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Sensor-Based Electronic Circuit Schematics

"Bang Bang" Heater
1.5V Touch Switch
24 Hour Timer
3 Way Touch Lamp
30 Minnute Timer
5 Zone Alarm
555 IC Test Circuit
ABS Controller
AC Millivolt Meter
Air Flow Meter
Almost Ultrasonic Motion Detector
Alternator Signal Detector
Audible Continuity Tester
Audio Level Meter
Audio Perimeter Monitor
Automatic Door Opener
Basic Stamp Controlled Thermoelectric Cooler
Bat Detector
Bathroom Deodorizer
Biodiesel Engine Controller
Brueland Kjaer 2409 and 2416VTVM
Capacitance and Inductance Meter
Capacitance Meter
Car Alarm
Car Battery Tester
Cell Phone Activity Detector
CMOS 1 Zone Alarm
CO2 Controller
Cold-Activated Switch
Competition Buzzer
Crystal Tester
DC Millivolt Meter
Differential Temperature Controller
Digital Compass
Digital Voltmeter
Diode Tester
Doorbell for the Deaf
Doorknob Alarm
Eico 680
Electrolytic Tester
Electronic Combination Lock
Electronic Level
Electroplaltograph Synchroniser
EMF Detector
Engineer Assistant
Fan Speed Controller
FC-97 Frequency Counter
Field Strength Meter
Fogger Controller
Four Channel Oscilloscope Adapter
Frig Door Alarm
Fuel Injector Pulse Width Monitor
Gas Generator Throttle Controller
Gate Alarm
Geiger Counter
Geomagnetic Detector
Hand Clap Activated Switch
Headlight Alarm
Heathkit C3
Heathkit IB1101
Heathkit IM12
Induction Receiver
Infrared Link
Infrared Switch
Infrared Transceiver
Integrate Fuel Pump Security Shutoff with Turbo Timer
Lie Detector
Light Switch
Logarithmic AD Encoder
Logic Probe
Low Voltage Alarm
Magnetic Ball Levitator
Metal Detector
Microohm Meter
Milligauss Meter
Milliohm Adapter
Model Engine Glow Plug Controller
Modular Burglar Alarm
Moisture Monitor
Mosfet Tester
Motorcycle Alarm
Motorcycle Kickstand Sensor Modification
Music Driven Motor
Noise Based Voter
Opamp Tester
Owens Bridge Inductance Meter
Oxygen Sensor Simulator
Parking Sonar
Peltier Temperature Controller
PH Meter
Phone Line Cut Alarm
PIR Motion Detector
Proximity Detector
Radar Detector
Radar Detector 2
Radiation Dosage Meter
Rain Alarm
Red Box Detector
Relative Wind Angle Indicator
Relay Power Switch
Remote Extender Mark 1
Remote Extender Mark 2
Remote Extender Mark 3
Remote Extender Mark 4
RF Power Meter for QRPers
Rohde and Schwarz FTZ Distortion Meter
Salt Level Detector
Short Circuit Detector
Signal Generator for Signal Tracing
Snore Alarm
Solar Flare Receiver
SRF08 Rangefinder
Strain Gauge
Stud Sensor
Sump Pump Controller
TE5301 Fuel Mixture Display
Telephone Call Director
Telephone Line Simulator
Telephone Use Indicator
Temperature Regulated Battery Charger
Temperature Regulator
The Clapper
Time Domain Reflectometer
Tonal Voltmeter
Touch Plate Sensor
Toxic Gas Detector
Universal Flight Controller
Universal Telephone Hold
Voice-Activated Switch
Voltage Comparator Switch
Water Activated Relay
Zener Diode Tester

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