FIS says: So you are a satanist (a worshipper of satan)?

Falkor says: The philosophy that I agree with is called Satanism, but I dont worship any devils, because, well frankly they dont exist.

Falkor says: I am a Satanist

FIS says: how long have you been a satanist?

Falkor says: I found out about it about four years ago, when I researched into it. I found that it simply articulated what I already thought. I didnt become a Satanist, I was always just myself and some philosophy called Satanism just so happened to describe me.

FIS says: is anyone else in your family a satanist?

Falkor says: no

Falkor says: my brother agrees with arts of the religion

Falkor says: but isnt a Satanist himself

FIS says: are you vocal about your beliefs?

Falkor says: My mother is far from a Satanist, she dislikes me having anything to do with it, but I feel that is mainly because she doesnt take the time to understand what it actually is.

Falkor says: I am hardly vocal about my beliefs, I see no need to bring them up. I dont believe in preaching.

Falkor says: The only times I mention them are to close friends or people who know what it is and we might discuss something.

Falkor says: You know I am an Agnostic, I dont believe that Satan exists....

FIS says: is that the official stance of the satanic church?

Falkor says: The Church of Satan is an Atheistic church

Falkor says: No satanists believe in an actual deity with horns. There are angry teenagers who might, and these would be the kids who do vandalisms and such

Falkor says: We call them Devil Worshippers.

Falkor says: They have nothing to do with The Church of Satan.

FIS says: would you say that the public has a lot of misconceptions about satanism?

Falkor says: Yes, but less and less so. In the 60s when it emerged as an open belief system, it would have had to initiate the process of informing those who wanted to know, but these days it is so common. The truth about the Church of Satan has been available for almost 4 years, through the Satanic Bible, other books and a website, the information is there if people wish to seek it out.

Falkor says: The sort of people who continue lies are uninformed or purposely do it to favor themselves in some way

Falkor says: Such as religious clergymen who need to promote an idea of the bad guy so that they have scare tactics to keep the member numbers up

FIS says: was there an official founder of the church?

Falkor says: Yes, Anton Szandor LaVey founded the Church of Satan in 1966 in San Fransico

FIS says: You have said that satanism is similar to being agnostic, what makes the two different?

Falkor says: Lets just clarify for a moment, as far as the church of satan is concerned, it is atheistic, I am an agnostic because I feel that a better (more fair) way of thinking would be to accept that just because I dont see any conclusive proof for the existence of a god, I cant positively deny his existence either.

Falkor says: Satanism is a religion,

Falkor says: it does actually have its own religious practices which distinguish it from being just a system of thought, it has ceremony and other things that religions have

Falkor says: for example, it is a recognized religion by America, and member sometimes get together to perform rituals, it has its own bible, traditions, holidays

Falkor says: The army recognizes it as a legitimate religion too.

Falkor says: Not that that is a defining characteristic of religions lol

FIS says: lol

FIS says: are there any official churches where satanists can gather and worship?

Falkor says: The church of satan established a system whereby members could get together if they choosed to, to do the things that they wished

Falkor says: Grottos are these local churches and they are around the world. Only members of the Church of Satan are allowed to go to them after being heavily scrutinised for their understanding of satanism...

Falkor says: The priesthood of the Church of Satan weave out all Devil Worshippers when they apply

Falkor says: These grottos are mainly specific in their purpose, for example tere are grottos for the creation of art, there is an online grotto for sexuality, one for the advancement of private gun usage, and many more.... most of them are art creation ones that I am aware of ....

Falkor says: These are only the ones that choose to be known to the world by the internet, most remain private...

FIS says: why are they so careful about who they allow in? is it just to get rid of the posers, so to speak?

Falkor says: Yeh basically

Falkor says: We dont want members...

Falkor says: the church simply puts out its texts and beliefs... and anyone who choose to appreciate those beliefs can show their support by joining, and further, they can choose to be involved in activities like seeking out others for example through the grotto system if they choose..

Falkor says: I guess most satanists never become members

Falkor says: you dont have to be a member to be a satanist...

Falkor says: you cant be born into a satanic family and therefore be a satanist...

