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I would like to thank Peter (Randy) for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer these questions submitted by people in the forum! Be sure to check out his website

FIS: Why do you dress like Peter Pan?

Peter: I quite from my website: "why Peter Pan" you ask? Although Peter pan is definitely a boy, to me this character is perfectly asexual, and in his eternal childhood rejects the idea of growing up and leaving this behind."

FIS: Do you believe that you are really Peter Pan?

Peter: No. It's just my interpretation of a story book character that to me is a close enough fit to my personality.

FIS: Your site mentions Christ/Jesus a lot. Are you a christian and do you think there is a heaven?

Peter: I'm a Christian, but i a very different way than what you see in mainstream religion. Since it's way too big a topic for a short question, I have a ministry website called Through the Cracks Ministries, at , which anyone interested may check into. To answer your question though, I do believe there is the potential for living on beyond our human lives."Heaven", is just a word for one of many things we can't really understand.

FIS: Do you associate never never land with heaven?

Peter: Interpreting "religious" in a broad sense, yes I do believe in God as well as an afterlife. But things like neverland are simply dreams and fantasies, and such dreams and fantasies are meant to be lived and made real in this life.

FIS: Do you go to church, and if so, how does your congregation feel about you?

Peter: Well, I don't currently attend church often. But when I do, the ones I do go to are ones where they understand that we're all as God made us to be, and that our chief task is to accept, rather than judge each other.

FIS: Do people in your neighborhood/town support or shun you?

Peter: It almost seems to not matter. Those that seem naturally unfriendly to everyone are unfriendly, and those that are generally more outgoing are supportive.

FIS: What do your family and friends think about your style of fashion?

Peter: My friend and family think what I'm doing is wonderful.

FIS: Do you wear the costumes full time in public (shopping, movies, etc)?

Peter: It depends on what I'm going to. I always wear and create styles that are "pixie" like, but like lots of people, there is a difference between what I'd wear shopping and what I'd wear to go clubbing.

FIS: Have you ever been contacted by Disney about this, whether positive or negative?

Peter: Well some of my fans are Disney employees, but why do you ask? You're not under the misconception that Disney owns Peter pan are you?

FIS: How much money have you made from this persona - if any?

Peter: None, because all profit over costs taken in by the web site, including payments for TV appearances, go to kids charities like Make a Wish, and a few local children's homes.

FIS: Do you use the phrase "eternal child" metaphorically or do you actually think it's true?

Peter: Both I guess. Of course its just a a fun thing to believe, like believing in fairies or anything else in the realm of "magical thinking". But I also believe that how we see ourselves has a greater effect on our health, aging, and well being, than most people think.

FIS: Do you feel an affinity with Micheal Jackson ... another adult that doesn't seem to have grown up?

Peter: Yes, actually. In particular, I am keenly aware of the unwarranted negative attitudes some people foster, and how they will propagate rumors of their own version of "truth" about someone, in order to rally others behind their negativity. But then, that's what my web site is largely about. Encouraging people to live their dreams, despite any such negativity, and proving by example that being true to ones self is always worth the risk.

FIS: Have you found Tinkerbell ... if not what or who would be your perfect Tinkerbell?

Peter: Well, I must admit that since I started doing this on the internet, my dating life has been much more active than ever before. But so far, I've not found what I'd call a life partner. As to what would be my "perfect" one, I believe anyone looking for perfection in any human being needs to look in the mirror and get a grip. But like most people, I have learned from past mistakes, and have a pretty good idea who would be good match, and so I've dedicated a fairly large page on my website to being my "personal" ad, which any young hearted and 'available' ladies are welcome to read, at

FIS: What video version of Peter Pan is your favorite? (Finding Neverland, the musical, or the Disney animation)

Peter: Well finding Neverland is about the life of the man, J.M. Barrie, who wrote it. But it is NOT a version of the story really. So I'd have to say my favorite is the recent one starring Jeremy Sumpter. It is both well done, and even truer to the original work than the performance, as it stars an actual 12 year old boy. As you probably know, that doesn't happen often in stage productions.