Articles/Site-Related/Other/Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use your image/video/sound clip/etc. or quote an article for a report, class, or other non-commercial purpose?

Yes you certainly may! If you do use something please cite it as coming from this website to help spread the word!

When was this website started?

It was started around September of 2003, my freshman year of college.

What is the purpose of this website?

It is basically a collection of articles and media that I find interesting, entertaining, and educational.

Can I submit articles or media?

Yes, I have posted a lot of submissions, just email them to me at I am currently working on a community system so you can easily submit articles and media.

Who are the two characters in the banner?

That is artwork from the Fallout series, some RPGs that were produced for the PC in the 90s.

How can I contact the administrator of the website?

I can be contacted at or you can post on the forum.