Falkor says: its just a way of thinking that some people have... and some of them choose to either support the organization that publically represent those beliefs or they dont

Falkor says: Would you like to see the actual core beliefs themselves

FIS says: yes i think it would help clarify the satanist position

Falkor says: yes, and then your questions might change too, if this happens feel free to contact me further down the track to continue with any questions you have

Falkor says: I made up that text file some time ago....

FIS says: i can post it along with the interview for the readers [It is posted at the bottom of this page]

Falkor says: You may find it very interesting to see what we actually believe..... haha as opposed to what you may have expected

FIS says: i will admit that i had great misconceptions about satanism

FIS says: as i'm sure most people do

Falkor says: thats understandable... why wouldnt you.....

Falkor says: its never given any air time.... haha

FIS says: lol

Falkor says: because the truth is more frightening than the myth....

FIS says: especially to christian zealots

Falkor says: mainstream needs and like the idea of what has been created,,, so they continue it on..... when they realise that we are actually people who strive to enjoy life here and now, free from the guilt that conventional religions instill in you, they become jealous and try to persecute us....

Falkor says: but when they try, such as law suits or slander ..... they come up against our intelligent members, lawyers etc and lose in the court of law everytime.... hahah... they dont want to promote the truth

Falkor says: the age old tail of baby breeding and slaughter was debunked by the FBI in the 90s.....

FIS says: How many people are satanists, is there an estimate?

Falkor says: well the church of satan doest give out numbers for a few good reasons....

Falkor says: id like to know that as much as you might

FIS says: Are there satanist missionaries?

Falkor says: i have heard from varying sources that there are confirmed 10,000 actual members in one art of the world alone, and from the church it self it casually mentions that there are millions...

Falkor says: as you can gather from the quote in that text file...

Falkor says: that number may have been generated by considering their actual member numbers which they would know and then guessing how many out there accept the religion but dont become members

Falkor says: there are no satanic missionaries haha.....

Falkor says: i can imagine it though.... would be fucking hilarious...

FIS says: lol

Falkor says: satanists dont believe in preaching

Falkor says: We honestly beliefe that you were born a satanist or not.... you cannot become one

Falkor says: it goes beyond race, sex, age, culture or anything like that.....

Falkor says: in every part of the world and every time period there are those people who think for themselves and go against the grain... and live their lives how they want to..... and usually make great contributions to the world

FIS says: marilyn manson, the notorious musician, is known to be a supporter of satanism, do you think it has helped the religion's image or hurt it?

Falkor says: Yes he was once a priest of the COS, given that title by LaVey himself, but he later left the organisation.

Falkor says: ,,, I think he is an intelligent person when he is given time to explain his ideas, and any fair person would seek his side of the story before coming to any conclusions (that is the satanic style of thinking queston everything}.... and as they say any publicity is good publicity.....

Falkor says: so any bad ideas about him are created and maintained by people who dont seek the truth for themselves

Falkor says: we wouldnt want their approval any way... they can dislike what the COS is doing for all we care, it will only fuel us on....

Falkor says: We literally are the opposition to mainstream thought, not in the sense of accepting christianity and worshipping the devil. but in the sense that we thik for ourselves, live how we want free from guilt and think rationally.

FIS says: Does satanism propose any sort of moral system or does it leave it to the individual to decide?

Falkor says: Moral are never absolute, they should change to suit the individual, his time, environment etc.. to set morals and stick to them regardless is what most religions do, and they work when they are established but over time they become inappropriate, no longer relevant... behold the stifling christian belifs of today and how, in certain churches, they have changed to suit today

Falkor says: we have morals...

Falkor says: if you would call them that... they are summed up in the text file i sent you

Falkor says: they are timeless,

Falkor says: in my opinion, a satanic way of thinking is to adopt to changing situations... you have to think, you are a human, not a senseless christian who clings to something that doesnt work for you...

Falkor says: but if christianity is something that someone needs, be it that they need a mainstream religion to get off drugs of get over dead loved ones, then it is a good thing...

Falkor says: it is just sad when children are brought up to believe it as if it were actually truth, and they have to live feeling guilty everytime they do something which is natural such as want to have sex with someone....

