Jiggs Dinner Recipe

Written by Ryan Woodford (CyberSpike)

The following recipe is designed either for a large family or for a public occasion:

Take a large piece of salt meat and soak in cold water over night. Next, place fresh water in the pot and boil salt meat on the stove with a small amount of salt pork for 45 minutes or longer. While that is boiling, prepare your vegetables. Cut your turnip in small pieces, peel carrots, potatoes and prepare cabbage. Add vegetables to the boiling pot, beginning with turnips, then carrots, cabbage and lastly the potatoes, allowing 15 minutes between each vegetable. Cook until the potatoes are done.

If cooking for your own family, a cup of split yellow peas placed in a cloth and ties with a string may be hung in the pot to cook with your salt meat dinner before the vegetables are placed in. These peas in a cloth should be soaked in cold water first though.

This meal is weekly menu item among many rural Newfoundlanders.