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Einstein, Albert: E=mc^2History
Einstein, Albert: Non-ViolenceHistory
Einstein, Albert: Nuclear WeaponsHistory
Einstein, Albert: World PeaceHistory
Eisenhower, Dwight: Atoms For PeaceHistory
Eisenhower, Dwight: Farewell AddressHistory
Eisenhower, Dwight: First Inaugural SpeechHistory
Eisenhower, Dwight: War BondsHistory
Electric DrillSound Effects
Ernest HemingwayClassic Radio Shows
European BullfinchAnimals
European GreenfinchAnimals
European StarlingAnimals
Evil LaughSound Effects
F. Scott FitzgeraldClassic Radio Shows
FartSound Effects
FartSound Effects
FartSound Effects
FartSound Effects
FartSound Effects
FartSound Effects
FartSound Effects
FartSound Effects
FartSound Effects
FartSound Effects
Fatal EggsClassic Radio Shows
Faulkner, William: Nobel PrizeHistory
Ford, Gerald: Nixon PardonHistory
Ford, Gerald: Taking OfficeHistory
Foreign CorrespondentClassic Radio Shows
Frank Lloyd WrightClassic Radio Shows
Franklin Delano RooseveltClassic Radio Shows
From My Appointed Place BelowClassic Radio Shows
Frost, Robert: Fire and IceHistory
Future FearClassic Radio Shows
Gandhi, Mahatma: Soldier of PeaceHistory
Garage DoorSound Effects
Gates, Bill: Microsoft's VisionHistory
Gehrig, Lou: Luckiest ManHistory
George Bernard ShawClassic Radio Shows
George GershwinClassic Radio Shows
George M. CohanClassic Radio Shows
George WashingtonClassic Radio Shows
GeraldClassic Radio Shows
Giant AnteaterAnimals
Giant AnteaterAnimals
Giant PandaAnimals
Gingrich, Newt: House Speaker Inaugural SpeechHistory
Glass BreakingSound Effects
Glass BreakingSound Effects
Glenn, John: First American In Earth OrbitHistory
Goebbels, Joseph: New Year's Eve SpeechHistory
Goebbels, Joseph: Total WarHistory
Goering, Hermann: DimitrovHistory
Goering, Hermann: Prussian State CouncilHistory
Goering, Hermann: StalingradHistory
Golden OrioleAnimals
Goldwater, Barry: Presidential Campaign AddressHistory
Gompers, Samuel: Labor's Service To FreedomHistory
Gompers, Samuel: On WarHistory
Gore, Al: 2000 Concession SpeechHistory
Gore, Al: The InternetHistory
Great Blue HeronAnimals
Great Horned OwlAnimals
Grey SquirrelAnimals
Guest of HonorClassic Radio Shows
Guevara, Che: UN General Assembly AddressHistory
Gun (357 Magnum)Sound Effects
Gun (44 Magnum)Sound Effects
Gun (Luger)Sound Effects
Gun (Machine Gun)Sound Effects
Gun (Shotgun)Sound Effects
Gun (Silenced)Sound Effects
Gunpowder PlotClassic Radio Shows
Hail to the ChiefMusic
Hal 9000: I'm Sorry DaveMovie and Television Clips
HammerSound Effects
Hanging Up The PhoneSound Effects
Hanks, Tom: Vassar College CommencementHistory
Harding, Warren: America's Present NeedHistory
Harding, Warren: AmericanismHistory
Harding, Warren: An Association of NationsHistory
Harding, Warren: Nationalism and AmericanismHistory
Harding, Warren: ReadjustmentHistory
Harding, Warren: The American SoldierHistory
Harrison, Benjamin: Early RecordingHistory
Hauptmann, Bruno: Denying Lindbergh KillingHistory
Hemingway, Ernest: 1954 Nobel PrizeHistory
Hess, Rudolf: On the Olympics and the German PeopleHistory
Heston, Charlton: Winning The Cultural WarHistory
Hitler, Adolf: Appeal to the NationHistory
Hitler, Adolf: Baptism of the Battleship BismarckHistory
Hitler, Adolf: Declaring War On PolandHistory
Hitler, Adolf: Eradicate the JewsHistory
Hitler, Adolf: On German Claims to SudetenlandHistory
Hitman: Den of IniquityVideo Game Quotes
Hitman: Exchange in SaunaVideo Game Quotes