FIS says: Have you ever had any paranormal experiences?

Falkor says: no,

Falkor says: we are all animals, humans dont get anything extra, haha

Falkor says: Satanists believe in magic, but at this point clarification should be made... which I wont unless you really want.....haha

FIS says: yes i think it best to clarify that point

FIS says: unless it can be gathered from the document

Falkor says: ok.. here we go.... haha..... let me try this way....

Falkor says: back in medievil times a scientist who showed the world electricity would be called a wizard because no one understood what processes were going on and therfore they must have been magic.....

Falkor says: today there are still things that we dont understand in the fields of science.....

Falkor says: Satanic magic is the practice of using ritual to influence the world in ways that are not conventionally accepted as possible

Falkor says: such as putting thoughts in peoples heads

Falkor says: Its interesting to watch the scientific magazines slowly start definig the stuff that satanists have been using for some time,

Falkor says: in the fields of parapsychology, etc

FIS says: is it similar to the wiccan religion in that respect?

Falkor says: I am not sure about that.... obviously we dont believe the gobbledygook that they choose to believe

Falkor says: and im not sure about their rituals...

Falkor says: our rituals are uniquely satanic....

Falkor says: plus we dont just practice white magic

Falkor says: as they would call it...

Falkor says: we have three types of spells... haha god that is starting to sound like new age hippy crap

Falkor says: love, hate, and help

FIS says: lol

Falkor says: the wiccans only practice love .... because they wish to remain good guys...

Falkor says: we would use a hate ritual to destroy an enemy if it was appropriate.... but they are to (like all rituals} to be used extremely carefully..

Falkor says: personally i dont do any of this..... it just doesnt seem important to my life...

Falkor says: satanists dont have to do rituals, but some of them do...

Falkor says: its not a necessary part of our beliefs..... however it is the main thing which establishes itself as a religion

Falkor says: the scary thing is that they actually work (that is what I choose to believe}

FIS says: A question from someone in the forum: "Do you like music like system of a down or more like beethoven?"

Falkor says: Satanists are just people, and will seek out the music which resonates with their personality. Satanists as a culture do not all like the same music. A common trend that might be found is that Satanists find solace in music that is emotionally rendering to them. Artists such as Vivaldi, Mozart, Strauss, Gershwin, Handel, Bach, Listz, Tchaikovsky, Chopin are Satanic in the sense that they create this music. Music of any genre can be Satanic, but the only really un-Satanic music is that which is void of creativity and talent.

Falkor says: Remember, the Devil is a gentleman. I can’t picture the Devil sitting next to an open fire, turning to the gramophone and Top 40 Hits. Personally I love swing, big band, jazz and ska. I play ska, latin, funk and swing in my own bands. Sammy Davis Junior was even a member of the Church of Satan and a much-respected person to Anton LaVey.

FIS says: if someone is interested in becoming a satanist, what are your recommendations for them?

Falkor says: of course I would find that funny because, why would someone want to become a satanist if they didnt know what it was, that is the sort of thinking that people have when they feel that they need to belong to a group. and that is something that satanists definetly arent. and the COS wouldnt want members like that anyway.... but i do understand what you mean by your question....

Falkor says: I would recommend going to and buying the Satanic bible, as well as reading things like Satan Speaks!, the devils notebook, and the satanic witch as a start... then going from there....

Falkor says: as a start... then going from there....

Falkor says: those books are all by LaVey

FIS says: Lastly, do you have anything else you would like to tell the world?

Falkor says: Swing music is sooooo good. hahah

Falkor says: oh wait,

Falkor says: did you want a big scary satanic ending...

FIS says: yeah lol

Falkor says: haha sorry, im not that scary am i

Falkor says: let me cook one up

FIS says: say something about drinking blood and summoning demons

Falkor says: Christianity will cease in my lifetime, which I sincerely look forward to....

Falkor says: hahaha....

FIS says: ok lol

Falkor says: before it dies, it will have a final gasp at recruiting members... but it is inevitable, it is so very unrelevant to real life.

Falkor says: thanks for the interview....

FIS says: well thank you very much for taking your time to do this, i'm sure it will help educate the public as much as it has me