory
Truman, Harry: Inaugural AddressHistory
Truman, Harry: The Truman DoctrineHistory
Truman, Harry: Threatening JapanHistory
Trumpeter SwanAnimals
Unser RommelMusic
UrinatingSound Effects
US Air Force: Off We Go Into The Wild Blue YonderMusic
US Army Field Artillery SongMusic
Venizelos, Eleutherios: The British Empire Fighting GermanyHistory
von Tirpitz, Alfred: German GovernmentHistory
von Tirpitz, Alfred: U-Boat WarfareHistory
W.C. FieldsClassic Radio Shows
Warren, Earl: Eulogy for JFKHistory
Washington Post March, TheMusic
Washington, Booker T.: Atlanta Exposition AddressHistory
Water BuffaloAnimals
Watson, James Gerard: LoyaltyHistory
Welch, Joseph: DecencyHistory
Welcome to HomervilleClassic Radio Shows
Welles, Orson: War of the Worlds Radio BroadcastHistory