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1989 Tiananmen Square ProtestsVideo
Alcatraz Escape Newsreel (1962)Video
Aldrin, Buzz: Punching Out Conspiracy NutVideo
Aldrin, Buzz: TributeVideo
Apollo 11 Moon Landing (1969)Video
Apollo 13 Problem AnnouncementVideo
Assassination of Muhammad Anwar Al SadatVideo
Astronaut Monkeys Launched Into Space (1959)Video
Benito Mussolini - Execution NewsreelVideo
Bonnie and Clyde Death SceneVideo
Bundy, Ted: InterviewVideo
Challenger Space Shuttle DisasterVideo
Chikatilo, Andrei: Court AppearanceVideo
Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt meet in YaltaVideo
Clinton, Bill: I Did Not Have Sexual RelationsVideo
Costello, Frank: I Paid My TaxesVideo
Dahmer, Jeffrey: CannibalismVideo
Dean, James: InterviewVideo
Donitz, Karl: Documentary FootageVideo
Duck and CoverVideo
Edison, Thomas: InterviewVideo
Enos the Chimp - Launching into SpaceVideo
Fall of the Berlin Wall (1989)Video
Feynman, Richard: Discussing Space Shuttle O-RingsVideo
Feynman, Richard: Explaining ConfusionVideo
Feynman, Richard: Inconceivable Nature of NatureVideo
Gacy, John Wayne: Interview In PrisonVideo
Gandhi, Mahatma: Interview (1931)Video
Gates, Bill: Pie Thrown in FaceVideo
Hillary, Sir Edmund: Video TributeVideo
Hindenburg DisasterVideo
Hughes, Howard: Plane Crash NewsreelVideo
Hussein, Saddam: ExecutionVideo
Hydrogen Bomb TestVideo
Jonestown MassacreVideo
Jung, George: Interview ClipVideo
Kennedy, John F.: AssassinationVideo
Kuklinski, Richard: Talks About A HitVideo
Kuklinski, Richard: Talks About LonelinessVideo
Lansky, Meyer: 1971 InterviewVideo
Leary, Timothy: InterviewVideo
Leone, Sergio: InterviewVideo
Lloyd Bentsen vs. Dan Quayle (Kennedy Comment)Video
Lynch, David: Talking about the iPhoneVideo
MacArthur, Douglas: Post-WW2 FootageVideo
Manson, Charles: Interview at San QuentinVideo
McCarthy, Joseph: InterviewVideo
Monroe, Marilyn: Singing Happy Birthday to JFKVideo
Monroe, Marilyn: Various NewsreelsVideo
Munich 1972 Olympics MassacreVideo
Mussolini, Benito: Speech to Americans (1929)Video
Nasser, Gamal Abdel: TributeVideo
Nixon, Richard: I'm Not A CrookVideo
Oswald, Lee Harvey: Assassination NewsreelVideo
Owens, Jesse: Victory at 1936 Olympics in Nazi GermanyVideo
Pershing, John: Asks For WW2 Support Of AlliesVideo
Prohibition Ends Newsreel (1933)Video
Propaganda: He May Be A CommunistVideo
Quayle, Dan: Potatoe and Other MistakesVideo
Reagan, Ronald: Berlin AddressVideo
Rommel, Erwin: DocumentaryVideo
Roosevelt, Theodore: TributeVideo
Savio, Mario: Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964Video
Speer, Albert: BioVideo
Sputnik Satellite Launch Newsreel (1957)Video
Tacoma Bridge CollapseVideo
Theremin, Leon: Performing With ThereminVideo
V-2 Rocket TestsVideo