Hitman: Exchange with ProstituteVideo Game Quotes
Hitman: I Need To Use The BathroomVideo Game Quotes
Hitman: On My AccountVideo Game Quotes
Hitman: That Girl Has A Lot Of TalentVideo Game Quotes
Hitman: Where Can I GoVideo Game Quotes
Holder, Eric: Black History MonthHistory
Homicide HouseClassic Radio Shows
Hoover, Herbert: Urging US NeutralityHistory
Hopkins, Anthony: John Q. Adams Speech (Amistad)Movie and Television Clips
House SparrowAnimals
Hughes, Howard: Senate InvestigationHistory
Hughes, Howard: Spruce GooseHistory
Humphrey, Hubert: Cambodia BombingHistory
HypnotizedClassic Radio Shows
Ickes, Harold: Hoover Dam DedicationHistory
In The Eye Of The BeholderClassic Radio Shows
Indigo BuntingAnimals
Investigation of Hughes Airplane ContractHistory
It's A Long Way To TipperaryMusic
JezebelClassic Radio Shows
Jindal, Bobby: Gubernatorial Victory SpeechHistory
Jobs, Steve: Stanford CommencementHistory
Joffre, Joseph: Welcoming US Soldiers to FranceHistory
John L. LewisClassic Radio Shows
Johnson, Lyndon: All Men Are EqualHistory
Johnson, Lyndon: Inaugural AddressHistory
Johnson, Lyndon: The Great SocietyHistory
Johnson, Lyndon: We Shall OvercomeHistory
Jordan, Barbara: 1976 DNC Keynote SpeechHistory
Kaiser Wilhelm MarschMusic
Kennedy, John F.: Responding to Soviet Nuclear TestHistory
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: Berlin AddressHistory
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: Civil Rights AddressHistory
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald: Cuban Missile CrisisHistory
Kennedy, Robert: 1964 DNC SpeechHistory
Kennedy, Robert: Cape Town University AddressHistory
Kennedy, Robert: Death of Martin Luther KingHistory
Kennedy, Robert: What We NeedHistory
Kennedy, Ted: 1980 DNC SpeechHistory
Kennedy, Ted: 2008 DNC SpeechHistory
Kennedy, Ted: Eulogy For JackieHistory
Kennedy, Ted: Eulogy For RobertHistory
Kennedy, Ted: Truth and ToleranceHistory
Khrushchev, Nikita: InterviewHistory
Khrushchev, Nikita: UN General Assembly AddressHistory
Killer WhaleAnimals
King, Martin Luther: A Time To Break SilenceHistory
King, Martin Luther: I Have A DreamHistory
Kissinger, Henry: Peace Is At HandHistory
Knocking On DoorSound Effects
Knocking on WindowSound Effects
Last VisitClassic Radio Shows
Lazarus RisingClassic Radio Shows
Leary, Timothy: Think For YourselfHistory
Leary, Timothy: Tune in, Drop OutHistory
Lenin, Vladimir: 1918 SpeechHistory
Lenin, Vladimir: Anti-SemitismHistory
Lennon, John: Jesus CommentHistory
Lied Der Panzer GrenadiereMusic
Life Alert Commercial: Help I've FallenMovie and Television Clips
Lindbergh, Charles: No InterventionHistory
Lindbergh, Charles: Seeing EuropeHistory
Loggerhead ShrikeAnimals
Long, Huey: Share The WealthHistory
Long-Billed CurlewAnimals
Lost HorizonClassic Radio Shows
Love and the Lonely OneClassic Radio Shows
Macarthur, Douglas: Fade AwayHistory
Macarthur, Douglas: Farewell to CongressHistory
Malcolm X: American NightmareHistory
Malcolm X: By Any MeansHistory
Malcolm X: Conditions in the GhettoHistory
Malcolm X: FBI and Black MuslimsHistory
Malcolm X: No UnityHistory
Malcolm X: Open RevoltHistory
Malcolm X: Put Them To BedHistory
Malcolm X: White Man is the EnemyHistory
Mandela, Nelson: Freedom For AllHistory
Mansfield, Michael: Opposition to VietnamHistory
March of Stalin's Air ForceMusic
March of Stalin's ArtilleryMusic
March of the Preobrazhenskiy RegimentMusic
March of the Soviet TankistsMusic
Marine Hymn, TheMusic
Marshall, George: European Recovery ProgramHistory